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The First Booke of Moses, called Genesis[edit]

CHAP. I.[edit]

1 The creation of Heauen and Earth, 3 of the light, 6 of the firmament, 9 of the earth ſeparated from the waters, 11 and made fruitfull, 14 of the Sunne, Moone, and Starres, 20 of fiſh and fowle, 24 of beaſts and cattell, 26 of Man in the Image of God. 29 Alſo the appointment of food.

IN ** Pſal. 33. 6. and 136. 5. acts. 14. 15. and 17. 24. hebr. 11. 3.the beginning God created the Heauen, and the Earth.

2 And the earth was without forme, and voyd; and darkeneſſe was vpon the face of the deepe: and the Spirit of God mooued vpon the face of the waters.

3 And God ſaid, ** 2. Cor. 4. 6. Let there be light: and there was light.

4 And God ſaw the light, that it was good: and God diuided †Hebr. betweene the light and betweene the darkeneſſe. the light from the darkeneſſe.

5 And God called the light, Day, and the darkneſſe he called Night: †Hebr. and the euening was, and the morning was &c. and the euening and the morning were the firſt day.

6 ¶ And God ſaid, ** Pſal. 136. 5. ier. 10. 12 and 51. 15. Let there be a †Hebr. Expanſion. firmament in the midſt of the waters: and let it diuide the waters from the waters.

7 And God made the firmament; and diuided the waters, which were vnder the firmament, from the waters, which were aboue the firmament: and it was ſo.

8 And God called the ** Ier. 51. 15. firmament, Heauen: and the euening and the morning were the ſecond day.

9 ¶ And God ſaid, ** Pſal. 33. 7. and 136. 5. iob. 38. 8. Let the waters vnder the heauen be gathered together vnto one place, and let the dry land appeare: and it was ſo.

10 And God called the drie land, Earth, and the gathering together of the waters called hee, Seas: and God ſaw that it was good.

11 And God ſaid, Let the Earth bring foorth †Heb. tender graſſe. graſſe, the herbe yeelding ſeed, and the fruit tree, yeelding fruit after his kinde, whoſe ſeed is in it ſelfe, vpon the earth: and it was ſo.

12 And the earth brought foorth graſſe, and herbe yeelding ſeed after his kinde, and the tree yeelding fruit, whoſe ſeed was in it ſelfe, after his kinde: and God ſaw that it was good.

13 And the euening and the morning were the third day.

14 ¶ And God ſaid, Let there bee ** Deu. 4. 19 pſal. 136. 7. lights in the firmament of the heauen, to diuide †Hebr. betweene the day and betweene the night. the day from the night: and let them be for ſignes and for ſeaſons, and for dayes and yeeres.

15 And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heauen, to giue light vpon the earth: and it was ſo.

16 And God made two great lights: the greater light †Hebr. for the rule of the day, &c. to rule the day, and the leſſer light to rule the night: he made the ſtarres alſo.

17 And God ſet them in the firmament of the heauen, to giue light vpon the earth:

18 And to ** Ier. 31. 35 rule ouer the day, and ouer the night, and to diuide the light from the darkeneſſe: and God ſaw that it was good.

19 And the euening and the morning were the fourth day.

20 And God ſaid, ** 4. Eſdr. 6. 47. Let the waters bring foorth aboundantly the ǁǁ Or, creeping. mouing creature that hath †Heb. ſoule. life, and foule that may flie aboue the earth in the †Heb. face of the firmament of heauen. open firmament of heauen.

21 And God created great whales, and euery liuing creature that moueth, which the waters brought forth aboundantly after their kinde, and euery winged foule after his kinde: and God ſaw that it was good.

22 And God bleſſed them, ſaying, ** Chap. 8. 17. and 9. 1. Be fruitfull, and multiply, and fill the waters in the Seas, and let foule multiply in the earth.

23 And the euening and the morning were the fift day.

24 ¶ And God ſaid, Let the earth bring forth the liuing creature after his kinde, cattell, and creeping thing, and beaſt of the earth after his kinde: and it was ſo.

25 And God made the beaſt of the earth after his kinde, and cattell after their kinde, and euery thing that creepeth vpon the earth, after his kinde: and God ſaw that it was good.

26 ¶ And God ſaid, ** Chap. 5. 1. and 9. 6. 1. corin. 11. 7. epheſ. 4. 14. col. 3. 10. Let vs make man in our Image, after our likeneſſe: and let them haue dominion ouer the fiſh of the ſea, and ouer the foule of the aire, and ouer the cattell, and ouer all the earth, and ouer euery creeping thing that creepeth vpon the earth.

27 So God created man in his owne Image, in the Image of God created hee him; ** Matth. 19 4. wiſd. 2. 23. male and female created hee them.

28 And God bleſſed them, and God ſaid vnto them, ** Chap. 9. 1. Be fruitfull, and multiply, and repleniſh the earth, and ſubdue it, and haue dominion ouer the fiſh of the ſea, and ouer the foule of the aire, and ouer euery liuing thing that †Heb. creepeth. mooueth vpon the earth.

29 ¶ And God ſaid, Behold, I haue giuen you euery herbe †Hebr. ſeeding ſeed. bearing ſeede, which is vpon the face of all the earth, and euery tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yeelding ſeed, ** Chap. 9. 3. to you it ſhall be for meat:

30 And to euery beaſt of the earth, and to euery foule of the aire, and to euery thing that creepeth vpon the earth, wherein there isHebr. a liuing ſoule. life, I haue giuen euery greene herbe for meat: and it was ſo.

31 And ** Ecclus. 39 16. God ſaw euery thing that hee had made: and behold, it was very good. And the euening and the morning were the ſixth day.

CHAP. II.[edit]

1 The firſt Sabbath. 4 The maner of the creation. 8 The planting of the garden of Eden, 10 and the riuer thereof. 17 The tree of knowledge onely forbidden. 19. 20 The naming of the creatures. 21 The making of woman, and inſtitution of Mariage.

THus the heauens and the earth were finiſhed, and all the hoſte of them.

2 ** Exod. 20. 11. and 31. 17. deut. 5. 14. hebr. 4. 4. And on the ſeuenth day God ended his worke, which hee had made: And he reſted on the ſeuenth day from all his worke, which he had made.

3 And God bleſſed the ſeuenth day, and ſanctified it: becauſe that in it he had reſted from all his worke, which God †Heb. created to make. created and made.

4 ¶ Theſe are the generations of the heauens, ⁊ of the earth, when they were created; in the day that the LORD God made the earth, and the heauens,

5 And euery plant of the field, before it was in the earth, and euery herbe of the field, before it grew: for the LORD God had not cauſed it to raine vpon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground.

6 ǁǁOr, a miſt which went up from &c.But there went vp a miſt from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground.

7 And the LORD God formed man †Heb. duſt of the ground. ** 1. Cor. 15 47. of the duſt of the ground, ⁊ breathed into his noſtrils the breath of life, and ** 1. Corin. 15. 45. man became a liuing ſoule.

8 ¶ And the LORD God planted a garden Eaſtward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.

9 And out of the ground made the LORD God to grow euery tree that is pleaſant to the ſight, and good for food: the tree of life alſo in the midſt of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and euill.

10 And a riuer went out of Eden to water the garden, and from thence it was parted, and became into foure heads.

11 The name of the firſt is ** Ecclus. 24. 29. Piſon: that is it which compaſſeth the whole land of Hauilah, where there is gold.

12 And the gold of that land is good: There is Bdellium and the Onix ſtone.

13 And the name of the ſecond riuer is Gihon: the ſame is it that compaſſeth the whole land of †Heb. Cuſh. Ethiopia.

14 And the name of the third riuer is Hiddekel: that is it which goeth ǁǁOr, Eastward to Aſſyria. toward the Eaſt of Aſſyria: and the fourth riuer is Euphrates.

15 And the LORD God tooke ǁǁOr, Adam. the man, and put him into the garden of Eden, to dreſſe it, and to keepe it.

16 And the LORD God commanded the man, ſaying, Of euery tree of the garden thou mayeſt †Hebr. eating thou ſhalt eate. freely eate.

17 But of the tree of the knowledge of good and euill, thou ſhalt not eate of it: for in the day that thou eateſt thereof, thou ſhalt †Hebr. dying thou ſhalt die. ſurely die.

18 ¶ And the LORD God ſaid, It is not good that the man ſhoud be alone: I will make him ** Ecclus. 17. 5. an helpe †Hebr. as before him. meet for him.

19 And out of ye ground the LORD God formed euery beaſt of the field, and euery foule of the aire, and brought them vnto ǁǁOr, the man. Adam, to ſee what he would call them: and whatſoeuer Adam called euery liuing creature, that was the name thereof.

20 And Adam †Hebr. called. gaue names to all cattell, and to the foule of the aire, and to euery beaſt of the fielde: but for Adam there was not found an helpe meete for him.

21 And the LORD God cauſed a deepe ſleepe to fall vpon Adam, and hee ſlept; and he tooke one of his ribs, and cloſed vp the fleſh in ſtead thereof.

22 And the rib which the LORD God had taken from man, †Hebr. builded. made hee a woman, ⁊ brought her vnto the man.

23 And Adam ſaid, This is now bone of my bones, and fleſh of my fleſh: ſhe ſhalbe called woman, becauſe ſhee was ** 1. Corin. 11. 8. taken out of man.

24 ** Matt. 19. 5. mar. 10. 7. 1. corin. 6. 16. ephe. 5. 31. Therefore ſhall a man leaue his father and his mother, and ſhall cleaue vnto his wife: and they ſhalbe one fleſh.

25 And they were both naked, the man ⁊ his wife, and were not aſhamed.

CHAP. III.[edit]

1 The ſerpent deceiueth Eue. 6 Mans ſhamefull fall. 9 God arraigneth them. 14 The ſerpent is curſed. 15 The promiſed Seed. 16 The puniſhment of Mankind. 21 Their firſt clothing. 22 Their caſting out of Paradiſe.

NOw the ſerpent was more ſubtill then any beaſt of the field, which the LORD God had made, and he ſaid vnto the woman, †Heb. Yea, becauſe, &c. Yea, hath God ſaid, Ye ſhall not eat of euery tree of the garden?

2 And the woman ſaid vnto the ſerpent, Wee may eate of the fruite of the trees of the garden:

3 But of the fruit of the tree, which is in the midſt of the garden, God hath ſaid, Ye ſhal not eate of it, neither ſhall ye touch it, leſt ye die.

4 And the Serpent ſaid vnto the woman, Ye ſhall not ** 2. Cor. 11 3. 1. tim. 2. 14. ſurely die.

5 For God doeth know, that in the day ye eate thereof, then your eyes ſhalbee opened: and yee ſhall bee as Gods, knowing good and euill.

6 And when the woman ſaw, that the tree was good for food, and that it wasHeb. a deſire. pleaſant to the eyes, and a tree to be deſired to make one wiſe, ſhe tooke of the fruit thereof, ** Ecclus. 25 26. 1. tim. 2. 14. and did eate, and gaue alſo vnto her huſband with her, and hee did eate.

7 And the eyes of them both were opened, ⁊ they knew that they were naked, and they ſewed figge leaues together, and made themſelues ǁǁOr, things to gird about. aprons.

8 And they heard the voyce of the LORD God, walking in the garden in the †Heb. wind. coole of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themſelues from the preſence of the LORD God, amongſt the trees of the garden.

9 And the LORD God called vnto Adam, and ſaid vnto him, Where art thou?

10 And he ſaid, I heard thy voice in the garden: and I was afraid, becauſe I was naked, and I hid my ſelfe.

11 And he ſaid, Who told thee, that thou waſt naked? Haſt thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee, that thou ſhouldeſt not eate?

12 And the man ſaid, The woman whom thou gaueſt to be with mee, ſhee gaue me of the tree, and I did eate.

13 And the LORD God ſaid vnto the woman, What is this that thou haſt done? And the woman ſaid, The Serpent beguiled me, and I did eate.

14 And the LORD God ſaid vnto the Serpent, Becauſe thou haſt done this, thou art curſed aboue all cattel, and aboue euery beaſt of the field: vpon thy belly ſhalt thou goe, and duſt ſhalt thou eate, all the dayes of thy life.

15 And I will put enmitie betweene thee and the woman, and betweene thy ſeed and her ſeed: it ſhal bruiſe thy head, and thou ſhalt bruiſe his heele.

16 Unto the woman he ſaid, I will greatly multiply thy ſorowe and thy conception. In ſorow thou ſhalt bring forth children: and thy deſire ſhall be ǁǁOr, ſubiect to thy huſband. to thy huſband, and hee ſhall ** 1. Corin. 14. 34. rule ouer thee.

17 And vnto Adam he ſaid, Becauſe thou haſt hearkened vnto the voyce of thy wife, and haſt eaten of the tree, of which I commaunded thee, ſaying, Thou ſhalt not eate of it: curſed is the ground for thy ſake: in ſorow ſhalt thou eate of it all the dayes of thy life.

18 Thornes alſo and thiſtles ſhall it †Heb. cauſe to bud. bring forth to thee: and thou ſhalt eate the herbe of the field.

19 In the ſweate of thy face ſhalt thou eate bread, till thou returne vnto the ground: for out of it waſt thou taken, for duſt thou art, and vnto duſt ſhalt thou returne.

20 And Adam called his wiues name †Heb. Chauah. Eue, becauſe ſhe was the mother of all liuing.

21 Unto Adam alſo, and to his wife, did the LORD God make coates of ſkinnes, and cloathed them.

22 ¶ And the LORD God ſaid, Behold, the man is become as one of vs, to know good ⁊ euill. And now leſt hee put foorth his hand, and take alſo of the tree of life, and eate and liue for euer:

23 Therefore the LORD God ſent him foorth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground, from whence he was taken.

24 So he droue out the man: and he placed at the Eaſt of the garden of Eden, Cherubims, and a flaming ſword, which turned euery way, to keepe the way of the tree of life.

CHAP. IIII.[edit]

1 The birth, trade, and religion of Cain and Abel. 8 The murder of Abel. 9 The curſe of Cain. 17 Enoch the firſt citie. 19 Lamech and his two wiues. 25 The birth of Seth, 26 and Enos.

ANd Adam knew Eue his wife, and ſhee conceiued, and bare Cain, and ſaid, I haue gotten a man from the LORD.

2 And ſhe againe bare his brother †Heb. Hebel. Abel, and Abel was a †Heb. a feeder. keeper of ſheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground.

3 And †Heb. at the end of dayes. in proceſſe of time it came to paſſe, that Cain brought of the fruite of the ground, an offering vnto the LORD.

4 And Abel, he alſo brought of the firſtlings of his †Heb. ſheep, or goates. flocke, and of the fat thereof: and the LORD had ** Heb. 11. 4. reſpect vnto Abel, and to his offering.

5 But vnto Cain, and to his offring he had not reſpect: and Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell.

6 And the LORD ſaid vnto Cain, Why art thou wroth? And why is thy countenance fallen?

7 If thou doe well, ſhalt thou not ǁǁOr, haue the excellencie? be accepted? and if thou doeſt not well, ſinne lieth at the doore: And ǁǁOr, ſubiect vnto thee. vnto thee ſhall be his deſire, and thou ſhalt rule ouer him.

8 And Cain talked with Abel his brother: and it came to paſſe ** Wiſ. 10. 3 matth. 23. 35. 1. iohn 3. 12. iude 11. when they were in the field, that Cain roſe vp againſt Abel his brother, and ſlew him.

9 ¶ And the LORD ſaid vnto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And hee ſaid, I know not: Am I my brothers keeper?

10 And he ſaid, What haſt thou done? the voyce of thy brothers †Heb. bloods blood cryeth vnto me, from the ground.

11 And now art thou curſed from the earth, which hath opened her mouth to receiue thy brothers blood from thy hand.

12 When thou tilleſt the ground, it ſhall not henceforth yeeld vnto thee her ſtrength: A fugitiue and a vagabond ſhalt thou be in the earth.

13 And Cain ſaid vnto the LORD, ǁǁOr, my iniquitie is greater, then that it may be forgiuen. My puniſhment is greater, then I can beare.

14 Behold, thou haſt driuen me out this day from the face of the earth, and from thy face ſhall I be hid, and I ſhall be a fugitiue, and a vagabond in the earth: and it ſhall come to paſſe, that euery one that findeth me, ſhall ſlay me.

15 And the LORD ſaid vnto him, Therefore whoſoeuer ſlayeth Cain, vengeance ſhalbe taken on him ſeuen fold. And the LORD ſet a marke vpon Cain, leſt any finding him, ſhould kill him.

16 ¶ And Cain went out from the preſence of the LORD, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the Eaſt of Eden.

17 And Cain knew his wife, and ſhe conceiued and bare †Heb. Chanoch. Enoch and hee builded a City, and called the name of the City, after the name of his ſonne, Enoch.

18 And vnto Enoch was borne Irad: and Irad begate Mehuiael, and Mehuiael begate Methuſael, and Methuſael begate †Hebr. Lemech. Lamech.

19 ¶ And Lamech tooke vnto him two wiues: the name of the one was Adah, and the name of the other Zillah.

20 And Adah bare Iabal: he was the father of ſuch as dwell in tents, and of ſuch as haue cattell.

21 And his brothers name was Iubal: hee was the father of all ſuch as handle the harpe and organ.

22 And Zillah, ſhe alſo bare Tubal-Cain, an †Heb. whetter. inſtructer of euery artificer in braſſe and iron: and the ſiſter of Tubal-Cain was Naamah.

23 And Lamech ſayd vnto his wiues, Adah and Zillah, Heare my voyce, yee wiues of Lamech, hearken vnto my ſpeech: for ǁǁ Or, I would ſlay a man in my wound, &c. I haue ſlaine a man to my wounding, and a yong man to my ǁǁOr, in my hurt. hurt.

24 If Cain ſhall bee auenged ſeuen fold, truely Lamech ſeuenty and ſeuen folde.

25 ¶ And Adam knew his wife againe, and ſhe bare a ſonne, ⁊ called his name †Hebr. Sheth. Seth: For God, ſaid ſhe, hath appointed mee another ſeed in ſtead of Abel, whom Cain ſlew.

26 And to Seth, to him alſo there was borne a ſonne, and he called his name †Hebr. Enoſh. Enos: then began men to ǁǁOr, to call themſelues by the Name of the Lord. call vpon the Name of the LORD.

CHAP. V.[edit]

1 The genealogie, age, and death of the Patriarchs from Adam vnto Noah. 24 The godlineſſe and tranſlation of Enoch.

THis is the ** 1. Chron. 1. 1. booke of the generations of Adam: In the day that God created man, in the likenes of God made he him.

2 ** Wiſd. 2. 23. Male and female created hee them, and bleſſed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.

3 ¶ And Adam liued an hundred and thirtie yeeres, and begate a ſonne in his owne likeneſſe, after his image; and called his name Seth.

4 ** 1. Chron. 1. 1. &c. And the dayes of Adam, after he had begotten Seth, were eight hundred yeeres: and he begate ſonnes and daughters.

5 And all the dayes that Adam liued, were nine hundred and thirtie yeeres: and he died.

6 And Seth liued an hundred and fiue yeeres: and begate †Hebr. Enoſh. Enos.

7 And Seth liued, after he begate Enos, eight hundred and ſeuen yeeres, and begate ſonnes and daughters.

8 And all the dayes of Seth, were nine hundred and twelue yeeres, and he died.

9 ¶ And Enos liued ninetie yeeres, and begate †Heb. Kenan. Cainan.

10 And Enos liued after hee begate Cainan, eight hundred and fifteene yeeres, and begate ſonnes ⁊ daughters.

11 And all the dayes of Enos were nine hundred ⁊ fiue yeres; and he died.

12 ¶ And Cainan liued ſeuentie yeeres, and begate †Greeke, Maleleel. Mahalaleel.

13 And Cainan liued after he begate Mahalaleel, eight hundred and fourtie yeeres, ⁊ begate ſonnes and daughters.

14 And al the dayes of Cainan were nine hundred ⁊ ten yeres; and he died.

15 ¶ And Mahalaleel liued ſixtie and fiue yeeres, and begat †Heb, Iered. Iared.

16 And Mahalaleel liued after he begate Iared, eight hundred and thirtie yeeres, and begate ſonnes ⁊ daughters.

17 And all the dayes of Mahalaleel, were eight hundred ninetie and fiue yeeres, and he died.

18 ¶ And Iared liued an hundred ſixtie and two yeeres, ⁊ he begat Enoch.

19 And Iared liued after he begate Enoch, eight hundred yeres, and begate ſonnes and daughters.

20 And all the dayes of Iared were nine hundred ſixtie and two yeeres, and he died.

21 ¶ And Enoch liued ſixtie and fiue yeeres, and begate ǁǁGr. Mathuſala. Methuſelah.

22 And Enoch walked with God, after he begate Methuſelah, three hundred yeeres, and begate ſonnes and daughters.

23 And all the dayes of Enoch, were three hundred ſixtie and fiue yeeres.

24 And ** Ecclus. 44. 16. heb. 11. 5. Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God tooke him.

25 And Methuſelah liued an hundred eightie and ſeuen yeeres, and begat Lamech.

26 And Methuſelah liued, after hee begate †Hebr. Lemech. Lamech, ſeuen hundred, eightie and two yeeres, and begate ſonnes and daughters.

27 And all the dayes of Methuſelah were nine hundred, ſixtie and nine yeeres, and he died.

28 ¶ And Lamech liued an hundred eightie and two yeeres: and begate a ſonne.

29 And he called his name ǁǁGr. Noe. Noah, ſaying; This ſame ſhall comfort vs, concerning our woorke and toyle of our hands, becauſe of the ground, which the LORD hath curſed.

30 And Lamech liued, after hee begate Noah, fiue hundred ninetie and fiue yeeres, and begate ſonnes and daughters.

31 And all the dayes of Lamech were ſeuen hundred ſeuentie and ſeuen yeeres, and he died.

32 And Noah was fiue hundred yeeres olde: and Noah begate Sem, Ham, and Iapheth.

CHAP. VI.[edit]

1 The wickedneſſe of the world, which prouoked Gods wrath, and cauſed the Flood. 8 Noah findeth grace. 13 The order, forme, and end of the Arke.

ANd it came to paſſe, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and Daughters were borne vnto them:

2That the ſonnes of God ſaw the Daughters of men, that they were faire, and they took them wiues, of all which they choſe.

3 and the LORD ſaid, My Spirit ſhall not alwayes ſtriue with man; for that hee alſo is fleſh: yet his dayes ſhallbe an hundred and twenty yeeres.

4 There were Giants in the earth in thoſe daies: and alſo after that, when the ſonnes of God came in vnto the daughters of men, ⁊ they bare children to them; the ſame became mightie men, which were of old, men of renowme.

5 ¶ And God ſaw, that the wickednes of man was great in the earth, and ǁǁ Or, the whole imagination. The Hebr. word ſignifieth not onely the imagination, but alſo the purpoſes and deſires. that euery imagination of the thoughts of his ** Chap. 8. 21.. mat.15.19 heart was onely euill †Hebr. euery day. continually.

6 And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieued him at his heart.

7 And the LORD ſaid, I will deſtroy man, whom I haue created, from the face of the earth: †Hebr. from man vnto beast, both man and beaſt, and the creeping thing, and the foules of the aire: for it repenteth me that I have made them.

8 But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.

9 ¶ Theſe are the generations of Noah: ** Ecclus.44.17.2 pet.2.5 Noah was a iuſt man, and ǁǁ Or, vp-right. perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.

10 And Noah begate three ſonnes: Sem, Ham, Iapheth.

11 The earth alſo was corrupt before God; and the earth was filled with violence.

12 And God looked vpon the earth, and behold, it was corrupt: for all fleſh had corrupted his way vpon the earth.

13 And God ſaid vnto Noah, The end of all fleſh is come before mee: for the earth is filled with violence through them: and behold, I will deſtroy them ǁǁ Or, from the earth. with the earth.

14 ¶ Make thee an Arke of Gopher-wood: †Heb. nests roomes ſhalt thou make in the arke, and ſhalt pitch it within and without with pitch.

15 And this is faſhion, which thou ſhalt make it of: the length of the arke ſhalbe three hundred cubits, the breadth of it fifty cubits, and the height of it thirtie cubits.

16 A window ſhalt thou make to the arke, and in a cubite ſhalt thou finish it abooe; and the doore of the arke ſhalt thou ſet in the ſide thereof: With lower, ſecond, and third ſtories ſhalt thou make it.

17 And behold, I, even I doe bring a flood of waters vpon the earth, to deſtroy all fleſh, wherein is the breath of life from vnder heauen, and every thing that is in the earth ſhall die.

18 But with thee wil I eſtablish my Couenant: and thou ſhalt come into the Arke, thou, and thy ſonnes, and thy wife, and thy ſonnes wiues with thee.

19 And of euery liuing thing of all fleſh, two of euery ſort ſhalt thou bring into the Arke, to keepe them alive with thee: they ſhall be male and female.

20 Of fowles after their kinde, and of cattel after their kinde: of euery creeping thing of the earth after his kinde, two of euery sort ſhall come vnto thee, to keepe them alive.

21 And take thou vnto thee of all food that is eaten, and thou ſhalt gather it to thee: and it ſhall be for food, for thee, and for them.

22 ** Heb,11. 7. Thus did Noah, according to all that God commanded him, ſo did he.

CHAP. VII.[edit]

1 Noah, with his familie, and the liuing creatures, enter into the Arke. 17 The beginning, increaſe, and continuance of the Flood.

ANd the ** 2. Pet. 2. 5. LORD ſaide vnto Noah, Come thou and all thy houſe into the Arke: for thee haue I ſeene righteous before me, in this generation.

2 Of euery cleane beaſt thou ſhalt take to thee †Hebr. ſeuen ſeuen. by ſeuens, the male and his female: and of beaſtes that are not cleane, by two, the male and his female.

3 Of fowles alſo of the aire, by ſeuens, the male & the female; to keepe ſeed aliue vpon the face of all the earth.

4 For yet ſeuen dayes, and I will cauſe it to raine vpon the earth, fortie dayes, and forty nights: and euery liuing ſubſtance that I haue made, will †Hebr. blot out. I deſtroy, frō off the face of the earth.

5 And Noah did according vnto all that the LORD commanded him.

6 And Noah was ſixe hundred yeeres old, when the flood of waters was vpon the earth.

7 ¶ And Noah went in, and his ſonnes, and his wife, and his ſonnes wiues with him, into the Arke, becauſe of the waters of the Flood.

8 Of cleane beaſts, & of beaſts that are not cleane, & of fowles, and of euery thing that creepeth vpon the earth,

9 There went in two and two vnto Noah into the Arke, the male & the female, as God had commanded Noah.

10 And it came to paſſe ǁǁOr, on the ſeuenth day. after ſeuen dayes, that the waters of the Flood were vpon the earth.

11 ¶ In the ſixe hundredth yeere of Noahs life, in the ſecond moneth, the ſeuenteenth day of the moneth, the ſame day, were al the fountaines of the great deepe broken vp, and the ǁǁ Or, flood-gater. windowes of heauen were opened.

12 And the raine was vpon the earth, fortie dayes, and fortie nights.

13 In the ſelfe ſame day entred Noah, and Sem, and Ham, and Iapheth, the ſonnes of Noah, and Noahs wife, and the three wiues of his ſonnes with them, into the Arke,

14 They, and euery beaſt after his kinde, & all the cattell after their kinde: and euery creeping thing that creepeth vpon the earth after his kinde, and euery foule after his kinde, euery birde of euery †Heb. wing. ſort.

15 And they went in vnto Noah into the Arke, two and two of all fleſh, wherein is the breath of life.

16 And they that went in, went in male and female of all fleſh, as God had commaunded him: and the LORD ſhut him in.

17 And the Flood was fortie dayes vpon the earth, and the waters increaſed, and bare vp the Arke, and it was lift vp aboue the earth.

18 And the waters preuailed, and were encreaſed greatly vpon the earth: and the Arke went vpon the face of the waters.

19 And the waters preuailed exceedingly vpon the earth, and all the high hilſ, that were vnder the whole heauen, were couered.

20 Fifteene cubits vpward, did the waters preuaile; and the mountaines were couered.

21 ** Wiſd. 10. 4. And all fleſh died, that mooued vpon the earth, both of fowle, & of cattell, and of beaſt, and of euery creeping thing that creepeth vpon the earth, and euery man.

22 All in whoſe noſethrils was the †Heb. the breath of the ſpirit of life. breath of life, of all that was in the dry land, died.

23 And euery liuing ſubſtance was deſtroyed, which was vpon the face of the ground, both man and cattell, and the creeping things, and the foule of the heauen; and they were deſtroyed from the earth: and ** Wiſd. 10. 4. 2. pet. 2. 5 Noah onely remained aliue, and they that were with him in the Arke.

24 And the waters preuailed vpon the earth, an hundred and fifty dayes.

CHAP. VIII.[edit]

1 The waters aſſwage. 4 The Arke reſteth on Ararat. 7 The rauen and the doue. 15 Noah, being commanded, 18 goeth forth of the Arke. 20 He buildeth an Altar, and offereth ſacrifice, 21 which God accepteth, and promiſeth to curſe the earth no more.

ANd God remembred Noah, and euery liuing thing, and all the cattell that was with him in the Arke: and God made a winde to paſſe ouer the earth, and the waters aſſwaged.

2 The fountaines alſo of the deepe, and the windowes of heauen were ſtopped, and the raine from heauen was reſtrained.

3 And the waters returned from off the earth, †Hebr. in going and returning. continually: and after the end of the hundred and fiftie dayes, the waters were abated.

4 And the Arke reſted in the ſeuenth moneth, on the ſeuenteenth day of the moneth, upon the mountaines of Ararat.

5 And the waters †Hebr. were in going and decreaſing. decreaſed continually vntil the tenth moneth: in the tenth moneth, on the firſt day of the moneth, were the tops of the mountaines ſeen.

6 ¶And it came to paſſe at the end of the forty dayes, that Noah opened the window of the Arke which he had made.

7 And he ſent forth a Rauen, which went foorth †Hebr. in going foorth, and returning. to and fro, vntill the waters were dried vp from off the earth.

8 Alſo hee ſent foorth a doue from him, to ſee if the waters were abated from off the face of the ground.

9 But the doue found no reſt for the ſole of her foote, and the returned vnto him into the Arke: for the waters were on the face of the whole earth. Then he put foorth his hand, and tooke her, and †Hebr. cauſed her to come. pulled her in vnto him, into the Arke.

10 And hee ſtayed yet other ſeuen dayes; and againe hee ſent foorth the doue out of the Arke.

11 And the doue came in to him in the euening, and loe, in her mouth was an Oliue leafe plucket off: So Noah knew that the waters were abated from off the earth.

12 And hee ſtayed yet other ſeuen dayes, and ſent forth the doue, which returned not againe vnto him any more.

13 ¶And it came to paſſe in the ſixe hundredth and one yeere, in the firſt moneth, the firſt day of the moneth, the waters were dryed vp from off the earth: and Noah remooued the couering of the Arke, and looked, and behold, the face of the ground was drie.

14 And in the ſecond moneth, on the ſeuen and twentieth day of the moneth, was the earth dried.

15 ¶And God spake vnto Noah, ſaying,

16 Goe foorth of the Arke, thou, and thy wife, and thy ſonnes, and thy ſonnes wiues with thee:

17 Bring foorth with thee euery liuing thing that is with thee, of all fleſh, both of fowle, and of cattell, and of euery creeping thing that creepeth vpon the earth, that they may breed abundantly in the earth, and be fruitfull, and multiply vpon the earth.

18 And Noah went foorth, and his ſonnes, and his wife, and his ſonnes wiues with him:

19 Euery beaſt, euery creeping thing, and euery fowle, and whatſoeuer creepeth vpon the earth, after their †Hebr. families. kinds, went foorth out of the Arke.

20 ¶And Noah builded an Altar vnto the LORD, and tooke of euery cleane beaſt, and of euery cleane fowle, and offered burnt offrings on the Altar.

21 And the LORD ſmelled a †Hebr. a ſouour of reſt. ſweete ſauour, and the LORD ſaid in his heart, I will not againe curſe the ground any more for mans ſake; for the ** Chapt.6.5. matt.15.19. imagination of mans heart is euil from his youth: neither will I againe ſmite any more euery thing liuing, as I haue done.

22Heb. as yet all the dayes of the earth While the earth remaineth, ſeed-time and harueſt, and cold, and heat, and Summer, and Winter, and day and night, ſhall not ceaſe.

CHAP. IX.[edit]

1 God bleſſeth Noah. 4 Blood and murder are forbidden. 9 Gods Couenant 13 ſignified by the Rainebow. 18 Noah repleniſheth the world, 20 planteth a Vineyard, 21 is drunken, and mocked of his ſonne: 25 Curſeth Canaan, 26 Bleſſeth Shem, 27 Prayeth for Iaphet, 28 and dieth.

ANd God bleſſed Noah, and his ſonnes, and ſaid vnto them, ** Chapt.1.28. and 8.17. Bee fruitfull and multiply, and repleniſh the earth.

2 And the feare of you, ⁊ the dread of you ſhall be vpon euery beaſt of the earth, and vpon euery fowle of the aire, vpon all that mooveth vpon the earth, and vpon all the fiſhes of the ſea; into your hand are they deliuered.

3 Euery mouing thing that liueth, ſhal be meat for you; euen as the ** Chapt.1.29. greene herbe haue I giuen you all things.

4 ** Leuit.17.14. But fleſh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, ſhall you not eate.

5 And ſurely your blood of your liues will I require: at the hand of euery beaſt will I require it, ⁊ at the hand of man, at the hand of euery mans brother will I require the life of man.

6** Matt.26.52. reuel.13.10.Who ſo ſheddeth mans blood, by man ſhall his blood be ſhed: ** Chap.1.27.for in the image of God made he man.

7And you, be ye fruitfull, and multiply, bring foorth aboundantly in the earth, and multiply therein.

8¶And God ſpake vnto Noah, and to his ſonnes with him, ſaying;

9And I, behold, I eſtabliſh my couenant with you, and with your ſeede after you:

10And with euery liuing creature that is with you, of the fowle, of the cattell, and of euery beaſt of the earth with you, from all that goe out of the Arke, to euery beaſt of the earth.

11And ** Eſa.54.9I wil eſtabliſh my couenant with you, neither ſhal all fleſh be cut off any more, by the waters of a flood, neither ſhall there any more be a flood to deſtroy the earth.

12And God ſaid, This is the token of the Couenant which I make betweene mee and you, and euery liuing creature that is with you, for perpetuall generations.

13I doe ſet my bow in the cloud, and it ſhall be for a token of a couenant, betweene me and the earth.

14** Ecclus.43.11,12.And it ſhall come to paſſe, when I bring a cloud ouer the earth, that the bow ſhall be ſeene in the cloud.

15And I will remember my couenant, which is betweene mee and you, and euery liuing creature of all fleſh, and the waters ſhall no more become a flood to deſtroy all fleſh.

16And the bow ſhalbe in the cloud; and I will looke vpon it, that I may remember the euerlasting couenant betweene God and euery liuing creature, of all fleſh that is vpon the earth.

17And God ſaid vnto Noah, This is the token of the couenant, which I haue eſtabliſhed betweene mee and all fleſh, that is vpon the earth.

18¶And the ſonnes of Noah that went forth of the Arke, were Shem, and Ham, and Iaphet: and Ham is the father of ‖Heb. Chenaan. Canaan.

19Theſe are the three ſonnes of Noah: and of them was the whole earth ouerſpread.

20And Noah began to bee an husbandman, and he planted a vineyard.

21And he dranke of the wine, and was drunken, and hee was vncouered within his tent.

22And Ham, the father of Canaan, ſaw the nakedneſſe of his father, and told his two brethren without.

23And Shem and Iaphet tooke a garment, and layed it vpon bboth their ſhoulders, and went backward, and couered the nakedneſſe of their father, and their faces were backward, and they ſaw not their fathers nakedneſſe.

24And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his yonger ſonne had done vnto him.

25And he ſaid, Curſed bee Canaan: a ſeruant of ſeruants ſhall bee vnto his brethren.

26And hee ſaide, Bleſſed bee the LORD God of Shem, and Canaan ſhalbe ‖Or, ſeruant to them. his ſeruant.

27 God ſhall ‖Or, perſwade enlarge Iaphet, and he ſhal dwel in the tents of Shem, and Canaan ſhalbe his ſeruant.

28¶And Noah liued after the flood, three hundred and fifty yeeres.

29And all the dayes of Noah were nine hundred ⁊ fifty yeeres, and he died.

CHAP. X.[edit]

1 The generations of Noah. 2 The ſonnes of Iaphet. 6 The ſonnes of Ham. 8 Nimrod the firſt Monarch. 21 The ſonnes of Shem.

NOw theſe are the generations of the ſonnes of Noah; Shem, Ham, and Iaphet: and vnto them were ſonnes borne after the Flood.

2** 1.Chron.1.5.The ſonnes of Iaphet: Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Iauan, ⁊ Tubal, and Meſhech, ⁊ Tiras.

3And the ſonnes of Gomer: Aſhkenaz, and Riphath, and Togarmah.

4And the ſons of Iauan: Eliſah, and Tarſhiſh, Kittim, and Dadanim.

5By theſe were the Iles of the Gentiles diuided in their lands, euery one after his tongue: after their families, in their nations.

6¶ ** 1.Chron.1.8.And the ſonnes of Ham: Cuſh, and Mizraim, and Phut, and Canaan.

7And the ſonnes of Cuſh, Seba, and Hauilah, and Sabtah, and Raamah, and Sabtecha: and the ſonnes of Raamah: sheba, and Dedan.

8And Cuſh begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth.

9He was a mighty hunter before the the LORD: wherefore it is ſaide, Euen as Nimrod the mightie hunter before the LORD.

10And the beginning of his kingdome was Gr.Babylon Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar.

11Out of that land ‖Or, he went out into Aſſyria. went forth Aſſhur, and builded Nineueh, and the ‖Or, the ſtreetes of the Citie. citie Rehoboth, and Calah,

12And Reſen betweene Nineueh and Calah: the ſame is a great citie.

13And Mizraim begat Ludim, and Anamim, and Lehabim, and Naphtuhim,

14And Pathruſim, and Caſluhim, (out of whom came Philiſtim,) and Caphtorim.

15¶ And Canaan begate Heb.Tzidon Sidon his firſt borne, and Heth,

16And the Iebuſite, and the Emorite, and the Girgaſite,

17And the Hiuite, and the Arkite, and the Sinite,

18And the Aruadite, and the Zemarite, and the Hamathite: and afterward were the families of the Canaanites ſpread abroad.

19And the border of the Canaanites, was from Sidon, as thou commeſt to Gerar, vnto Hebr. Azzah Gaza, as thou goeſt vnto Sodoma and Gomorah, and Admah, ⁊ Zeboim, euen vnto Laſha.

20Theſe are the ſonnes of Ham, after their families, after their tongues, in their countries, and in their nations.

21¶ Vnto Shem alſo the father of all the children of Eber, the brother of Iaphet the elder, euen to him were children borne.

22The ** 1.Chron.1.17 children of Shem: Elam, and Aſſhur, and Hebr. Arpachſhad Arphaxad, and Lud, and Aram.

23And the children of Aram: Uz, and Hul, and Gether, and Maſh.

24And Arphaxad begate Hebr. Shelah Salah, and Salah begate Eber.

25** 1.Chron.1.19. And vnto Eber were borne two ſonnes: the name of one was Peleg, for in his dayes was the earth diuided, and his brothers name was Ioktan.

26And Ioktan begate Almodad, and Sheleph, and Hazarmaueth, and Ierah,

27And Hadoram, and Uzal, and Diklah,

28And Obal, and Abimael, and Sheba,

29And Ophir, and Hauilah, ⁊ Iobab: all theſe were the ſonnes of Ioktan.

30And their dwelling was from Meſha, as thou goeſt vnto Sephar, a mount of the Easſt.

31Theſe are the ſonnes of Shem, after their families, after their tongues, in their lands after their nations.

32Theſe are the families of the ſonnes of Noah after their generations, in their nations: and by theſe were the nations diuided in the earth after the Flood.

CHAP. XI.[edit]

1 One language in the world. 3 The building of Babel. 5 The confuſion of tongues. 10 The generations of Shem. 27 The generations of Terah the father of Abram. 31Terah goeth from Vr to Haran.

ANd ** Wiſ.10.5. the whole earth was of one Hebr.lippe. language, and of one Heb.words. ſpeach.

2And it came to paſſe as they iourneyed from the Eaſt, that they found a plaine in the land of Shinar, and they dwelt there.

3And Heb. a man ſaid to his neighbour. they ſayd one to another; Goe to, let vs make bricke, and Heb. burne them to a burning. burne them thorowly, And they had bricke for ſtone, and ſlime had they for morter.

4And they ſaid; Goe to, let vs build vs a city and a tower, whoſe top may reach vnto heauen, and let vs make vs a name, leſt we be ſcattered abroad vpon the face of the whole earth.

5And the LORD came downe to ſee the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.

6And the LORD ſaid; Behold, the people is one, and they haue all one language: and this they begin to doe: and now nothing will be reſtrained from them, which they haue imagined to doe.

7Gote to, let vs go downe, and there cõfound their language, that they may not vnderſtand one anothers ſpeech.

8So the LORD ſcattered them abroad from thence, vpon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the Citie.

9Therefore is the name of it called That is, Confuſion. Babel, becauſe the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD ſcatter them abroad vpon the face of all the earth.

10¶ ** 1.Chron.1.17. Theſe are the generations of Shem. Shem was an hundred yeres old, and and begate Arphaxad two years after the Flood.

11And Shem liued, after he begate Arphaxad, fiue hundred yeeres, and begate ſonnes and daughters.

12And Arphaxad liued fiue and thirtie yeeres, and begate Salah.

13And Arphaxad liued, after he begate Salah, foure hundred and three yeeres, and begate ſonnes and daughters.

14And Salah liued thirtie yeeres, and begate Eber.

15And Salah liued, after hee begate Eber, foure hundred and three yeeres, and begate ſonnes and daughters.

16** 1.Chron.1.19. And Eber liued foure and thirty yeeres, and begate ** Called Luke 3.35. Phalec. Peleg.

17And Eber liued, after hee begate Peleg, foure hundred and thirty yeres, and begate ſonnes and daughters.

18And Peleg liued thirtie yeeres, and begate Reu.

19And Peleg liued, after hee begate Reu, two hundred and nine yeeres, and begate ſonnes and daughters.

20And Reu liued two and thirtie yeeres, and begate ** Luc.5.35. Saruch. Serug.

21And Reu liued, after hee begate Serug, two hundreth and ſeuen yeres, and begate ſonnes and daughters.

22And Serug liued thirtie yeeres, and begate Nahor.

23And Serug liued, after he begate Nahor, two hundred yeeres, and begat ſonnes and daughters.

24And Nahor liued nine and twentie yeeres, and begate ** Luc.3.34. Thara. Terah.

25And Nahor liued, after he begate Terah, an hundred ⁊ nineteene yeeres, and begate ſonnes and daughters.

26And Terah liued ſeuenty yeeres, and ** Ioſh.24.2 1.Chron.1.26. begate Abram, Nahor, ⁊ Haran.

27¶ Now theſe are the generations of Terah: Terah begate Abram, Nahor, and Haran: And Haran begate Lot.

28And Haran died, before his father Terah in the land of his natiuity, in Vr of the Chaldees.

29And Abram and Nahor tooke them wiues: the name of Abrams wife was Sarai, and the name of Nahors wife, Milcah, the daughter of Haran, the father of Milcah, and the father of Iſcah.

30But Sarai was barren; ſhe had no childe.

31And Terah tooke Abram his ſonne, and Lot the ſonne of Haran his ſonnes ſonne, and Sarai his daughter in lawe, his ſonne Abrams wife, and they went foorth with them from ** Nehem.9.7. iudith.5.7. acts.7.4. Vr of the Chaldees, to goe into the land of Canaan: and they came vnto Haran, and dwelt there.

32And the dayes of Terah, were two hundred and fiue yeres: and Terah died in Haran.

CHAP. XII.[edit]

1 God calleth Abram, and bleſſeth him with a promiſe of Chriſt. 4 He departeth with Lot from Haran. 6 He iourneyeth through Canaan, 7 which is promiſed him in a viſion. 10 Hee is driuen by a famine into Egypt. 11 Feare maketh him faine his wife to be his ſiſter. 14 Pharaoh hauing taken her from him, by plagues is compelled to reſtore her.

NOw the ** Acts.7.3. LORD had ſaid vnto Abram, Get thee out of thy countrey, and from thy kinred, and from thy fathers houſe, vnto a land that I will ſhew thee.

2And I will make of thee a great nation, and I wil bleſſe thee, and make thy name great; and thou ſhalt bee a bleſſing.

3And I will bleſſe them that bleſſe thee, and curſe him, that curſeth thee: ** Chap.18.18. and 22.18. acts.3.25. galat.3.8. and in thee ſhal all families of the earth be bleſſed.

4So Abram departed, as the LORD had ſpoken vnto him, and Lot went with him: And Abram was ſeuentie and fiue yeeres old when he departed out of Haran.

5And Abram tooke Sarai his wife, and Lot his brothers ſonne, and all their ſubſtance that they had gaterhed, and the ſoules that they had gotten in Haran, and they went foorth to goe into the land of Canaan: and into the land of Canaan they came.

6¶ and Abram paſſed through the land, vnto the place of Sichem, vnto the place of Moreh. And the Canaanite was then in the land.

7And the LORD appeared vnto Abram, and ſaid, ** Chap.13.15. Vnto thy ſeed wil I giue this land: and there builded hee an ** Chap.13.4. altar vnto the LORD< who appeared vnto him.

8And he remoued from thence vnto a mountaine, on the Eaſt of the Beth⸗el, and pitched his tent hauing Beth⸗el on the the Weſt, and Hai on the Eaſt: and there hee builded an altar vnto the LORD, and called vpon the Name of the LORD.

9And Abram iourneyed, ‖Heb. in going and iourneying. going on ſtill toward the South.

10¶ And there was a famine in the land, and Abram went downe into Egypt, to ſoiourne there: for the famine was grieuous in the land.

11And it came to paſſe when he was come neere to enter into Egypt, that he ſaid vnto Sarai his wife, Behold now, I know that thou art a faire woman to looke vpon.

12Therefore it ſhall come to paſſe, when the Egyptians ſhall ſee thee, that they ſhall ſay, This is his wife: and they will kill me, but they will ſaue thee aliue.

13Say, I pray thee, thou art my ſiſter, that it may be wel with me, for thy ſake; and my ſoule ſhall liue, becauſe of thee.

14¶ And it came to paſſe, that when Abram was come into Egypt, the Egyptians beheld the woman, that ſhee was very faire.

15The Princes alſo of Pharaoh ſaw her, and commended her before Pharaoh: and the woman was taken into Pharaohs houſe.

16And he entreated Abram well for her ſake: and he had ſheepe, and oxen, and hee aſſes, and men ſeruants, and maidſeruants, and ſhee aſſes, and camels.

17And the LORD plagued Pharaoh ⁊ his houſe with great plagues, becauſe of Sarai Abrams wife.

18And Pharaoh called Abram, and ſaid, What is this that thou haſt done vnto me? Why diddeſt thou not tell me, that ſhe was thy wife?

19Why ſaideſt thou, Shee is my ſiſter? so I might haue taken her to mee to wife: now therfore behold, thy wife, take her and goe thy way.

20And Pharaoh cõmanded his men concerning him: and they ſent him away, and his wife, and all that he had.

CHAP. XIII.[edit]

1 Abram and Lot returne out of Egypt. 7 By diſagreement they part aſunder. 10 Lot goeth to wicked Sodom. 14 God renueth the promiſe to Abram. 18 He remoueth to Hebron, and there buildeth an Altar.

ANd Abram went vp out of Egypt, he and his wife, and all that he had, and Lot with him, into the South.

2And Abram was very rich in cattell, in ſiluer, and in gold.

3And hee went on his iourneyes from the South, euen to Beth⸗el, vnto the place where his tent had bene at the beginning, betweene Beth⸗el and Hai:

4Vnto the ** Chap.12.7. place of the altar, which he had made there at the firſt: and there Abram called on the Name of the LORD.

5¶ And Lot alſo which went with Abram, had flocks and heards, ⁊ tents.

6And the land was not able to beare them, that they might dwell together: for their ſubſtance was great, ſo that they could not dwell together.

7And there was a ſtrife betweene the heardmen of Abrams cattell, and the heardmen of Lots cattell: And the Canaanite, and the Perizzite dwelled then in the land.

8And Abram ſaid vnto Lot, Let there be no ſtrife, I pray thee, betweene mee and thee, and betweene my heardmen and thy heardmen: for wee bee Hebr. men brethren. brethren.

9Is not the whole land before thee? Separate thy ſelfe, I pray thee, from mee: if thou wilt take the left hand, then I will goe to the right: or if thou depart to the right hand, then I will goe to the left.

10And Lot lifted vp his eyes, and beheld all the plaine of Iordane, that it was well watered euery where before the Lord deſtroyed Sodome and Gomorah, euen as the garden of the LORD, like the land of Egypt, as thou commeſt vnto Zoar.

11Then Lot choſe him all the plaine of Iordane: and Lot iourneyed Eaſt; and they ſeparated themſelues the one from the other.

12Abram dwelled in the land of Canaan, and Lot dwelled in the cities of the plaine, and pitched his tent toward Sodome.

13But the men of Sodome were wicked, and ſinners before the LORD exceedingly.

14¶ And the LORD ſaid vnto Abram, after that Lot was ſeparated from him, Lift vp now thine eyes, and looke from the place where thou art, Northward, and Southward, and Eaſtward, and Weſtward.

15For all the land which thou ſeeſt, ** Chap. 12.7. and 26.4. deut.34.4. to thee will I giue it, and to thy ſeede for euer.

16And I will make thy ſeede as the duſt of the earth: ſo that if a man can number the duſt of the earth, then ſhall thy ſeed alſo be numbred.

17Ariſe, walke through the land, in the length of it, and in the breadth of it: for I will giue it vnto thee.

18Then Abram remoued his tent, and came and dwelt in the Hebr. plaines. plaine of Mamre, which is in Hebron, and built there an altar vnto the LORD.

CHAP. XIIII.[edit]

1 The battell of foure Kings againſt fiue. 11 Lot is taken priſoner. 14 Abram reſcueth him. 18 Melchi-zedek bleſſeth Abram. 20 Abram giueth him tithe. 22 The reſt of the ſpoile, his partners hauing had their portions, he reſtoreth to the King of Sodom.

ANd it came to paſſe in the dayes of Amraphel King of Shinar, Arioch King of Ellaſar, Chedorlaomer King of Elam, and Tidal King of nations:

2That theſe made warre with Bera King of Sodome, and with Birſha King of Gomorrah, Shinab King of Admah, and Shemeber King of Zeboiim, and the King of Bela, which is Zoar.

3All theſe were ioyned together in the vale of Siddim; which is the ſalt Sea.

4Twelve yeeres they ſerued Chedorlaomer, and in the thirteenth yeere they rebelled.

5And in the fourteenth yeere came Chedorlaomer, and the Kings that were with him, and ſmote the Rephaims, in Aſhteroth Karnaim, ⁊ the Zuzims in Ham, and the Emims in ‖Or, the plaine of Kiriathaim Shaueh Kiriathaim;

6And the Horites in their mount Seir, vnto ‖Or, the plaine of Paran El-Paran, which is by the wilderneſſe.

7And they returned, and came to En-miſhpat, which is Kadeſh, ⁊ ſmote all the countrey of the Amalekites, and alſo the Amorites, that dwelt in Hazezon-tamar.

8And there went out the King of Sodome, and the King of Gomorrah, and the King of Zeboiim, and the King of Bela, (the ſame is Zoar) and they ioyned battell with them, in the vale of Siddim.

9With Chedorlaomer the King of Elam, and with Tidal King of nations, and Amraphel King of Shinar, and Arioch King of Ellaſar; foure Kings with fiue.

10And the vale of Siddim was full of ſlime-pits: and the Kings of Sodom ⁊ Gomorrah fled, and fell there: and they that remained, fled to the mountaine.

11And they tooke all the goods of Sodome and Gomorrah, and all their victuals, and went their way.

12And they tooke Lot, Abrams brothers ſonne, (who dwelt in Sodome) and his goods, and departed.

13¶ And there came one that had eſcaped, and told Abram the Hebrew, for hee dwelt in the plaine of Mamre the Amorite, brother of Eſhcol, and brother of Aner: and theſe were confederate with Abram.

14And when Abram heard that his brother was taken captiue, he ‖Or, led foorth. armed his ‖Or, inſtructed. trained ſeruants borne in his owne houſe, three hundred and eighteene, and purſued them vnto Dan.

15And hee diuided himſelfe againſt them, he and his ſeruants by night, and ſmote them, and purſued them vnto Hoba, which is on the left hand of Damasſcus:

16And hee brought backe all the goods, and alſo brought againe his brother Lot, and his goods, and the women alſo, and the people.

17¶ And the King of Sodome went out to meete him, (after his returne from the ſlaughter of Chedorlaomer, and of the Kings that were with him) at the valley of Saueh, which is the ** 2.Sam.18.18. Kings dale.

18And ** Heb.7.1. Melchizedek King of Salem brought foorth bread and wine: and he was the Prieſt of the moſt high God.

19And hee bleſſed him, and ſaide; Bleſſed bee Abram of the moſt high God, poſſeſſour of heauen and earth,

20And bleſſed bee the moſt high God, which hath deliuered thine enemies into thy hand: and hee gaue him ** Heb.7.4. tithes of all.

21And the King of Sodome ſaid vnto Abram, giue me the Hebr. ſoules. perſons, and take take the goods to thy ſelfe.

22And Abram ſaid to the King of Sodome, I haue lift vp my hand vnto the LORD, the moſt high God, the poſſeſſour of heauen and earth,

23That I wil not take from a threed euen to a ſhoe latchet, and that I will not take any thing that is thine, leſt thou ſhouldeſt ſay, I haue made Abram rich:

24Saue onely that which the yong men haue eaten, and the portion of the men which went with mee, Aner, Eſchol, and Mamre; let them take their portion.

CHAP. XV.[edit]

1 God encourageth Abram. 2 Abram complaineth for want of an heire. 4 God promiſeth him a ſonne, and a multiplying of his ſeed. 6 Abram is iuſtified by faith. 7 Canaan is promiſed againe, and confirmed by a ſigne, 12 and a viſion.

AFter theſe things, the word of the LORD came vnto Abram in a viſion, ſaying; Feare not, Abram: I am thy ſhield, and thy exceeding ** Pſal.16.16. great reward.

2And Abram ſaid, Lord GOD, what wilt thou giue me, ſeeing I goe childleſſe? and the ſteward of my houſe is this Eliezer of Damaſcus.

3And Abram ſaid; Behold, to mee thou haſt giuen no ſeed: and loe, one borne in my houſe is mine heire.

4And behold, the word of the LORD came vnto him, ſaying; This ſhall not be thine heire: but he that ſhall come foorth out of thy owne bowels, ſhalbe thine heire.

5And he brought him forth abroad, and ſaid, Looke now towards heauen, and tell the ſtarres, if thou be able to number them. And hee ſaid vnto him, ** Rom.4.18. So ſhall thy ſeed be.

6And he ** Rom.4.3. galat.3.6. iam.2.23. beleeued in the LORD; and hee counted it to him for righteouſneſſe.

7And he ſaid vnto him; I am the LORD that brought thee out of Ur of the Caldees, to giue thee this land, to inherit it.

8And he ſaid, Lord GOD, whereby ſhal I know that I ſhall inherit it?

9And he ſaid vnto him, Take me an heifer of three yeeres old, and a ſhee goat of three yeeres old, and a ramme of three yeeres old, and a turtle doue, and a yong pigeon.

10And he tooke vnto him all theſe, and diuided them in the midſt, and layd each peece one againſt another: but the birds diuided he not.

11And when the fowles came downe vpon the carcaſes, Abram droue them away.

12And when the Sunne was going downe, a deepe ſleepe fell vpon Abram: and loe, an horrour of great darkeneſſe fell vpon him.

13And he ſaid vnto Abram, Know of a ſurety, ** Acts.7.6. that they ſeed ſhalbe a ſtranger, in a land that is not theirs, and ſhal ſerue them, and they ſhall afflict them foure hundred yeeres.

14And alſo that nation whom they ſhall ſerue, wil I iudge: and afterward ſhall they come out with great ſubſtance.

15And thou ſhalt goe to thy fathers in peace; thou ſhalt be buried in a good old age.

16But in the fourth generation they ſhall come hither againe: for the iniquitie of the Amorites is not yet full.

17And it came to paſſe that when the Sunne went downe, and it was darke, behold, a ſmoking furnace, and a Hebrewe. a lampe of fire. burning lampe that paſſed betweene thoſe pieces.

18In that ſame day the LORD made a couenant with Abram, ſaying; ** Chap.12.7. and 13.15. & 26.4. deut.34.4. Vnto thy ſeed haue I giuen this land from the riuer of Egypt vnto the great riuer, the riuer Euphrates:

19The Kenites, and the Kenizites, and the Kadmonites:

20And the Hittites, and the Perizzites, and the Rephaims,

21And the Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Girgaſhites, and the Iebuſites.

CHAP. XVI.[edit]

1 Sarai, being barren, giueth Hagar to Abram. 4 Hagar being afflicted for deſpiſing her miſtreſſe, runneth away. 7 An Angel ſendeth her backe to ſubmit her ſelfe, 11 and telleth her of her child. 15 Iſmael is borne.

NOw Sarai Abrams wife bare him no children: and ſhe had an handmaide, an Egyptian, whoſe name was Hagar.

2And Sarai ſaid vnto Abram, Behold now, the LORD hath reſtrained me from bearing: I pray thee go in vnto my maid: it may bee that I may Heb. bee builded by her. obtaine children by her: and Abram hearkened to the voice of Sarai.

3And Sarai Abrams wife, tooke Hagar her maid, the Egyptian, after Abram had dwelt ten yeeres in the land of Canaan, and gaue her to her huſband Abram, to be his wife.

4¶ And he went in vnto Hagar, and ſhe conceiued: And when ſhee ſaw that ſhee had conceiued, her miſtreſſe was deſpiſed in her eyes.

5And Sarai ſaid vnto Abram, My wrong be vpon thee: I haue giuen my maid itno thy boſome, and when ſhee ſaw that ſhe had conceiued, I was deſpiſed in her eyes: the LORD iudge betweene me and thee.

6But Abram ſaid vnto Sarai, Behold, thy maid is in thy hand; doe to her Heb. that which is good in thy eyes. as it pleaſeth thee. And when Sarai Heb. afflicted her. dealt hardly with her, ſhee fled from her face.

7¶ And the Angel of the LORD found her by a fountaine of water, in the wilderneſſe, by the fountaine, in the way to Shur:

8And he ſaid, Hagar Sarais maid, whence cameſt thou? and whither wilt thou goe? And ſhe ſaid, I flee from the face of my miſtreſſe Sarai.

9And the Angel of the LORD ſaid vnto her, Returne to thy miſtreſſe, and ſubmit thy ſelfe vnder her hands.

10And the Angel of the LORD ſaid vnto her, I will multiply thy ſeede exceedingly, that it ſhall not be numbred for multitude.

11And the angel of the LORD ſaid vnto her, Behold, thou art with child, and ſhalt beare a ſonne, and ſhalt call his name ‖‖ That is, God ſhall heare. Iſhmael; becauſe the LORD hath heard thy affliction.

12And he will be a wilde man; his hand will be againſt euery man, and euery mans hand againſt him: ** Chap.25.18. ⁊ he ſhal dwell in the preſence of all his brethren.

13And ſhee called the name of the LORD that ſpake vnto her, Thou God ſeeſt me: for ſhe ſaid, Haue I alſo here looked after him that ſeeth me?

14Wherefore the well was called, ** Chap.24.62.‖ That is, the well of him that liueth and ſeeeth me. Beer-lahai-roi: Behold, It is betweene Cadeſh and Bered.

15¶ And Hagar bare Abram a ſonne: and Abram called his ſonnes name, which Hagar bare, Iſhmael.

16And Abram was foureſcore and ſix yeeres old, when Hagar bare Iſhmael to Abram.

CHAP. XVII.[edit]

1 God reneweth the Couenant. 5 Abram his name is changed, in token of a greater bleſſing. 10 Circumciſion is inſtituted. 15 Sarai her name is changed, and ſhe bleſſed. 17 Izſaac is promiſed. 23 Abram and Iſmael are circumciſed.

ANd when Abram was ninetie yeres old and nine, the LORD appeared to Abram, and ſaid vnto him, I am the almightie God, ** Chap.5.22. walke before me, and be thou ‖Or, vpright or ſincere. perfect.

2And I wil make my covenant betweene me and thee, and will multiply thee exceedingly.

3And Abram fell on his face, and God talked with him, ſaying,

4As for me, behold, my couenant is with thee, and thou ſhalt be a * father of ‖Heb. multitude of nations. many nations.

5Neither ſhall thy name any more be called Abram, but thy name ſhall bee Abraham: ** Rom.4.17 for a father of many nations haue I made thee.

6And I will make thee exceeding fruitfull, and I will make nations of thee, and Kings ſhall come out of thee.

7And I will eſtabliſh my couenant betweene me and thee, and thy ſeede after thee, in their generations for an euerlaſting couenant, to bee a God vnto thee, and to thy ſeed after thee.

8And I will giue vnto thee, and to thy ſeed after thee, the land Heb. of thy ſoiournings. wherein thou art a ſtranger, all the land of Canaan, for an euerlaſting poſſeſſion, and I will be their God.

9¶ And God ſaid vnto Abraham, Thou ſhalt keepe my couenant therefore, thou, and thy ſeede after thee, in their generations.

10This is my couenant, which yee ſhall keepe betweene me and you, and thy ſeed after thee: ** Acts 7.8. euery man-child among you ſhall be circumciſed.

11And ye ſhall circumciſe the fleſh of your foreſkinne; and it ſhal be a ** Acts 7.8. rom.4.11. token of the couenant betwixt me and you.

12And he that is Hebr. a ſonne of eight dayes. eight dayes olde, ** Leuit.12.3. luke 2.21 iohn 7.22. ſhalbe circumciſed among you, euery man-child in your generations, he that is borne in the houſe, or bought with money of any ſtranger, which is not of thy ſeed.

13He that is borne in thy houſe, and he that is bought with thy money, muſt needs by circumciſed: and my couenant ſhall be in your fleſh, for an euerlaſting couenant.

14And the vncircumciſed man-child, whoſe fleſh of his foreſkinne is not circumciſed, that ſoule ſhall be cut off from his people: hee hath broken my couenant.

15¶ And God ſaid vnto Abraham, As for Sarai thy wife, thou ſhalt not call her name Sarai, but Sarah ſhall her name be.

16And I will bleſſe her, and giue thee a ſonne alſo of her: yea I wil bleſſe her, and ‖Hebr. ſhe ſhall become nations. ſhe ſhalbe a mother of nations; Kings of people ſhall be of her.

17Then Abraham fell vpon his face, and laughed, and ſaid in his heart, Shall a child be borne vnto him that is an hundred yeeres old? and ſhal Sarah that is ninetie yeeres old, beare?

18And Abraham ſaid vnto God, O that Iſhmael might liue before thee.

19And God ſaid, ** Chap.18.10. and 21.2. Sarah thy wife, ſhall beare thee a ſonne in deede, and thou ſhalt call his name Iſaac: and I will eſtabliſh my couenant with him, for an euerlaſting couenant, and with his ſeed after him.

20And as for Iſhmael, I haue heard thee: behold, I haue bleſſed him, and will make him fruitfull, and will multiplie him exceedingly: ** Gene.25.12. Twelue princes ſhall he beget, and I will make him a great nation.

21But my couenant wil I eſtabliſh with Iſaac, which Sarah ſhall beare vnto thee, at this ſet time, in the next yeere.

22And he left off talking with him, and God went vp from Abraham.

23¶ And Abraham tooke Iſhmael his ſonne, and all that were borne in his houſe, and all that were bought with his money, euery male, among the men of Abrahams houſe, and circumciſed the fleſh of their foreſkinne, in the ſelfeſame day, as God had ſaid vnto him.

24And Abraham was ninety yeeres old and nine, when he was circumciſed in the fleſh of his foreſkinne.

25And Iſhmael his ſonne was thirteene yeeres old, when he was circumciſed in the fleſh of his foreſkinne.

26In the ſelfe ſame day was Abraham circumciſed, and Iſhmael his ſonne.

27And all the men of his houſe, borne in the houſe, and bought with money of the ſtranger, were circumciſed with him.

CHAP. XVIII.[edit]

1 Abraham entertaineth three Angels. 9 Sarah is repoued for laughing at the ſtrange promiſe. 17 The deſtruction of Sodome is reuealed to Abraham. 23 Abraham maketh interceſsion for the men thereof.

ANd the ** Hebr.13.2. LORD appeared vnto him, in the plaines of Mamre: and he ſate in the tent doore, in the heat of the day.

2And he lift vp his eyes and looked, and loe, three men ſtood by him: and when he ſaw them, hee ranne to meete them from the tent doore, and bowed himſelfe toward the ground,

3And ſaid, My Lord, If now I haue found fauour in thy ſight, paſſe not away, I pray thee, frõ thy ſeruant:

4Let a little water, I pray you, be fetched and waſh your feete, and reſt your ſelues vnder the tree:

5And I will fetch a morſell of bread; and Hebr. ſtay. comfort ye your hearts, after that you ſhall paſſe on: for therefore Hebr. you haue paſſed. are you come to your ſeruant. And they ſaid; So doe, as thou haſt ſaid.

6And Abraham haſtened into the tent, vnto Sarah, ⁊ ſaid; Hebr. Haſten. Make ready quickly three meaſures of fine meale, knead it, and make cakes vpon the hearth.

7And Abraham ranne vnto the heard, and fetcht a calfe, tender and good, and gaue it vnto a yong man: and he haſted to dreſſe it.

8And he tooke butter, and milke, and the calfe which he had dreſſed, and ſet it before them; and he ſtood by them vnder the tree: and they did eate.

9¶ And they ſaid vnto him, Where is Sarah thy wife? And he ſaid, Behold in the tent.

10And he ſaid, I will certainly returne vnto thee according to the time of life; and loe, ** Chap.17.19. and 21.2. Sarah thy wife ſhall haue a ſonne. And Sarah heard it in the tent doore, which was behind him.

11Now Abraham and Sarah were old, and well ſtricken in age: and it ceaſed to be with sarah after the maner of women.

12Therefore Sarah laughed within her ſelfe, ſaying, After I am waxed old, ſhall I haue pleaſure, my ** 1.Pet.3.6. lord being old alſo?

13And the LORD ſaid vnto Abraham, Wherefore did Sarah laugh, ſaying; Shall I of a ſurety beare a childe, which am old?

14Is any thing too hard for the LORD? At the time appointed will I returne vnto thee, according to the time of life, and Sarah ſhall haue a ſonne.

15Then Sarah denied, ſaying, I laughed not: for ſhe was afraid. And he ſaid, Nay, but thou diddeſt laugh.

16¶ And the men roſe vp from thence, and looked toward Sodome: and Abraham went with them, to bring them on the way.

17And the LORD ſaid, Shall I hide from Abraham that thing which I doe;

18Seeing that Abraham ſhall ſurely become a great and mighty nation, and all the nations of the earth ſhall be ** Chap.12.3. and 22.18. acts.3.25. galat.3.8. bleſſed in him?

19For I know him, that hee will command his children, and his houſehold after him, and they ſhall keepe the way of the LORD, to doe iuſtice and iudgement, that the LORD may bring vpon Abraham, that which hee hath ſpoken of him.

20And the LORD ſaid, Becauſe the cry of Sodome and Gomorah is great, and becauſe their ſinne is very grieuous:

21I will goe downe now, and ſee whether they haue done altogether according to the cry of it, which is come vnto me: and if not, I will know.

22And the men turned their faces from thence, and went toward Sodome: but Abraham ſtood yet before the LORD.

23¶ And Abraham drew neere, and ſaid, Wilt thou alſo deſtroy the righteous with the wicked?

24Peraduenture there be fifty righteous within the citie; wilt thou alſo deſtroy, and not ſpare the place for the fiftie righteous, that are therein?

25That be farre from thee, to do after this maner, to ſlay the righteous with the wicked, and that the righteous ſhould be as the wicked, that be farre from thee: Shall not the Iudge of all the earth doe right?

26And the LORD ſaid, If I find in Sodom fiftie righteous, within the citie, then I will ſpare the place for their ſakes.

27And Abraham anſwered, and ſaid, Behold now, I haue taken vpon me to ſpeake vnto the LORD, which am but duſt and aſhes.

28Peraduenture there ſhall lacke fiue of the fiftie righteous: wilt thou deſtroy all the citie for lack of fiue? And he ſaid, If I find there fourtie and fiue, I will not deſtroy it.

29And he ſpake vnto him yet againe, and ſaid, Peraduenture there ſhall be fourtie found there: and he ſaid, I will not doe it for fourties ſake.

30And he ſaid vnto him, Oh let not the Lord be angry, and I will ſpeake: Peraduenture there ſhall thirtie bee found there. And he ſaid, I will not doe it, if I find thirtie there.

31And he ſaid, Behold now, I haue taken vpon mee to ſpeake vnto the Lord: Peraduenture there ſhall bee twenty found there. And he ſaid, I will not deſtroy it for twenties ſake.

32And hee ſaide, Oh let not the Lord be angry, and I will ſpeake yet but this once: Peraduenture ten ſhall be found there. And he ſaid, I will not deſtroy it for tennes ſake.

33And the LORD went his way, aſſone as hee had left communing with Abraham: and Abraham returned vnto his place.

CHAP. XIX.[edit]

1 Lot entertaineth two Angels. 4 The vicious Sodomites are ſtriken with blindneſſe. 12 Lot is ſent for ſafety into the mountaines. 18 Hee obtaineth leaue to goe into Zoar. 24 Sodome and Gomorrah are deſtroyed. #19:26 Lots wife is a pillar of ſalt. 30 Lot dwelleth in a caue. 31 The inceſtuous originall of Moab and Ammon.

ANd there came two Angels to Sodome at euen, and Lot ſate in the gate of Sodome: and Lot ſeeing them, roſe vp to meet them, and he bowed himſelfe with his face toward the ground.

2And he ſaid, Beholde now my Lords, turne in, I pray you, into your ſeruants houſe, and tarie all night, and ** Chap.18.4. wasſh your feete, and ye ſhall riſe vp early and goe on your wayes. And they ſaid, Nay: but we wil abide in the ſtreet all night.

3And he preſſed vpon them greatly, and they turned in vnto him, and entred into his houſe: and he made them Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/18 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/19 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/20 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/21 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/22 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/23 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/24 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/25 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/26 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/27 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/28 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/29 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/30 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/31 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/32 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/33 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/34 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/35 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/36 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/37 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/38 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/39 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/40 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/41 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/42 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/43 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/44 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/45 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/46 Page:BibleKJV1611-002.pdf/47 twelve brethren, the ſonnes of one man in the land of Canaan: and, behold, the youngeſt is this day with our father, and one is not.

14And Ioſeph ſaid vnto them, That is it that I ſpake vnto you, ſaying, Ye are ſpies.

15Hereby ye ſhall be proued: by the life of Pharaoh ye ſhall not goe foorth hence, except your youngeſt brother come hither.

16Send one of you, and let him fetch your brother, and ye ſhalbe Heb. bound kept in priſon, that your wordes may be proued, whether there be any trueth in you: or els by the life of Pharaoh ſurely ye are ſpies.

17And he Hebr. gathered. put them all together into warde, three dayes.

18And Ioſeph ſaid vnto them the third day, This doe, and liue: for I feare God.

19If ye be true men, let one of your brethren be bound in the houſe of your priſon: goe ye, carry corne for the famine of your houſes.

20But ** Chap.43.5. bring your yongeſt brother vnto mee, ſo ſhall your wordes be verified, and yee ſhall not die: and they did ſo.

21¶ And they ſaid one to another, We are verily guiltie concerning our brother, in that we ſaw the anguiſh of his ſoule, when he beſought vs, and we would not heare: therefore is this diſtreſſe come vpon vs.

22And Reuben anſwered them, ſaying, ** Chap.37.21. Spake I not vnto you, ſaying, Doe not ſinne againſt the childe, and ye would not heare? therefore behold alſo, his blood is required.

23And they knew not that Ioſeph vnderſtood them: for Hebr. an interpreter was betweene them. hee ſpake vnto them by an interpreter.

24And hee turned himſelfe about from them and wept, and returned to them againe, and communed with them, and tooke from them Simeon, and bound him before their eyes.

25¶ Then Ioſeph commanded to fill their ſackes with corne, and to reſtore euery mans money into his ſacke, and to giue them prouiſion for the way: and thus did he vnto them.

26And they laded their aſſes with the corne, and departed thence.

27And as one of them opened his ſacke, to giue his aſſe prouender in the Inne, he eſpied his money: for behold, it was in his ſackes mouth.

28And he ſaid vnto his brethren, My money is reſtored, and loe, it is euen in my ſacke: and their heart Hebr. went foorth. failed them, and they were afraid, ſaying one to an other, What is this that God hath done to vs?

29¶ And they came vnto Iacob their father, vnto the land of Canaan, and told him all that befell vnto them, ſaying;

30The man who is the lord of the land, ſpake Hebr. with vs hard things. roughly with vs, and tooke vs for ſpies of the countrey.

31And we ſaid vnto him, We are true men; we are no ſpies.

32We be twelue brethren, ſonnes of our father: one is not, and the yongeſt is this day with our father, in the land of Canaan.

33And the man the lord of the country ſaid vnto vs, Hereby ſhall I know that ye are true men: leaue one of your brethren here with me, and take foode for the famine of your houſholds, and be gone.

34And bring your yongeſt brother vnto me: then ſhall I know that you are no ſpies, but that you are true men: ſo will I deliuer your brother, and ye ſhall traffique in the land.

35¶ And it came to paſſe as they emptied their ſacks, that behold, euery mans bundle of money was in his ſacke: and when both they and their father ſaw the bundels of money, they were afraid.

36And Iacob their father ſaid vnto them, Me haue ye bereaued of my children: Ioſeph is not, and Simeon is not, and ye wil take Beniamin away: all theſe things are againſt me.

37And Reuben ſpake vnto his father, ſaying; Slay my two ſonnes, if I bring him not to thee: deliuer him into my hand, and I will bring him to thee againe.

38And he ſaid, My ſonne ſhall not goe downe with you, for his brother is dead, and he is left alone: if miſchiefe befall him by the way in the which yee goe, then ſhall ye bring downe my gray haires with ſorrow to the graue.

CHAP. XLIII.[edit]

1 Iacob is hardly perſwaded to ſend Beniamin.. 15 Ioſeph entertaineth his brethren. 31 Hee maketh them a feaſt.

1 ANd the famine was ſore in the land.

2And it came to paſſe when they had eaten vp the corne, which they had brought out of Egypt, their father ſaid vnto them, Goe againe, buy vs a little foode.

3And Judah ſpake vnto him, ſaying, The man did †Heb. proteſting he proteſted. ſolemnly proteſt vnto vs, ſaying, Ye shall not ſee my face, except your ** Chap.42.20. brother be with you.

4If thou wilt ſend our brother with vs, we will goe downe and buy thee food.

5But if thou wilt not ſend him, we will not goe downe: for the man ſaide vnto vs, Ye ſhall not ſee my face, except your brother be with you.

6And Iſrael ſaid, Wherefore dealt ye ſo ill with me, as to tell the man whether ye had yet a brother?

7And they ſaid, The man †Heb. asking he asked vs. aſked vs ſtraitly of our ſtate, and of our kindred, ſaying, Is your father yet aliue? haue yee another brother? and we tolde him according to the †Heb. mouth tenour of theſe words: †Heb. knowing could we know? Could we certainely knowe that he would ſay, Bring your brother downe?

8And Judah ſaid vnto Iſrael his father, Send the lad with me, and wee will ariſe and go, that we may liue, and not die, both me, and thou, and alſo our little ones.

9I will be ſurety for him; of my hand ſhalt thou require him: ** Chap. 44. 32. if I bring him not vnto thee, and ſet him before thee, then let me beare the blame for euer.

10For except we had lingered, ſurely now wee had returned ‖Or, twice by this. this ſecond time.

11 And their father Iſrael ſaid vnto them, If it muſt bee ſo now, doe this: take of the beſt fruits in the land in your veſſels, and carie downe the man a present, a litle balme, and a litle honie, ſpices, and myrrhe, nuts, and almonds.

12 And take double money in your hand, and the money that was brought againe in the mouth of your ſackes: carie it againe in your hand, peraduenture it was an ouerſight.

13Take alſo your brother, and ariſe, go againe vnto the man.

14And God Almightie giue you mercie before the man, that he may ſend away your other brother, and Beniamin: ‖‖ Or, and I, as I haue bene &c. If I be bereaued of my children, I am bereaued.

15¶ And the men tooke that preſent, and they tooke touble money in their hand, and Beniamin, and roſe vp, and went downe to Egypt, and ſtood before Joſeph.

16And when Joſeph ſawe Beniamin with them, hee ſaid to the ruler of his houſe, Bring theſe men home, and †Heb. kill a killing. ſlay, and make ready: for theſe men ſhall †Hebr. eate. dine with me at noone.

17And the man did as Joſeph bade: and the man brought the men into Joſephs houſe.

18And the men were afraid, becauſe they were brought into Joſephs houſe, and they ſaid, Becauſe of the money that was returned in our ſackes at the first time are we brought in, that hee may †Heb. roll himſelfe vpon vs. ſeeke occaſion againſt vs, and fall vpon vs, and take vs for bondmen, and our aſſes.

19And they came neere to the ſteward of Joſephs houſe, and they communed with him at the doore of the houſe.

20And ſaid, O Sir, ** Cha.42.3Heb. comming downe we came downe we came indeed downe at the firſt time to buy food.

21And it came to paſſe when wee came to the Inne that wee opened our ſackes, and behold, euery mans money was in the mouth of his ſacke, our money in ful weight: and we haue brought it againe in our hand.

22And other money haue wee brought downe in our handes to buy food: we cannot tell who put our money in our ſackes.

23And he ſaid, peace be to you, feare not: your God, and the God of your father, hath giuen you treaſure in your ſackes: †Heb. your money came to mee. I had your money. And hee brought Simeon out vnto them.

24And the man brought the men into Joſephs houſe, and ** Chap.18.4. & 24.32. gaue them water, and they waſhed their feete, and he gaue their aſſes prouender.

25And they made ready the preſent againſt Joſeph came at noone: for they heard that they ſhould eate bread there.

26¶ And when Joſeph came home, they brought him the preſent which was in their hand, into the houſe, and bowed themſelues to him to the earth.

27And he aſked them of their welfare, and ſaid, Is your father well, the old man of whome ye ſpake: Is he yet aliue:

28And they anſwered, Thy ſeruant our father is in good health, hee is yet aliue: ⁊ they bowed downe their heads, and made a obeiſance.

29And he lift vp his eyes, and ſawe his brother Beniamin, his mothers ſonne, and ſaid, Is this your yonger brother, of whom yee ſpake vnto mee? and he ſaid, God be gracious vnto thee, my ſonne.

30And Ioſeph made haſte: for his bowels did yerne vpon his brother: and he ſought where to weepe, and hee entred into his chamber, ⁊ wept there.

31And he waſhed his face, and went out, and refrained himſelfe, and ſaide, Set on bread.

32And they ſet on for him by himſelfe, and for them by themſelues, and for the Egyptians which did eate with him, by themſelues: becauſe the Egyptians might not eate bread with the Hebrewes: for that is an abomination vnto the Egyptians.

33And they ſate before him, the firſt borne according to his birthright, and the yongeſt according to his youth: and the men maruelled one at another.

34And hee tooke and ſent meaſſes vnto them from before him: but Beniamins meaſſe was fiue times to much as any of theirs: and they drunke, and Heb. they dranke largely. were merry with him.


1 Ioſephs policie to ſtay his brethren. 14 Iudahs humble ſupplication to Ioſeph.

ANd hee commaunded the Heb. him that was ouer his houſe ſteward of his houſe, ſaying, Fill the mens ſackes with food, as much as they can carie, and put euery mans money in his ſacks mouth.

2And put my cup, the ſiluer cup, in the ſackes mouth of the yongeſt, and his corne money: and he did according to the word that Ioſeph had ſpoken.

3Aſſoone as the morning was light, the men were ſent away, they, and their aſſes.

4And when they were gone out of the citie, and not yet farre off, Ioſeph ſaid vnto his ſteward, Vp, follow after the men; and when thou doeſt ouertake them, ſay vnto them, Wherefore haue ye rewarded euill for good?

5Is not this it, in which my lord drinketh? and whereby indeed he ‖Or, maketh triall. diuineth? ye haue done euill in ſo doing.

6¶ And he ouertooke them, and he ſpake vnto them theſe ſame words.

7And they ſaid vnto him, wherefore ſaith my lord theſe words? God forbid that thy ſeruants ſhould doe according to this thing.

8Behold, the money which wee found in our ſackes mouthes, wee brought againe vnto thee, out of the land of Canaan: how then ſhould wee ſteale out of thy lords houſe, ſiluer or golde?

9With whom ſoeuer of thy ſeruants it be found, both let him die, and we alſo will be my lords bondmen.

10And he ſaid, Now alſo let it be according vnto your wordes: hee with whom it is found, ſhall be my ſeruant: and ye ſhall be blameleſſe.

11Then they ſpeedily tooke downe euery man his ſacke to the ground, and opened euery man his ſacke.

12And he ſearched, and began at the eldeſt, and left at the yongest: and the cup was found in Beniamins ſacke.

13Then they rent their clothes, and laded euery man his aſſe, and returned to the citie.

14¶ And Iudah and his brethren came to Ioſephs houſe: (for he was yet there) and they fell before him on the ground.

15And Ioſeph ſaid vnto them, What deed is this that ye haue done? Wote ye not, that ſuch a man as I can certainely Or, make triall? diuine?

16And Iudah ſaid, what ſhall wee ſay vnto my lord? what ſhal we ſpeake? or how ſhall we cleare our ſelues? God hath found out the iniquitie of they ſeruants: beholde, wee are my lords ſeruants, both we, and he alſo with whom the cup is found.

17And he ſaid, God forbid that I ſhould doe ſo: but the man in whoſe hand the cup is found, he ſhal be my ſeruant; and as for you, get you vp in peace vnto your father.

18¶ Then Iudah came neere vnto him, and ſaid, Oh my lord, let thy ſeruant, I pray thee, ſpeake a word in my lords eares, ⁊ let not thine anger burne againſt thy ſeruant: for thou art euen as Pharaoh.

19My lord aſked his ſeruants, ſaying, Haue ye a father, or a brother?

20And we ſaid vnto my lord, Wee haue a father, an olde man, and a childe Page:BibleKJV1611-003.pdf/2 Page:BibleKJV1611-003.pdf/3 Page:BibleKJV1611-003.pdf/4 Page:BibleKJV1611-003.pdf/5 Page:BibleKJV1611-003.pdf/6 Page:BibleKJV1611-003.pdf/7 Page:BibleKJV1611-003.pdf/8 Page:BibleKJV1611-003.pdf/9