Bonny lass of Banaphie (1826)/The banks of Clyde

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Bonny lass of Banaphie  (1826) 
The Banks of Clyde


Awa awa my Jamie s gane,
Out owre the seas, far far frae hame,
He’s gane, and cross'd the ocean wide,
And left the bonny banks o’ Clyde.

Awa he's gane to fight his foe,
And left me here in grief and woe;
My love who led me by his side,
Alang the bonny banks o' Clyde.

On Govan banks, whar Clyde doth flow,
There ilka laddie arms his joe;
While lanely I maun mourn and chide,
Upon the bonny banks o' Clyde.

O, in the rosy month o' May,
The lav'rocks rais'd its cheerful lay,
The mavis sang, the blackbird vied,
Around the bonny banks o' Clyde.

The gowans spread ilk flower sprang,
My love as sweet's the day was lang,
My heart he gain'd to be his bride,
When walking on the banks o' Clyde.

O woo be to these wars in Spain,
They've ta'en frae me my darling swain,
And cross'd him owre the ocean wide,
Far frae the bonny banks o' Clyde.

But if the high and heav'nly Pow'r,
Would shield my love in dangers harm,
And owre the seas him safely guide,
Back to the bonny banks o' Clyde.

Our parting day would ne'er be seen,
Until that death struck in between,
Then a' our joys we'd lay aside,
And leave the bonny banks o' Clyde.


This work was published before January 1, 1927, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.