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Magazine References to Hallowe'en Entertainments

Charades, menu, tests. H. Bazar, 32:894.

Children's Parties:
Fortune games for very little children. St. N., 23:33.
Hallowe'en fortunes for boys and girls. Delin., 66:631.
Masquerade, games, tests. W. H. C, 35:43.
Decorations. W. H. C, 36 :34.
Old-fashioned games. St. N., 35 :51.
Children's celebration of Hallowe'en. St. N., 32:1124.

Church Parties:
Mystic party. L. H. J., 22 : 57.
For Young People's Soc. L. H. J., 26 : 34.
"Phantom fair." W. H. C, 39 : 32.

Club Parties:
For Country Club. Invitation. Costumes. Supper. Dance. W. H. C, 41 : 30.
"Candle-light cafe." W. H. C, 42. Oct, 1915.

Delin., 78:258.

Country–House Party:
Country Life, 18 : 624.

Dances, drills, costumes. Delin., 78:258.
Hallowe'en party. W. H. C, 40 : 39.
Barn party. W. H. C, .'34 : 30.

Decorations and Favors:
Autumn-leaf decorations and prizes. Delin, , 64:638.
Cobweb party. Delin., 91:44.
Hall : Handicraft for handy girls.

Place-cards, verses. L. H. J., 28:50.
  L. H. J., 31:40.
  H. Bazar, 39:1046.
  L. H. J., 20:48.
  L. H. J., 16:38.

Cinderella party. W. H. C, 34:30.
Favors. H. Bazar, 45:516.
Nut favors. W. H. C, 32:53.
Original decorations. W. H. C, 32:32.
Fads and frills. W. H. C, 32:24.

Games and Fortunes:

Witchery games for Hallo we'en. Delin., 64:576.
  H. Bazar., 33:1650.
  L. H. J., 20:48.
  L. H. J., 26:58.

Blain : Games for Hallowe'en.

Quaint customs. H. Bazar, 46:578.
  H. Bazar, 32:894.

Witches' think cap. L. H. J., 32:29.
Hallowe'en happenings. St. N., 35:51.

H. Bazar, 33:1650.

Parties (miscellaneous):
H. Bazar, 28 pt. 2:841.
H. Bazar, 32:894.
L. H. J., 29:105.
L. H. J., 30:103.
Nut-crack night party. H. Bazar, 41:1106.
Nut-crack party. H. Bazar, 88:1092.
Novel party. W. H. C, 31:42.
Yarn party. L. H. J., 26:63.
L. H. J., 23:68.

<poem>L. H. J., 14:25.

Barn party. W. H. C, 34:30. Novel party with musical accompaniment. Musician, 18:665. Cotter's Saturday night. W. H. C, 38 : 40. "Ghosts I have met" party. Pantomime. W. H. C, 37:27. Two jolly affairs. W. H. C, 39:32. Tryst of witches. Good H., 63:463. Tam o' Shanter party. Deliu., 85:26. Jolly good time. Delin., 74:367. Hints for Hallo we' eu hilarities. L. H. J., 27:46. Jolly party. L. H. J., 19:41. Hallowe'en fun. L. H. J., 33:33. Pumpkin stunt party. W. H. C, 45. Oct., 1917. Character party. W. H. C, 45. Oct., 1917.

School Parties: "Cotter's Saturday night. W. H. C, 38:40. High school party. W. H. C, 42:34. How the college girl celebrates Hallowe'en. W. H. C, 31:16.

Suppers, Table Decorations, Menus:

Hallowe'en suppers. H. Bazar, 35:1670.
  H. Bazar, 37:1063.
  L. H. J., 24:78.
  L. H. J., 16:38.
  W. H. C, 40:39.
  W. H. C, 43:35.
  H. Bazar, 44:641.
  H. Bazar, 45:507.
Hallowe'en party table. L. H. J., 29 :44.
  H. Bazar, 32 : 894.

Hallowe'en supper. Good H., 53 :569.

The pages refer always to the October number of the year.

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Abbrv. Publication
Good H. Good Housekeeping
H. Bazar Harper's Bazar
L.H.J Ladies Home Journal
W.H.C Womens Home Companion
Delin The Delineator