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Lehi prophesies of the promised land... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 1)

After I had taught my brethren, my father, Lehi, spoke many things to them. He reminded them of the many great things the Lord had done for them by bringing them out of Jerusalem, and how merciful God had been to them in sparing their lives upon the ocean during their rebellion.

He also pointed out the great blessing of this promised land, which we had obtained, and how merciful the Lord had been in warning us to get out of Jerusalem.

Lehi said,

"I have seen a vision, in which I know that Jerusalem has been destroyed. If we had stayed there, we would not have survived.

Even though we have been through many afflictions, we have been spared and have obtained this promised land. The Lord has covenanted with me that He will give this land to me and my descendants forever, and also to those whom He will lead here from other nations.

I prophesy, because of the Spirit in me, that no people will come to this land unless the Lord brings them here, for this land is consecrated to those whom the Lord brings to this land.

If the people on this land serve the Lord according to His commandments, they'll always be free.

On the other hand, if they are ever brought into bondage, it will be because they have broken the Lord's commandments. For if the people in this land persist in their sinfulness, the land will be cursed for their sakes, but to the righteous, it will be blessed forever.

The Lord is wise to keep this land hidden from other nations, for they would overrun it, leaving no place for an inheritance. The Lord made this promise to me:

If those whom He brings out of Jerusalem will keep His commandments, they will be the only ones to possess this land. They will prosper, be protected from all other nations and inherit this land forever.

But when the time comes that they stop believing and reject the Holy One of Israel, the true Messiah, their Redeemer and their God...

   ...after receiving such great blessings,
   ...after knowing about the creation of the world and of all people,
   ...after having power to do all things by faith,
   ...having all the commandments from the beginning,
   ...having been brought by His infinite goodness to this precious land of promise,
   ...then His judgments will be upon them!

Then the Lord will bring people from other nations and give them power to take away their lands, to scatter and kill them. Generation after generation will pass away with bloodshed and destruction among them.

I hope that you, my sons, will remember and obey my words so that these things may not happen.

Oh that you would wake up from your deep sleep--the sleep of hell, and shake off the awful chains that bind people and carry them down to the eternal gulf of misery and woe.

Awake! Arise and hear the words of a trembling parent, whom you will soon lay down into a cold and silent grave, from where no traveler can return, for soon I will go the way of all the earth.

But the Lord has redeemed my soul from hell. I have seen His glory, and I am encircled about eternally in the arms of His love. And the desire of my soul has always been that you, my sons, will remember His laws.

From time to time my heart has been heavy with sorrow because of your pride. I have feared that the anger of the Lord your God will come upon you and cut you off from His presence forever -- that a curse will come upon you for many generations -- that your descendants will be visited by the sword or famine -- that they will be hated by many and be led as captives of the devil.

Oh my sons, I hope these things do not come upon you. I hope you and your descendants will always be a choice, favored people of the Lord. But His will be done, for His ways are righteous forever. He has said,

   'If you keep my laws, you will prosper in the land. Otherwise, you will be cut off from my presence.'

My soul longs to have joy in you -- to leave this world with gladness because of you.

Arise from the dust, my sons. Be men, determined to be of one mind and one heart, united in all things so that you and your descendants will not come down into captivity -- that you may not be cursed by a displeased and just God -- that your bodies and souls will not be eternally destroyed.

Awake, my sons! Put on the armor of righteousness. Shake off those chains that bind you. Learn to know God as you arise and walk uprightly before Him.

Stop rebelling against Nephi, for he has seen glorious things and has kept the commandments from the time we left Jerusalem. He has been an instrument in God's hands to lead us to this promised land. If not for him, we would have all died of hunger in the wilderness.

Yet you have tried to kill him, and he's suffered great sorrow because of you.

I fear for him, that he'll suffer again because of you, for you've accused him of seeking power and authority over you. I know he hasn't done this. He only seeks God's glory and your eternal well-being.

You've complained that his words are sharp, that he's been angry with you, but his sharpness is the power of God's word. What you call anger was the truth that he could not keep from speaking, which boldly told you of your sins.

Only God's power within Nephi could compel him to command you. He himself did not command you. The Lord's Spirit commanded you.

Now my sons, Laman, Lemuel and Sam, and also my sons of Ishmael, if you'll listen to and obey Nephi, you won't perish, for I'll leave you my first blessing. But if you won't do this, I'll take my first blessing from you and give it to Nephi.

And now, Zoram, you were once Laban's servant, but you were brought out of servitude in Jerusalem. I know you're a true friend of Nephi forever. Because you've been faithful, your descendants will be blessed along with Nephi's, that they may live long in prosperity in this land.

And nothing but sinfulness among them will disrupt their prosperity in this land forever. If you keep the Lord's commandments, you'll be blessed, for He has consecrated this land for the security of your descendants, as well as Nephi's."

Lehi speaks to his youngest sons... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 2)

Now I speak to you, Jacob, my first-born in the wilderness. You've suffered in your childhood because of your brothers' rudeness, yet you know the goodness of God, who will compensate you for your afflictions. Your soul will be blessed, and you'll live safely with your brother, Nephi, for your days will be spent in the service of your God.

I know you are redeemed because of the righteousness of your Redeemer, for you have seen that in the fullness of time, He will come to offer salvation to all.

Jacob, you're like the children of a future day, to whom the Lord will appear, for you've seen His glory in your youth.

The Spirit is the same yesterday, today and forever, and since the fall of Adam and Eve, the way has been prepared for the free salvation of all their descendants.

Men and women have been taught to know good from evil. They are given the law, but it cannot justify them. Breaking the law cuts them off from what's good in this life and in the afterlife, bringing eternal misery.

Redemption comes only through the Holy Messiah, for He is full of grace and truth. He will offer Himself as a sacrifice for sin to satisfy the law on behalf of those with a broken heart -- those who are truly sorry. This sacrifice answers the demands of the law for them.

It is so important to make known to the inhabitants of the earth that they can only live with God through the merits, mercy and grace of the Holy Messiah, who will lay down His life in the flesh and take it up again by the power of the Spirit, bringing to pass the resurrection of the dead, He being the first to rise.

This makes Him the firstfruits to God the Father. He will stand between us and the Father, and all who believe in Him will be saved.

Because He will stand between us and the Father, all will come and stand before Him to be judged according to the truth and holiness in Him.

   The result of the Law that the Holy One has given is for the wicked to receive His punishment.
   And the result of the Atonement that the Holy One will make is for the righteous to receive His happiness.

Thus, by way of the Law and Atonement, everything has its opposite.

If not so, goodness and joy would not be separate from evil and misery. If not so, all things would be life separate from death, no mortality separate from immortality.

There would be no meaning in such a state, for it would destroy God's wisdom, eternal purposes, power, mercy and justice.

   For with no law, there's no sin.
   And with no sin, no righteousness, nor a reward for the righteous or misery for the sinful.

And if none of these things exist, then there's no God. And if no God, then earth and everything on it, including us, would not exist, for there would have been no creation, wherein things act and are acted upon. Instead, there would be nothing.

   My sons, I tell you these things for your profit and learning, for there is a God! He has created all things in heaven and earth...
   ...all things that act and are acted upon.

   photo by Jason Ware
   Note: Things that act are intelligences, and things that are acted upon are raw materials of the universe. Our spirit (created from raw intelligence) and our body (created from raw matter) together constitute our very soul. "For man is spirit. The elements are eternal, and spirit and element, inseparably connected, receive a fulness of joy." (D&C 93:33). 

To bring about His eternal purposes for men and women, after He created all things, there had to be opposition. This is why the forbidden fruit was created opposite the tree of sweet, the other bitter.

By this opposition, God gave Adam and Eve the chance to act for themselves...something they could not do without this choice.

And I believe, according to what I have read, that one of God's angels fell from heaven and became a devil, having desired evil before God. After he fell, he wanted everyone to become just as miserable as himself. That old serpent, the devil, the father of lies, told Eve that if she ate of the forbidden fruit she would not die, but would become like God, knowing good and evil. After Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit, they were sent out of the Garden of Eden to till the earth and grow food.

After leaving the Garden, they had children. Their descendants' lives were lengthened to give them time to repent, and God commanded each generation to repent, showing them how they were lost because of their first parents' transgression. If Adam and Eve had not transgressed, they would not have been sent into a fallen world. They would have forever remained in the same condition in which they had been created.

They would not have had children, but would have been as children, remaining in a state of innocence, for they could feel no joy or misery without knowledge of good and evil.

But all things were done according to God's wisdom.

Adam chose to fall from his state of innocence in order to have children with Eve.

And even in this fallen world, their children are meant to have joy.

For the Messiah will come in the fullness of time to redeem all of Adam and Eve's children from the fall. Being redeemed from the fall, we are free to act for ourselves.

We will only be acted upon at the great and last day, when we will suffer for the sins of which we did not repent. In this life we are free to choose captivity and spiritual death according to the power of the devil, and join him in his misery. Or we may choose freedom and eternal life through Christ, the Great Mediator for all who will repent.

Now my sons, I hope you will always look to Christ, obey His great commandments, and be faithful to His words, choosing eternal life according to the prompting of His Holy Spirit.

I hope you will not choose eternal death, according to the evil desires of the flesh, which desires give the devil's spirit power to bring you down to his kingdom to reign over you.

These are my last words to you, my sons. I have chosen the good part according to the words of the prophet, and my only desire is the everlasting welfare of your souls. Amen.

Lehi speaks to his son Joseph... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 3)

My youngest son, Joseph, born in the wilderness during our greatest sorrow. May the Lord consecrate this choice land as an inheritance for you, your brothers and your descendants, that it may be for your security forever as you keep the commandments of the Holy One of Israel.

The Lord will bless you forever, Joseph, because He will not allow your descendants to be completely destroyed. My son, I'm a descendant of Joseph of old, who was sold into Egypt, with whom the Lord made great covenants.

Joseph of old truly saw our day. The Lord promised him that through his descendants He would raise up a righteous branch of the house of Israel -- not the Messiah, but a branch that would be broken off and carried across the ocean.

The Lord promised Joseph of old that in the last days, in the spirit of power, the Messiah would be made known to this broken-off branch of Israel, and that this knowledge would bring them out of hidden darkness and captivity and into the light of freedom! The Lord said to Joseph of old,

   "I will raise up one of your descendants to be a choice seer.

   He will be honored among your descendants. I will command this choice seer to do a great work for his brethren. This work will be of great worth to them, for it will bring them knowledge of the covenants I made with you and your fathers.
   I will make this choice seer great in my eyes because he will obey me, doing only what I command him. He will be great like Moses, whom I said I will raise up to deliver my people -- your father's descendants -- out of Egypt.
   And your descendant, this choice seer Joseph, will have power to bring my word to your other descendants, convincing them that my words (The Holy Bible), which they will already have among them, are true."
   The Lord continued speaking to Joseph of old:
   "Your descendants, and the descendants of your brother, Judah, will write.
         In the last days, their writings will grow together to...
       ...confound false doctrines
       ...end disputes
       ...establish peace among your descendants
       ...and bring them knowledge of the covenants
          I made with their forefathers.
   From the choice seer's weakness, I will make him strong in the day when my work begins among all my people. A work that will gather in and restore the house of your father, Israel."

Then Joseph of old prophesied, "The Lord will bless that seer, and anyone who seeks to destroy his work will be frustrated, for I'm sure the Lord's promises about the great things he'll do will be fulfilled.

This seer will bear my name, Joseph. His father will also be named Joseph.

This seer will be like me, for the things the Lord will bring through him will bring salvation to my people.

I'm just as sure that the latter-day Joseph will accomplish his work as I am that Moses will accomplish his, for the Lord promised to preserve my descendants forever."

The Lord then told Joseph of old,

   "I will raise up Moses and give him power in a staff and judgment in writing.
   Moses will not say much, for I will not make him a mighty speaker. But I will write my law with my finger and give it to him.
   I will also give him a spokesman (Aaron).

   In the last days, I will raise up your descendant, Joseph the seer, and give him power in translating your descendants' writings.
        I will also give him a spokesman (Oliver Cowdery), who will write the translation for your latter-day descendants.
   In my wisdom, the words the seer will translate will be the words I want your latter-day descendants to have.
   I know the faith of those who will write to their descendants, whose words will be as if they were warning them from the grave.
        Even from the dust, they'll be crying repentance to their descendants many generations later.
   The words of their cries will be simple, yet because of their faith, I will make their simple, weak words strong.

   These words will give their descendants knowledge of the covenants I made to your father Israel, to your grandfather Isaac, and to your great-grandfather, Abraham."

After Lehi finished reading what the Lord had said to Joseph of old, he said,

"My youngest son, Joseph, this is how Joseph, our forefather of old, prophesied.

And because of the covenants the Lord made with him, you are blessed. Your descendants will not be destroyed, for they'll read and obey the warnings of their forefathers written in the book (The Book of Mormon). And among your descendants, a mighty one will rise up.

He'll say and do much good, and he'll be an instrument in God's hands. He'll have extremely great faith to work mighty wonders and to do great things in God's sight. He'll restore much of the house of Israel.

You're blessed, Joseph, yet still very young. Listen to your older brother, Nephi, and all the blessings I've mentioned will come to pass. Remember these words of your dying father. Amen."

Nephi's psalm... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 4)

Now I, Nephi, will speak about the prophecies of our forefather, Joseph, who was sold into Egypt.

Joseph truly prophesied about all his descendants, and of all prophecies, there are not many greater. His prophecies, written on the brass plates, are about us and our future generations.

After my father finished speaking to his sons about Joseph's prophecies, he called for Laman's children. He told them,

"The Lord God said,

   'If you keep my commandments, you will prosper in this land. Otherwise, you will not have the presence of my Spirit to be with you.'

My dear grandsons and granddaughters. I cannot die before leaving my blessing upon you, for I know that if you're taught God's commandments, you won't forget them.

If you're cursed, my blessing upon you will insure that the curse will be taken off you and put upon the heads of your parents. It will also insure that the Lord's protection will be upon your descendants forever."

After saying this, Lehi called for Lemuel's children. He left his same blessing upon them and said,

"Your descendants will not be completely destroyed, and in the last days they will be blessed."

Then Lehi called for Ishmael's two sons, their wives and children. After he had left a similar blessing upon Ishmael's household, he said to my older brother, Sam,

"Like Nephi, you'll be blessed all your days. Your descendants will be blessed to inherit this land along with Nephi's, and they'll be counted as one."

Soon after Lehi had spoken to his household, according to the feelings of his heart and the Lord's Spirit in him, he died and was buried.

Not long afterwards, as I was repeating my father's warnings to Laman, Lemuel and Ishmael's sons, they became angry with me because they didn't want to hear more of the Lord's warnings.

But the Lord's Spirit compelled me to speak many things to them, just as it had compelled my father before he died.

Many of our words are written on the larger plates as part of our history. But on these smaller plates, containing a more sacred record, I write the things of my soul, and include many of the scriptures (writings of Isaiah) from the brass plates, for my soul delights in the scriptures as I ponder them in my heart. I write them so my children may learn and profit from them.

My soul delights in the things of the Lord, and my heart continually ponders the many great things I've seen and heard. But even though the Lord has favored me by showing me His great and marvelous works, my heart exclaims:

I'm a wretched man! Because of the sins of my flesh, my heart sorrows and my soul grieves. I'm surrounded by temptations and sins that easily come upon me. When I want to rejoice, my heart groans because of my sins.

But I trust God, who supports me.

   He led me through my afflictions in the wilderness and preserved me upon the waters of the great ocean. 
   He filled me with His love--even more love than my natural body could receive.
   He confounded my plotting brothers, causing them to quake before me.
   He heard my prayers by day, and
   He gave me knowledge through visions by night.

By day I've been bold in mighty prayer, sending my voice on high, and angels have come to me. And upon the wings of His Spirit my body has been carried away to high mountains.

I've seen great things -- too great to be known out of the Spirit, so I was forbidden to write them.

Having seen so many great things, and knowing the Lord visits His children in mercy,

   why should my heart and soul continue in sorrow and the strength of my spirit weaken in despair?
   Why should I let the devil continue to afflict my soul, to destroy my peace and have a place in my heart?
   Why am I angry with myself and the devil because of the weakness of my flesh, which has given in to temptation and sinned?

Awake, my soul! Stop sorrowing in sin.

Rejoice, oh my heart, and make no room for the devil's despair. Don't be angry again because of my enemies. Be peaceful and strong.

Rejoice, oh my heart, and cry,

   Oh Lord, I will praise Thee forever. My soul will rejoice in Thee, my God, the rock of my salvation.
   Oh Lord, redeem my soul. Deliver me out of my enemies' hands. Make me shake even at the appearance of sin!
   May I no longer be weak to temptations, but be made strong with a broken heart and contrite spirit!
   Oh Lord, do not shut the gates of Thy righteousness to me, but let me walk humbly before Thee according to Thy strict principles.
   Oh Lord, encircle me with the robe of Thy righteousness. Help me escape my enemies. Help me not stumble, and slow my enemy in his pursuit of my soul.
   Oh Lord, I have trusted in Thee, and I will trust in Thee forever. I will not put my trust in the ways of man, because those who do that are cursed.
   I know God gives liberally to all who ask, as long as they ask for what is right.
   All my days my voice will go up to Thee, my everlasting God, the rock of my righteousness. Amen.

Nephi's people leave his wicked brethren... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 5)

Because my brothers were angry with me, I prayed to the Lord, asking Him to soften their hearts. But their anger continued to grow until they wanted to kill me. They openly said,

"Nephi thinks he is our ruler, and we have endured many trials because of him. Let us kill him. Then we will no longer be troubled by his words. We do not have to tolerate him as our ruler. We are the oldest, so we have the right to rule over this people."

I will not write everything my brothers said against me. It is enough to say that they plotted to take my life. The Lord warned me about their plans and told me to leave them--to go into the wilderness along with all who would go with me.

So I took my family, Zoram and his family, my older brother Sam and his family, my younger brothers Jacob and Joseph, my sisters, and all else who believed in God's warnings and revelations. We took our tents and whatever we could carry, and we traveled for many days before arriving at our new settlement.

My people decided to name our new home Nephi. They also called themselves the people of Nephi, or Nephites.

We kept the Lord's judgments, statutes and commandments according to the law of Moses.

The Lord was with us, and we were very prosperous, for we planted seeds and reaped plentiful harvests. We raised flocks and herds of every kind of animal.

I had brought the brass plates and the ball, or compass, made by the Lord.

As we prospered, we began to grow in numbers in the promised land.

I used Laban's sword as a model to make many swords for protection from the people now called Lamanites, for I knew Laman had taught his followers to hate me, my children and all who called themselves Nephites.

I also taught my people how to construct buildings, and how to work with all types of wood and metals, including iron, copper, brass, steel, gold and silver, all of which we found in great abundance.

We built a temple patterned after Solomon's temple. It was very fine, but not built with as many precious materials as Solomon's, for such materials are not found in this land.

I encouraged my people to work hard with their hands and to use their time wisely.

Soon my people wanted me to be their king. I did not want them to have a king, but I did what I could for them as their leader.

The Lord's words about my brothers were fulfilled, that I would be their ruler and teacher, for I had been their ruler and teacher before they had planned to kill me.

When we left my brothers, the Lord also fulfilled His words to me, which said that if they would not listen to me, they would be cut off from His presence.

The Lord caused a sore curse to come upon Laman and his followers because of their wicked rebellion. Because their hearts had become as hard as flint, He caused their skin to become dark. This helped to keep Laman's people from enticing and mixing with mine, who were white, fair and delightful.

The Lord said,

   "If they do not repent, I will make the Lamanites repulsive to your people. Those who mix with them will bring the same curse upon their children."
   And this is what happened, just as the Lord said it would.

Also by this curse, the Lamanites became lazy, full of mischief and craftiness, and they hunted dangerous animals in the wilderness. Then the Lord said to me,

   "The Lamanites will be a trial to your people, reminding them to seek my favor and protection. And if your people do not remember me and keep my commandments, the Lamanites will be allowed to destroy them."

I, Nephi, consecrated Jacob and Joseph to be priests and teachers over my people, and we lived the way of happiness (righteousness). The year was 570 BC, and thirty years had passed since we had left Jerusalem in 600 BC.

Since arriving in the promised land, I had kept a historical record of my people on large plates. Then the Lord said to me,

   "Make another set of plates for engraving things that are good in my sight--for the profit of your people."

Upon this second set--the smaller plates, I have engraved a more sacred record of my people. If my people are pleased with the things of God, they will also be pleased with the engravings on these small plates.

If my people want to know more about their history, they can read it from the larger plates, which I keep updated.

And now, ten more years have passed, making it forty years since we left Jerusalem, and already we have had wars with our brethren, the Lamanites.

Jacob relates his and Isaiah's vision... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 6)

These are the words that Jacob, Nephi's younger brother, spoke to his people:

My brothers and sisters, I have been called by God and ordained to His holy order.

I have been consecrated to serve God by my brother, Nephi, whom you look to as a king or protector, and on whom you depend for your safety.

I have often spoken to you, and I will speak to you again because I desire the well-being of your souls.

You know I have always been anxious for you to heed the words of my father, Lehi--words that I have diligently taught you.

I have also taught you everything that has been written, from the creation of the world until now.

Today I would like to speak about things that concern us now, and that will concern our descendants--things Isaiah wrote for us. These are the things Nephi wanted me to tell you so that you may learn about and glorify God.

Isaiah wrote many things having to do with all of Israel's descendants. And since we are Israel's descendants, Isaiah's words apply to us.

I will now read two verses of Isaiah's writings:

The Lord God said to me,

   "Watch, for I will raise up my hand to the Gentiles and set my standard before all people. After I do this, the Gentiles will care for your sons and nurture your daughters.
   Note: Gentiles who are great will do this (2 Nephi 10:8).
   You, the oppressed of Israel, will not be disappointed after waiting for me. You will know that I am the Lord when you see Gentile kings and queens humbling themselves before you."

Now I, Jacob, will comment on Isaiah's words. First of all, the Lord has shown me in a vision that our people in Jerusalem have been killed and taken captive into Babylon. Second, the Lord has shown me their return to Jerusalem. Third, He has shown me that the Lord God--the Holy One of Israel--will come and serve His people in the flesh. After this, they will whip and crucify Him.

An angel showed me all these things, and said,

   "Because the house of Israel, with hard hearts and stiff necks will do this to the Holy One of Israel, His judgments will come upon them, and many of them will be stricken and afflicted.
   But because of the prayers of the faithful, the descendants of Israel will not be completely destroyed.
   They will be hated, afflicted and scattered over the earth, but the Lord will be merciful to them, for after they come to know Him as their Redeemer, then they will be gathered again to their lands of inheritance."

Jacob continues to relate his vision:

If the Gentiles repent and do not fight against Zion by not joining that great, abominable church, then they, too will be saved.

   Note: Moroni describes the latter-day Gentiles who will repent in Ether 4:6.

Isaiah wrote these things to give us hope that the Lord will fulfill the covenants He made to His children.

But those Gentiles who do not repent, who fight against Zion and the Lord's covenant people, will be humbled before the covenant people. For the Lord's people will not be let down after waiting so long for their Messiah.

Isaiah tells us the Messiah will show His power a second time.

       Note: This second show of power is described in D&C 103:15-18.

When the house of Israel believes in Him, He will show His power and great glory by recovering them and destroying their enemies, saving all who believe in Him.

Those who will not believe in the Messiah will be destroyed by fire, tempests, earthquakes, wars, plagues and droughts.

Then they will know that He is the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel!

For can the oppressed be rescued from the tyrants, or can those put in prison by corrupt laws be set free?

The Lord tells us,

   "Yes, even the tyrants' prey and the well guarded prisoners will be delivered. For I, the Mighty God of my covenant people, will deliver them. I will fight those who fight against Israel's descendants. I will cause your oppressors to war among themselves and destroy one another.
   Then all who remain on earth will know that I, the Lord, am their Savior and Redeemer--the Mighty One of Jacob (Israel)."

Jacob reads more of Isaiah's words... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 7)

The Lord will say,

   "Have I turned you away or cast you off forever? It was not I who turned away and sold you into bondage, it was you, oh house of Israel, by your sins, who turned from me and sold yourselves into bondage.
   When I came to deliver you, I was rejected. When I called you to repentance, you would not listen.
   Do you think that I am not able to redeem you? Simply by my rebuke I dry up the sea and make the rivers a desert. By my power I cause the stars to stop shining as they mourn for Israel."

The Lord's servant then prophesies:

"The Lord God will give me the gift of speaking, and I will speak wisdom to the house of Israel when they are weary and must have things explained to them day by day. For the Lord will give me wisdom to understand things even as learned people understand.

The Lord God teaches me, for I will not be rebellious and turn from Him.

I will be taken by those whom I offend and be beaten and spit upon. But the Lord God will help me and give me strength.

   Note: The Lord Jesus Christ will help (even heal) His servant -- 2 Nephi 19:4, 3 Nephi 21:10, Jeremiah 30:8-9.

I will not be confused, and in His strength I will not be ashamed.

The Lord will justify my survival. Therefore, I will challenge my adversary and with mighty words smite him.

The Lord God will help me destroy all who condemn me, and they will wear out like an old coat eaten by moths.

Who among you who fears the Lord and obeys His voice by obeying the voice of His servants is left to walk in darkness? (None of you!)

The Lord says to those who walk by the light of their own fires--their mere sparks:

   'This is what will come to you from my hand (my servant) will lie down in sorrow.'"

Jacob continues to read Isaiah's words... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 8 and Isaiah, chapter 51)

Through Isaiah the Lord said,

"Listen, all who desire righteousness. Remember your fine heritage. Remember Abraham your father, and Sarah your mother. For I, the Lord, called and blessed them. Because of their blessing (covenant), I will comfort Zion, and all the deserts will become like the Garden of Eden. And in this paradise, there will be joy, thanksgiving and singing.

Listen, my people--my nation. For my law and judgments will be a light for the people. I will be near, my salvation will go forth, and I will judge them.

The continents will obey me, trusting my power. You will see the heavens, the earth and all its inhabitants pass away. But my salvation will be forever, and my righteousness never-ending.

Listen to me, you who know righteousness, who have my law written in your hearts. Do not fear what men can do, for they will fade as a cloth eaten by moths. But my righteousness and salvation will endure forever--through all generations of time."

Isaiah continues:

"Awake and arise! Clothe yourself with the Lord's power. As the Lord subdued His enemies in ancient times, He will also subdue your enemies!

The Lord's power will dry up the sea, making it a highway for His people to escape their enemies. In the last days, this is how the redeemed of the Lord will return.

   Note: They will return -- 2 Nephi 21:15-16, Jeremiah 31:12, D&C 103:15-18.

They, the remnant of Israel, will come, singing to Zion. Everlasting joy, gladness and holiness will be all they know, having forgotten all the sorrow and mourning of the past.

For the Lord says, I, the Lord, am He who will comfort you, oh house of Israel.

Now why should you be afraid of men, who will wither as the summer grass? And how can you forget the Lord, who created you, the heavens and the earth? How can you fear even a furious oppressor, as if he could destroy you? Where is the fury of your oppressor now?

Soon those held captive will be set free. They will not die of starvation nor die in prison, for I am the Lord thy God--The Lord of Hosts, who created the roaring waves.

I will give you my words and my protection as I make a new heaven and new earth.

   Note: A new heaven -- Ether 13:3-6.

I do this for my people--the people of Zion.

Awake and arise, oh Jews, who have felt the hand of my wrath. Of all your sons, none can guide or deliver you from this wrath. Only these two sons (desolation and destruction -- famine and the sword) will come to you, bringing you sorrow.

Then who will I send to comfort you? Your sons have fainted, except these two, which are at the head of all your streets, full of the Lord's rebuke, like a wild bull caught in a net."

Isaiah continues:

"Now hear what the Lord will do for His afflicted people who have gone astray.

After He pleads their cause to the Father and takes away the bitter cup of His fury, the Jews will not drink from it again.

The cup will be given to those who have afflicted the Jews--those who have beaten them down and walked over them as if they were dust.

Compare Isaiah 52:1 to the following: Therefore, awake and arise with power, oh Zion! Your city will be holy and beautiful, oh Jerusalem! For soon no one who is unclean will come to you. Your oppression will be over, oh Jerusalem, and you will be free, oh captive daughter of Zion (New Jerusalem)."

   Note: Above (in blue), Nephi quotes Isaiah 52:1 on his plates (2 Nephi 8:24), as did the Savior 600 years later (3 Ne 20:36). Moroni also chose Isaiah 52:1 as his final quote, as part of his final plea to latter-day Israel, to become be filled with Christ's, hope and stand pure before God at the last day.

Jacob explains resurrection, justice, accountability, then calls his people to repentance... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 9)

My brothers and sisters, I, Jacob, have read these things to you from Isaiah so you will know about the covenants the Lord made with all of Israel's descendants--so you will know that He has spoken to the Jews through His holy prophets since the time of Adam and Eve.

The Lord will continue to speak to the Jews until they are restored to the true church and fold of God--until they are gathered home and established in all their lands of promise.

I have read these things so you will rejoice forever over the blessings the Lord God will bring to your descendants.

I know many of you have been searching our scriptures to know of your future. From your searching you have learned that we will all die, but with resurrected bodies we will see God.

We know He will be born on earth and will minister to those in Jerusalem. For in His wisdom, the Great Creator will subject Himself to a mortal body and die for all people, that they may become subject to Him.

After Adam and Eve fell, all people were cut off from the Lord's presence. Being cut off, they all became subject to death, which is to leave the mortal body.

Because of this death, there must be a resurrection so that the spirit and body will be reunited, able to see God and walk and talk with Him again. This is why the Great Creator's plan included a merciful resurrection.

This resurrection, wherein all are changed to living immortal matter, is only made possible by an infinite atonement--without limits or bounds. Otherwise, the judgment of death would be endless, and all bodies would forever remain as dead mortal matter.

Oh the wisdom of God, His mercy and grace! For if we were to die, never to rise again, then our spirits would become subject to the devil, who fell from the presence of the Eternal God, never to rise again.

For without bodies, our spirits would become devils--angels to a devil, shut out from our God's presence, and remain in misery with the father of lies.

We would be controlled forever by that being who deceived our first parents, who made himself appear to be an angel of light, and who inspires people to create all types of secret combinations, murder and works of darkness.

   Note: "Secret combinations" are groups of people who meet in secret to devise plans that will give them more money, power and glory of the world (3 Nephi 6:27-28, Ether 8:20-25).

Oh how great is the goodness of our God in preparing a way for us to escape the grip of this awful monster--the death and hell of body and spirit.

And because the Holy One of Israel has prepared a way for our deliverance, the mortal grave--death--will deliver up all the dead to immortality.

And the spiritual grave--hell, will deliver up its captive spirits. Death and hell will be overcome, and the freed spirits will be restored to their immortal bodies by the power of the resurrection of the Holy One of Israel.

Oh how great is our God's plan! For His paradise must deliver the righteous spirits, the devil's hell must deliver the wicked spirits, and the grave must deliver up the bodies of all.

The spirit and body will be restored to one another, because everyone, righteous and wicked, must become immortal.

We will be living souls, having knowledge as we do now, except our knowledge will be perfect.

The wicked will have a perfect knowledge of all their guilt and uncleanness, being exposed before God, and the righteous will have a perfect knowledge of their joy, being clothed in robes of righteousness.

After we have all become immortal souls, we will stand before the judgment-seat of the Holy One of Israel, to be judged according to His holy judgment.

Those who were righteous on earth will still be righteous, and those who were filthy on earth will still be filthy--the devil and his angels. They will go away from God with their souls burning within them like flames that ascend forever.

Our God's justice is great because He fulfills all the words and laws He gives us.

On the other hand, the righteous saints of the Holy One of Israel -- those who have believed in Him and have endured the trials of the world without shame -- will inherit God's kingdom, and their joy will be full forever. This kingdom has been prepared for them since before the world was created.

Oh the great mercy of our God, the Holy One of Israel! He will deliver His saints from that awful monster, the devil. He will deliver them from death, hell and that endless anguish which will come to all who separate themselves from Him.

Oh how great the holiness of our God, for He knows all things.

He will come into the world to save all who will listen to Him.

He will suffer the pains of all people--of every man, woman and child descended from Adam and Eve. He will do this so that the resurrection will be brought to everyone, that all may stand before Him at the great judgment day.

He commands all people to repent, to be baptized in His name, and to have perfect faith in Him, the Holy One of Israel, or they cannot be saved in God's kingdom.

If they refuse to repent and believe in Him, and are not willing to be baptized in His name, and will not continue in righteousness throughout their lives, then their spiritual progress must end, for the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel, has spoken His law.

Those who have not been given the law--the gospel of repentance--are not condemned. Because of the atonement, the mercy of the Holy One of Israel claims and delivers them.

The atonement satisfies the demands of His justice upon all who have not been taught the law. They are delivered from the devil and restored to the Holy One of Israel, who created them and gave them life.

But cursed are those who have been given all of God's commandments, as we have, and who break them, wasting the days of their probation, for their condition is awful!

   Note: Being in an "awful state" refers to those given "all" the commandments, or the "fullness" of the gospel, and who then pollute God's "holy church." (3 Nephi 16:10-13, 20:28, Mormon 8:35-38, Ether 8:24).

Oh that cunning plan of the evil one! Oh the vanity, frailty and foolishness of men! When they are educated they think they are wise, and they stop listening to God's counsel. They put it aside, thinking they know better themselves. Their wisdom is foolishness because it does not benefit them, and they will die spiritually.

But it is good to learn many things, as long as you learn how to listen to God's counsel.

The rich who have many things of the world are cursed. Because of their worldliness, they despise the poor and criticize the humble, for their hearts are set upon their possessions--their false gods--their riches. They will die spiritually and their possessions fade away.

   Cursed are those who will not listen to or see the truth, for they will die spiritually.
   Cursed are those who are not pure in heart, who refuse to repent, for a knowledge of their sins will condemn them at the last day.
   Cursed are those who lie, for they will be sent to hell.
   Cursed are those who unjustly kill others, for they will die spiritually.
   Cursed are those who are not sexually pure, for they will be sent to hell.
   Cursed are those who worship idols, for the devil delights in this.
   And finally, cursed are those who die in their sins, for they will return to God, still sinful, and see His face.

Remember how awful it is to break the laws of our Holy God and to give in to the devil's enticing.

Remember, to be carnally-minded is to die spiritually, but to be spiritually-minded is to live with God forever.

Listen to my words and remember the greatness of the Holy One of Israel.

If you say I have spoken hard things against you, then you fight truth, for these are your Creator's words. I know the words of truth bring fear and anger to those who will not repent.

The righteous do not fear the truth, they love it and not upset by it.

Oh then, my brothers and sisters, come to the Lord, the Holy One. Remember that His ways are righteous.

His path is narrow and it leads straight to Him. At the end of the path there is but one gate.

He alone is the keeper of that gate, employing no servant there, for He, the Lord God, will not be deceived.

He will open that gate to whomever knocks, but He despises those who are proud of their education and wealth. Unless they give up their pride, seeing themselves as fools before God, and humble themselves before Him, He will not open the gate to them, and the happiness prepared for the saints--those who are truly wise--will be hidden from them.

Oh my brothers and sisters, remember my words. Look as I take off my coat and shake it before you. I pray that God will view this, too.

You will know at the last day, when we are all judged by our works, that after I preached the gospel of Christ to you, the God of Israel witnessed that I shook your sins from my soul. Then I will stand before Him, resurrected with brightness, and will not be responsible for your sins.

Turn from your sins. Shake off the chains of the devil, who wishes to bind you down. Come to that God who is the rock of your salvation. Prepare your souls for that glorious day--the day of judgment--when justice will be administered to the righteous.

If you are prepared, you will not be afraid, for you will not remember your awful guilt with perfect clarity and have to say,

"Holy, holy are Thy judgments, oh Lord God Almighty, for I know my guilt. I transgressed Thy law, and these transgressions are mine. The devil has obtained me, and I have become prey to his awful misery."

My brothers and sisters, it is necessary for me to awaken you to the awful reality of these things. And would I speak so sharply if your minds were pure? Would I need to speak the truth so plainly if you were free from sin?

If you were holy, I would speak to you of holiness. But you are not holy, and because you look to me as your teacher, I must teach you the results of sin. My soul hates sin, my heart delights in righteousness, and I will praise the holy name of my God.

Come, everyone who is thirsty. Come to the fountain of salvation, all who have no money. Come, buy and drink wine and milk without money.

Do not spend your money on worthless things, working for things that will never satisfy you. Listen closely and remember what I'm telling you.

Come to the Holy One of Israel, enjoy His gifts of eternity, and let your soul delight in His abundance.

Remember the words of your God. Pray to Him continually by day, and give thanks to Him by night, letting your hearts rejoice.

The Lord's covenants are great, and because of them, He will come down to His children with grace and mercy.

He has promised us that our descendants will not be completely destroyed because He will preserve them. In future generations, they will become a righteous branch of the house of Israel.

Brothers and sisters, I would like to speak more today, but instead, I will finish speaking tomorrow.

Jacob explains the Lord's covenants... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 10)

The next day, Jacob continued speaking:

My brothers and sisters, today I will speak to you again about this righteous branch of Israel. The covenants the Lord made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are temporal, being fulfilled in the flesh.

I have seen a vision wherein I know that many of our offspring will die because of their unbelief. But in His mercy, God will bring His gospel to them again. Our offspring, in the latter days, will again be favored by accepting the gospel, which will give them a true knowledge of their Redeemer.

It is necessary for Christ to come among the Jews--those who are the more wicked part of the world, for no other nation on earth would crucify their God. If mighty miracles were done among other nations, they would repent, knowing He is their God.

But because of priestcraft and wickedness in Jerusalem, the Jews will turn against and crucify Him.

For doing this, all types of destruction, famine, disease and bloodshed will come upon the house of Israel, and those not destroyed will be scattered among all nations.

The Lord God has said,

   "After the house of Israel believes in me--that I am Christ, then they will be restored to the lands of their inheritance.
   This is one of the conditions of the covenant that I made with their ancient forefathers. The house of Israel will be gathered from all over the earth after their long separation, and the Gentile nations will be great in my eyes, for they will help bring the Jews to their lands of their inheritance."

Even Gentile kings and queens will nurture them. Because of this, the Lord's promises to the Gentiles are great! For God has promised,

"This land will be for your inheritance, and the Gentiles will also be blessed upon it. This will be a land of liberty to the Gentiles. They will not have kings to rule over them, for I, the Lord, will protect this land from all other nations. All who fight Zion will perish.

Those who raise up a king against me will perish, because I, the Lord, the king of heaven, will be the Gentiles' king, and a light to them forever, if they hear my words.

Because my covenants must be fulfilled--covenants that are fulfilled in the flesh, I must destroy the secret works of darkness, murder and wicked acts.

Because I must do this, all who fight Zion, whether they be Jews or Gentile, in bondage or free, men or women, will perish. Those who fight Zion are the most corrupt in all the earth, for those who are not with me are against me.

I will fulfill the promises I made to Israel's descendants while they yet live in the flesh.

To fulfill my covenants, I will afflict your descendants (Native Americans) at the hands of the Gentiles. But I will soften the Gentiles' hearts, who will come to love and be like a father to them.

Then the Gentiles will be blessed and become part of the house of Israel.

I will consecrate this land as an inheritance to your descendants forever, and also to the righteous Gentiles, who will be counted with them."

God told me, Jacob, that this land is choice above all others, and that He will have all people who live upon this land worship Him.

And now, my brothers and sisters, God has been merciful to us by giving us this great knowledge of the future. So let's remember Him and put away our sins. Let's hold up our heads, for we're not far from God's love.

Our fathers were driven out of Jerusalem, the land of our inheritance, but we've been led to a better land across the sea.

The Lord's promises are great to those upon all continents.

Since Isaiah speaks of continents (isles), there must be more lands other than this inhabited by our brethren. This is true, because at different times the Lord has led away other tribes of Israel according to His desire.

The Lord remembers all whom He has led away, including us. So cheer up your hearts, and remember that you're free to act for yourselves. You may choose the way of everlasting death or the way of eternal life.

I advise each of you to give up your heart to God's will, not to the devil's will, nor your own.

Remember, after you've given up your heart to God, you must continue in His grace. If you do this until the end of your life, then through His grace you'll be saved.

May God raise you from death by the power of the resurrection. May He also raise you from spiritual death by the power of the atonement, that you may be received into His eternal kingdom and praise Him through divine grace. Amen.

Nephi writes more of Isaiah's words... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 11)

Jacob said many other things to my people, but what I've written is enough. Now I, Nephi, will write more of Isaiah's words, for my soul delights in them. I compare Isaiah's words to the lives of my people, and I teach his words to all my children, for Isaiah truly saw the Redeemer, even as I have.

My brother, Jacob, has also seen Him, so I write Jacob's and Isaiah's words for my children. Their words will prove my words to be true, for God has said that by the words of three (Isaiah, Jacob and Nephi) He'll establish His word. Yet God sends more than three witnesses to prove all His words.

My soul delights in proving to my people the truth of the coming of Christ, for every law God has given since the beginning of the world, including the law of Moses, has been a type, or a representation of Christ.

My soul also delights in the covenants the Lord made with our forefathers. My soul delights in His grace, justice, power and mercy, and in the great, eternal plan that delivers us from an eternal death (spiritual and physical).

And most of all, my soul delights in proving to my people that unless Christ comes, we will all perish.

If there is no Christ, then there's no God. And if there's no God, then we do not exist, for we could not have been created. But there is a God, and He is Christ, and He will come in the fullness of His own time.

Now I'll write some of Isaiah's words so my people may rejoice for all mankind, for Isaiah wrote to all people.

Nephi writes some of Isaiah's words... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 12)

What Isaiah, the son of Amoz, saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem:

"In the last days, when the Lord's temple will be established in the chief of the nations (Zion), the righteous throughout all the world will come to it.

   Note: The word "mountain" is a metaphor for the word "nation." Two parallel scriptures, 2 Nephi 12:2 and Jeremiah 31:6-7, illustrate this metaphor. Note how "top of the mountains" and "chief of the nations" are used in the exact same context.

"They will say, 'Let us go to the Lord's nation (New Jerusalem)--to the temple of the God of Jacob. In His temple, the Lord will teach us,' for the Lord's word will come from Jerusalem, and His law from Zion.'

The Lord and His law will judge all nations and rebuke many. Then they will repent and convert their weapons into farming tools. They will no longer think of war, but of peace.

Oh house of Jacob, come back to walk in the Lord's light. You have all gone astray, for each tribe has wicked traditions.

The Lord will not protect His people who mix with the unbelieving--those who listen to mystics rather than make covenants with Him.

The land of the unbelievers is full of silver and gold, and there is no end to their wealth. Their land is filled with transports, and there is no end to their streams of chariots. Their land is also full of man-made idols.

Because the people are so proud in their sins, refusing to humble themselves before God, He will not forgive them.

The wicked will fear the Lord and hide in the rocks, preferring to be buried by mountains rather than face His glory.

The proud will be humbled, and the Lord alone will be exalted when He comes, for on that day, which soon comes, all nations that have put themselves above others will be brought down.

The day of the Lord will come upon all the finely dressed people who possess so much, who think they are above others. It will come against all the earth--upon all the proud nations--against every tall tower and fortress--against all the sea vessels that bear fine merchandise.

Proud men will bow down, and their pride will be made low, for only the Lord will be exalted in that day, and He will completely destroy their idols.

Many will go and hide in the cracks of the rocks and in caves because the fear of the Lord will come upon them. The glory of His majesty will smite them when He rises to terribly shake the earth. In that day, a man will throw gold and silver idols he's made for himself to the moles and bats.

Again, many will hide in the holes of the rocks and in the tops of the ragged rocks as the fear of the Lord comes upon them. The majesty of His glory will smite them when He comes to terribly shake the earth.

Oh descendants of Israel, stop doing things according to the ways of men, who forget they depend on the Lord for their every breath. For of what worth are the ways of men?

Isaiah's writings on latter-day turmoil... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 13)

"The Lord of Hosts will remove from Jerusalem, and from Judah, their supplies of food and water. The Lord will also remove the mighty man, the man of war, the judge, the prophet, the prudent, and the older leaders. He will remove the captain of fifty, the statesman, the counselor, the cunning craftsman and the eloquent speaker.

The Lord of Hosts will make children their princes, for young people will rule over them. People will oppress one another. The young will treat their elders with disrespect, and those without honor will mistreat the virtuous.

Men will demand that a brother be their ruler, saying, "You have a robe. Be our ruler and don't let this ruin come upon us."

But the brother will respond, "My house is also barren. I can't heal you, so don't try and make me a ruler of the people."

Jerusalem and Judah will fall because their words and actions will be against the Lord, provoking Him before His very eyes. The look on their faces will give them away, revealing their sins to be like those of Sodom. Their souls will be cursed, for they will have chosen evil for themselves!

But tell the righteous that it will be well with them, for they will yet eat the fruit of their labors. The wicked will be cursed and perish, for the reward of their own hands will be upon them!

The Lord said,

   "My people's children oppress them and women rule over them. Oh my people, your leaders cause you to make mistakes and do away with your traditions."

The Lord stands to plead before the Father and to judge the people. He will bring the elders and rulers of His people to trial, saying,

   "You have taken the goods of my earth for yourselves, depriving the poor."

The Lord God of Hosts will ask them,

   "Why did you do this? Why did you waste their goods and insult their dignity?
   And because the women of Zion are proud, walking with petite steps, chins in the air, eyes wandering and jewelry tinkling, I will smite them with baldness and expose them unadorned."

In the very last days, the Lord will humble those who walk about smartly displaying their fine apparel--chains, bracelets, scarves, bonnets, leg ornaments, headbands, charms, earrings, rings and nose jewels. He will humble those who proudly wear their changeable suits of apparel, shawls, hair ornaments, fine linen, hoods and veils.

Then instead of smelling like perfume they will stink -- wearing rags instead of fine clothes -- being bald instead of having well set hair -- being burned instead of being beautiful.

Your men will fall in battle, and Zion's daughters will mourn, sitting upon the ground, impoverished.

Under these circumstances, many women will take hold of one righteous man and say,

"We will support ourselves, just let us be called by your name to take away our shame (to have priesthood protection)."

Isaiah's writings on latter-day judgments & protection... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 14)

During this same time, the Lord's people will be beautiful and glorious, and the fruit of the earth will be delightful to those who have escaped to Zion.

After the destruction, those who remain (the remnant) among the living in Zion and in Jerusalem will be called holy.

The Lord will wash away the sins of Zion's daughters and cleanse the bloodshed of Jerusalem by the spirit of judgment and burning. Over all of Zion, and over her solemn assemblies, the Lord will form a cloud of smoke by day and a shining fire by night.

The glory of Zion will be a refuge and defense for all the righteous. And a tabernacle will shelter them from all the elements.

Isaiah's latter-day description of drought and invasion... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 15)

Then I will sing to my beloved a song about His vineyard:

In a good land, He fenced it, cleared out the stones and planted it with the best vines. He built a watchtower in the middle and put in a winepress. Then He watched for good fruit, but the vineyard only brought forth wild grapes.

Now the Lord asks Israel's descendants,

   "How well have I taken care of you in all parts of the earth? What more could I have done for you--what have I left undone? When I looked for good fruit, I found only wild grapes.
   So now I will take away the hedge and let it be eaten up. I will break down the wall and let it be trampled.
   Your lands will be made desolate from the droughts I will send. I will not care for my vineyard, but allow briars and thorns to grow up all over it."

The Lord's vineyard is the house of Israel throughout the earth, and the tribe of Judah is a pleasant plant. But when the Lord looked for fair judgment, He only saw oppressive leaders. When He looked for righteousness, He only saw people crying out for justice.

Cursed are those who join house to house until there is no place left, and they are compelled to gather in the center of the land! I know they will be cursed because the Lord of Hosts told me, Isaiah,

   "Many great cities will be emptied of their people, and ten acres will produce very little food."

Cursed are those who get up in the morning, pursuing strong drink all day and night, who revel in their own music and in their own ways, not caring about the Lord's work, nor about how He deals with His people.

   Note: "strong drink" is the wine, or ways, of Babylon (2 Ne 27:4, D&C 88:94).

My people have gone into captivity because they have no knowledge. Their leaders are starved, and they as a people have withered.

These multitudes of people will all descend into hell, along with all their glory, pomp and celebrating. For the unjust will be brought down, and those in high positions will be humbled.

Only the Lord of Hosts will be exalted, for God will show His holiness by His righteous judgments. After these judgments, His people will be fed in the wasted places of the wicked.

And cursed are the vain and sinful, who will bring on their own judgments by saying,

"Let the Lord hurry and do His work so we can see it. Let us see the counsel of the Holy One of Israel. Then we will know it is true."

Cursed are those who call evil good and good evil.

Cursed are those who consider themselves to be experts and full of knowledge.

Cursed are the mighty leaders who drink Babylon's wine (destructive ways), who are bribed by the wicked to take justice away from the righteous.

Because the Lord's people do these things, despising and throwing away His words and laws, they will be burned like dried weeds as their glory goes up in smoke. For the Lord is angry with His people and will stretch forth His hand against them.

Their hills will tremble, and their dead bodies will be torn apart by dogs in their streets. After all this destruction, the Lord's anger will not be turned away, but His judgments will continue.

The Lord will lift up an ensign--will hiss unto (call) the enemy--from a far off nation. The enemy will come quickly, without getting tired and without a wrong step. The enemy's army will not stop to sleep nor to set up camps along the way. Their weapons will be ready as they come in swift, loud transports.

   Note: Compare this invasion description to 2 Nephi 17:18-20, 18:7, and 23:4-9.

They will capture those who would not flee to Zion, like a young lion capturing her prey, and no one will be able to free them.

   Note: The resurrected Savior told the Nephites of this "young lion warning" to the Gentiles in the last days...
       "...if the Gentiles do not repent after the blessing which they shall receive, after they have scattered my people—Then shall ye, who are a remnant of the house of Jacob, go forth among a young lion among the flocks of sheep, who...teareth in pieces, and none can deliver (3 Nephi 20:15-16).
   This was actually the Savior's second warning to the Gentiles. His first was about Gentiles being "trodden down" if they do not repent after sinning against the gospel, after rejecting its fulness because of pride (3 Nephi 16:10-15). The Savior warned the Gentiles yet a third time, again using the "young lion" analogy (3 Nephi 21:12).

These armies will come down against them like the roaring of the sea. Then darkness and sorrow will fill the land, and light from heaven will not be given.

Isaiah's own cleansing and commission... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 16)

In the year king Uzziah died, one day I found myself in the temple. Therein I saw the Lord sitting upon an exalted throne. Angels stood nearby, each with his covering and with power to move about. They called out to each other,

"The Lord of Hosts is most holy, for the whole earth is full of His glory."

As the angels spoke, a door opened and the temple was filled with smoke and I could no longer see the Lord.

Then I realized I had seen the Lord and exclaimed, "I am cursed, for I have unclean speech and live among people with unclean speech, yet I've seen the King, the Lord of Hosts!"

Then one of the angels came to me, holding a live coal he'd taken from the alter with a pair of tongs. Touching my mouth with it, he said,

"This coal has touched your lips. Your sins are taken away and have been atoned for."

Then I heard the Lord's voice ask,

   "Whom will I send to these unclean people?"

Having been forgiven, I said, "Here I am, send me!"

Then the Lord said to me,

   "Go and tell the people they will continue to hear the Lord's words without understanding them, that they will continue to see His hand in their lives without acknowledging it.
   Tell the people what they want to hear, again and again, so their ears and eyes will grow content and heavy, for they will not hear the fullness of the gospel with their ears, see it with their eyes, and understand it with their hearts. They will not repent, be converted and healed."

I asked the Lord, "How long should I do this?"

The Lord answered,

   "Until my judgments fall upon them...
   ...until their cities are destroyed and emptied."

But before their cities are destroyed, the Lord will remove His people out from among the wicked. A tenth of the people will return to the cities, only to be consumed. But like the teil and oak tree, their seed, or children, will remain and will be called holy.

   Note: Compare "holy seed" to 2 Nephi 14:3-4.

Isaiah's tells Ahaz not to fear... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 17)

When Ahaz (grandson of Uzziah) was king of Judah, King Rezin of Syria, and Pekah, son of King Remaliah of Israel, both went to war against Jerusalem, but they could not prevail against it.

It was known among the house of David (tribe of Judah) that King Rezin had conspired with Pekah (tribe of Ephraim). This is why Ahaz and his people were afraid of being attacked.

Then the Lord said to me, Isaiah,

   "Take your son, Shearjashub, and go meet Ahaz on the highway at the point where it meets the irrigation canal that comes from the wool cleaners spring.
   Tell Ahaz not to fear the fierce anger of Rezin and Pekah.
   He should not be concerned that Syria (Rezin) and Ephraim (Pekah) have conspired against him by saying, 'Let us go up against Judah to conquer it, and to put in Tabeal's son as king,' for I, the Lord God, tell you that their plan will not come to pass.
   Also tell Ahaz that for now...
       ....the head of Syria is Damascus.
       ...the head of Damascus is Rezin. 
       ...Samaria is likewise the head of Ephraim.
       ...Remaliah's son, Pekah, is the head of Samaria.
   But within sixty-five years, Ephraim will not be a united nation.
   If Ahaz will not believe this prophecy, he will not be established."

After giving this message to Ahaz, I, Isaiah, said to him,

"Ask for a sign from the Lord -- a sign in the heavens or in the earth."

But Ahaz replied, "I won't ask for a sign and tempt the Lord."

Then I, Isaiah, said, "Hear me now, oh house of David. It doesn't matter if you weary me by not looking forward to the promised signs, but will you also weary my God? The Lord Himself will give you this sign...

A virgin will conceive and bear a son, and name Him Immanuel (God with us). By the time He is old enough to eat butter and honey, He will already know how to refuse evil and choose good.

But before this, Samaria and Damascus will both have their kings removed.

The house of Israel will see days of despair unknown since the time that Ephraim left Judah, for the Lord will bring the king of Assyria upon you, upon your people and your father's house.

In that day (a type for the last days), the Lord will call in armies from the outer parts of Egypt and Assyria who will come quickly like flies and bees. They will settle in the desolate valleys and caves near the water holes where thorns and bushes grow.

In one day, the Lord will hire the king of Assyria as a razor, who will come from beyond the river to humble the house of Israel.

After this destruction, the righteous will still be able to feed their animals. In Zion, there will be an abundance of milk, and all who are left in the land will eat butter and honey.

In that day, all the places of Babylon that used to flourish with crops and vegetation will be dried up and become a place for briars and thorns. In those places, men will hunt with bows and arrows, searching for food.

All the hills that were once plowed and cultivated will not produce food because of the drought. The land will only be good for hungry oxen and cattle to wander over in search for food."

Isaiah's words about invasion in spite of alliances... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 18)

The Lord said to me,

   "Write on a large scroll:
   Maher-shalal-hash-baz (hurry the plunder, hurry the spoil)."

After writing this, I had Uriah the priest and Zechariah witnesses it, that it would be known among the people as a true prophecy.

When my wife, the prophetess, bore a son, the Lord told me to name him what was written on the large scroll...Maher-shalal-hash-baz (meaning "Hurry and Plunder, Hurry the Spoil"). His name was to be a reminder that before he would learn to say, "Father" or "Mother," the riches of Damascus and the spoil of Samaria would be plundered by the Assyrians.

The Lord said to me,

   "Because these people reject my servants and form alliances with the leaders of other nations, the Lord will bring a large, strong army to overrun their land like a river overflowing its banks.
   This enemy will overrun Judah even until he gets to the neck (head cities--Old and New Jerusalems), and he will occupy the rest of the land.
   Because this people associate with their conspiring enemies, listening to the leaders of far off countries, they will be broken into pieces and none will deliver them.
   If they go to war, they will receive the same fate. Counseling with nations will do them no good. Their resolutions will be ignored, for God will not be with them, but only with the righteous."

These strong judgments are what the Lord showed me. He said,

   "Do not spend your time identifying and fearing conspiracies as this people do. Do not fear any man."

I, Isaiah, tell you that you must be sanctified by the Lord of Hosts and fear only Him, for there is only safety in the Lord.

But to both houses of Israel--Joseph and Judah--who reject Him, He will be a rock over which to trip, and a curse to those who live in Jerusalem, whose inhabitants will be either killed or captured.

I prophesy this because the Lord has told me to write and bind my testimony, and to seal His law for His disciples. After doing this, I will wait for the Lord to come, who for now hides His face from the house of Jacob (Israel).

My name, Isaiah, means: Jehovah Saves.

My sons' names, Shearjashub and Maher-shalal-hash-baz, mean: The Remnant Will Return (to the lands of their inheritance) and Hurry the Plunder, Hurry the Spoil (Assyrian plundering).

My children and I are named as the signs and wonders given to Israel from the Lord of Hosts, who will live in the nation of Zion.

When those in darkness advise you to communicate with your dead, tell them to communicate with the God of the living, and from Him know the desires of their righteous dead. Tell them they should look to the Lord's law, and to the testimony of His servants.

If they don't do this, but rather speak according to their own words, they work in darkness. They'll be frustrated, angry and hungry, yet they will not humble themselves and repent. They'll look up toward heaven, cursing their God and king, and then look down, only to find more trouble, darkness and anguish of spirit. Thus they'll be driven into greater darkness on their chosen path.

Isaiah writes about latter-day Israel's return... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 19)

Nevertheless, this darkness will not be as bad as the darkness the tribes of Zebulon and Naphtali experienced while being afflicted by the Assyrians -- nor as bad as the darkness the Lord afflicted upon the route of the Red Sea, beyond Jordan in Galilee of the nations.

For the people who live in the land of the shadow of death, walking in darkness, will see a light that will shine upon them!

The Lord will multiply the nation of Israel, which will be full of rejoicing! For after Israel's servant suffers at the hand of his oppressor, the Lord will give him power to break his yoke, staff and rod, with which his oppressor will have burdened him.

   Note: The Lord will heal His servant. See 3 Nephi 21:10, Jeremiah 30:8-9.

Then every battle will be disrupted with the noise of bonfires, wherein bloodstained garments will be burned.

Because of these things, a Child will be born to the house of Israel--a Son will be given, who will govern His people. He will be called The Wonderful Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

He will sit upon David's throne, and by His zeal, He will have no end to His kingdom, government, peace and righteous judgment. The Lord told Jacob (Israel) that all this would come upon his descendants.

When all these things happen, all people will know these prophecies, even Ephraim and Samaria, who speak with pride and arrogance, saying, "Our system has collapsed, but we will replace it with a new, stronger one. Our leaders have fallen, but we will replace them with new, stronger ones."

Because of their pride--refusing to be humbled--the Lord will gather their enemies against them. He will send in their enemies to openly consume Israel.

After doing this, the Lord's anger will not be turned away, but will continue, for the people do not turn away from sin nor seek the Lord of Hosts, who smites them.

This is why the Lord will humble Israel, cutting off their head and tail, government and commerce in one day. The older, established men are the political head. Those who claim to be prophets, yet who teach false traditions, are the tail, for this people's leaders cause them to err, and those who follow them will be destroyed.

   Note: Those who "err" in D&C 33:4 and 2 Nephi 28:14.

The Lord will have no joy in their young men or mercy on their fatherless and widows, for they are all hypocrites and evildoers, speaking foolishness.

After all this, the Lord's anger will not be turned away, but continue.

   Note: The Lord's hand "stretched out still" is the hand of anger against
   His people, not the hand of mercy. See 2 Nephi 15:25.

The wicked will be consumed with evil, which like a fire, will burn within them. Through the Lord of Host's anger, the land will be scorched and the people will be burned by the flashes of heat.

Being consumed with evil, the wicked will have no mercy upon one another. They will steal food, but it will not be enough. They will kill for food, but it still will not be enough. And finally, they will eat one another.

The descendants of Manasseh and Ephraim will fight one another, and they will both fight the Jews.

After all this, the Lord's anger will still not be turned away, but continue.

Isaiah writes of latter-day judgments... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 20)

Cursed are those who propose unrighteous laws and then write them into the law books for the people to live by, who do this to lawfully deny justice to the needy, to legally take away the rights of my poor people, to make prey of the widows and to rob the fatherless.

What will you do when you are visited by desolating armies that will come from afar? What nation will save you then? Where will your wealth be then? Without my protection, many will bow down as prisoners and fall among the dead.

After all this, the Lord's anger and judgments will yet continue.

The Assyrian will act as the rod of the Lord's anger--the staff of His indignation in His hand. The Lord said,

   "I will send him against you, a hypocritical nation. I will allow his army to plunder, capture and kill the people, and to tread them down like mud in the streets."

The intent of his heart will not be to be the Lord's instrument, but to destroy and annihilate many nations.

He will say, "Have not all my commanders become kings? Is not Calno (Syria) conquered as Carchemish (Turkey)? Is not Hamath (Lebweh) conquered as Arpad (Tel Erfad)? Is not Samaria conquered as Damascus?

I have overcome all these kingdoms, whose graven images were greater than Jerusalem's and Samaria's. And since I have conquered Samaria and her idols, will I not easily conquer Jerusalem and her idols?"

After the Lord has performed His whole work upon Mount Zion and Jerusalem, He will punish the Assyrian king for his pride and arrogance. For he will also say,

"By my strength and wisdom I have done these things. I am a brilliant and valiant commander, who conquered the people and their treasures. I easily conquered the people of all the earth and their riches, like one who gathers eggs without disturbing the chickens."

But the Lord reasons,

   "How can an axe boast that it cuts wood when it has no life--when it was the woodsman's power that cut the wood?"

Because the Assyrian king will boast like a lifeless axe, the Lord of Hosts will starve his followers and cause his glory to go up in smoke.

The light of Israel will call down fire and the Lord will bring down flames. In a single day, the oppressors will be burned like thorn bushes. The fire will consume the Assyrian king and his glory--his armies and the wicked throughout the earth, both body and soul.

After this, so few oppressors will be left in the earth that a child could count them.

In these very last days, what remains of the house of Israel will no longer serve the Assyrian king in oppression. They will serve the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, in truth.

These few survivors of Israel, even the remnant, will repent and return to their mighty God.

At first, only a few will return from the consumed parts of the lands. But at last, these remnants of Israel will become as numerous as the sands of the sea, overflowing the consumed lands. For the Lord God of Hosts will decree that all the wicked in the lands be consumed.

Because of this, the Lord God of Hosts says,

   "Oh my people that live in Zion, do not be afraid of the Assyrian. He may beat you and oppress you for a little while, like Pharaoh once did against the Israelites in Egypt. But soon my anger will destroy him and your oppression will come to an end."

For the Lord of Hosts will create a scourge for the Assyrian like the defeat of the Midianites at the rock of Oreb. For just as the Lord miraculously parted the Red Sea, He will raise His rod (His servant) against his oppressor.

   Note: This will be a victorious servant in the Lord's hand.
   See 2 Nephi 21:1, 10, Jeremiah 30:8-9, and D&C 103:15-16.

For in the very last days, the Assyrian's burdens will be taken off your shoulders and his yoke from off your necks, and this because of the servant's anointing.

But before that time, the Assyrian will come from the north to Aiath (an old Canaanite settlement). He will travel south, through Migron, stopping at Michmash (west of the Jordan valley).

Then he and his armies will march south, through the Michmash Gorge, stopping in Jeba. A few miles to their south, the people in er-Ram, afraid of his power, and those further south in Tell el-Ful, will run in terror.

Seeing what is coming, the daughters in Khirbet Kakul will mourn for those living near Jerusalem. They will cry out to their southern neighbors in Khirbet el-'Isawiyeh, "Oh, poor Anata (near Jerusalem)."

As the Assyrian continues south, Shu'fat will be destroyed and the inhabitants just north of Jerusalem will run for their lives.

The Assyrian will remain that day on the slopes of Mt. Scopus and will shake his hand against the Mount of Olives.

Through the Assyrian, the Lord of Hosts will cut off Jerusalem's government leaders with terror. Those in high positions will be cut down and the proud will be humbled.

The Lord will use iron to cut down the thickets of the forests--the most corrupt branches, and Lebanon will fall by a mighty one.

Isaiah writes of the Lord's servants (rod and branch)... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 21)

A rod (servant) of the Lord--a descendant of Jesse as well as of Ephraim, will come forth and be given much power. A branch will also grow from this same lineage of Jesse.

   Note: The Lord's rod and branch explained in D&C 113:4-6.

The Lord's Spirit will rest upon this branch--the spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel, might and knowledge.

Because he will fear the Lord, the Lord's Spirit will make him quick to understand truth and he will not judge merely by what he sees or hears.

This servant will judge the poor with righteousness. On behalf of the humble, he will judge fairly. He will command the earth, and at his command, the wicked will be destroyed. He will be covered with righteousness and faithfulness to the Lord.

   Note: This mighty servant is mentioned in 2 Nephi 3:24 and D&C 103:15-16.

After the wicked are killed, the world will live in peace. Wolves will live with sheep, wild cats will sleep by calves, and children will play among them. Bear cubs will also sleep next to calves, and lions will eat straw instead of hunting other animals. A baby will play near a snake's nest, and the young child will play near the cockatrice's den.

No one will hurt or destroy any living thing throughout all the Lord's holy nation, for as water fills the seas, so shall the knowledge of the Lord fill the earth.

In that great millennial day, this branch, descended from Jesse--the root of Jesse--will be a source of truth to the people of the earth. The Gentiles will seek his wisdom, and his rest will be glorious.

Just before that time, the Lord will set His hand (through His servant) a second time to recover the remnant of His people, whom the king of Assyria will have oppressed--the survivors on all continents.

The Lord will establish him as an ensign for all nations to come to. He will assemble the outcasts of Israel and the scattered Jews from all over the earth.

The descendants of Ephraim will no longer envy Judah (the Jews), whose enemies will be destroyed. In turn, the Jews will no longer despise Ephraim.

Together, Judah and Ephraim, supported by their conquered enemies, will subdue the eastern nations.

The Lord will completely destroy the tongue of the Egyptian sea and the river, dividing them into seven streams, allowing the remnant of Israel to walk across on dry ground.

A great highway will be provided for the survivors of Israel to walk upon. Many will come out of Assyria, just as the children of Israel walked out of Egypt.

   Note: Isaiah describes a second exodus, just as Joseph did in D&C 103:15-18.

Isaiah further describes the exodus... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 22)

In these very last days, the house of Israel will say,

   "Oh Lord, we will praise Thee. Though Thou was angry with us, Thine anger is turned away and Thou has comforted us. Behold, God is our salvation. We will trust in Him and not be afraid, for the Lord JEHOVAH is our strength, our song and salvation.
   Now with joy we will drink water from the wells of salvation. Praise the Lord, call upon His name, declare His doings among the people, tell that His name is exalted!"

All will sing to the Lord because everyone on earth will know that the Lord has done wonderful things. So rejoice, all who will live in Zion, for the Holy One of Israel is great, and He will live among you!

   Note: The Lord among His people D&C 103:20, 3 Nephi 21:25, Jeremiah 30:22.

The Assyrian conquers Babylon... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 23)

This is the demise of Babylon that Isaiah, son of Amoz, saw:

To the Assyrian king the Lord says,

   "Lift your banner against the great nation. Sound the advance and give the signal to go in to their capital.
   I, the Lord, have already commanded my sanctified ones to leave. I have called out my mighty ones from among the wicked because my anger is not upon those who rejoice in my highness."

Then the Lord of Hosts will stir up many nations to gather in battle, and their noise will be tremendous.

They will come from a far country, from beyond the horizon, as the Lord's weapons of His indignation, to destroy the whole land. Cry out, for the day of the Lord is very near, that comes with destruction from the Almighty.

Because of this invasion, all will be faint and every man's heart will pound with fear. They will be filled with sorrow, amazed at the scope of the destruction, and their faces will burn from the heat of the blasts.

Watch for this day of the Lord, which will be cruel, both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate, for He will destroy the sinners from the face of it. Because of the darkness over the land, the stars, the moon and even the sun will not be visible.

The Lord says,

   "I will punish the world for its evil and the wicked for their sins, and cause the arrogance of the proud to end. So many will be destroyed, that a man will be as scarce as fine gold. 
   In my fierce anger, I, the Lord of Hosts, will shake the heavens, and the earth will be moved out of her orbit. Then, like a hunted deer or wandering lamb, every man will return to his own people, running back to his homeland.
   All the proud and the wicked will die by the sword. Their children will be dashed to pieces before their eyes. Their houses will be spoiled and their wives ravished.
   I will stir up their enemies against them, who will not come for riches, but to kill. They will not spare young men, pregnant women, nor children.
   Then Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldeans, will be like Sodom and Gomorrah when God overthrew it. It will never be lived in again from generation to generation. Nomads will not camp there nor shepherds herd their flocks there. Only wild beasts of the desert will live there.
   The houses of Babylon will be full of owls, and idle, demonic creatures. The wild beasts of the islands will howl in their desolate houses and reptiles in their pleasant palaces. This time soon comes, for Babylon's days will not be extended."

Babylon to be destroyed... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 24)

The Lord will have mercy on Israel, choosing them again and returning them to their own lands. Gentile converts will be adopted into the house of Israel, and they will bring the house of Israel to their place from the far ends of the earth, returning them to their lands of promise.

Israel's descendants will then rightfully possess these lands, capturing and ruling over their oppressors, who will become their servants and handmaids.

In those very last days, when the Lord delivers Israel's descendants from sorrow, fear and hard, forced labor, they will repeat this proverb against the king of Babylon, the Antichrist:

"Who has put an end to the oppressor and the golden city, Babylon? The Lord! He has broken the staff of the wicked and the scepters of the rulers. He who struck the people in wrath continually, who ruled the nations in anger, is now persecuted, and nobody will help him.

The whole earth is at rest and is quiet. Those remaining break into singing! The people of Joseph and Judah rejoice over your demise, saying, 'Since you have been cut down, no one attacks us.'

Hell has made special arrangements for you, stirring up the dead--even all the wicked chiefs and kings--to meet you. These men will taunt you, saying, 'Have you become weak like us?'

Your glory is brought down to hell. Your music is no longer heard, and worms cover you.

How you have fallen from heaven as Lucifer, the son of the morning! You have been cut down to the ground, you who once weakened the nations!

This is your reward, because like Lucifer, you said in your heart, "I will ascend into heaven. I will exalt my throne above the stars of God. I will also sit upon the mount of the congregation, in the heights of the north. I will ascend higher than the clouds, becoming like the Most High."

Yet you, king of Babylon, will be brought down to hell--to the depths of the pit. Those who happen to see you will ask, 'Is this the man that made the earth tremble, who shook kingdoms? Is this the man who turned the world into a wilderness, who destroyed cities and took so many prisoners?'

All the kings of the nations lie in tombs among their kindred, but you are not given a grave. Your body is like the remains of those killed by the sword, thrown into a gravel pit after being trampled.

You will not even be buried with those slaughtered in battle because you have destroyed your land and have killed your people.

If his children were to survive, they would also be evil-doers. Therefore, prepare to destroy the children of the king of Babylon because of their father's sinfulness. Do not let them rise up again to possess the land or to fill the world with cities.

   'For I will rise up against them,'

says the Lord of Hosts, 'cutting off Babylon's name and descendants. I will destroy its people and turn it into a swamp, sweeping it with the broom of destruction.'

The Lord of Hosts reaffirms,

   "Surely as I have foreseen and planned it, so will all this come to pass. I will call the Assyrian king (the Antichrist) into my land, and in my nation tread him under foot. Then his yoke and burden will be taken off my people's shoulders."

This is the plan for the whole earth. This is the hand stretched out over all nations. Since the Lord of Hosts has declared this to be, who will dispute? The Lord's hand is stretched out, and who will turn it away?

In the year that king Ahaz died came this prophecy:

Do not rejoice in victory just yet, you Philistine descendants (Palestinians), now that King Ahaz, the Jewish leader, is dead. His descendant will be as a fiery flying serpent (as a seraph--a powerful servant of the Lord).

"The Lord says, 'I will protect the first-born. Their poor and needy will be fed, resting in safety. But I will kill your people in Palestine with a drought. Then he will kill your survivors.

Then moan and cry in your city, you enemies of Judah, you Palestinians, when you are completely dissolved, for a pillar of smoke will come from the north, and none will survive beyond their designated time to die.

After this destruction, what will then be the message to the nations? That the Lord has founded Zion, in which the poor of His people will trust.

Nephi explains Isaiah... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 25)

Now I, Nephi, will explain some of Isaiah's words. Many of my people do not understand them very well because they do not understand the way that the Jews prophesied. I have not taught my people much about the Jews because the Jews worked in darkness and sin. I have written some of Isaiah's words on my small plates so my people in this generation, and in generations to come, will know that God's judgments will come upon all nations.

Because Isaiah's words are not plain, listen my people who are of the house of Israel, to what I have to say about them.

Isaiah's words are plain to those who are filled with the spirit of prophecy (the testimony of Jesus).

I will give you my plain prophecy, for my soul delights to teach in all plainness.

My soul delights in Isaiah's words because like Isaiah, I, too came from Jerusalem. I have seen the Jews' methods of learning, and I know that by their methods they understand the prophets.

No other people understand the prophets the way the Jews do, unless they, too, have learned their methods.

I have not taught my children those methods, but I have told them about God's judgments, prophesied by Isaiah, that have come upon the Jews.

Now I will write my own prophecy plainly, so that everyone will understand:

When Isaiah's prophecies come to pass, all people will clearly know that his words have been fulfilled. If any of my people think that Isaiah's words are not great, I direct my prophecy to them.

Isaiah's words will be of great worth to those who live in the last days because that is when the people will understand them. I include them for the good of those who will live in the last days.

Many generations of Jews have been destroyed at various times, but none were ever destroyed before the Lord's prophets warned them to repent of their wickedness.

Other prophets warned the Jews just after my father left Jerusalem, but they hardened their hearts.

   I prophesy that the Jews have been destroyed, except for those who have been captured and taken to Babylon. I know these things because of the Spirit that is in me.
   Even though the Jews have been captured, they will return again to possess Jerusalem and the lands of their inheritance.
   But they will continue to have wars until the Only Begotten of the Father of heaven and earth is born and shows Himself to them in the flesh.
   Even then, they will reject Him because of their iniquity, hard hearts and stubbornness.
   They will crucify Him, but after three days,
   He will rise from the dead, and all who believe in
   His name will be saved in God's kingdom.

My soul delights in prophesying of Him, for I have seen His day. My love for Him causes me to magnify His holy name.

   After the Messiah rises from the dead and shows Himself to those who believe in His name, Jerusalem will be destroyed again, for those who fight against God and His church are cursed.
   The Jews will be scattered among all nations. The city of Babylon will also be destroyed, so the Jews will be scattered by other nations. The Lord will use these other nations to scatter and persecute the Jews for many generations, until the time comes when the Jews will begin to believe in Christ.
   And when they begin to believe in Christ, they will believe these prophecies, and the Lord will convert them, setting His hand (servant) a second time to restore His people from their lost and fallen state.
   To do this, the Lord will begin a marvelous, wonderful work among all people. This marvelous, wonderful work will bring His words to them.
   These scriptures will judge the house of Israel at the last day because they will come forth to convince them of the true Messiah--that they no longer need to look forward to a Messiah.
   If another Messiah should come, he would be a false Messiah, deceiving and flattering the people. But there is only one true Messiah that the prophets spoke of, the one that the Jews will reject when He first comes in the flesh.

According to the prophets, the Messiah will come 600 years from the time we left Jerusalem.

According to God's angel, His name will be Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Now, my brothers and sisters, I have spoken plainly so that you cannot misunderstand.

As the Lord God lives, and has worked miracles for the children of Israel through His servant, Moses, there is no other name given under heaven except Jesus Christ whereby all people can be saved. For this reason, the Lord God promised me that my writings will be preserved and handed down from generation to generation.

Through my writings, the promise that He made to Joseph of old--that his descendants will never perish in ignorance of Christ as long as the earth exists--will be fulfilled.

This is why my writings will go from generation to generation as long as the earth exists, according to God's will and pleasure. And the nations who will have my words will be judged by them.

We work diligently to engrave on these plates, to persuade our children and our brothers and sisters to believe in Christ, and to be reconciled to God. We also know that it is by His grace that we are saved after all we can do.

Even though we believe in Christ, we keep the law of Moses, looking forward to Christ until He fulfills the law. We know that Christ will fulfill the law of Moses, so the law has become dead to us. We are made alive in Christ because of our faith in Him, yet we keep the law of Moses because of the commandments. And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write our prophecies.

We do this so that our children may know to whom they may look for a remission of their sins.

We speak about the law of Moses so our children may know the deadness of it after it has been fulfilled. This knowledge will help them look forward to Christ's way of life. It will also help them understand why the law of Moses was given, so they will not harden their hearts against Christ as He fulfills the law of Moses.

For you, my people, are stubborn. This is why I have spoken so plainly to you--so that you cannot misunderstand.

The words I have spoken will stand as a testimony against you because they are enough to teach anyone the right way. The right way is to believe in Christ and not deny Him. By denying Him, you also deny the prophets and the law.

Christ is the Holy One of Israel, and you must bow down before Him and worship Him with all your might, mind and strength--with your whole soul. If you do this, then you will not be cast out. But until Christ comes, you must keep God's performances and ordinances until the law of Moses is fulfilled.

Nephi prophesies of 34 to 385 AD... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 26)

Nephi speaks to his descendants:

After Christ rises from the dead, He will show Himself to you. You must be careful to live by the laws that He will give you.

In a vision I have seen that many of your generations will pass away, troubled by great wars.

And when the Messiah comes into the world you will be given the signs of His birth, and also the signs of His death and resurrection--a great and terrible day for the wicked, for that is the day they will perish.

This will happen because the cries of the prophets and the saints, whom the wicked will reject and kill, will go up to God from the ground against the wicked.

Note: In six verses (3 Nephi 9:5-11), no less than five times does the Savior tell why He destroyed many, many cities..."so the blood of the prophets and saints will no longer come up to me against them."

   The Lord says,
   "All the proud who do wickedly will be burned.
   Those who kill the prophets and saints will be swallowed up by the earth and mountains will cover them.
   Tornadoes will carry them away, and earthquakes will cause buildings to crush them, grinding them to powder. They will be visited with thunder, lightning, earthquakes and all types of destruction, for the Lord's angry fire will burn them like kindling."

Oh the pain and anguish of my soul for the loss of my people that will perish! For I, Nephi, have seen their destruction, which almost consumes me before the Lord's presence. But I must cry to my God, "Thy ways are just."

However, those of you among my righteous descendants, who listen to the prophets and faithfully look forward to Christ and the promised signs, even while being persecuted, will not die. The Son of righteousness will appear to you and heal you. Then you will have His peace for three generations. And many of your fourth generation will also have His peace.

But after this, destruction will come quickly to you, my people. For even though it pained my soul to see it, I have seen your destruction and know that it will come to pass. After four generations, you, my descendants, will sell yourselves for nothing.

The reward for your pride and foolishness will be destruction. Because you will give way to the devil and choose his works of darkness rather than light, you must go down to hell. For the Spirit will not always stay with you. When the Spirit leaves you, your destruction will come quickly, and this grieves my soul.

Just as the Jews need to be convinced that Jesus is the very Christ, the Gentiles must also be convinced that He is the Christ, the Eternal God. They must be convinced that He shows Himself to all who believe in Him by the power of the Holy Ghost, even to every nation, working mighty miracles, signs and wonders among them all, according to their faith.

But listen, for now I prophesy to you about the last days--the days when the Lord will bring these words (The Book of Mormon) to all people:

After my and my brothers' descendants falter in unbelief--after being subdued by the Gentiles--after the Lord will have camped against them, and laid siege against them with horses, and raised forts against them, humbling them to the dust--even after they are considered to be nothing---the words of the righteous will be written, and the prayers of their faithful forefathers will be answered. And the latter-day Lamanites will no longer be forgotten as a people.

Their ancestors, who will have been destroyed, will speak to them from out of the ground, from where the book will come. Their voices will be as familiar spirits, for the Lord will give them power to whisper to their descendants (through The Book of Mormon).

   The Lord says,
   "The Nephites will engrave their history on metal plates. When the plates are buried, the unbelieving Lamanites will not have access to them because they would destroy them.
   Then the Nephites, even their terrible warriors, will be destroyed suddenly, as though in an instant."

About 1,100 years later, many of the remaining Lamanites (Native South, Central and North Americans) will be driven and killed by the Gentiles who will come to this land.

Then the Gentiles will lift themselves up in the pride of their own eyes, stumbling by building up many churches that deny God's miracles and power. They will preach their own wisdom for profit and worldly approval while taking advantage of the poor. They will build up many churches, which will be the cause of envy, contention and slander.

The Gentiles will also have secret combinations, like the ancients, which come from the devil--the founder of murder and works of darkness. He will lead the Gentiles by the neck with a weak cord until he binds them with his strong cords forever.

Listen my beloved brethren, for the Lord God does not work in darkness. Because of His love, everything He does is for the benefit of the world. He will even lay down His own life to draw all people to Him and to offer His salvation freely to all.

Does the Lord say to anyone, "Depart from me?"

No. He says, "Come to me, all people of the earth. Buy milk and honey without money and without price."

Has He ordered us out of the synagogues and chapels? No.

Has He told anyone that they may not partake of His salvation? No. He has given it freely for all and has commanded His people to persuade all others to repent.

Has the Lord forbidden anyone to enjoy His goodness? No. All people are equally privileged to partake of it freely.

However, the Lord does forbid priestcraft among us. Priestcraft is setting oneself up as a light to the world, teaching others for gain and fame, claiming to teach truth while ignoring the needs of Zion.

The Lord helps to keep us from practicing priestcraft by commanding us to practice charity, which is love.

If we do not have charity, then we are nothing. And if the Gentiles have charity, they will not allow the laborer in Zion to perish.

True laborers in Zion are those who build up Zion. If they labor with their hearts set upon money, they will perish (physically and spiritually).

The Lord God has also commanded us not to murder, lie, steal, envy or to take His name in vain. We should not fight with one another or commit adultery, for whoever does any of these things will perish.

None of these sins come from the Lord, for He only does good among us in all plainness.

He invites everyone to come to Him and to enjoy His goodness - black, white, rich, poor, male, female, Jew and Gentile.

And He remembers those who have not been taught His laws, for all people are equal to Him.

Isaiah's prophecies of last days... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 27)

More of Isaiah's words:

"In the last days, which are the days of the Gentiles, all the Gentile nations and Jews throughout the world will be drunken with all types of sin.

When that day comes, the Lord of Hosts will visit them with thunder, earthquake, great noise, storms and devouring fire.

All the multitudes of the nations that fight Zion and distress her will not be satisfied!

All you sinners, stop and wonder, for you will shout in distress and cry. You will be drunk and stagger, not full of alcohol, but full of all types of sin--the wine of Babylon.

The Lord will allow the spirit of deep sleep to come upon the wicked, for they will close their eyes to the truth, rejecting the prophets and rulers. When the people will not listen to the prophets, the Lord hides them."

In the last days, the Lord will bring these plates to the *Gentiles, the words written by those who lived long ago.

  • Joseph Smith, and other converts of European decent, are named as "Gentiles".

Part of these plates will be sealed--parts containing a revelation from God, describing everything from the beginning to the end of the world (the vision of Jared's brother). Because of wickedness, this revelation will remain sealed.

However, the unsealed plates (the first part of The Book of Mormon), will be given to a man (Joseph Smith) who will deliver its words--the words of those who lived long ago--to another man (Martin Harris).

At first, none of the sealed plates will be translated. They will remain sealed by the power of God until the Lord reveals them.

   When the sealed plates are translated, they will be read throughout the world by the power of Christ. From this new book (the rest of The Book of Mormon), all things will be revealed to the people of the earth--things that have been and will be among them, until the end of the earth.

When the plates are given to Joseph Smith, they will be hidden from the world. Besides Joseph, three other witnesses will see them by God's power. They will testify that the plates exist, and that the translation is true.

God will allow others (eight additional witnesses) to see the plates, who will also bear testimony of God's word to the world.

This translation will fulfill the prophecies that say the faithful forefathers' words will speak as if from the dead.

To fulfill this prophecy, the Lord God will begin to bring the words written on these plates to the world.

The Lord will establish His word with as many witnesses as He needs, and cursed are those who reject God's word! For the Lord will say to Joseph Smith,

   "Give some of the unsealed words to another (Martin Harris), so that he may bring them to an educated man (Professor Charles Anthon) to read."

The educated man will say, "Bring me the whole book, so that I may read it."

He will say this, wanting money and glory from the world rather than to glorify God.

The first man will say, "I cannot bring you the book, for it is sealed."

And the educated man will reply, "I cannot read a sealed book."

   Note: See Joseph Smith History 1:62-65 (Pearl of Great Price).

After this, the Lord will again give the plates and the power to translate them to Joseph, who will have little confidence, saying,

   "I am not a scholar."

The Lord will answer Joseph,

"Scholars will not be allowed to read them, for they have rejected them. I am able to do my own work, so you will read the words I will give to you. Do not touch the sealed plates, for I will bring them to the world in my own due time. I will show all people that I am able to do my own work.

After you have translated the words that I have commanded you, and after you have shown the plates to the witnesses I promised you, hide the plates up to me again so that I may preserve the sealed words that you have not read.

For behold, I am a God of miracles. I will show the world that I am the same yesterday, today and forever, and that I work among people according to their faith.

This people speak well of me, but they do not know me. Their hearts are far from me, and they fear me according to their own false ideas.

Because of this, I will begin to do a marvelous work and a wonder among them. It will cause the wisdom of their wise scholars to vanish and their powers of reasoning to fail them.

And cursed are those who work in darkness, trying to hide their ways from me, saying, 'Who sees us and knows what we do? Surely, this new scripture will amount to nothing.'

   Note: The "marvelous work and a wonder" was not the restoration of the gospel. It is yet to come....the coming forth of new scriptures described in 1 Ne 5:17-19, 14:1, 2 Ne 27:10, 28:27-32, Alma 37:3-4, 3 Ne 23:4, 26:6-10, and Ether 3:28, 4:4-6.

But I, the Lord of Hosts, will show them that I know all their works. For can they whom the Lord created and established say that He has no understanding? I will show the people of the world that soon Lebanon--the Jewish settlements--will be turned into a fruitful field and esteemed as a forest."

Isaiah's words:

For in the last days, those blinded by living in spiritual darkness--deaf to the voice of the Spirit--will listen to the words written in this book and will see the Lord's light and truth.

The humble will be given an increase--their lands of inheritance, and their joy will be in the Lord.

The poor will rejoice in the Holy One of Israel, for as surely as the Lord lives, they will see their terrible enemy brought to nothing.

Also, those who mock others, look for a chance to sin, will be cut off from the land. Those who trick people in their words, making them law breakers, entrapping those who stand up for righteousness, who reject justice for money, will be destroyed from the face of the land.

Then the Lord who redeemed Abraham will say to Israel's descendants,

   "You will no longer be ashamed or afraid."

His children will be with Him, fearing the God of Israel and sanctifying His name--the Holy One of Jacob.

Then those who were in spiritual darkness will come into the light, and those who complained ignorantly will learn doctrine.

Nephi prophecies of last days... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 28)

My brothers and sisters, I, Nephi, have spoken to you as the Spirit has prompted me, for I know these prophecies of Isaiah will come to pass.

All the words of Mormon will be very valuable to all people, especially to our descendants--a branch of Israel's household.

In the last days, people who do not know the Lord will create churches and claim they are the Lord's. Their priests will argue with one another, teaching according to their learning, for they will not allow the Holy Ghost to inspire their words.

They will deny the power of God--the Holy One of Israel--by saying, "Listen to me because God does not speak today. He has already done His work and has given His power to His children. If others say the Lord does miracles, do not believe them. God does not do miracles today. His work is done."

Many will say, "Eat, drink and be merry, for life is short. Fear God, but not too much because He will justify a little sin. Lie a little. Use the law to take advantage of people. Sue your neighbor. There is nothing wrong with this. If we are guilty, God will scold us for awhile and then save us in His kingdom."

Many will teach these false, vain and foolish doctrines. Being proud, they try to hide their works of darkness from the Lord, and the blood of the saints will cry from the ground against these people.

Because of their pride, false teachers and doctrine, they will become corrupt. By spending their money on their fine churches and fine clothing they will rob the poor. Because they will think so well of themselves, in their pride, wickedness and immorality, they will persecute the humble and poor in heart.

They will hold their heads up high and all will go astray, except for a few of Christ's humble followers.

But even these humble followers will make many mistakes, being taught according to the concepts of men, and not of God.

The wise, the well-educated, the rich, and they who are so proud of their accomplishments, who preach false doctrines and are not chaste, who distort the right way of the Lord,

   "will be cursed with a great cursing," says the Lord God Almighty,
   "for they will be cast down from my presence."

Cursed are those who favor the unjust over the just.

Cursed are those who reject goodness, saying it is worthless! For in the last days, the Lord God will speedily visit the people of the earth, and those who are fully ripe in sin will not survive.

   "But if the people of the earth repent of their wickedness, they will not be destroyed," says the Lord of Hosts.

But that great, abominable church, the whore of all the earth, must tumble to the dust with a great fall!

The devil's kingdom must be shaken, giving its members good reason to repent. Otherwise, the devil will surely grasp them with his everlasting chains and incite them to anger, and to die in their anger.

For in the very last days, the devil will rage in people's hearts, inciting them to become angry with anything that is good.

The devil will pacify others, giving them a false sense of security. Those pacified will say, "All is well here in Zion because we are so prosperous."

But in reality, the devil is cheating them--carefully leading them to hell.

The devil will tell them what they want to hear. Things like, "There's really no devil or hell."

He will whisper these lies into their ears until he grasps them with his awful chains, and at last he will obtain power over them forever. The devil's captives will be held by his power--death and hell.

All who have been seized must stand before God's throne to be judged according to their works. After being judged, they must go into the place prepared for them where their souls will be in endless torment, like a burning lake of sulfur.

Because of this terrible, final judgment, cursed are those who are at ease in Zion! Cursed are those who say, "All is well," and who listen to men's counsel, denying God's power and the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Cursed are those who say, "We have already received the gospel. We don't need any more," and with little faith in Christ, tremble with anger as God's truth is preached to them.

Those who have faith in Christ gladly receive more truth, and cursed are those who will say, "We have already received the word of God. We have enough. We don't need any more."

The Lord God said to me,

   "I will give only a few precepts at a time. Those who heed what I give them will be blessed with wisdom, and I will give them more.
   But I will take the gospel out from among those who say, 'We have enough.'
   Note: The Lord gives more (3 Nephi 26:8-9, Ether 4:7), and takes away (3 Nephi 16:10-13, Ether 12:35), depending on how we heed His words.

Cursed are those who put their trust in man's teachings, unless they are taught by the power of the Holy Ghost.

Cursed are the Gentiles, because even though I will continually extend my arm (protective covenants) toward them, they will deny me.

But if they will repent and come to me, I will receive them.

The Lord warns the Gentiles through Nephi... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 29)

I will begin to do a marvelous work among the Gentiles, remembering the covenants that I made to Israel's descendants, and I will deliver my people a second time.

   Note: This marvelous work is yet to come (2 Nephi 27:11, 21-23, Ether 4:15, D&C 103:15-18).

I will remember the promises that I made to you, Nephi, and also to your father, Lehi. My promise was that I would not forget your descendants.

I will remember them by bringing them the words of their forefathers (the entire Book of Mormon), which will go with power throughout the earth and become a standard to Israel's descendants.

Because these words will have power, many Gentiles will say, "We already have a Bible, so there cannot be any more."

Oh fools, who have their Bible from the Jews, my ancient covenant people.

Do the Gentiles thank the Jews for the Bible?

Do they remember the pain the Jews suffered, and their work and diligence before me in bringing salvation to the Gentiles?

No, they do not remember these things, but instead the Gentiles curse the Jews. They hate them and do not make any effort to recover them.

But everything the Jews have suffered will be done to the Gentiles, for I, the Lord have not forgotten my people.

You fools who will say, "We already have a Bible. We do not need more scripture."

How did you get your Bible except from the Jews?

Don't you realize that there is more than one nation, and that I, the Lord your God, created all people and remember them?

I rule the heavens and the earth and will bring my word to all nations.

Why do you fear to receive more of my word?

Don't you know that the testimony of two nations is a greater witness to you that I am God, who remembers one nation like another? I speak the same words to one nation that I do to another. When the two nations meet together, their testimonies will also join together.

I will do this to prove that I am the same yesterday, today and forever, and that I speak according to my own pleasure.

Just because I have chosen one group of people to speak to, do not think that I cannot choose another, for my work is not finished, and it never will be.

Do not think you have all my words because you have a Bible, or that I have not caused more to be written. For I command all people everywhere to write the words I speak to them, and I will judge the world according to their works--according to what I have commanded to be written.

I will speak to the Jews, to the Nephites, to the ten tribes, and to all nations, and they will all write their own scriptures.

In the last days, these groups will exchange and have one another's scriptures...The Holy Bible, the complete Book of Mormon, and other ancient scriptures of those who have been led away.

Then my people--members of the house of Israel--will be gathered home to the lands of their possessions.

My word will also be gathered into one book.

I will show those who fight my word, and my people, that I am the same God who covenanted with Abraham that I would remember his descendants forever.

Nephi prophesies of last days... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 30)

Now my beloved brothers and sisters, do not think that you are more righteous than the Gentiles, for unless you keep God's commandments, you will all perish as well.

What I said earlier does not mean that the Gentiles will be completely destroyed. All the Gentiles who repent are the Lord's covenant people, and all the Jews who do not repent will be cast off. The Lord only makes covenants with those who repent and believe in His Son, the Holy One of Israel.

Now I will prophesy more about the Jews and the Gentiles:

After The Book of Mormon is published by the Gentiles, and the plates are again hidden, many will believe its words. The Gentiles who believe that The Book of Mormon is true (LDS Gentiles) will take its message to the rest of our descendants, the Lamanites, who will then know about us--how we came from Jerusalem, and that they are descendants of the Jews.

Like their forefathers, they will come to know the gospel of Jesus Christ. They will rejoice, knowing that God has blessed them. They will come out of their spiritual darkness, and in only a few generations they will become a pure (white) and delightful people.

Then the scattered Jews will begin to gather. Those of them who believe in Christ will also become a delightful people.

After this, the Lord God will begin His work among all nations, kindreds, tongues and people to restore Israel's descendants throughout the earth.

And with righteousness the Lord God will judge the poor. With fairness He will chastise those who persecute the meek, and by His servant's command, He will cause the wicked to be destroyed.

For the time will soon come when the Lord will cause a great division among the people. He will destroy the wicked and spare His people, even if He must destroy the wicked with fire. He will do this through His righteousness and faithfulness. After the wicked are destroyed by fire, wolves will live in peace with a lambs. The leopard will lie down next to a young goat, the calf and a young lion, and a little child will lead them all.

Cows and bears will feed together, their young ones sleeping nearby. The lion will eat straw like the ox, and a toddler will play near a snake's nest.

They will not hurt or kill in all His holy nation because as the waters cover the sea, the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord.

All people of all nations will have knowledge of all things.

All secrets will be revealed, all works of darkness will be shown in the light, and all sealed records will come forth.

Everything ever revealed to people in the past will be revealed at that day, and Satan will not have power over people's hearts for a thousand years.

Nephi speaks of Christ's baptism... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 31)

   Note: Nephi's prophecies (2 Nephi 25:7, 30:17) were not directed to the people of his day, but to future members of the house of Israel.

Now I, Nephi, end my prophesying to you, my beloved people. I can only write a few of the things that I know will happen and a few of the words of my brother Jacob.

What I have written so far is enough, except that I must speak a few words about the doctrine of Christ. I will speak as plainly as I can, just as I spoke when I prophesied.

My soul delights in plainness, for this is how the Lord works among His children. He gives us His light by speaking to us in our own language, according to our own understanding.

Remember the prophet, John the Baptist, whom the Lord showed me, who will baptize the Lamb of God who will take away the sins of the world? Now if the Lamb of God, being holy, needs to be baptized, how much more do we need to be baptized, being unholy?

I ask you, my beloved brethren, how will the Lamb of God fulfill all righteousness by being baptized? Even though He is holy, He will show all people that He will humble Himself before the Father with a mortal body, witnessing to His Father that He will be obedient and keep His commandments.

After being baptized with water, the Holy Ghost will come upon Him in the form of a dove. This sets the example to all people, showing them just how straight the path, and how narrow the gate through which they should enter.

For Christ said to all, "Follow me."

And how can we follow Jesus unless we keep the Father's commandments?

The Father said, "Repent and be baptized in the name of my Beloved Son."

And the Son's voice came to me, saying, "The Father will give the Holy Ghost, as He did to me, to all who are baptized in my name. So follow me and do what you have seen me do."

I, Nephi, know that you must sincerely follow the Son, with honest intentions, not trying to deceive others before God as a hypocrite.

If you follow the Son, repenting of your sins, witnessing to the Father that you are willing to take the name of Christ upon you, by baptism, by following your Lord and Savior down into the water according to His word, then you will receive the Holy Ghost.

Then the baptism of fire and of the Holy Ghost will come, and you will be able to speak as the angels, shouting praises to the Holy One of Israel.

The Son's voice also came to me, saying,

"If you repent, witnessing to the Father that you are willing to keep my commandments by being baptized, and receive the baptism of fire and of the Holy Ghost, and speak with the tongue of angels, and after all this deny me, then it would have been better for you if you had never known me."

I also heard the Father say,

   "Yes, the words of my Beloved are true and faithful. Those who continue in righteousness throughout their lives will be saved."

Now, my beloved brothers and sisters, because of what I have heard, I know that unless you follow the example of the Son of the living God by continuing in righteousness throughout your lives, you cannot be saved.

So do the things your Lord and Redeemer will do; be baptized as He will be. His baptism was shown to me so I could tell you how to repent, be baptized and receive a remission of your sins by fire and the Holy Ghost.

And then you are on the straight and narrow path, having entered at the gate. By being baptized, you obey the Father's and the Son's commandments and are promised the gift of the Holy Ghost, who witnesses of the Father and of the Son.

After you have been baptized and have received the Holy Ghost, have you done everything? No, you have not, for you could not have done these things without relying entirely upon Christ--having an unshakable faith in Him, who is mighty to save you.

You must keep your faith in Christ strong, having a perfect brightness of hope, loving God and all mankind.

If you keep your faith strong by feasting on Christ's words, and continue in righteousness throughout your life, then the Father will say,

   "You shall have eternal life."

This is the only way and name given under heaven by which God's children can be saved in His kingdom.

This is the doctrine of Christ--the only true doctrine of God the Father, of His Son, Jesus Christ and of the Holy Ghost, who are as one God forever. Amen.

After baptism come the Holy Ghost... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 32)

My beloved brethren, why do you wonder about what to do after you are baptized?

Do you remember me telling you that after you received the Holy Ghost you could speak with the tongue of angels? Now, how could you do this unless it were by the Holy Ghost?

Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost, so they speak Christ's words. This is why I told you to heed Christ's words, which will tell you everything that you should do.

If you cannot understand what I have told you, it is because you do not ask God for the answer.

If you do not ask, you will not come into the light, but will die spiritually in the dark.

Again I tell you, if you are baptized and receive the Holy Ghost, He will tell you what to do at all times.

This is all I will say about Christ's doctrine for now. More of His doctrine will be given when He comes to teach you Himself; doctrine that you should obey.

The Spirit stops me from telling you any more. I can only sorrow because people are so stubborn and refuse to believe. They will not search out knowledge or understand great knowledge when it is given to them in plain words.

Brothers and sisters, I, Nephi, know that you are still wondering what to do. I am sorry to say that if you were listening to the Spirit, you would know that you must pray, for it is the evil spirit who teaches you not to pray.

You must always pray, never forgetting to pray to the Father in the name of Christ before doing anything for the Lord. If you do this, He will bless all that you do, so that it will benefit your soul.

Nephi's weak writing to be made strong... (compare 2 Nephi, chapter 33)

   I, Nephi, cannot write everything that my people were taught.

CLICK HERE to play a recording of a reading with music of chapter 33 "My name is Nephi..." RIGHT CLICK HERE to save .mp3 file of this recording on your hard drive (5.3 mb)

   Author of this web site, Tim Wilson, writes: In November 1994, our early morning Seminary Teacher for the Branson, Missouri First Ward, Sister Finch, asked me to come to class dressed as Nephi and read the entire 33rd chapter of 2 Nephi.
   I didn't care to dress up in a bathrobe, so I recorded my voice (slowed down a bit for deepness). While listening to my voice playback, I recorded an orchestral score on the fly (using a combination of string sounds, triggered by a MIDI keyboard). I added a few more tracks (choir voices, violin, oboe, bells, etc) and then mixed the voice and music together.
   I like the way it turned out. I hope you can feel Nephi's intensity and plea to all the house of Israel, and to all people living in the last days. To read along, open a 2nd browser page (Ctrl-N) before playing.

I am not a very good writer. I'm a much better speaker than a writer, because when one speaks by the power of the Holy Ghost, that power goes right to the hearts of those who hear. But many people harden their hearts against the Holy Spirit, giving it no place in them. Because of this, they do not value the written word.

I consider what I have written to be of great value, especially to my descendants. Every day I pray, and at night I weep over them because of what they will do. I cry to my God in faith, knowing that He will hear me.

I know the Lord will answer my prayers by blessing my people, for even though my writings may be weak, they will be made powerful through the Holy Ghost when they are read by my descendants. They will persuade them to do good and will give them knowledge of their ancestors.

My writings will speak of Jesus in order to persuade my descendants always to believe in Him, and thereby gain eternal life.

My words are harsh against sin because they are the simple and plain truth.

Only those filled with the devil's spirit will be angry with my writings. I glory in plainness, in truth, and in my Jesus because He has redeemed my soul from hell.

I have charity for my people, great faith in Christ, and faith that I will meet many souls, spotless and sanctified, at His judgment-seat.

I have charity for the Jews--the people of my heritage. I also have charity for the Gentiles, but no hope for any of them unless they are reconciled to Christ and stay on the straight path that leads to eternal life.

I speak to my descendants, to the Jews, and to all the people of the earth. If you believe my words, then you will believe in Christ, for He has given me the words that I now write to benefit you. These words teach all people, in all places, to do good.

If you think my words are not Christ's words, then judge them for yourselves. But I know that at the last day Christ will show you with power and great glory that these are His words.

Before His bar, we will stand face to face, and then you will know that He commanded me to write these things in spite of my weakness.

I pray to the Father, in the name of Christ, that many of us, if not all, will be saved in His kingdom on that great and last day.

To all you descendants of the house of Israel, and to all people throughout the earth, I speak as one calling from the dust. Farewell, until that great day arrives.

And you who will not accept God's goodness, who will not respond the words of the Jews, my words, or the words of the Lamb of God, I bid you an everlasting farewell, for these words will condemn you at the last day.

Because the Lord commanded me to write, what I seal on earth will be brought against you at His judgment bar. Amen.