Buckshorn, Joseph (DNB00)

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BUCKSHORN, JOSEPH (fl. 1670), painter, a native of the Netherlands, settled in London in 1670, and was much employed by Sir Peter Lely in painting his draperies and accessories. He also painted portraits, imitating his master's manner with no little skill. The copy of the Earl of Strafford and his secretary, Sir John Mainwaring, in the possession of Earl Fitzwilliam at Wentworth Woodhouse, after Vandyck, is by him. According to Walpole's vague statement (Anecdotes of Painting (Wornum), ii. 452), Buckshorn ‘dying at the age of thirty-five, was buried at St. Martin's.’ Thomas Bardwell, in his work ‘The Practice of Painting and Perspective made Easy,’ 1756, p. 21, says ‘Buckshorn was one of the last good copiers we have had in England; the rest that followed him and his master Lely soon dwindled to half-artists.’

[Redgrave's Dictionary of Artists (1878), p. 60.]

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