Balanced Budget Act of 1997/Title X

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Sec. 10001. Short Title; Table of Contents.[edit]

(a) Short Title.—
This title may be cited as the ``Budget Enforcement Act of 1997´´.
(b) Table of Contents.—
The table of contents for this title is as follows:
Sec. 10001. Short Title; Table of Contents.
Subtitle A — Amendments to the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974
Sec. 10101. Amendment to Section 3.
Sec. 10102. Amendments to Section 201.
Sec. 10103. Amendments to Section 202.
Sec. 10104. Amendment to Section 300.
Sec. 10105. Amendments to Section 301.
Sec. 10106. Amendments to Section 302.
Sec. 10107. Amendments to Section 303.
Sec. 10108. Amendment to Section 304.
Sec. 10109. Amendment to Section 305.
Sec. 10110. Amendments to Section 308.
Sec. 10111. Amendments to Section 310.
Sec. 10112. Amendments to Section 311.
Sec. 10113. Amendment to Section 312.
Sec. 10114. Adjustments.
Sec. 10115. Effect of Adoption of a Special Order of Business in the House of Representatives.
Sec. 10116. Amendment to Section 401 and Repeal of Section 402.
Sec. 10117. Amendments to Title V.
Sec. 10118. Repeal of Title VI.
Sec. 10119. Amendments to Section 904.
Sec. 10120. Repeal of Sections 905 and 906.
Sec. 10121. Amendments to Sections 1022 and 1024.
Sec. 10122. Amendment to Section 1026.
Sec. 10123. Senate Task Force on Consideration of Budget Measures.
Subtitle B — Amendments to the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985
Sec. 10201. Purpose.
Sec. 10202. General Statement and Definitions.
Sec. 10203. Enforcing Discretionary Spending Limits.
Sec. 10204. Violent Crime Reduction Spending.
Sec. 10205. Enforcing Pay-As-You-Go.
Sec. 10206. Reports and Orders.
Sec. 10207. Exempt Programs and Activities.
Sec. 10208. General and Special Sequestration Rules.
Sec. 10209. The Baseline.
Sec. 10210. Technical Correction.
Sec. 10211. Judicial Review.
Sec. 10212. Effective Date.
Sec. 10213. Reduction of Preexisting Balances and Exclusion of Effects of this Act from PAYGO Scorecard.