Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/Order-in-Council, Customs, May 28, 1868 (2)

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Thursday, 28th day of May, 1868.


 Whereas it has been represented to His Excellency in Council, that the Rates of Toll imposed under existing Regulations upon Vessels and Goods passing through the Burlington Bay Canal, are proportionately higher than those established for other Canals in the Dominion, and it is expedient that the same should be reduced,—

His Excellency in Council on the recommendation of the Honorable the Minister of Customs, and under and in virtue of the authority given and conferred by the 58th Section of the Act 31 Vic. Cap. 12, intituled: "An Act respecting the Public Works of Canada," has been pleased to order, and it is hereby ordered, that on, from and after the First day of June next, and in lieu of any Tolls or dues which may have been by any Order in Council heretofore or authorized to be collected on the said Burlington Bay Canal, the Tolls and Dues enumerated and specified in the Schedule hereunto annexed, and forming part of this Order, shall be and they are hereby imposed and the collection thereof authorized in and upon the said Burlington Bay Canal under the authority of the Act above referred to.


Clerk Privy Council.


Each way
CLASS No. 1. cents.
Vessels—Steam. Per Ton. ¼
do. Sail do. ¼
CLASS No. 2.
Passengers, 21 years of age and upwards
Each. 1
do. under 21 years of age do. 1
CLASS No. 3.
Barley, Bricks, Cement, Clay, Coal, Corn, Gypsum, Ice, Iron (Railway, Pig, Scrap and Broken Castings), Lime, Manganese, Manures, Copper Ore, Sand, Salt, Slate, Stone (unwrought), and Wheat
Per Ton. 6
Apples, Potatoes, Oats, Pease, and Beans and all Agricultural products not enumerated and not being merchandize, Ashes, Beef, Bacon, Bones, Bran and Ship stuff, Broom, Corn, Cattle, Cotton (raw), Fish, Flax, Flour, Glass (window), Hay (pressed), Hams, Hogs, Horns and Hoofs, Horses, Iron, wrought in sheets, Bars or Forgings, Iron Castings, Junk, Lard and Lard Oil, Meals of all kinds, Marble, Nails, Oil in Barrels, Oil Cake, Pork, Rags, Rye, Seeds, (Flax, Clover and Grass), Sheep, Spikes, Stone (wrought), Tobacco (unmanufactured), and Tallow
Per Ton. 8
CLASS No. 5.
Agricultural Implements, Baggage of Settlers, Beer, Bees Wax, Biscuits, Butter, Carts, Chalk, Charcoal, Cheese, Cider, Coffee, Copperas, Crockery, Dye Woods, and Dye Stuffs, Earthenware, Furniture, Glassware, Hides and Skins, raw, Hemp, Mahogany, Manilla, Mo lasses, Oakum, Paint, Pitch, Rosin, Ships stores, Sleighs, Soda Ash, Steel, Stoneware, Sugar, Tar, Tin, Turpentine, Vinegar, Waggons, White Lead, Whiting, Whiskey, High Wines and Spirits, Wool
Per Ton. 10
CLASS No. 6.
All other Goods and Merchandize not enumerated
Per Ton. 8
CLASS No. 7.
Bark Per Ton 10
Barrels, empty each ½
Boat knees " 2
Floats, per 1,000 lineal feet M. 50
Fire wood per cord in Vessels. Cord. 8
do do in Rafts " 8
Hoops M. 8
Masts and Spars and Telegraph poles per ton of 40 cubic feet, in Vessels.
do do in Rafts 10
Railway Ties, in Vessels each. ¼
do in Rafts. " ½
Sawed stuff, boards, plank, scantling and sawed timber per M. board measure in Vessels.
do do in Rafts ..
Square timber in Vessels per M. Cubic feet. 25
do rafted, per M. " 50
Waggon stuff, wooden ware, and wood partly manufactured per ton of 40 cubic feet
Shingles Per M. 3
Split posts & fence rails, per M. in Ves. 15
do do do in Rafts. 30
Saw logs, each standard log Each. 2
Staves and Headings (Barrel) Per M. 5
dodo (Pipes) " 10
dodo (W. India) " 8
Traverses P. 100 p. 10
Hop Poles. P. 1,000 p. 50
Ottawa, May 28th, 1868.