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The reunited male and female workers in the city of Caracas, capital of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in the framework of the celebration of the first meeting of the Latin American Encounter of Recovered Companies for the workers for the Argentine Recovered Factories Movement, PIT-CNT of Uruguay, Occupied Factories Movement of Brazil and the National Union of Workers (UNT) of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela:

1 - Hereby reporting of the presence in this first Latin American meeting of representatives of male and female companions of Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, who through the years of struggle, pronounced by the constancy and hope, the confidence in our creative powers to recover for us and for our people, 235 production units throughout Latin America;

2 - Saluting the important presence of the male and female companions of the following syndical organizations of our Latin America: Workers' Centre of Argentina (CTA) and General Confederation of Workers (CGT) of the Argentine Republic; the Workers' Centre of Bolivia (COB), of the Republic of Bolivia; the Unified Workers' Centre (CUT) and the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) of the Republic of Colombia; the Unique Workers' Centre (CUT) of the Federative Republic of Brazil; the Workers' Centre of Ecuador (CTE), of the Republic of Ecuador; the National Workers' Centre of Panama (CGTP) of the Republic of Panama; la Workers' Centre of Haiti (CTH) of the Republic of Haiti; the General Workers' Centre of Peru (CGTP), the Unique Workers' Centre (CUT), and the Workers' Centre of Peru (CUT), all in the Republic of Peru; the National Workers Union (UNT), the Confederation of Autonomous Syndicates (CODESA), the Unified Workers' Centre of Venezuela (CUTV) and the General Confederation of Workers (CGT) of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela;

3 - Being grateful for the assistance and participation, in their roles as valuable guests, of the representatives of the governments and parliaments of the Argentine Republic, of the Republic of Bolivia, of the Federative Republic of Brazil, of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, and of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, as well as the Latin American Parliament, who are throughout this first Latin American meeting of the Encounter of Recovered Companies for the male and female workers, debating and analyzing the necessity of legislation on the proper instruments and procedures existing for the expropriation and nationalization, existing for the recuperation and reactivation of the factories under control and management of the workers, as well as on the public policy that they will advance, in urgent form, in the administrative order, commercial and financial, for facilitation for this sustainable generation of dgignified employment and quality;

4 - Declaring before this stage of exchange and collective learning among fraternal countries, our opposition to imperialist oppression on our people and the laws and values of free market and capitalism in its neoliberal phase, which have all condemned our people to the exclusion, poverty, and the strengthening of the unequal distribution of income and wealth, all under financial rules and institutions and trade, far from facilitating our emancipation and liberation from the problems that have plagued us for decades, being the cause and the origin of this depth, so far as to cause 220 million poor in Latin America;

5 - Therefore, reaffirming our commitment to achieve open and reactivation of all those companies that wish to be transferred, broken or threatening mass layoffs of workers, or have been closed or converted into idle assets by neoliberalism and its arrogant ruling class, always to the detriment of our workers, their legitimate rights and to the detriment of our people and the satisfaction of basic needs;

6 - Continuing to operate productive assets or reopening and reactivation of the companies or idle productive assets, under the leadership of the state and direction of workers, which also contributes to the regaining legitimacy and trust in democracy, immediately linking it to the will of the majority and the satisfaction of their needs, ensuring the right to enjoy a decent life;

7 - Reaffirming that companies recovered from the crisis caused by the imperialist plunder of our nation and its inhumane ruling class should be directed and managed by workers basing on mechanisms based on collective and/or public ownership;

8 - Manifesting that the companies taken over by workers and workers should be characterized by respect for labor rights of those who work in them, for the fulfillment of all the conquests of the working class and social contributions, allowing a harmonious and responsive to the communities where they are located and the country where they develop;

9 - Appreciating that the struggle of the companies recovered by the workers, besides being a fundamental instrument of struggle in defense of employment, and rights and national sovereignty and against social injustice, must be an instrument of control and integration of the peoples of Latin America, based in the common struggle against imperialistic oppression, defending the sovereignty of peoples and in defense of popular, democratic and national gains;

Under these conditions, and appreciating cultural and ethnic diversity of our peoples, agree on behalf of our recovered companies:

1 - To widely disseminate the conclusions and agreements reached in the discussion groups consisting of representatives of the companies taken over by workers and women workers by trade unions of different countries attending this 1st Latin American Encounter, which form part of this commitment;

2 - To create a mechanism to coordinate the different companies recovered under the control of male and female workers, the first working meeting will take place March 2006 in Caracas;

3 - To establish exchange agreements and complementarity in the field of education and training of human resources of the working class of the transfer of goods, raw materials and technology to help support the fight in defense of employment, and industrial park national sovereignty and promote integration between workers of different countries, ensuring the unity and welfare of our peoples;

4 - To take union-based ownership of the demands, struggles and mobilizations of workers engaged in the recovery and revitalization of companies, taking with revolutionary consequences nationalization, workers' control and the emancipation of labor against capital and patterns;

5 - To demand that governments draft framework law on companies recovered by workers, while performing in their own countries the impetus of laws that allow, in this way, the protection of decent and sustainable jobs;

6 - To propose to the governments of our countries, the creation of a special fund and financial guarantee up gift funds from states in the form of seed capital to finance recovery projects and revival of enterprises controlled by workers, up a bank of inputs and raw materials, and technology refresh plans;

7 - To request the governments of our countries the establishment of infrastructure and communication means, to facilitate the exchange of raw materials and finished products by the companies recovered under workers' control;

8 - To request the governments of our countries, the creation, expansion or strengthening of institutions and / or specific programs for the rehabilitation or upgrading of the companies recovered by the male and female workers, likely to improve aspects of occupational safety and mitigating environmental impact on the environments in which they are located;

9 - To ask the parliaments of our countries to adopt legal instruments, including regulatory reforms expeditiously to enable the declaration of public utility or social interest of the business assets idle, as well as expropriation and nationalization, provided that their use and administration place for workers, ensure them decent jobs and quality, to facilitate the reconstitution of productive chains and networks and ensure the production of basic goods and services for our people.

10 - To celebrate the Second Latin American Meeting of Recovered Companies by the Workers in July 2006 in Caracas.

In the heat of the agreements, we reaffirm our recognition of all trade union representatives present as well as th representatives of governments and parliaments which have participated in the Latin American meeting of Recovered Companies and Workers Women Workers.

We offer thanks, finally, to the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, his government and the Venezuelan people, their commitment to the struggles that the people of Latin America are fighting for dignity and social justice, against imperialist oppression and national sovereignty, demonstrating that it is possible to open the door to another world and a new society.

In the Bolivarian Revolution, we who have survived and seek the defeat of imperialism, we say that integration is essential today for the bases of our peoples, integration based on the right to self-determination and national sovereignty, making Bolivar's sword continue to visit our Latin America, to achieve the great nation that proclaimed our liberators.

Caracas, 29 of October 2005