Carols for Christmas-tide/Royal Day that chasest gloom

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"Royal Day that chasest gloom."

1.Royal Day that chasest gloom,
Day by gladness speeded:
Thou beheld'st from Mary's Womb
How the King proceeded:

Very God, Who made the sky,
Set the sun and stars on high,
Heav'n and earth sustaining:
Very Man, Who freely bare
Toil and sorrow, woe and care,
Man's salvation gaining.

2.As the sunbeam through the glass
Passeth, but not staineth;
Thus the Virgin, as she was,
Virgin still remaineth;

Blessed Mother! in whose womb
Lay the Light that exiles gloom,
God to earth descending:
Blessed Maid! whose spotless breast
Gives the King of Glory rest,
Nurture, warmth, and tending:

3. Christ, Who mad'st us out of dust,
Breath and spirit giving:
Christ, from Whose dear steps we must
Pattern take of living:

Christ, Who camest once to save
From the curse and from the grave,
Healing, light'ning, cheering:
Christ, Who now wast made as we,
Grant that we may be like Thee
In Thy next appearing!