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In developed countries, there is no alternative to multiparty democracy. - Les Campbell, 2001

Political party internal governance statements by individuals or groups. Includes internal governance resolutions and directives, procedures and constitutions, interesting court cases and Resignations, rulings on internal elections and candidate nominations, funding disputes, relationships between the party's own governance and the conduct of the government, and anything relevant to the conduct of these under-studied organs in our society.

This category does not includes resolutions passed by groups that have both a political and military wing or that have a history of militant actions, as the governance of the democratic wing of the movement will invariably be different. Documents detailing the difference between the two, such as how Sinn Fein differs from the IRA, or how Hamas manages its parliamentary wing and social action wings, are however of interest, if the association is explicit.

See also Category:Political party policy resolutions.

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