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A writer frequently quoted on Spanish-Mexican history; b. at Guadalajara in Mexico, 21 January, 1729, he entered the Society of Jesus, 14 January, 1758, and went to Italy with the other members of the order after their expulsion from Mexico in 1767. An important chronicle of events from the date of the conquest of Mexico (1521) to the year 1767, which Cavo wrote for the municipality of the City of Mexico, Bustamente asserts was composed after his expatriation and while at Rome. From considerations of delicacy Cavo desisted from after the work after his order had been expelled from Mexico. He has preserved and co-ordinated a large number of facts that are found nowhere else. Bustamenete edited and continued the chronicle to 1836, bit not with the impartiality of Cavo. The book was published at Jalapa in Mexico in 1870.

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