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From volume 9 of the work.

Reigned 942-946; died in April or May, 946. A Roman, and a cardinal of the title of St. Ciriacus, he was one of the popes placed on the throne of St. Peter by the power of Alberic, Prince of the Romans, and who, though virtuous "durst not put their hands to anything without his permissions." Consequently Marinus II made little impression on the world. In an unassuming manner he worked for reform-abroad by his legates, at home by his own exertions. He also favoured that monastic development which had already set in, and which through the influence especially of the Congregation of Cluny, was to reform Europe. He is also said to have devoted himself to the repair of the basilicas, and to the care of the poor.

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Horace K. Mann.