Census reports Tenth census. June 1, 1880, Volume 4

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STATISTICS OF LErrTER OF TRANSMITTAL. Department Of The Interior, Census Office, Washington, D. 0., May 18, 1883. Hon. С. W. Seaton, Superintendent of Сепии«. Sie: I have the honor to submit herewith the reports upon the traffic and tiscal operations, and the physical characteristics of the railroads of the United States. These reports were prepared by me in accordance with your instructions, from the statistical data collected by the Tenth Census from the different railroad corporations existing in the census year 1880. Accompanying arc the tables which exhibit in detail the compilation of both the traffic and fiscal operations, and the physical characteristics. The statistical collections regarding the railroads in the United States having already been made, the duty which devolved on me was that of compilation, the extracting of results, and the preparation of tables of comparisons, and a report upon the whole work. The contents of the report ou the physical characteristics are the results derived from the tabulations prepared by Frank P. White, of Washington, D. С., to whom credit is due for the careful collection, compilation, and tabulation of the data.therein included. It has been my endeavor to give as full and complete an exhibit of the railroad system in the United States as could practically be made in the condensed form made necessary by the limited space. All the tables of results and comparisons are based upon the actual figures reported by the different corporations and as exhibited by the detail tables, and only such comments were included as pertain to the facts established and were deemed necessary for the purpose of giving a comprehensive review of the manifold parts which make up our vast railroad system and its management. Very respectfully, your obedient servant. ABM IN E. SHU M AN, Expert. tl

IN GENERAL. VIII. In cases where two or шоге corporations, operating separately and distinctly their own or other roads for part of the year next preceding the date of the report, become during the year consolidated, either through lease or sale, so that for the balance of the year the roads are operated under one management, a report will be expected from each of the corporations for the period of its separate operation, and a report from the consolidated corporation operating for the balance of the year. In all cases where roads pass into different hands during the year, as, for instance, from ownership to lessees or receivers, and rice rerea, n separate report from each management during the time thereof will be expected, the object being in all cases to get a complete year's report of the operations of every road. FRANCIS A. WALKER, Supei-ininident of Census.