Chinese Without a Teacher (1922)/The Tourist

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Come! Li!
Come here! 這兒來 Cher li!
Make haste! 快快 K‘wi k‘wi!
Why don't you come? 你為甚麼不來 Nee way shummo poo li!
I can't wait 我不能等 Waw poo nung tung.
It's getting late 天不早 T‘e-enn poo dzow.
I want to be off 我要走 Waw yow dzo.
Where are you going? 你上 Nee shahng nar?
To Peking 我上北京 Waw shahng Payching.
When do you start? 你多喒起身 Nee taw dzahn ch‘ee shun?
I start to-day 我今天起身 Waw chint‘e-enn ch‘ee shun.
Have you hired your carts? 你僱了車沒有 Nee koolayow ch‘aw mayo?
I am going by boat 我坐船 Waw dzaw ch‘wahn.
Boy! hire two boats 來,僱兩隻船 Boy! koo layangchirp ch‘wahn.
How much does the boatman want? 戶要多少錢 Chwahnhoo yow taw show ch‘e-enn.
Seven dollars 七塊錢 Ch‘ee k‘wi ch‘e-enn.
This isn't a good boat 這個船不好 Chayka ch‘wahn poo how.
How far are we from Peking? 北京離這兒多遠 Payching lee cher taw yüahn?
Is my baggage stowed away on board? 行李都裝在船上沒有 Shing-leeto jwongdzi ch‘wahnshahng mayo?
How many boxes are there? 有多少箱子 Yo taw show sheeang dza?
When shall we get to Peking? 幾兒到北京 Chee-er tow Payching?
It isn't certain 不一定 Poo yee ting.
Is the wind fair? 有順風沒有 Yo shoon fung mayo?
How many boatmen are there? 有多少水手 Yo taws how shooey-sho?
I shall go by rail 我要坐火車 Waw yow dzaw hwaw-ch‘aw.
It is quicker by rail 火車快 Hwaw-ch‘aw k‘wi
This cart is dirty 這個車腌臢 Chayka ch‘aw ahdzah.
Your animals are bad 你的牲口不好 Neety shungk‘o poo how.
What's your name?
(1) To an inferior
(2) To an equal
(1) 你姓甚麼
(2) 貴姓
(1) Nee shing shummo?
(2) Kway shing?
I'll give you five dollars 我給你五塊錢 Waw kay nee woo k‘wi ch‘e-enn.
I will give you wine-money besides 還要給你酒錢 Hi yow kay nee cheeoo ch‘e-enn.
Go on quickly! 快走罷 K‘wi dzo-pah!
Call my servant 呌跟班的來 Cheeow kunpahnty li.
Has he come back? 他回來了沒有 T‘ah hooey-li-lamayo?
I want to wash my face 我要洗臉 Waw yow shee lay-enn.
Bring some water 拿水來 Nah shooey li.
I don't want hot water 不要熱水 Poo yow raw shooey.
Bring me a piece of soap 拿一塊胰子 Nah yee k‘wi yeedza.
I haven't a towel 沒有毛巾 Mayo sho-cheen.
It's all in the bag 都在口袋裏頭 To dzi k‘o-ti leet‘o
Shut the window 關上窓戶 Kwahn-shahng ch‘wong-hoo.
Open the door 開門 K‘i mun.
Pour me out a glass of water 給我倒一杯水 Kay waw tow yee pay shooey.
Get me a chair [not a sedan] 拿一隻椅子 Nah ye jahng yeedza.
Bring me a light 拿火來 Nah hwaw li.
Make a fire 弄火 Loong hwaw.
Bring me a cigar 拿烟捲兒來 Nah yen-chüar li.
I want to have chow-chow now 現在要吃飯 Shendzi yow ch‘irp fahn.
I want beef; I don't want pork 要牛肉不要猪肉 Yow new-ro; poo yow joo-ro.
Is there good mutton to be had? 有好羊肉沒有 Yo how yahng-ro mayo?
I also want some fruit 還要菓子 Hi yow kwo-dza.
Have you any bread? 有麵包沒有 Yo me-enpow mayo?
Bring the potatoes 拿山藥豆兒 Nah shahn-yow-tor.
Open a bottle of wine 開一瓶酒 K‘i yee p‘ing cheeoo.
Where's the corkscrew? 螺絲在 Law-saw dzi nar?
Make some tea 起茶 Ch‘ee ch‘ah.
Bring me a teacup 拿茶碗來 Nah ch‘ah-wahn li
Put that outside 把這個擱在外頭 Pah chayka, kawdzi wi-t‘o
I don't want this 不要這個 Poo yow chayka.
That's not good 那個不好 Nahka poo how.
This plate is dirty 這個盤子腌臢 Chayka p‘ahndza ah-dzah.
Get me a clean one 換一個新的 Hwahn yeeka sheenty.
Bring me a knife 拿一把刀子 Nah yee pah towdza.
Bring me a fork 拿一把鍤子 Nah yee pah ch‘ahdza.