Chip, of the Flying U

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Chip, of the Flying U  (1906) 
by B. M. Bower

Book #1 in the Flying U series: the book introduced readers to the fictional Flying U Ranch and the "Happy Family" of cowboys who lived there. The story line centers on a cowboy named Chip and his relationship with Dr. Della Whitmore, a self-reliant doctor from the East who "can shoot a coyote, laugh off a hazing, doctor a horse, and turn cowboys into pediatric orderlies." The book was adapted for film four times. Excerpted from B. M. Bowers on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

“Gosh, I’d like to give her a real warm reception,” said Jack Bates (who had been told that the “Old Man’s” sister was due to arrive), who had a reputation for mischief. “I know them Eastern folks, down t’ the ground. They think cow-punchers wear horns. Yes, they do. They think we’re holy terrors that eat with our six-guns beside our plates—and the like of that. They make me plum tired. I’d like to—wish we knew her brand.”

“I can tell you that,” said Chip, cynically. “There’s just two bunches to choose from. There’s the Sweet Young Things, that faint away at sight of a six-shooter, and squawk and catch at your arm if they see a garter snake, and blush if you happen to catch their eye suddenly, and cry if you don’t take off your hat every time you see them a mile off.”

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CHIP of the


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Chip of the flying U Issued April 1906


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