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CALIFORNIA, UNIVERSITY OF, a non-sectarian coeducational seat of learning in Berkeley, Cal. The undergraduate department is located at Berkeley, 9 miles from San Francisco; the astronomical department and Lick Observatory at Hamilton, Santa Clara co., and the professional schools at San Francisco. Tuition is free. The principal benefactor of the university, from 1896, was Mrs. Phœbe A. Hearst, widow of Senator Hearst. Her gifts reach millions of dollars. As a result of these and other resources of endowment, the institution has become one of the richest of American universities.

In the fall of 1919 there were 5,276 men and 4,002 women enrolled as students. The teaching staff had 696 members. There were 458,000 bound volumes and 185,000 pamphlets in the library. David P. Barrows, Ph. D., professor of Political Science at the university, was elected President of the institution, to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Dr. Benjamin Ide Wheeler in June, 1919.