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KOROLENKO, VLADIMIR, a Russian author. He was born at Jitomir in 1853 and was educated at Jitomir, Rovno, the Technological Institute, Petrograd; Moscow Agricultural Academy. He was banished to Vologda, settled in Kronstadt, and returned to Petrograd in 1877. He was banished to Glasov, then to Berezovskava-pochinka; imprisoned in Viatka, moved to Tomsk and to Perm in 1880. He then went to Yakutsk and settled in Nijni-Novgorod in 1885. He went to Petrograd in 1896, and since 1900 has been associated with the editing of the journal "Russkoe Bogatshbo." His works include: "Makar's Dream"; "In the Hunger-Year"; "The History of a Contemporary of Mine"; "The Blind Musician"; "Without Speech"; and three volumes of tales and sketches.