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WISE, ISAAC MAYER, a Jewish rabbi; born in Bohemia, April 3, 1819; settled in New York City in 1846. He resided in Cincinnati, O., after 1854, and became president of the Hebrew Union College. He was a leader of the reform movement in American Judaism; and besides editing the “Israelite,” a weekly journal, he wrote extensively. Among his works are: “History of the Israelitish Nation” (1854); “Essence of Judaism” (1860); “Judaism: Its Doctrines and Duties” (1862); “The Martyrdom of Jesus of Nazareth” (1874); “The Cosmic God” (1876); “History of the Hebrews' Second Commonwealth” (1880); “Judaism and Christianity” (1883); “Pronaos to Holy Writ” (1891); etc. He died in 1900.