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BROWNING, ROBERT, an English poet, born in Camberwell, May 7, 1812. His first dramatic poem, “Pauline,” which appeared anonymously in 1833, was followed two years later by “Paracelsus,” “Strafford” (1837); “Sordello” (1840), and a series of plays and dramatic lyrics under the title of “Bells and Pomegranates” (1841-1846). In 1846 he married Elizabeth Barrett, and resided in Florence until her death in 1861, when he returned to London. “The Ring and the Book” was published in 1869. His other works include “Christmas Eve and Easter Day” (1850); “Men and Women” (1855); “Dramatis Personæ” (1864); “Balaustion's Adventure” (1871); “Fifine at the Fair” (1872); “Red-Cotton Nightcap Country” (1873); “Dramatic Idylls” (1879-1880); “Jocoseria” (1883); “Ferishtah's Fancies” (1884); and “Parleyings with Certain People of Importance in their Day” (1887). He died in Venice, Dec. 12, 1889.

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