Constitution of Thailand (2007)/Chapter 4

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Section 70. Every person shall have a duty to protect and uphold the Nation, religions, the King and the democratic regime of government with the King as Head of the State under this Constitution.

Section 71. Every person shall have a duty to defend the country, safeguard national interests and obey the law.

Section 72. Every person shall have a duty to exercise his or her right to vote at an election.

The person who attends an election for voting or fails to attend an election for voting without notifying a reasonable cause of such failure shall acquire or lose such rights as provided by law.

The notification of the cause of failure to attend an election and the provision of facilities for attendance thereat shall be in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Section 73. Every person shall have a duty to serve in armed forces, render assistance in the prevention and alleviation of public hazards, pay taxes and duties, render assistance to the official service, receive education and training, safeguard, protect and pass on national arts, culture and local knowledge and conserve natural resources and the environment, as provided for by law.

Section 74. A Government official, official or employee of a Government agency, a State agency, a State enterprise or other State official shall have a duty to act in compliance with the law in order to protect public interests, and provide convenience and services to the public in accordance with the good governance principle.

In performing the duty and other acts relating to the public, the persons under paragraph one shall be politically impartial. In the case where the persons under paragraph one neglect or fail to perform the duties under paragraph one or paragraph two, the interested person shall have the right to request the persons under paragraph one or their superiors to give explanations and reasons and request them to act in compliance with the provisions of paragraph one or paragraph two.