Contracts Awarded by the CPA

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Scope of Work Solicitation No. Contract No. Date of Award Price
Turbine Oil DABV01-03-Q-2114 DABV01-04-M-2111 1-Jan-04 $61,102.00
Repair Hal Al Wasety Road DABV01-03-R-3076 DABV01-03-C-3053 1-Jan-04 $177,900.00
Repair Road - Omall to Tayran DABV01-03-R-3079 DABV01-03-C-3054 1-Jan-04 $93,000.00
Repair Taza Police Station DABV01-03-R-3086 DABV01-03-C-3052 1-Jan-04 $21,258.00
Domis Road Lighting DABV01-03-R-3221 DABV01-03-C-3057 1-Jan-04 $8,900.00
Rehab Kirkuk Fire Station #2 DABV01-03-R-3222 DABV01-03-C-3058 1-Jan-04 $11,857.00
RADIO STUDIO CONSTRUCTION- HILLA DABV01-04-R-8003 DABV01-04-M-8003 2-Jan-04 $152,300.00
Pumps, vertical circulation, water DABV01-03-Q-2038 DABV01-04-M-2113 3-Jan-04 $483,873.00
Gould pumps DABV01-03-Q-2051 DABV01-03-M-2112 3-Jan-04 $38,025.00
Sulpheric Acid Transfer and Unloading pumps DABV01-03-Q-2091 DABV01-04-M-2117 3-Jan-04 $21,100.00
Outage Work Tools DABV01-03-Q-2196 DABV01-04-M-2115 3-Jan-04 $21,706.00
Ultra Coolant, Synthetic SSR Lubricant DABV01-03-Q-2206 DABV01-04-M-2116 3-Jan-04 $3,908.00
lighting arresters DABV01-03-Q-2234 DABV01-03-M-2119 3-Jan-04 $29,074.91
Battery Chargers DABV01-03-Q-2251 DABV01-04-M-2118 3-Jan-04 $52,707.00
Asaige Project DABV01-03-Q-3126 DABV01-03-M-3154 3-Jan-04 $5,000.00
Tawella Computers DABV01-03-Q-3127 DABV01-03-M-3155 3-Jan-04 $5,000.00
Serwan Computers DABV01-03-Q-3128 DABV01-03-M-3156 3-Jan-04 $5,000.00
Said Sadiq Computers DABV01-03-Q-3129 DABV01-03-M-3157 3-Jan-04 $5,000.00
15 Police Vehicles DABV01-03-Q-5157 DABV01-04-M-5002 3-Jan-04 $180,000.00
15 Police Vehicles (combined w/SIS 0362) DABV01-03-Q-5157 DABV01-04-M-5002 3-Jan-04 $180,000.00
Refurbishment of Kirkuk Univ DABV01-03-R-3065 DABV01-03-C-3055 3-Jan-04 $99,973.00
Summayl Electrical Distribution DABV01-03-R-3140 DABV01-03-C-3062 3-Jan-04 $182,927.00
Winter Jackets for Kirkuk Police DABV01-03-R-3224 DABV01-03-C-3056 3-Jan-04 $150,000.00
Trucks for ICDC N/A DABV01-04-C-0036 3-Jan-04 $10,625,350.00
Renovation of Sa'Adia Hospital DABV01-03-R-3007 DABV01-03-C-3046 4-Jan-04 $116,250.00
Al Abrara (2) Water Treatment DABV01-03-R-3054 DABV01-03-C-3049 4-Jan-04 $33,550.00
Braem Day Care Renovation DABV01-03-R-3225 DABV01-04-C-3001 4-Jan-04 $105,215.00
BUILDING DEMOLITION DABV01-04-R-8016 DABV01-04-M-8016 4-Jan-04 $491,000.00
Drinking Water Distr Station (Basrah) [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5025 5-Jan-04 $116,935.00
Drinking Water Distr Station (Basrah) [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5026 5-Jan-04 $99,270.00
Hamden Sewage Works Filter Beds [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5027 5-Jan-04 $19,440.00
Misc. GE Parts DABV01-03-Q-2013 DABV01-04-M-2125 5-Jan-04 $3,203,217.13
UPS DABV01-03-Q-2194 DABV01-04-M-2120 5-Jan-04 $71,000.00
Flexible Boroscope DABV01-03-Q-2247 DABV01-04-M-2121 5-Jan-04 $17,500.00
Sewage Vacuum Trucks Phase I/II DABV01-03-Q-5132 DABV01-04-M-5029 5-Jan-04 $282,883.00
COMPUTERS- HILLA UNIVERSITY DABV01-04-R-8005 DABV01-04-M-8005 5-Jan-04 $32,180.00
FURNITURE FOR RADIO STATION DABV01-04-R-8020 DABV01-04-M-8020 5-Jan-04 $17,550.00
Cell Phones for Interim Council N/A DABV01-04-M-5028 5-Jan-04 $31,371.00
Said Sadiq Internet DABV01-03-Q-3130 DABV01-03-M-3158 6-Jan-04 $3,500.00
Replc. Electrodes DABV01-03-Q-2174 DABV01-04-M-2126 7-Jan-04 $68,832.00
Temperature Transmitters DABV01-03-Q-2242 DABV01-04-M-2123 7-Jan-04 $8,453.00
FUEL SYSTEM REPAIR DABV01-04-R-8006 DABV01-04-M-8006 7-Jan-04 $45,000.00
TRIBAL DEMOCRACY CENTER- NAJAF DABV01-04-R-8021 DABV01-04-M-8021 7-Jan-04 $164,375.00
TRIBAL DEMOCRACY CENTER- KARBALA DABV01-04-R-8022 DABV01-04-M-8022 7-Jan-04 $86,385.00
REGIONAL TRIBAL DEMOCRACY CENTER DABV01-04-R-8023 DABV01-04-M-8023 7-Jan-04 $497,500.00
RAILROAD CROSSING DABV01-04-R-8026 DABV01-04-M-8026 7-Jan-04 $5,600.00
MUSASAYIB AUX. WATER TREATMENT DABV01-04-R-8061 DABV-01-04-M-8061 7-Jan-04 $34,500.00
JAMJAH ROAD PROJECT DABV01-04-R-8217 DABV01-04-M-8217 7-Jan-04 $62,920.00
Water Treatment Chemicals DABV01-03-Q-2061 DABV01-04-M-2127 8-Jan-04 $11,370.00
SDMO DABV01-03-Q-2224 DABV01-04-M-2114 8-Jan-04 $381,338.00
Haweejah Region Security Equip N/A DABV01-03-M-3068 8-Jan-04 $5,000.00
Motor for Scanner Air Fans DABV01-03-Q-2030 DABV01-04-M-2124 9-Jan-04 $3,992.00
Flow nozzles DABV01-03-Q-2239 DABV01-04-M-2122 9-Jan-04 $453,576.00
SPECIALTY ELEC TOOLS NAJAF DABV01-04-M-8045 DABV01-04-M-8045 9-Jan-04 $13,438.00
SPECIALTY ELEC TOOLS HILLA DABV01-04-M-8046 DABV01-04-M-8046 9-Jan-04 $27,273.00
AL KAWTHER HEALTH CENTER DABV01-04-R-8038 DABV01-04-M-8038 9-Jan-04 $6,900.00
MOHAMMAD BORDAN HAMZA DABV01-04-R-8039 DABV01-04-M-8039 9-Jan-04 $6,850.00
AL THAWBA HEALTH CENTER DABV01-04-R-8040 DABV01-04-M-8040 9-Jan-04 $8,778.00
14 JULY HEALTH CENTER DABV01-04-R-8041 DABV01-04-M-8041 9-Jan-04 $9,484.00
BABIL CLINIC DABV01-04-R-8042 DABV01-04-M-8042 9-Jan-04 $8,572.00
TB CENTER DABV01-04-R-8043 DABV01-04-M-8043 9-Jan-04 $8,100.00
HANDICAPPED CENTER DABV01-04-R-8044 DABV01-04-M-8044 9-Jan-04 $23,194.00
Hig prs. Pumps DABV01-03-Q-2033 DABV01-04-M-2134 10-Jan-04 $9,750.00
Pressure Switches and Connection Adapters DABV01-03-Q-2042 DABV01-04-M-2133 10-Jan-04 $6,078.00
Tech rep Dibis DABV01-03-Q-2078 DABV01-04-M-2131 10-Jan-04 $10,800.00
BLDG PRIMARY CENTRE Ar RUMAYTHAH DABV01-03-Q-5143 DABV01-04-M-5032 10-Jan-04 $46,163.00
Al Madaan Primary School N/A DABV01-04-M-5030 10-Jan-04 $12,935.00
Tuz Region Supplies and Equip N/A DABV01-03-M-3101 11-Jan-04 $5,000.00
FPS CLOTHING DABV01-04-R-8002 DABV01-04-M-8002 11-Jan-04 $117,811.75
Abu Pschute Irrigation System (RI) [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5034 12-Jan-04 $49,383.00
Um Al Fisheg Irrigation Channel (RI) [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5034 12-Jan-04 $9,009.00
Maysan Agricultural Bank Rehabilitation (RI) [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5034 12-Jan-04 $23,688.00
Al Kahla CourthoUSAe Rehabilitation (RI) [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5034 12-Jan-04 $17,490.00
Qala Salih CourthoUSAe Rehabilitation (RI) [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5034 12-Jan-04 $18,995.00
Ali Al Gharbi CourthoUSAe Rehabilitation (RI) [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5034 12-Jan-04 $26,459.00
Al Amarah Technical Institute – Mech (RI) [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5034 12-Jan-04 $92,981.00
Al Amarah Technical Institute – Shops (RI) [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5034 12-Jan-04 $53,379.00
Aluminum dosing pump DABV01-03-Q-2001 DABV01-04-M-2128 12-Jan-04 $10,840.00
Seal Oil Pumps DABV01-03-Q-2052 DABV01-04-M-2137 12-Jan-04 $2,416,581.00
Traveling Water Screen Parts DABV01-03-Q-2056 DABV01-04-M-2130 12-Jan-04 $75,973.00
Heaters for Power Plant DABV01-03-Q-2097 DABV01-04-M-2129 12-Jan-04 $22,460.00
Portable Heating Treatment systems DABV01-03-Q-2262 DABV01-04-M-2136 12-Jan-04 $25,759.00
Uniforms Verbal DABV01-04-M-0001 12-Jan-04 $38,000.00
Container Buildings for IRPS [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5033 13-Jan-04 $66,190.00
Ammo Movement from Jordan DABV01-04-Q-0001 DABV01-04-M-0015 13-Jan-04 $129,000.00
Kirkuk Police Tires and Batteries DABV01-03-Q-3040 DABV01-03-M-3048 13-Jan-04 $10,000.00
Baqubah Lighting Project DABV01-03-Q-3093 DABV01-04-M-3121 14-Jan-04 $3,600.00
Technicial Institute (Rehab) DABV01-03-Q-5074 DABV01-04-M-5035 14-Jan-04 $50,621.00
Al Khalis Water Treatment Plant DABV01-03-R-3056 DABV01-04-C-3003 14-Jan-04 $175,000.00
KARBALA GOVT BUILDING REPAIR DABV01-04-R-8029 DABV01-04-M-8029 14-Jan-04 $109,000.00
AL HINDYA YOUTH CENTER ROOF REPAIR DABV01-04-R-8047 DABV01-04-M-8047 14-Jan-04 $30,600.00
AL HAYDERIA POLICE STATION DABV01-04-R-8059 DABV01-04-M-8059 14-Jan-04 $41,300.00
AZ-ZEHAWI SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8060 DABV01-04-M-8060 14-Jan-04 $74,275.00
Al ZAHRAWi Hospital N/A DABV01-04-M-5031 14-Jan-04 $59,885.00
FIRE AND POLICE PICKUPS DABV01-04-R-8008 DABV01-04-M-8008 14-Jan-04 $412,800.00
SPECIALTY ELEC TOOLS NAJAF DABV01-04-R-8045 DABV01-04-M-8045 14-Jan-04 $13,438.00
Samawah Youth Center Refurb [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5012 15-Jan-04 $43,341.00
Pneumatic Transducers and Controllers DABV01-03-Q-2023 DABV01-04-M-2139 15-Jan-04 $81,558.00
Kirkuk-Salah Ad Din Road Repair DABV01-03-R-3080 DABV01-04-C-3005 15-Jan-04 $178,750.00
Turkish Market Asphalt Repair DABV01-03-R-3083 DABV01-04-C-3006 15-Jan-04 $100,000.00
Kirkuk-Baghdad Road Diversion DABV01-03-R-3084 DABV01-04-C-3004 15-Jan-04 $63,000.00
Kirkuk 5-Dist Sewage Renovation DABV01-03-R-3223 DABV01-04-C-3002 15-Jan-04 $167,615.00
Complete Valve Actuators DABV01-04-Q-2283 DABV01-04-M-2138 15-Jan-04 $59,600.00
SEWER TRUCK DABV01-03-R-8167 DABV01-03-M-8167 15-Jan-04 $18,200.00
Mosul Recruiting Center Meals DABV01-04-Q-3008 DABV01-04-M-3008 16-Jan-04 $613.00
SPECIALTY ELEC TOOLS HILLA DABV01-04-R-8046 DABV01-04-M-8046 16-Jan-04 $27,273.00
Food Delivery DABV01- 04-Q-0001 DABV01-04-M-0016 17-Jan-04 $16,400.00
Overcurrent Relays DABV01-03-Q-2104 DABV01-04-M-2132 17-Jan-04 $33,060.18 GENERATOR DABV01-04-R-8063 DABV01-03-M-8063 17-Jan-04 $95,000.00
CLASSROOM CONSTRUCTION- HILLA ACEADEMY DABV01-04-R-8064 DABV01-03-M-8064 17-Jan-04 $470,800.00
BUSA Transportation N/A DABV01-04-M-0007 17-Jan-04 $250,000.00
Overcurrent & Earth Relays DABV01-03-Q-2058 DABV01-04-M-2152 18-Jan-04 $36,444.00
Stainless Steel Shims DABV01-03-Q-2260 DABV01-04-M-2147 18-Jan-04 $13,711.00
Parts for GE Frame 5 CombUSAtion Turbine at Shuaiba DABV01-04-Q-2286 DABV01-04-M-2151 18-Jan-04 $36,694.00
RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter DABV01-04-Q-2288 DABV01-04-M-2148 18-Jan-04 $3,204.00
ICDC Winter Jackets DABV01-04-Q-3006 DABV01-04-M-3006 18-Jan-04 $43,500.00
Bathroom/Latrine for Mosul Rec DABV01-04-R-3027 DABV01-04-C-3023 18-Jan-04 $40,970.00
AL JABOOR SCHOOL- KIFL DABV01-04-R-8065 DABV01-04-M-8065 18-Jan-04 $49,795.00
JUAD AWAD MOHAMED MEETING HALL- KIFL DABV01-04-R-8066 DABV01-04-M-8066 18-Jan-04 $37,496.00
GPS for IDP Monitoring Teams N/A DABV01-03-M-3105 18-Jan-04 $2,500.00
RO Water Tank [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5036 19-Jan-04 $40,000.00
Generator for Raheed Ashar Bank [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5043 19-Jan-04 $18,000.00
Boiler Feedwater Pumps DABV01-03-Q-2173 DABV01-04-M-2090 19-Jan-04 $586,467.00
Boiler Tubes DABV01-03-Q-2213 DABV01-04-M-2158 19-Jan-04 $4,746,000.00
Traffic Police HQ - Basrah DABV01-03-Q-5149 DABV01-04-M-5041 19-Jan-04 $15,579.00
Barah Police HQ DABV01-03-Q-5150 DABV01-04-M-5040 19-Jan-04 $79,122.00
Umm Qasr Fire Station - Basrah DABV01-03-Q-5151 DABV01-04-M-5042 19-Jan-04 $43,968.00
Furniture N/A DABV01-04-M-0001 19-Jan-04 $7,537.50
Hand Held Metal Detectors DABV01-03-Q-0119 DABV01-04-M-0005 20-Jan-04 $3,040.00
Cadet Equipment DABV01-03-Q-0119 DABV01-04-M-0006 20-Jan-04 $536,272.00
HILLAH TRIBAL DEMOCRACY CENTER DABV01-04-R-8067 DABV01-04-M-8067 20-Jan-04 $103,311.00
Gas Turbine Nozzle Rings DABV01-03-Q-0041 DABV01-04-M-2163 21-Jan-04 $53,339.00
Helium Leak Testing DABV01-03-Q-2008 DABV01-04-M-2162 21-Jan-04 $91,500.00
Hydraulic Jacks DABV01-03-Q-2040 DABV01-04-M-2014 21-Jan-04 $4,566.42
Supply Voltage DABV01-03-Q-2244 DABV01-04-M-2157 21-Jan-04 $38,436.00
Gland Packing for Pumps DABV01-03-Q-2259 DABV01-04-M-2156 21-Jan-04 $135,500.00
Signal Converter/Isolater DABV01-04-Q-2291 DABV01-04-M-2161 21-Jan-04 $1,402.00
Hawija Police Equipment N/A DABV01-03-M-3102 21-Jan-04 $4,281.00
Nationality Cards Vendor Quotes DABV01-04-M-0004 21-Jan-04 $112,500.00
ReligioUSA Tourism Visas Vendor Quotes DABV01-04-M-0004 21-Jan-04 $9,000.00
Supply Relays DABV01-04-Q-2163 DABV01-04-M-2266 21-Jan-04 $22,080.00
Concrete Walkway in Khormal DABV01-03-R-3026 DABV01-04-C-3009 22-Jan-04 $75,400.00
Renovate Halabja ICU DABV01-03-R-3185 DABV01-04-C-3013 22-Jan-04 $192,850.25
Construct Retaining Wall DABV01-03-R-3192 DABV01-04-C-3014 22-Jan-04 $48,250.00
Renovate Municipal Building DABV01-03-R-3197 DABV01-04-C-3012 22-Jan-04 $51,928.00
Renovate Middle School DABV01-03-R-3.00 DABV01-04-C-3021 22-Jan-04 $48,107.00
Repair Sewage Line in Khormal DABV01-03-R-3201 DABV01-04-C-3017 22-Jan-04 $209,250.00
Concrete Stair for road in Khormal DABV01-03-R-3203 DABV01-04-C-3010 22-Jan-04 $47,575.00
Renovate Nursery School DABV01-03-R-3207 DABV01-04-C-3019 22-Jan-04 $9,800.00
Renovate Children Activity Center DABV01-03-R-3208 DABV01-04-C-3011 22-Jan-04 $10,947.00
Renovate Khormal Children Center DABV01-03-R-3209 DABV01-04-C-3016 22-Jan-04 $12,844.00
Masker & Kanishehk Clinic Ren DABV01-03-R-3210 DABV01-04-C-3015 22-Jan-04 $27,012.00
Construct Playground & Fence DABV01-03-R-3212 DABV01-04-C-3020 22-Jan-04 $7,044.00
Tuz Computer and Printer DABV01-04-Q-3025 DABV01-04-M-3027 22-Jan-04 $10,000.00
Repair of Generator DABV01-04-Q-3026 DABV01-04-M-3028 22-Jan-04 $310.00
INTERNET SYSTEM-UNIV DABV01-04-R-8062 DABV01-04-M-8062 22-Jan-04 $13,380.00
AL RAMADI TRIBAL DEMOCRACY CENTER DABV01-04-R-8068 DABV01-04-M-8068 22-Jan-04 $130,000.00
Combat Boots N/A DABV01-04-M-0011 22-Jan-04 $104,300.00
WarehoUSAe Shelving Vendor Quotes DABV01-04-M-0012 22-Jan-04 $5,000.00
Border Equipment DABV01-03-Q-0125 DABV01-04-M0008 23-Jan-04 $1,813,696.00
Carbon Steel Pipe - ASTM DABV01-03-Q-2179 DABV01-04-M-2140 23-Jan-04 $26,488.92
Ghazlani IDP H2O and Sanitation DABV01-03-R-3110 DABV01-04-C-3024 23-Jan-04 $65,399.20
Ninevah Auditing Board Ren DABV01-03-R-3111 DABV01-04-C-3025 23-Jan-04 $7,597.00
Mosul Road Repair DABV01-03-R-3112 DABV01-04-C-3026 23-Jan-04 $188,700.00
Ninevah Governorate Annex Ren DABV01-03-R-3120 DABV01-04-C-3027 23-Jan-04 $73,377.00
Renovate Al Quds School DABV01-03-R-3137 DABV01-04-C-3028 23-Jan-04 $15,135.00
Tawellah Walkway Reconstruction DABV01-03-R-3187 DABV01-04-C-3022 23-Jan-04 $76,400.00
Ahmad Awa Water & Sewage DABV01-03-R-3204 DABV01-04-C-3018 23-Jan-04 $80,900.00
POLICE ACADEMY SECURITY WALL DABV01-04-R-8069 DABV01-04-M-8069 23-Jan-04 $475,000.00
Fertilizer for Provinces (Combined Order) [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5045 24-Jan-04 $600,000.00
9 Turbine Generator Stator Winding Cooler DABV01-03-Q-2076 DABV01-04-M-2159 24-Jan-04 $35,988.00
Gate Valves DABV01-03-Q-2178 DABV01-04-M-2150 24-Jan-04 $206,310.00
FUSAes DABV01-03-Q-2184 DABV01-04-M-2146 24-Jan-04 $286.25 Pressure Differential Switches DABV01-03-Q-2215 DABV01-04-M-2164 24-Jan-04 $16,920.00
Summayl Trash Collection Trailers DABV01-03-Q-3080 DABV01-04-M-3022 24-Jan-04 $45,000.00
Barima & Makmour Road Repair DABV01-03-R-3113 DABV01-04-C-3032 24-Jan-04 $87,807.50 Aqrah SlaughterhoUSAe DABV01-03-R-3144 DABV01-04-C-3033 24-Jan-04 $74,810.00
Rotary Screw Pumps DABV01-04-Q-2281 DABV01-04-M-2165 24-Jan-04 $89,952.00
Al Hartha RO Unit Installation DABV01-04-Q-5.00
DABV01-04-M-5037 24-Jan-04 $228,900.00
Al Quarnah RO Plant/Al Jubalayah Plant DABV01-04-Q-5.00
DABV01-04-M-5038 24-Jan-04 $436,485.00
Abu Al-Kahsib Plant DABV01-04-Q-5.00
DABV01-04-M-5039 24-Jan-04 $340,333.00
Bulldozer (wheeled) DABV01-04-R-3014 DABV01-04-C-3029 24-Jan-04 $78,900.00
Asphalt Truck & Paver DABV01-04-R-3019 DABV01-04-C-3031 24-Jan-04 $197,000.00
Street Cleaning Vehicles DABV01-04-R-3020 DABV01-04-C-3030 24-Jan-04 $194,000.00
PRINTING PRESS AL NAJAF DABV01-04-R-8025 DABV01-04-M-8025 24-Jan-04 $522,250.00
OFFICE BLDG/WATER SYSTEM DABV01-04-R-8070 DABV01-04-M-8070 24-Jan-04 $495,000.00
Broiler Layer Protein Concentrate NA DABV01-04-C-0003 24-Jan-04 $14,596,350.00
Zhako Phone Company Equip DABV01-03-Q-3081 DABV01-04-M-3023 25-Jan-04 $24,043.00
Dokeri Bridge Construction DABV01-03-R-3141 DABV01-04-C-3043 25-Jan-04 $55,260.00
Beresetik School Renovation DABV01-03-R-3145 DABV01-04-C-3040 25-Jan-04 $12,931.00
Shkaftiyan School Renovation DABV01-03-R-3146 DABV01-04-C-3041 25-Jan-04 $125,642.00
Baidrah-An Sinfi Road Repair DABV01-03-R-3148 DABV01-04-C-3042 25-Jan-04 $221,000.00
4 Fire Stations DABV01-04-Q-5001 DABV01-04-M-5046 25-Jan-04 $143,992.00
Mosul Metro Area Signage Project DABV01-03-R-3116 DABV01-04-C-3054 26-Jan-04 $209,870.00
Al Had Bridge DABV01-03-R-3118 DABV01-04-C-3053 26-Jan-04 $130,000.00
Balka Sewer Construction DABV01-03-R-3195 DABV01-04-C-3007 26-Jan-04 $35,830.00
Khormal Public Baths Renovation DABV01-03-R-3211 DABV01-04-C-3008 26-Jan-04 $26,435.00
WATER NETWORK- AL BASHER DABV01-04-R-8034 DABV01-04-M-8034 26-Jan-04 $79,991.00
WATER NETWORK- AL ABASSIA DABV01-04-R-8035 DABV01-04-M-8035 26-Jan-04 $52,825.00
WATER CONNECTION- AL TEL DABV01-04-R-8036 DABV01-04-M-8036 26-Jan-04 $19,160.00
WATER TREATMENT PLANT- ABU GRAB DABV01-04-R-8037 DABV01-04-M-8037 26-Jan-04 $141,708.00
Nasiriyah Stadium [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5047 27-Jan-04 $144,683.00
Jersey Barriers [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5048 27-Jan-04 $6,550.00
Brika School Project DABV01-03-R-3189 DABV01-04-C-3051 27-Jan-04 $100,690.64 PUK-Boarding HoUSAe Renovation DABV01-03-R-3218 DABV01-04-C-3046 27-Jan-04 $121,522.50 Islamic Bldg-School Renovation DABV01-03-R-3220 DABV01-04-C-3045 27-Jan-04 $225,190.00
Kirkuk 50-ton Crane DABV01-04-R-3003 DABV01-04-C-3055 27-Jan-04 $180,000.00
Shaqlawa Primary School Ren DABV01-04-R-3030 DABV01-04-C-3037 27-Jan-04 $7,800.00
Shaqlawa Comm Center Ren DABV01-04-R-3031 DABV01-04-C-3038 27-Jan-04 $169,500.00
Comm Bldg-Youth Center Ren DABV01-04-R-3219 DABV01-04-C-3044 27-Jan-04 $163,935.00
CIVIL DEFENSE EQUIPMENT DABV01-04-R-8017 DABV01-04-M-8017 27-Jan-04 $23,065.00
AL QUIDI PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8048 DABV01-04-M-8048 27-Jan-04 $23,901.00
AL SUMAINANIA PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8049 DABV01-04-M-8049 27-Jan-04 $10,961.00
SAEED AL SHOHADA PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8050 DABV01-04-M-8050 27-Jan-04 $23,624.00
AL MABADA PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8051 DABV01-04-M-8051 27-Jan-04 $10,398.00
SECONDARY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS DABV01-04-R-8052 DABV01-04-M-8052 27-Jan-04 $28,600.00
ESSAMA BIN ZAID PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8053 DABV01-04-M-8053 27-Jan-04 $24,789.00
AL FARAHIDI PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8055 DABV01-04-M-8055 27-Jan-04 $15,345.00
AL MONTHER PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8056 DABV01-04-M-8056 27-Jan-04 $14,450.00
AL QUIBA SCHOOL FOR GIRLS DABV01-04-R-8057 DABV01-04-M-8057 27-Jan-04 $18,980.00
AL TAOON PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8058 DABV01-04-M-8058 27-Jan-04 $13,134.00
HOUSAE REBUILD (ROCKET DAMAGE)- AL HILLA DABV01-04-R-8084 DABV01-04-M-8084 27-Jan-04 $17,170.00
Forklift Iraqi MOI Quotes DABV01-04-M-0013 27-Jan-04 $12,890.00
Farmers Bridge Al Warka [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5004 28-Jan-04 $61,423.00
Al Qurnah Post Office [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5044 28-Jan-04 $69,714.00
Office Supplies for Shat Al Arab Naval Academy [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5050 28-Jan-04 $42,532.00
Repair of DCS DABV01-03-Q-2205 DABV01-04-M-2167 28-Jan-04 $32,684.20 Kirkuk Police Motorcycles DABV01-03-Q-3007 DABV01-04-M-3007 28-Jan-04 $43,000.00
Meals at Mosul Recruting Center DABV01-03-R-3025 DABV01-04-C-3069 28-Jan-04 $4,236.00
Mosul-Jadeeda Vocational School DABV01-03-R-3117 DABV01-04-C-3070 28-Jan-04 $92,583.00
Al Muharribin Clinic Repair DABV01-03-R-3119 DABV01-04-C-3066 28-Jan-04 $153,770.00
Mosul MUSAeum Repair DABV01-03-R-3121 DABV01-04-C-3067 28-Jan-04 $120,806.00
Zhako City Hospital Upgrade DABV01-03-R-3149 DABV01-04-C-3068 28-Jan-04 $125,642.00
Suly Chwarbakh Nursery Ren DABV01-03-R-3198 DABV01-04-C-3065 28-Jan-04 $12,075.00
Suly Director of Social Care Ren DABV01-03-R-3199 DABV01-04-C-3064 28-Jan-04 $11,010.00
Extended Cab Trucks DABV01-04-Q-0008 DABV01-04-M-0018 28-Jan-04 $5,220,000.00
CARS FOR JUDICIARY DABV01-04-R-8026 DABV01-04-M-8026 28-Jan-04 $73,600.00
Waste Transfer Station - Basrah [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5052 29-Jan-04 $39,520.00
Transmitters & Misc. Test Equipment DABV01-03-Q-2070 DABV01-04-M-2170 29-Jan-04 $3,785.00
Blue Gland Packing DABV01-03-Q-2272 DABV01-04-M-2153 29-Jan-04 $84,830.00
Body Armour for IRPS DABV01-03-Q-5180 DABV01-04-M-5049 29-Jan-04 $36,840.00
Ninewa Cultural Arts Center DABV01-03-R-3138 DABV01-04-C-3072 29-Jan-04 $225,850.00
Darge Shakayen Walkway Recon DABV01-03-R-3193 DABV01-04-C-3052 29-Jan-04 $51,240.00
Miri Sur School Classrooms DABV01-03-R-3213 DABV01-04-C-3049 29-Jan-04 $116,908.00
Suly Dialysis Center Construction DABV01-03-R-3214 DABV01-04-C-3047 29-Jan-04 $150,716.00
Khormal Democratic Org Bldg DABV01-03-R-3215 DABV01-04-C-3050 29-Jan-04 $157,477.00
4X4 Vehicles DABV01-04-Q-0008 DABV01-04-M-0014 29-Jan-04 $676,500.00
Water Transport Truck;Fuel Truck; DABV01-04-Q-0008 DABV01-04-M-0017 29-Jan-04 $138,000.00
Spark Plugs DABV01-04-Q-2250 DABV01-04-M-2173 29-Jan-04 $4,242.32 Mosul Environmental Test Center DABV01-04-R-3024 DABV01-04-C-3071 29-Jan-04 $500,000.00
HIGHWAY PATROL CARS DABV01-04-R-8028 DABV01-04-M-8028 29-Jan-04 $131,328.00
CONSULTATION CLINICS- AL FURAT HOSPITAL DABV01-04-R-8071 DABV01-04-M-8071 29-Jan-04 $151,450.00
OPERATING ROOMS- AL FURAT HOSPITAL DABV01-04-R-8072 DABV01-04-M-8072 29-Jan-04 $134,653.00
CHECK POINT BUILDING DABV01-04-R-8074 DABV01-04-M-8074 29-Jan-04 $45,217.00
Tikrit Vet Clinic Generator DABV01-03-Q-3089 DABV01-03-M-3117 30-Jan-04 $28,500.00
KMTB Renovation DABV01-03-R-0033 DABV01-04-C-0034 30-Jan-04 $8,037,250.00
Ninevah Public Records Database DABV01-03-R-3115 DABV01-04-C-3074 30-Jan-04 $298,916.00
Qadissiya Orphange Renovation DABV01-03-R-3136 DABV01-04-C-3073 30-Jan-04 $189,437.00
Renovation of Pashi Gawra School DABV01-03-R-3157 DABV01-04-C-3034 30-Jan-04 $52,189.00
Diyala Disabled Vets Equipment DABV01-04-Q-3013 DABV01-04-M-3013 30-Jan-04 $5,000.00
TURNKEY RADIO STATION DABV01-04-R-8001 DABV01-04-M-8001 30-Jan-04 $192,909.00
ARCHEO SITE FENCE-NUFR DABV01-04-R-8085 DABV01-04-M-8085 30-Jan-04 $46,500.00
A/H Soot Blower DABV01-03-Q-2095 DABV01-04-M-2172 31-Jan-04 $43,810.00
Differential Pressure Transducer DABV01-03-Q-2246 DABV01-04-M-2169 31-Jan-04 $39,346.00
F009 LPG Distribution at Muthanna & Maysan DABV01-03-Q-5179 DABV01-04-M-5011 31-Jan-04 $106,454.00
30FT Launch Boats for IRPS DABV01-03-Q-5181 DABV01-04-M-5051 31-Jan-04 $1,430,593.00
Swing Check Valves DABV01-04-Q-2171 DABV01-04-M-2171 31-Jan-04 $14,800.00
AL NEEL MARKET DABV01-04-R-8004 DABV01-04-M-8004 31-Jan-04 $38,100.00
MOBILE COMMAND POSTS DABV01-04-R-8089 DABV01-04-M-8089 31-Jan-04 $455,000.00
500 KVA GENERATOR DABV01-04-R-8090 DABV01-04-M-8090 31-Jan-04 $105,000.00
ARCHAEOLOGICAL COMMAND POSTS DABV01-04-R-8091 DABV01-04-M-8091 31-Jan-04 $498,600.00
GENERATOR/LIVING QUARTERS DABV01-04-R-8092 DABV01-04-M-8092 31-Jan-04 $497,530.00
Reach Truck local quotes DABV01-04-M-0019 31-Jan-04 $40,000.00
Maint at Police Logistics Compound local quotes DABV01-04-M-0020 31-Jan-04 $276,000.00
Basrah BUSAiness Center [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5055 1-Feb-04 $81,130.00
BadUSAh Grain Storage Renovation DABV01-03-R-3114 DABV01-04-C-3076 1-Feb-04 $56,852.00
Tal-Afar Life Support DABV01-04-R-3035 DABV01-04-C-3075 1-Feb-04 $2,369,258.00
SHELTER FOR CONTAINERS DABV01-04-R-8086 DABV01-04-M-8086 1-Feb-04 $30,000.00
Fuel Oil Heater Gaskets DABV01-03-Q-2028 DABV01-04-M-2176 2-Feb-04 $309,140.80 Heat Exchanger Tubes DABV01-03-Q-2149 DABV01-04-M-2177 2-Feb-04 $396,880.00
Bathymetric Survey DABV01-03-R-2232 DABV01-04-M-2135 2-Feb-04 $57,000.00
CombUSAtion Turbine Parts - Taji DABV01-04-Q-2310 DABV01-04-M-2175 2-Feb-04 $425,364.82 OFFICE FURNITURE- WR CENTER (KARBALA) DABV01-04-R-8087 DABV01-04-M-8087 2-Feb-04 $18,680.00
ACADEMY LIVING QUARTERS DABV01-04-R-8093 DABV01-04-M-8093 2-Feb-04 $498,235.00
Pumps Boiler Feedwater DABV01-03-Q-2154 DABV01-04-M-2174 3-Feb-04 $990,701.60 GPS Handheld Radios for KBI DABV01-03-Q-3001 DABV01-04-M-3001 3-Feb-04 $18,820.00
Base and Mobile Radios DABV01-04-Q-0007 DABV01-04-M-0021 3-Feb-04 $1,609,500.00
ISSR 240 police sedans;36 4x4 dbl cab PU;36 single cab PU DABV01-04-Q-5005 DABV01-04-M-5056 3-Feb-04 $4,905,600.00
Public Heath Laboratory Equipment DABV01-03-Q-5127 DABV01-04-M-5001 4-Feb-04 $217,392.00
AL BALGEES PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8054 DABV01-04-M-8054 4-Feb-04 $20,454.00
ROOF AND FENCE REPAIR- AL FURAT HOSPITAL DABV01-04-R-8073 DABV01-04-M-8073 4-Feb-04 $49,650.00
SEWER SYSTEM- AL HAYY DABV01-04-R-8076 DABV01-04-M-8076 4-Feb-04 $31,585.00
COOLING SYSTEM DABV01-04-R-8078 DABV01-04-M-8078 4-Feb-04 $8,620.00
UTILIZATION FACILITIES- AL KUT DABV01-04-R-8080 DABV01-04-M-8080 4-Feb-04 $31,493.00
TRAFFIC POLICE STATION- AL KUT DABV01-04-R-8083 DABV01-04-M-8083 4-Feb-04 $142,720.00
Tower Renovation at Taji N/A DABV01-04-M-0009 4-Feb-04 $15,000.00
Rehab Parking Lot N/A DABV01-04-M-0010 4-Feb-04 $7,500.00
Primary Current Injection Test Set DABV01-03-Q-2204 DABV01-04-M-2181 5-Feb-04 $11,802.00
Resins DABV01-03-Q-2276 DABV01-04-M-2183 5-Feb-04 $187,330.00
Diyala IDP Heaters DABV01-04-R-3037 DABV01-04-C-3084 5-Feb-04 $175,000.00
FATMA AL BARNWAY PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8011 DABV01-04-M-8011 5-Feb-04 $44,260.00
AL SHAYMA INTER. SCHOOL FOR GIRLS DABV01-04-R-8012 DABV01-04-M-8012 5-Feb-04 $51,541.00
IBN-SINA SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8013 DABV01-04-M-8013 5-Feb-04 $32,841.00
DRAINAGE CHANNEL DABV01-04-R-8014 DABV01-04-M-8014 5-Feb-04 $70,730.00
CONVEYING CLEAR WATER-HIT DABV01-04-R-8015 DABV01-04-M-8015 5-Feb-04 $9,590.00
KARBALA HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH BUILDING DABV01-04-R-8088 DABV01-04-M-8088 5-Feb-04 $75,369.00
Rotor Assy & Shaft Sleeve DABV01-03-Q-2047 DABV01-04-M-2179 6-Feb-04 $129,516.00
Hydraulic Pumps for Steam Turbine DABV01-03-Q-2050 DABV01-04-m-2184 6-Feb-04 $15,196.00
Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) for IRPS DABV01-03-Q-5182 DABV01-04-M-5054 6-Feb-04 $521,638.00
Ranyia Orphanage Renovation DABV01-03-R-3186 DABV01-04-C-3058 6-Feb-04 $12,430.00
Darbandikan Nursery Renovation DABV01-03-R-3188 DABV01-04-C-3061 6-Feb-04 $16,990.00
Assaij S.W.A.T. Equipment DABV01-03-R-3190 DABV01-04-C-3060 6-Feb-04 $58,610.00
Sulay Pediatric Center Renovation DABV01-03-R-3191 DABV01-04-C-3048 6-Feb-04 $53,894.00
Kifri Nursery Renovation DABV01-03-R-3194 DABV01-04-C-3057 6-Feb-04 $9,240.00
Penjwin Children Cntr Renovation DABV01-03-R-3196 DABV01-04-C-3059 6-Feb-04 $13,825.00
Serwan Student Cntr Renovation DABV01-03-R-3216 DABV01-04-C-3056 6-Feb-04 $30,241.00
TRANSFORMER SUBSTATIONS-KARBALA TOWN DABV01-04-M-8027 DABV01-04-M-8027 6-Feb-04 $168,766.00
ELECTRIC APPLIANCES FOR KARABALA STAGE 3 DABV01-04-M-8027 DABV01-04-M-8027 6-Feb-04 $168,766.00
ELECTRIC APPLIANCES ARBALLAS STAGE 4 DABV01-04-M-8027 DABV01-04-M-8027 6-Feb-04 $168,765.00
ELECTRIC KIOSKS-AL HUSASIAN DABV01-04-M-8027 DABV01-04-M-8027 6-Feb-04 $168,766.00
Finger Printing Material NA DABV01-04-M-0027 6-Feb-04 $1,579.75 Globe Valves for Boiler Feedwater & Tech Rep DABV01-03-Q-2034 DABV01-04-M-2186 7-Feb-04 $486,813.00
GE Electrical Trip Devices DABV01-03-Q-2102 DABV01-04-M-2191 7-Feb-04 $23,023.08 Condensate Pump Suction Expansion joint DABV01-03-Q-2108 DABV01-04-M-2145 7-Feb-04 $3,250.00
Mobile Hydraulic Cranes DABV01-03-Q-2197/2299 DABV01-04-M-2190 7-Feb-04 $627,545.62 Level Transmitters DABV01-03-Q-2268 DABV01-04-M-2182 7-Feb-04 $9,585.00
CLIN 0003 of Public Health Equipment DABV01-03-Q-5127 DABV01-04-M-5007 7-Feb-04 $32,487.00
Flame Monitoring Service DABV01-03-R-2231 DABV01-04-M-2192 7-Feb-04 $1,469,036.50 Vertical Sump Pumps DABV01-04-Q-2290 DABV01-04-M-2185 7-Feb-04 $35,500.00
ASTM Standards Books & CDs DABV01-04-Q-2296 DABV01-04-M-2168 7-Feb-04 $10,736.00
CombUSAtion Turbine Gaskets DABV01-04-Q-2317 DABV01-04-M-2189 7-Feb-04 $1,377.30 Kirkuk Mobile Phones DABV01-04-Q-3027 DABV01-04-M-3029 7-Feb-04 $11,500.00
Kirkuk SlaughterhoUSAe Repair DABV01-04-Q-3028 DABV01-04-M-3030 7-Feb-04 $5,000.00
P020 Mobile Sub Station DABV01-04-Q-5001 DABV01-04-M-5058 7-Feb-04 $940,000.00
General & Special Clinic Equipment DABV01-03-Q-5119 DABV01-04-M-5003 8-Feb-04 $63,045.00
Special Clinic Equipment DABV01-03-Q-5119 DABV01-04-M-5003 8-Feb-04 $163,726.00
GEN AND SPECIAL MEDICAL EQUIP DABV01-03-Q-5119 DABV01-04-M-5059 8-Feb-04 $16,293.00
GEN AND SPECIAL MEDICAL EQUIP DABV01-03-Q-5119 DABV01-04-M-5060 8-Feb-04 $49,995.00
Kirkuk Univ College of Law DABV01-03-R-3073 DABV01-04-C-3085 8-Feb-04 $114,000.00
Summayl Electrical Project DABV01-03-R-3140 DABV01-04-C-3086 8-Feb-04 $182,927.00
Carbon Steel Pipe (Nassiriyah) DABV01-04-Q-2195 DABV01-04-M-2178 8-Feb-04 $22,065.00
Kirkuk DMV Desktop Computers DABV01-04-Q-3002 DABV01-04-M-3002 8-Feb-04 $20,920.00
SPORTS HALL- AL KUT DABV01-04-R-8079 DABV01-04-M-8079 8-Feb-04 $116,000.00
8-Feb-04 $17,302.00
AL NASSIR PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8101 DABV01-04-M-8101 8-Feb-04 $14,415.00
BADRA SECONDARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8102 DABV01-04-M-8102 8-Feb-04 $17,063.00
BADRA PRIMARY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS DABV01-04-R-8103 DABV01-04-M-8103 8-Feb-04 $31,115.00
BADRA PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8104 DABV01-04-M-8104 8-Feb-04 $25,121.00
THURAT AL ISHRIN SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8105 DABV01-04-M-8105 8-Feb-04 $13,098.00
AL TAKAFIL PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8106 DABV01-04-M-8106 8-Feb-04 $17,015.00
AL MUHANAD PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8107 DABV01-04-M-8107 8-Feb-04 $31,241.00
AL SHAMAEL PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8109 DABV01-04-M-8109 8-Feb-04 $26,464.00
AL SHAAB PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8110 DABV01-04-M-8110 8-Feb-04 $22,274.00
AL BAGHDAD PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8111 DABV01-04-M-8111 8-Feb-04 $9,026.00
AL KISSAEE PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8112 DABV01-04-M-8112 8-Feb-04 $24,169.00
AL DOUBUNI SECONDARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8113 DABV01-04-M-8113 8-Feb-04 $17,685.00
AL ENSAF PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8114 DABV01-04-M-8114 8-Feb-04 $29,870.00
AL AHRAR PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8115 DABV01-04-M-8115 8-Feb-04 $25,195.00
YOUNIS AL SABAWY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8116 DABV01-04-M-8116 8-Feb-04 $21,020.00
Renovation Wiedah Tech School N/A DABV01-04-M-0030 8-Feb-04 $100,397.00
Construction Supplies NA DABV01-04-M-0029 8-Feb-04 $6,129.00
Suk Alshuyuk Technical High School [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5062 9-Feb-04 $134,431.00
Houiash Water Treatment DABV01-03-C-3015 DABV01-04-C-3089 9-Feb-04 $28,979.00
Digital Multiplexers DABV01-03-Q-2248 DABV01-04-M-2193 9-Feb-04 $111,147.58 Al Alay Water Treatment DABV01-03-R-3071 DABV01-04-C-3090 9-Feb-04 $25,200.00
Nawfal Water Treatment DABV01-03-R-3107 DABV01-04-C-3091 9-Feb-04 $31,344.00
Abu Khamees Water Treatment DABV01-03-R-3108 DABV01-04-C-3088 9-Feb-04 $35,560.00
Baqubah Fiber Optic Cable DABV01-03-R-3130 DABV01-04-C-3087 9-Feb-04 $55,700.00
High Pressure R.O. Feed Pump DABV01-04-Q-2113 DABV01-04-M-2144 9-Feb-04 $323,585.00
SDMO Generator Training DABV01-04-Q-2278 DABV01-04-M-2194 9-Feb-04 $251,181.00
IPS Comic Book NA DABV01-04-M-0034 9-Feb-04 $2,500.00
Retirement Office [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5009 10-Feb-04 $42,663.00
Gas Turbine Parts (Al Qudas) DABV01-03-Q-2289 DABV01-04-M-2188 10-Feb-04 $9,026,380.08 Baqubah Food for Town Hall DABV01-04-Q-3017 DABV01-04-M-3017 10-Feb-04 $260.00
AN NUMANIYAH AMBULANCES DABV01-04-R-8009 DABV01-04-M-8009 10-Feb-04 $40,500.00
AL KUT AMBULANCES DABV01-04-R-8009 DABV01-04-M-8030 10-Feb-04 $40,350.00
AL HAYY AMBULANCES DABV01-04-R-8009 DABV01-04-M-8031 10-Feb-04 $40,500.00
AZ AZIZIYAH AMBULANCES DABV01-04-R-8009 DABV01-04-M-8032 10-Feb-04 $41,712.00
AS SUWAYRAH AMBULANCES DABV01-04-R-8009 DABV01-04-M-8033 10-Feb-04 $32,280.00
TRIBAL DEMOCRACY CENTER- AL KUT DABV01-04-R-8128 DABV01-04-M-8128 10-Feb-04 $62,313.00
Internet Site for Basrah Technical Institute [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5063 11-Feb-04 $32,524.00
Internet Site for Basrah Technical College [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5064 11-Feb-04 $36,860.00
Internet Site for University of Basrah Graduate Center [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5065 11-Feb-04 $22,038.00
Spherical Roller ThrUSAt Bearing DABV01-03-Q-2237 DABV01-04-M-2199 11-Feb-04 $41,797.30 Walaty Zhery Bridge DABV01-03-R-3074 DABV01-04-C-3094 11-Feb-04 $265,855.00
Renovation of Al Shagat Hospital DABV01-03-R-3096 DABV01-04-C-3095 11-Feb-04 $192,565.00
AK-47 Armorer Kits/BFAs/Blanks DABV01-04-Q-0016 DABV01-04-M-0037 11-Feb-04 $228,400.00
AL JAZER RIVER ROAD DABV01-04-R-8129 DABV01-04-M-8129 11-Feb-04 $27,154.00
Level Transmitters DABV01-03-Q-2106 DABV01-04-M-2198 12-Feb-04 $10,333.04 Landfill Bulldozer DABV01-03-R-3048 DABV01-04-C-3099 12-Feb-04 $190,000.00
Shuhada Power Distribution DABV01-03-R-3142 DABV01-04-C-3101 12-Feb-04 $28,652.00
Aqrah Electrical Distribution DABV01-03-R-3143 DABV01-04-C-3102 12-Feb-04 $299,230.00
Renovation of Bawra School DABV01-03-R-3157 DABV01-04-C-3035 12-Feb-04 $81,605.00
Basirma Government Building DABV01-03-R-3162 DABV01-04-C-3082 12-Feb-04 $40,309.00
Emerg HoUSAing-Kalak Village DABV01-03-R-3167 DABV01-04-C-3096 12-Feb-04 $194,670.00
Emerg HoUSAing-Shikhanan Village DABV01-03-R-3168 DABV01-04-C-3097 12-Feb-04 $454,230.00
Kurdish Academy Completion DABV01-03-R-3169 DABV01-04-C-3098 12-Feb-04 $254,726.00
Renvovate Kurdish Writer's Union DABV01-03-R-3170 DABV01-04-C-3039 12-Feb-04 $52,760.00
AL HAYDERIA AGRICULTURAL BUILDING DABV01-04-M-8134 DABV01-04-M-8134 12-Feb-04 $36,125.00
Iraqi NGO Office Repair DABV01-04-Q-3024 DABV01-04-M-3026 12-Feb-04 $10,000.00
Doli Ballyan Valley Water Projects DABV01-04-R-3042 DABV01-04-C-3.00
12-Feb-04 $116,410.00
Digala Park Construction DABV01-04-R-3043 DABV01-04-C-3079 12-Feb-04 $33,665.00
Cultural Center for Koya DABV01-04-R-3044 DABV01-04-C-3080 12-Feb-04 $45,014.00
Digala Water Distribution DABV01-04-R-3047 DABV01-04-C-3077 12-Feb-04 $93,319.00
Hareer Girl's School Renovation DABV01-04-R-3050 DABV01-04-C-3092 12-Feb-04 $137,773.00
COUNTER TERROR EQUIP-TOOLS DABV01-04-R-8096 DABV01-04-M-8096 12-Feb-04 $45,300.00
WATER TREATMENT PUMPS- MUSASAYIB DABV01-04-R-8130 DABV01-04-M-8130 12-Feb-04 $58,000.00
MUSASAYIB UNIT #4 AIR COMPRESSOR REHAB DABV01-04-R-8131 DABV01-04-M-8131 12-Feb-04 $71,942.00
BOILER CAMERA- MUSASAYIB DABV01-04-R-8132 DABV01-04-M-8132 12-Feb-04 $13,600.00
JAMJAH ROAD (ETHNEIN) DABV01-04-R-8135 DABV01-04-M8135 12-Feb-04 $17,685.00
BABYLON FOOT BRIDGE DABV01-04-R-8136 DABV01-04-M-8136 12-Feb-04 $65,000.00
AL MAALE SCHOOL-KIFL DABV01-04-R-8137 DABV01-04-M-8137 12-Feb-04 $117,050.00
AL NOAMAN PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8138 DABV01-04-M-8138 12-Feb-04 $112,281.00
Power Plant Air Heat Motor DABV01-03-Q-2054 DABV01-04-M-2.00
13-Feb-04 $4,107.20 Turbine Parts (Daura) DABV01-03-Q-2060 DABV01-04-M-2187 13-Feb-04 $1,095,483.60 Gaskets DABV01-03-Q-2129 DABV01-04-M-2201 13-Feb-04 $2,752.35 Differential Pressure Controllers & Transmitters DABV01-03-Q-2245 DABV01-04-M-2202 13-Feb-04 $44,000.00
Tawellah Retaining Wall Construct DABV01-03-R-3192 DABV01-04-C-3083 13-Feb-04 $69,650.00
Byara Bridge Reconstruction DABV01-03-R-3202 DABV01-04-C-3062 13-Feb-04 $37,965.00
Ahmad Awa Classroom Renovation DABV01-03-R-3205 DABV01-04-C-3063 13-Feb-04 $18,195.00
Kirkuk Badging Office Equipment DABV01-04-Q-3010 DABV01-04-M-3010 13-Feb-04 $24,478.83 COUNTER TERROR-ARMOR PL DABV01-04-R-8097 DABV01-04-M-8097 13-Feb-04 $42,000.00
PMO Bld. Prep and Site Clean-up NA DABV01-04-M-0035 13-Feb-04 $46,600.00
Road Work Projects for Muthanna [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5066 14-Feb-04 $217,155.00
Safety Equipment for Power Stations [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5070 14-Feb-04 $133,338.00
Jetter Trailers DABV01-03-Q-5130 DABV01-04-M-5067 14-Feb-04 $331,024.00
Al Alam Soccer Field DABV01-04-Q-3033 DABV01-04-M-3035 14-Feb-04 $5,000.00
ISSR 240 police car radios DABV01-04-Q-5006 DABV01-04-M-5061 14-Feb-04 $233,520.00
Fuel Conditioning Chemicals (Al Qudas) DABV01-03-Q-2236 DABV01-04-M-2205 15-Feb-04 $397,416.96 Zahko Growth Water Center DABV01-03-R-3070 DABV01-04-C-3103 15-Feb-04 $39,840.00
Mulla Abdulla Blankets & Heaters DABV01-04-Q-3030 DABV01-04-M-3032 15-Feb-04 $6,000.00
Tuz Police Station Repairs & Billboards DABV01-04-Q-3031 DABV01-04-M-3033 15-Feb-04 $10,281.00
Salah Ah Din Police Academy DABV01-04-R-3052 DABV01-04-C-3104 15-Feb-04 $348,696.00
NEW WATER NETWORK- AL KAJEAIA DABV01-04-R-8120 DABV01-04-M-8120 15-Feb-04 $28,986.00
NEW WATER NETWORK- AL BOHEDARY DABV01-04-R-8121 DABV01-04-M-8121 15-Feb-04 $6,027.00
NEW WATER NETWORK- AM NENA DABV01-04-R-8122 DABV01-04-M-8122 15-Feb-04 $19,088.00
NEW WATER NETWORK- AL ALBO KANGER DABV01-04-R-8123 DABV01-04-M-8123 15-Feb-04 $6,053.00
NEW WATER NETWORK- AL MHJRA DABV01-04-R-8124 DABV01-04-M-8124 15-Feb-04 $18,680.00
NEW WATER NETWORK- TABER FORAWN DABV01-04-R-8125 DABV01-04-M-8125 15-Feb-04 $6,009.00
NEW WATER CONNECTION- AL RMOL DABV01-04-R-8126 DABV01-04-M-8126 15-Feb-04 $9,577.00
PUMPING STATION MAINTENANCE DABV01-04-R-8127 DABV01-04-M-8127 15-Feb-04 $17,016.00
REPAIR SEWAGE NETWROK- AL HINDYA DABV01-04-R-8141 DABV01-04-M-8141 15-Feb-04 $15,630.00
15 BORDER POLIC DIESAL PUSA (THRU Dutch) [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5074 16-Feb-04 $240,000.00
Transmitters & Misc. Test Equipment DABV01-03-Q-2070 DABV01-04-M-2208 16-Feb-04 $4,764.26 Pneumatic Level Transmitters DABV01-03-Q-2267 DABV01-04-M-2180 16-Feb-04 $13,469.40 Youth Development Ctr Furniture DABV01-03-R-3061 DABV01-04-C-3110 16-Feb-04 $34,443.75 Youth Development Ctr Computers DABV01-03-R-3061 DABV01-04-C-3111 16-Feb-04 $11,170.00
Derbanei Village IDP Homes DABV01-03-R-3150 DABV01-04-C-3106 16-Feb-04 $299,553.00
Gre'Beye Village IDP Homes DABV01-03-R-3151 DABV01-04-C-3107 16-Feb-04 $299,699.00
Enishki Village IDP Homes DABV01-03-R-3152 DABV01-04-C-3108 16-Feb-04 $129,871.00
Swaratoka Village IDP Homes DABV01-03-R-3153 DABV01-04-C-3109 16-Feb-04 $289,971.00
WATER SYSTEM- AL HAYY DABV01-04-M-8075 DABV01-04-M-8075 16-Feb-04 $17,200.00
AL ENTESSERAT PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-M-8117 DABV01-04-M-8117 16-Feb-04 $20,654.00
AL FEKER PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-M-8118 DABV01-04-M-8118 16-Feb-04 $30,887.00
GEEP GENERATOR DABV01-04-M-8144 DABV01-04-M-8144 16-Feb-04 $32,000.00
ELECTRICAL POWER TOOLS DABV01-04-M-8145 DABV01-04-M-8145 16-Feb-04 $76,481.00
PARKING LOT AND DRIVE- MUSASAYIB PP DABV01-04-M-8146 DABV01-04-M-8146 16-Feb-04 $27,025.00
Differential Pressure Gauges DABV01-04-Q-2208 DABV01-04-M-2204 16-Feb-04 $35,116.00
Electronic Instrument Converter - Hartha DABV01-04-Q-2257 DABV01-04-M-2206 16-Feb-04 $6,242.00
Roller Bearings - Nassiryah DABV01-04-Q-2316 DABV01-04-M-2207 16-Feb-04 $18,678.91 Fadia-Namrik Road Repair DABV01-04-R-3022 DABV01-04-C-3105 16-Feb-04 $73,420.00
Hareer SlaughterhoUSAe Renovation DABV01-04-R-3064 DABV01-04-C-3081 16-Feb-04 $22,558.00
Haji Omaran School Renovation DABV01-04-R-3136 DABV01-04-C-3036 16-Feb-04 $23,283.00
DIWANIYAH TELEVISION STN. DABV01-04-R-8151 DABV01-04-M-8151 16-Feb-04 $52,536.00
ISKAN BMB HOME REPAIRS DABV01-04-R-8166 DABV01-04-M-8166 16-Feb-04 $47,233.00
Internet Links for Health Sector [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5071 17-Feb-04 $56,855.00
Hydrogen Seals - MUSAsayib DABV01-03-Q-2307 DABV01-04-M-2154 17-Feb-04 $231,108.40
DRD Equipment & Training DABV01-03-R-3060 DABV01-04-C-3112 17-Feb-04 $59,869.00
Uniforms DABV01-04-Q-0009 DABV01-04-M-0026 17-Feb-04 $448,000.00
SCREENING TM EQUIP DABV01-04-R-8143 DABV01-04-M-8143 17-Feb-04 $23,805.00
SCREENING BLDG RENOVATE DABV01-04-R-8147 DABV01-04-M-8147 17-Feb-04 $23,825.00
Rotor Shaft & Impeller DABV01-03-Q-2255 DABV01-04-M-2203 18-Feb-04 $710,600.00
ISSR 1600 sets of Level IV Body Armor DABV01-04-Q-5007 DABV01-04-M-5073 18-Feb-04 $314,112.00
AL QADISIYAH JUDICIARY PCS DABV01-04-R-8119 DABV01-04-M-8119 18-Feb-04 $14,108.00
IRRIGATION PUMP STATION- METRIC DABV01-04-R-8148 DABV01-04-M-8148 18-Feb-04 $49,925.00
IRRIGATION PUMP STATION- VERTICAL DABV01-04-R-8149 DABV01-04-M-8149 18-Feb-04 $116,000.00
SEWAGE PUMPING STATION- AL SUWEIRA DABV01-04-R-8150 DABV01-04-M-8150 18-Feb-04 $93,048.00
RECONSTRUCTION OF ENGINEERING BUILDING DABV01-04-R-8155 DABV01-04-M-8155 18-Feb-04 $59,913.00
IP CLOTHING DABV01-04-R-8161 DABV01-04-M-8161 18-Feb-04 $300,000.00
IP NIGHTSTICKS(KARBALA) DABV01-04-R-8163 DABV01-04-M-8163 18-Feb-04 $30,000.00
IP WHISTLES-KARBALA DABV01-04-R-8163 DABV01-04-M-8163 18-Feb-04 $6,000.00
IP HANDCUFFS-KARBALA DABV01-04-R-8163 DABV01-04-M-8163 18-Feb-04 $150,000.00
Street Furniture [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5018 19-Feb-04 $116,815.00
Compressor Motor DABV01-03-Q-0015 DABV01-04-M-2218 19-Feb-04 $33,683.44
Oval Wheel Flow Meter DABV01-03-Q-2074 DABV01-04-M-2209 19-Feb-04 $10,721.00
Gasket Material DABV01-03-Q-2169 DABV01-04-M-2216 19-Feb-04 $2,700.00
Snow Plows & Vehicles - Soran DABV01-03-R-3159 DABV01-04-C-3114 19-Feb-04 $151,000.00
Snow Plows & Vehicles - Shaqlawa DABV01-03-R-3166 DABV01-04-C-3113 19-Feb-04 $151,000.00
Turbine Parts - Khor Zubair DABV01-04-Q-2146 DABV01-04-M-2210 19-Feb-04 $335,387.00
Pressure Switches DABV01-04-Q-2228 DABV01-04-M-2219 19-Feb-04 $38,146.50
IP ATV DABV01-04-R-8160 DABV01-04-M-8160 19-Feb-04 $81,000.00
HUMAN RIGHTS TRAINING DABV01-04-R-8164 DABV01-04-M-8164 19-Feb-04 $196,044.00
Old Port Fire Station [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5019 20-Feb-04 $12,646.00
Air Compressor Parts DABV01-03-Q-0027 DABV01-04-M-2050 20-Feb-04 $30,276.44 Siemens Cntrol Card & Parts/Assemblies DABV01-03-Q-2017/2006 DABV01-04-M-2214 20-Feb-04 $1,278,211.56
Aux. Steam Valves (MUSAsayib) DABV01-03-Q-2166 DABV01-04-M-2221 20-Feb-04 $85,892.00
Temperature Recorder DABV01-03-Q-2273 DABV01-04-M-2232 20-Feb-04 $8,000.00
Transistors DABV01-04-Q-2322 DABV01-04-M-2220 20-Feb-04 $932.86 Soran Institute for Handicap DABV01-04-R-3045 DABV01-04-C-3093 20-Feb-04 $83,552.50
AGRICULTURE TRAINING CENTER DABV01-04-R-8082 DABV01-04-M-8082 20-Feb-04 $32,733.00
500 KVA GENERATOR DABV01-04-R-8165 DABV01-04-M-8165 20-Feb-04 $105,000.00
DEMOLITION OF BA'ATH PARTY HEADQUARTERS DABV01-04-R-8167 DABV01-04-M-8167 20-Feb-04 $452,800.00
Renovate Youth Ctr N/A DABV01-04-M-0032 20-Feb-04 $79,310.00
Refurbishment of the Central Bank in Basrah [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5076 21-Feb-04 $304,227.00
Sewage Trucks for Thi-Qar Province [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5077 21-Feb-04 $490,000.00
Solenoid Valves DABV01-03-Q-2039 DABV01-04-M-2236 21-Feb-04 $9,320.00
Babbit Material DABV01-03-Q-2117 DABV01-04-M-2223 21-Feb-04 $1,115.77
Indicator Light Bulbs DABV01-03-Q-2214 DABV01-04-M-2222 21-Feb-04 $2,752.35 Tubular Packing DABV01-03-Q-2274 DABV01-04-M-2237 21-Feb-04 $10,575.00
Contactor Magnetic Starter DABV01-03-Q-2319 DABV01-04-M-2215 21-Feb-04 $8,500.00
Digital Thickness Gauge, Hardness Tester, Portable Flaw Detector DABV01-04-Q-2309 DABV01-04-M-2224 21-Feb-04 $37,602.00
W011-14 Water Pipeline Equipment - CPA 004 DABV01-04-Q-5002 DABV01-04-M-5016 21-Feb-04 $140,788.00
Six Dbl Cab Pickup Trucks DABV01-04-Q-5004 DABV01-04-M-5075 21-Feb-04 $60,000.00
72 hf RADIOS; 26 BASE Stations DABV01-04-Q-5005 DABV01-04-M-5069 21-Feb-04 $519,866.00
Kirkuk College of Nursing DABV01-03-R-3072 DABV01-04-C-3119 22-Feb-04 $156,715.00
Baqubah School of Nursing DABV01-03-R-3131 DABV01-04-C-3120 22-Feb-04 $90,179.00
Pneumatic Positioned Locking Valve DABV01-04-Q-2075 DABV01-04-M-2225 22-Feb-04 $4,340.00
Tuz Police Station Repairs DABV01-04-Q-3031 DABV01-04-M-3033 22-Feb-04 $5,000.00
Ryadh School Renovations DABV01-04-R-3001 DABV01-04-C-3121 22-Feb-04 $101,930.00
Kalar Police Station Renovation DABV01-04-R-3008 DABV01-04-C-3122 22-Feb-04 $15,313.00
Gov't Security Building Renovation DABV01-04-R-3009 DABV01-04-C-3123 22-Feb-04 $49,505.00
Altun Kupri Sewage Channels DABV01-04-R-3021 DABV01-04-C-3124 22-Feb-04 $28,770.00
Kirkuk Street Lights DABV01-04-R-3057 DABV01-04-C-3118 22-Feb-04 $64,356.00
WASIT IP SALOON CARS DABV01-04-R-8171 DABV01-04-M-8171 22-Feb-04 $190,000.00
TRIBAL DEMO TRANSPORT DABV01-04-R-8173 DABV01-04-M-8173 22-Feb-04 $46,000.00
RADIO STATION GENERATOR DABV01-04-R-8177 DABV01-04-M-8177 22-Feb-04 $25,500.00
Hydrogen Systems Review DABV01-04-Q-2211 DABV01-04-M-2195 23-Feb-04 $20,700.00
Motors DABV01-04-Q-2287 DABV01-04-M-2241 23-Feb-04 $44,092.00
High Speed Temperature Bearings DABV01-04-Q-2301 DABV01-04-M-2240 23-Feb-04 $4,800.00
Power Plant Steam Valves DABV01-03-Q-2148 DABV01-04-M-2227 24-Feb-04 $64,095.00
Furnace Sight Glass DABV01-03-Q-2172 DABV01-04-M-2196 24-Feb-04 $4,461.25
Potentiometer Transmitter DABV01-03-Q-2264 DABV01-04-M-2242 24-Feb-04 $3,870.00
Erbil Fine Arts Institute Instruments DABV01-03-R-3062 DABV01-04-C-3128 24-Feb-04 $6,665.00
Erbil Fine Arts Institute Computers DABV01-03-R-3062 DABV01-04-C-3129 24-Feb-04 $7,325.00
Diyala Traffic Lights Repair DABV01-03-R-3134 DABV01-04-C-3127 24-Feb-04 $38,850.00
Kavtrasor Elecric Distribution Repair DABV01-03-R-3139 DABV01-04-C-3125 24-Feb-04 $176,518.00
Armish Electric Distribution Repair DABV01-03-R-3147 DABV01-04-C-3126 24-Feb-04 $345,688.00
Laminated Graphite Products, Eurosket DABV01-04-Q-2277 DABV01-04-M-2243 24-Feb-04 $201,527.15 Thyristors & FUSAes DABV01-04-Q-2304 DABV01-04-M-2212 24-Feb-04 $22,410.00
Electronic Recorder DABV01-04-Q-2318 DABV01-04-M-2226 24-Feb-04 $85,366.00
Tikrit Drug WarehoUSAe Electrical Work DABV01-04-Q-3041 DABV01-04-M-3043 24-Feb-04 $12,673.00
Site Security of 3KM Site Near BIAP DABV01-04-R-0014 DABV01-04-C-0013 24-Feb-04 $1,247,422.00
MEDICAL SUPPLIES DABV01-04-R-8133 DABV01-04-M-8133 24-Feb-04 $13,570.00
SEWAGE DUMP INTAKE DABV01-04-R-8152 DABV01-04-M-8152 24-Feb-04 $19,880.00
HILLA SEWER DABV01-04-R-8153 DABV01-04-M-8153 24-Feb-04 $81,200.00
SEWAGE PUMP DABV01-04-R-8154 DABV01-04-M-8154 24-Feb-04 $29,500.00
FURNITURE-HUMAN RIGHTS DABV01-04-R-8168 DABV01-04-M-8168 24-Feb-04 $17,745.00
BABIL RADIO EQUIPMENT DABV01-04-R-8178 DABV01-04-M-8178 24-Feb-04 $27,061.00
ISHTAR NEWSPAPER OFFICE EQUIPMENT DABV01-04-R-8179 DABV01-04-M-8179 24-Feb-04 $8,328.00
BUSAes N/A DABV01-04-M-0039 24-Feb-04 $168,000.00
Fingerprint Kits N/A DABV01-04-M-0041 24-Feb-04 $605.00
Power Supply DABV01-03-Q-0076 DABV01-04-M-2235 25-Feb-04 $620.00
AC Tachometer GE DABV01-03-Q-2103 DABV01-04-M-2244 25-Feb-04 $6,832.00
Gland Packing DABV01-03-Q-2270 DABV01-04-M-2211 25-Feb-04 $58,567.50 UPS for TV/Radio Station in Diyala DABV01-03-R-3129 DABV01-04-C-3130 25-Feb-04 $52,700.00
Oil Burner Parts (Al Qudas) DABV01-04-Q-2219 DABV01-04-M-2239 25-Feb-04 $148,000.00
Maintenance Materials DABV01-04-Q-2293 DABV01-04-M-2245 25-Feb-04 $15,044.04 Gas Recirculation Fans DABV01-04-Q-2302 DABV01-04-M-2213 25-Feb-04 $801,392.00
OPC Monthly Bulletins DABV01-04-Q-3037 DABV01-04-M-3037 25-Feb-04 $11,150.00
MESHKAB COUNCIL BLDG DABV01-04-R-8007 DABV01-04-M-8007 25-Feb-04 $27,747.00
CONSTITUTIONAL WORKSHOP DABV01-04-R-8203 DABV01-04-M-8203 25-Feb-04 $89,404.00
UofD Womens' Dorm Renovation DABV01-03-R-3127 DABV01-04-C-3131 26-Feb-04 $423,663.00
Centrifugal Pumps DABV01-04-Q-2292 DABV01-04-M-2246 26-Feb-04 $19,676.00
ASME Code (Print) DABV01-04-Q-2295 DABV01-04-M-2250 26-Feb-04 $9,210.23 Pressure Switches DABV01-04-Q-2320 DABV01-04-M-2229 26-Feb-04 $4,520.00
W011-14 Augmentation Mains Pipe and Fittings - CPA 005 DABV01-04-Q-5015 DABV01-04-M-5020 26-Feb-04 $3,327,039.00
SPORTS EQUIPMENT FOR SCHOOLS DABV01-04-R-8175 DABV01-04-M-8175 26-Feb-04 $35,412.00
26-Feb-04 $14,000.00
DIWANIYAH HOSP EQUIP DABV01-04-R-8201 DABV01-04-M-8201 26-Feb-04 $24,750.00
Seal Oil & PDS Pumps DABV01-03-Q-2024 DABV01-04-M-2247 27-Feb-04 $2,851,569.00
Pipe Bending Machine DABV01-03-Q-2140 DABV01-04-M-2230 27-Feb-04 $23,821.00
Ball Bearings DABV01-04-Q-2327 DABV01-04-M-2249 27-Feb-04 $320.03 PCC Building Renovation DABV01-04-R-3013 DABV01-04-C-3134 27-Feb-04 $36,087.00
Kirkuk Asphalt Factory Renovation DABV01-04-R-3015 DABV01-04-C-3133 27-Feb-04 $37,820.00
Tuz Asphalt Plant Renovation DABV01-04-R-3018 DABV01-04-C-3135 27-Feb-04 $38,495.00
HUMAN RIGHTS TRANSPORT DABV01-04-R-8199 DABV01-04-M-8199 27-Feb-04 $78,000.00
SECURITY FORCES TRANSPORT DABV01-04-R-8199 DABV01-04-M-8199 27-Feb-04 $169,000.00
TRIBAL DEMO TRANSPORT DABV01-04-R-8199 DABV01-04-M-8199 27-Feb-04 $91,000.00
WOMENS RIGHTS TRANSPORT DABV01-04-R-8199 DABV01-04-M-8199 27-Feb-04 $78,000.00
27-Feb-04 $16,000.00
APC Equipment for Hartha DABV01-03-Q-0079 DABV01-04-M-2266 28-Feb-04 $83,468.00
Pulse to Pneumatic Converters DABV01-03-Q-2112 DABV01-04-M-2267 28-Feb-04 $197,901.00
ContinuoUSA Blowdown Pumps DABV01-03-Q-2163 DABV01-04-M-2263 28-Feb-04 $22,000.00
Dial Thermometers & Temperature Switches DABV01-03-Q-2209 DABV01-04-M-2264 28-Feb-04 $15,675.60 Pressure Gauges DABV01-03-Q-2210 DABV01-04-M-2268 28-Feb-04 $8,560.00
Adhesive Silver Roll Packing DABV01-03-Q-2275 DABV01-04-M-2261 28-Feb-04 $42,840.00
Rehab of PTCH & Schuaibah Plants DABV01-03-R-0035 DABV01-04-C-0038 28-Feb-04 $15,022,317.00
Tuz Micro-Projects DABV01-04-Q-3046 DABV01-04-M-3048 28-Feb-04 $5,000.00
W011-14 Water Pipeline Equipment - CPA 002a DABV01-04-Q-5002 DABV01-04-M-5021 28-Feb-04 $1,459,550.00
LABORATORY- AL FURAT HOSPITAL DABV01-04-R-8139 DABV01-04-M-8139 28-Feb-04 $121,199.00
PH DEPARTMENTS- AL FURAT HOSPITAL DABV01-04-R-8140 DABV01-04-M-8140 28-Feb-04 $86,790.00
IP EQUIPMENT(KARBALA) DABV01-04-R-8162 DABV01-04-M-8162 28-Feb-04 $195,000.00
AUR SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8193 DABV01-04-M-8193 28-Feb-04 $55,217.00
AL JOUAHRI PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8195 DABV01-04-M-8195 28-Feb-04 $61,370.00
SHOMALY SPORTS CLUB DABV01-04-R-8197 DABV01-04-M-8197 28-Feb-04 $56,634.00
Jumariyah Fire Station Maintenance Building [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5084 29-Feb-04 $165,000.00
Kirkuk Badging Office Computer DABV01-04-Q-3047 DABV01-04-M-3049 29-Feb-04 $500.00
AL MOWAFAQIA BRIDGE DABV01-04-R-8158 DABV01-04-M-8158 29-Feb-04 $18,000.00
AL AZIZIA BRIDGE DABV01-04-R-8159 DABV01-04-M-8159 29-Feb-04 $20,000.00
COUNTER TERROR EQUIP-VEST DABV01-04-R-8094 DABV01-04-M-8094 1-Mar-04 $118,042.00
NEWSPAPER OFFICE SUPPLIES DABV01-04-R-8156 DABV01-04-M-8156 1-Mar-04 $13,000.00
NEWSPAPER OFFICE SUPPLIES DABV01-04-R-8157 DABV01-04-M-8157 1-Mar-04 $13,000.00
WASIT IP SALOON CARS DABV01-04-R-8171 DABV01-04-M-8171 1-Mar-04 $205,000.00
BABYLON SPORTS CLUB DABV01-04-R-8194 DABV01-04-M-8194 1-Mar-04 $27,860.00
BABYLON ATHLETIC FACILITY DABV01-04-R-8196 DABV01-04-M-8196 1-Mar-04 $43,879.00
MASHRU SPORTS CLUB DABV01-04-R-8198 DABV01-04-M-8198 1-Mar-04 $73,425.00
Feed Water Pump Coupler DABV01-03-Q-2141 DABV01-04-M-2149 2-Mar-04 $15,508.00
Test Module Hpo 3 DABV01-03-Q-2159 DABV01-04-M-2252 2-Mar-04 $37,842.00
Speed Reducer for Air Heater Soot Blower DABV01-03-Q-2235 DABV01-04-M-2253 2-Mar-04 $7,500.00
Laboratory Test Equipment DABV01-04-Q-2186 DABV01-04-M-2234 2-Mar-04 $133,376.00
W011-14 Water Pipeline Equipment - CPA 002c Items 1 & 2 DABV01-04-Q-5002 DABV01-04-M-5023 2-Mar-04 $975,280.00
Diyala Transformers DABV01-04-R-3036 DABV01-04-M-3136 2-Mar-04 $663,485.00
RAMADI-HRSOCIETY FURN DABV01-04-R-8204 DABV01-04-M-8204 2-Mar-04 $36,457.00
BARNOON WATER TREATMENT DABV01-04-R-8205 DABV01-04-M-8205 2-Mar-04 $30,000.00
ADNON Palace MOI Office DABV01-04-Q-0014 DABV01-04-C-0015 3-Mar-04 $1,552,590.00
AK-47 DABV01-04-Q-0022 DABV01-04-M-0043 3-Mar-04 $236,000.00
RKI Gas Detection Kits DABV01-04-Q-2265 DABV01-04-M-2233 3-Mar-04 $10,073.50 16 Reconditioned Fuel Pumps DABV01-04-Q-5013 DABV01-04-M-5083 3-Mar-04 $88,100.00
BUSA FOR TRIBAL DABV01-04-R-8213 DABV01-04-M-8213 3-Mar-04 $220,500.00
BUSA TRANS HUMAN RIGHTS DABV01-04-R-8214 DABV01-04-M-8214 3-Mar-04 $208,800.00
Al Muwafaquia Access Road [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5080 4-Mar-04 $89,740.00
Clean up Campaign - Basrah [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5091 4-Mar-04 $129,220.00
Qaladza Hospital DABV01-03-R-3067 DABV01-04-C-3115 4-Mar-04 $93,790.00
Qaladizah Hospital, Police & Reception DABV01-03-R-3068 DABV01-04-C-3116 4-Mar-04 $38,173.00
Raniah Hospital Police & Reception DABV01-03-R-3069 DABV01-04-C-3117 4-Mar-04 $37,557.00
Baqubah TV/Radio Station Renovation DABV01-03-R-3133 DABV01-04-C-3137 4-Mar-04 $430,543.00
KARBALA ATK GRANT DABV01-04-G-8002 DABV01-04-G-8002 4-Mar-04 $100,000.00
Turbine Parts DABV01-04-Q-2012 DABV01-04-M-2269 4-Mar-04 $40,801.38 Three School BUSAes DABV01-04-Q-5004 DABV01-04-M-5090 4-Mar-04 $90,000.00
NIEL CLINIC ELECTRIC DABV01-04-R-8202 DABV01-04-M-8202 4-Mar-04 $5,200.00
WOMENS RIGHTS PROGRAM DABV01-04-R-8215 DABV01-04-M-8215 4-Mar-04 $33,120.00
MUSATWASF CLINIC DABV01-04-R-8216 DABV01-04-M-8216 4-Mar-04 $34,800.00
JOWADYIA PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8217 DABV01-04-M-8217 4-Mar-04 $39,300.00
OFFICE EQUIPMENT- HILLA TD CENTER DABV01-04-R-8219 DABV01-04-M-8219 4-Mar-04 $72,200.00
JASRAH PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE DABV01-04-R-8224 DABV01-04-M-8224 4-Mar-04 $131,400.00
Al-Quids Primary School (EI) DABV01-03-Q-5103 DABV01-04-M-5082 5-Mar-04 $38,355.00
Al-Jazeera Primary School (EI) DABV01-03-Q-5104 DABV01-04-M-5082 5-Mar-04 $52,111.00
Al-Tawheed Primary School (EI) DABV01-03-Q-5105 DABV01-04-M-5082 5-Mar-04 $52,722.00
Tawakulna Ala Allah Primary School (EI) DABV01-03-Q-5106 DABV01-04-M-5082 5-Mar-04 $20,592.00
Al Dayr School Rehab DABV01-03-Q-5107 DABV01-04-M-5082 5-Mar-04 $150,984.00
Ad Campaign to Educate Iraqis DABV01-04-R-0009 DABV01-04-C-0012 5-Mar-04 $5,854,864.00
NAJAF POLICE VEHICLES DABV01-04-R-8226 DABV01-04-M-8226 5-Mar-04 $127,500.00
BABIL TV EQUIPMENT DABV01-04-R-8230 DABV01-04-M-8230 5-Mar-04 $125,730.00
AL FAYHAA NEWS EQUIP DABV01-04-R-8231 DABV01-04-M-8231 5-Mar-04 $36,020.00
Electronid Cards DABV01-03-Q-2132 DABV01-04-M-2273 6-Mar-04 $303,450.00
Pressure Controller & Transmitter DABV01-03-Q-2243 DABV01-04-M-2255 6-Mar-04 $11,448.00
Air Compressor DABV01-04-Q-2116 DABV01-04-M-2275 6-Mar-04 $22,000.00
Critical Parts - al Qudas DABV01-04-Q-2230 DABV01-04-M-2276 6-Mar-04 $68,281.10 ABB Replacement Parts DABV01-04-Q-2311 DABV01-04-M-2274 6-Mar-04 $22,650.00
Pick-up for Sports&Scouting Director DABV01-04-Q-3043 DABV01-04-M-3045 6-Mar-04 $6,500.00
Digital Camera S&S Director DABV01-04-Q-3044 DABV01-04-M-3046 6-Mar-04 $1,500.00
21 Passenger BUSA S&S Director DABV01-04-Q-3048 DABV01-04-M-3047 6-Mar-04 $12,000.00
Erbil Police/Security Vehicles DABV01-04-R-3097 DABV01-04-C-3138 6-Mar-04 $409,500.00
AL-NIDHAMMYA PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8181 DABV01-04-M-8181 6-Mar-04 $34,542.00
SHEIK SAAS PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8182 DABV01-04-M-8182 6-Mar-04 $33,025.00
EUM AL-KURA PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8183 DABV01-04-M-8183 6-Mar-04 $28,525.00
JASSAN SECONDARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8185 DABV01-04-M-8185 6-Mar-04 $18,176.00
AL-HEJAZE PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8186 DABV01-04-M-8186 6-Mar-04 $19,575.00
AL-AHRAR SECONDARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8187 DABV01-04-M-8187 6-Mar-04 $27,869.00
ZAIN AL-ABIDEN PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8188 DABV01-04-M-8188 6-Mar-04 $18,136.00
ABIN AL-BETAR PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8189 DABV01-04-M-8189 6-Mar-04 $18,899.00
AL-NHRAWAN PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8191 DABV01-04-M-8191 6-Mar-04 $17,737.00
AL FURSSAN SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8218 DABV01-04-M-8218 6-Mar-04 $85,100.00
SECURITY IMPROVEMENTS-GOV'T BLDG DABV01-04-R-8220 DABV01-04-M-8220 6-Mar-04 $25,900.00
DORM FOR UNIVERSITY DABV01-04-R-8237 DABV01-04-M-8237 6-Mar-04 $357,583.00
CONFERENCE CTR DABV01-04-R-8238 DABV01-04-M-8238 6-Mar-04 $388,357.00
THEO UNIV DORMITORY DABV01-04-R-8239 DABV01-04-M-8239 6-Mar-04 $350,000.00
KITCHEN FACILITY DABV01-04-R-8240 DABV01-04-M-8240 6-Mar-04 $375,000.00
Rehabilitation of Al-Faiha Hospital Burns [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5094 7-Mar-04 $179,794.00
Vehicles for Fine Arts Institute DABV01-04-Q-3060 DABV01-04-M-3062 7-Mar-04 $20,100.00
Basrah Veteran Society Center DABV01-04-Q-5020 DABV01-04-M-5092 7-Mar-04 $83,445.00
Al Madinah Fire Station DABV01-04-Q-5021 DABV01-04-M-5093 7-Mar-04 $334,683.00
Telephone System for TV Station DABV01-04-R-3130 DABV01-04-C-3139 7-Mar-04 $8,400.00
AL-EKHWAS PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8180 DABV01-04-M-8180 7-Mar-04 $37,025.00
AL-RABEAA PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8184 DABV01-04-M-8184 7-Mar-04 $29,060.00
JAFAR AL TAYAR PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8192 DABV01-04-M-8192 7-Mar-04 $33,263.00
PATIENT TRANSPORT DABV01-04-M-8241 DABV01-04-M-8241 8-Mar-04 $54,000.00
PATIENT TRANSPORT DABV01-04-M-8242 DABV01-04-M-8242 8-Mar-04 $54,000.00
PATIENT TRANSPORT DABV01-04-M-8243 DABV01-04-M-8243 8-Mar-04 $49,000.00
PATIENT TRANSPORT DABV01-04-M-8244 DABV01-04-M-8244 8-Mar-04 $55,616.00
PATIENT TRANSPORT DABV01-04-M-8245 DABV01-04-M-8245 8-Mar-04 $53,800.00
Renovate PMO Bld. DABV01-04-R-0012 DABV01-04-C-0017 8-Mar-04 $1,886,650.00
Shaqlawa Comm Center Access Rd DABV01-04-R-3096 DABV01-04-C-3141 8-Mar-04 $48,000.00
AL-SHIMEYA PRIMARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8099 DABV01-04-M-8099 8-Mar-04 $37,589.00
MOUSA BIN NASSIR SECONDARY SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8225 DABV01-04-M-8225 8-Mar-04 $39,536.00
Catering at Police Academy DABV01-04-Q-0024 DABV01-04-M-0045 9-Mar-04 $405,000.00
Food Service at Baghdad Academy DABV01-04-Q-0024 DABV01-04-M-0045 9-Mar-04 $405,000.00
Transformer Oil DABV01-04-Q-2220 DABV01-04-M-2271 9-Mar-04 $17,450.00
Cor-Ten Steel Strip DABV01-04-Q-2331 DABV01-04-M-2277 9-Mar-04 $290,150.00
Four sub-stations in Basra DABV01-04-Q-5012 DABV01-04-M-5057 9-Mar-04 $8,000,000.00
Survey of Iraqi's DABV01-04-R-0017 DABV01-04-C-0014 9-Mar-04 $424,235.00
Baloka Bridge Reconstruction DABV01-04-R-3051 DABV01-04-C-3154 9-Mar-04 $245,950.00
Al Askeri Sewage Pipeline DABV01-04-R-3058 DABV01-04-C-3153 9-Mar-04 $115,590.00
SEBA SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8246 DABV01-04-M-8246 9-Mar-04 $109,982.00
P016 Cable Test Van [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5098 10-Mar-04 $187,547.00
Suq Ash Shuyukh City Hospital Annex [n/a] DAVB01-04-M-5099 10-Mar-04 $127,243.00
Pave Sherwan Mazin Road DABV01-03-R-3158 DABV01-04-C-3140 10-Mar-04 $345,150.00
Khormal Sewer Extension DABV01-03-R-3201 DABV01-04-C-3155 10-Mar-04 $296,850.00
ENG SVCS-HILLA UNIV DABV01-04-M-8251 DABV01-04-M-8251 10-Mar-04 $118,400.00
VEHICLES FOR POLICE DABV01-04-M-8252 DABV01-04-M-8252 10-Mar-04 $315,000.00
GOVERNATE VEHICLES DABV01-04-M-8253 DABV01-04-M-8253 10-Mar-04 $361,000.00
FM SYSTEM-DIWANIYAH DABV01-04-M-8254 DABV01-04-M-8254 10-Mar-04 $244,400.00
VEHICLES-KARBALA DABV01-04-M-8255 DABV01-04-M-8255 10-Mar-04 $481,500.00
Equipment for Sports&Scouting Director DABV01-04-Q-3042 DABV01-04-M-3044 10-Mar-04 $23,250.00
Kirkuk IPCC Vehicles DABV01-04-Q-3045 DABV01-04-M-3047 10-Mar-04 $12,000.00
COLLEGE OF EDUCATION FOR GIRLS DABV01-04-R-8176 DABV01-04-M-8176 10-Mar-04 $100,732.00
GOVERNORATE BUILDING DABV01-04-R-8206 DABV01-04-M-8206 10-Mar-04 $133,161.00
DOCTOR'S HOSTEL-NAJAF GH DABV01-04-R-8208 DABV01-04-M-8208 10-Mar-04 $21,557.00
REPAIR WATER NETWORK DABV01-04-R-8209 DABV01-04-M-8209 10-Mar-04 $9,910.00
BUSA SUPPLY FOR WOMEN'S CENTER DABV01-04-R-8210 DABV01-04-M-8210 10-Mar-04 $21,500.00
FENCE- DATE PALM RESEARCH CENTER DABV01-04-R-8221 DABV01-04-M-8221 10-Mar-04 $33,800.00
DATE PALM RESEARCH CENTER DABV01-04-R-8222 DABV01-04-M-8222 10-Mar-04 $41,000.00
MIRJAN HOSPITAL DABV01-04-R-8247 DABV01-04-M-8247 10-Mar-04 $415,700.00
RAHMAN SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8248 DABV01-04-M-8248 10-Mar-04 $99,100.00
BESHIRE SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8249 DABV01-04-M-8249 10-Mar-04 $110,500.00
Al Haitham Hospital Renovation N/A DABV01-04-M-0047 10-Mar-04 $108,300.00
Al Alwea Maternity Hospital N/A DABV01-04-M-0048 10-Mar-04 $179,490.00
Transportation N/A DABV01-04-M-2279 10-Mar-04 $3,650.00
Ponchos N/A DABV01-04-M-0046 10-Mar-04 $35,100.00
Hydrogen Control Cabinets DABV01-04-Q-2282 DABV01-04-M-2280 11-Mar-04 $224,372.74 Mosul Recruiting Station Fuel DABV01-04-Q-3061 DABV01-04-M-3063 11-Mar-04 $70.00
Rizgary Public Garden Renovation DABV01-04-R-3085 DABV01-04-C-3152 11-Mar-04 $67,091.00
Mufty Public Garden Renovation DABV01-04-R-3086 DABV01-04-C-3149 11-Mar-04 $54,786.00
Shorish Public Garden Renovation DABV01-04-R-3088 DABV01-04-C-3142 11-Mar-04 $68,130.00
Kurdistan Public Garden Renovation DABV01-04-R-3089 DABV01-04-C-3148 11-Mar-04 $111,183.00
Rapareen Public Garden Renovation DABV01-04-R-3090 DABV01-04-C-3150 11-Mar-04 $51,110.00
Aulama Badawa Public Garden Renovation DABV01-04-R-3091 DABV01-04-C-3147 11-Mar-04 $54,201.00
Ronaki Public Garden Renovation DABV01-04-R-3092 DABV01-04-C-3143 11-Mar-04 $67,867.50 Azadi Public Garden Sector 35/391 Renovation DABV01-04-R-3093 DABV01-04-C-3144 11-Mar-04 $76,619.50 Chewestan Public Garden Renovation DABV01-04-R-3094 DABV01-04-C-3151 11-Mar-04 $55,383.00
Shorta Public Garden Sector 405/157 Renovation DABV01-04-R-3095 DABV01-04-C-3145 11-Mar-04 $72,028.40 Two-Way Radios for Iraqi Riverine Patrol Service [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5095 12-Mar-04 $31,860.00
VEHICLES FOR KEY IraqIS DABV01-04-M-8257 DABV01-04-M-8257 12-Mar-04 $360,000.00
F009 LPG Trucks DABV01-04-Q-5009 DABV01-04-M-5096 12-Mar-04 $513,300.00
F004 Fuel Station Works - Basrah 1 DABV01-04-Q-5075 DABV01-04-M-5088 12-Mar-04 $381,900.00
F004 Fuel Station Works - Thi-Qar 1 DABV01-04-Q-5076 DABV01-04-M-5089 12-Mar-04 $185,850.00
Baqubah Asphalt Factory Renovation DABV01-04-R-3061 DABV01-04-C-3158 12-Mar-04 $111,335.78 Construction at KMTB DABV01-03-C-0034 DABV01-03-C-0034 13-Mar-04 $752,024.00
Screw Pumps (Mosul) DABV01-03-Q-2182 DABV01-04-M-2285 13-Mar-04 $90,240.00
HILLA IP VEHICLES DABV01-04-M-8258 DABV01-04-M-8258 13-Mar-04 $420,000.00
DIWANIYAH/WASIT VEHICLES DABV01-04-M-8259 DABV01-04-M-8259 13-Mar-04 $419,000.00
Transformer Oil DABV01-04-Q-2220 DABV01-04-M-2286 13-Mar-04 $25,324.00
AWS Standards - CD DABV01-04-Q-2297 DABV01-04-M-2287 13-Mar-04 $2,659.96
AWS Standards - Print DABV01-04-Q-2297 DABV01-04-M-2288 13-Mar-04 $16,627.00
Abu Rajash Water Treatment Facility DABV01-03-R-3174 DABV01-04-C-3169 14-Mar-04 $257,500.00
Al Hamra Water Treatment Facility DABV01-03-R-3175 DABV01-04-C-3167 14-Mar-04 $287,050.00
Ad Dujawl Water Treatment Facility DABV01-03-R-3178 DABV01-04-C-3170 14-Mar-04 $160,000.00
Baiji Sewage Treatment Facility DABV01-03-R-3179 DABV01-04-C-3168 14-Mar-04 $89,750.00
FURNITURE AND OFFICE EQUIPMENT- MOD #2 DABV01-03-R-8178 DABV01-03-8178,P02 14-Mar-04 $21,700.00
LOGISTIC EQUIPMENT DABV01-04-Q-0027 DABV01-04-M-0050 14-Mar-04 $1,902.19 Pressure Regulator & Diaphragm DABV01-04-Q-2314 DABV01-04-M-2197 14-Mar-04 $4,250.00
Tools for WarehoUSAe DABV01-04-Q-2357 DABV01-04-M-2290 14-Mar-04 $233.00
Ainkawa School Computers DABV01-04-Q-3059 DABV01-04-M-3061 14-Mar-04 $1,680.00
Furnish, install, test 33 KV Trans Line Abell/Najibia DABV01-04-Q-5081 DABV01-04-M-5085 14-Mar-04 $500,000.00
Refurbishing 26 Boston Whalers DABV01-04-Q-5082 DABV01-04-M-5097 14-Mar-04 $291,900.00
Water Project - Hajy Qazy/Boka/Mewakay/Yamarand DABV01-04-R-3112 DABV01-04-C-3159 14-Mar-04 $37,426.00
WTR PLNT-DAGHARAH DABV01-04-R-8260 DABV01-04-M-8260 14-Mar-04 $175,000.00
WTR PLNT-QADUSAIYAH DABV01-04-R-8261 DABV01-04-M-8261 14-Mar-04 $135,000.00
WTR PLNT-DIWANIYAH DABV01-04-R-8262 DABV01-04-M-8262 14-Mar-04 $168,000.00
WTR PLNT-QADISIYAH DABV01-04-R-8263 DABV01-04-M-8263 14-Mar-04 $147,000.00
WTR PLNT-DAGHARAH NORTH DABV01-04-R-8264 DABV01-04-M-8264 14-Mar-04 $141,300.00
Desert Boots, CMATT N/A DABV01-04-M-0049 14-Mar-04 $100,000.00
Al Wajehia Asphalt Factory Renovation DABV01-04-R-3059 DABV01-04-C-3172 15-Mar-04 $89,250.00
Muqdadiya Asphalt Factory Renovation DABV01-04-R-3060 DABV01-04-C-3173 15-Mar-04 $88,000.00
Water Project - Azadi Q DABV01-04-R-3084 DABV01-04-C-3145 15-Mar-04 $136,079.00
Water Project - Qader Karam DABV01-04-R-3113 DABV01-04-C-3160 15-Mar-04 $234,644.00
Water Project - Garmk Shatry/Garmk Dall/Dangawara/Qallarewely Gawra DABV01-04-R-3114 DABV01-04-C-3161 15-Mar-04 $55,147.00
Water Project - Ali Khalla/Khalefa Ahmad DABV01-04-R-3115 DABV01-04-C-3162 15-Mar-04 $29,959.00
Water Project - Chea Raza/Chuarkallwy Khuaroo DABV01-04-R-3116 DABV01-04-C-3163 15-Mar-04 $34,433.00
Water Project Baqlan DABV01-04-R-3117 DABV01-04-C-3164 15-Mar-04 $31,875.00
AL TAHREER SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8256 DABV01-04-M-8256 15-Mar-04 $180,500.00
SECURITY FACILITY UPGRADES DABV01-04-R-8265 DABV01-04-M-8265 15-Mar-04 $448,500.00
DEMOCRATIC IraqI G. CARS DABV01-04-R-8268 DABV01-04-M-8268 15-Mar-04 $47,950.00
Border Police Buildings [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5101 16-Mar-04 $416,036.00
Al Ashaary School Renovation (Baqubah) DABV01-03-R-3123 DABV01-04-C-3175 16-Mar-04 $6,288.00
Al Mojahdeen School Renovation (Baqubah) DABV01-03-R-3123 DABV01-04-C-3176 16-Mar-04 $16,974.00
Al Mafaker School Renovation (Baqubah) DABV01-03-R-3123 DABV01-04-C-3177 16-Mar-04 $24,783.00
Iben Fernass School Renovation (Baqubah) DABV01-03-R-3123 DABV01-04-C-3178 16-Mar-04 $19,546.00
Al Wattan School Renovation (Muqdadiya) DABV01-03-R-3124 DABV01-04-C-3183 16-Mar-04 $29,439.00
Al Quddas School Renovation (Muqdadiya) DABV01-03-R-3124 DABV01-04-C-3184 16-Mar-04 $26,149.00
Al Shaheed Ali School Renovation (Mukdadiya) DABV01-03-R-3124 DABV01-04-C-3185 16-Mar-04 $20,216.00
Al Rafah School Renovation (Muqdadiya) DABV01-03-R-3124 DABV01-04-C-3186 16-Mar-04 $35,164.00
FURNITURE AND OFFICE EQUIPMENT- MODIFICATION DABV01-03-R-8178 DABV01-03-8178,P01 16-Mar-04 $16,200.00
Packing Material DABV01-04-Q-2328 DABV01-04-M-2289 16-Mar-04 $9,000.00
Transportation DABV01-04-Q-2356 DABV01-04-M-2291 16-Mar-04 $4,740.00
Al Assala School Renovation (Khalis) DABV01-04-R-3032 DABV01-04-C-3187 16-Mar-04 $19,378.00
Al Mammon School Renovation (Khalis) DABV01-04-R-3032 DABV01-04-C-3188 16-Mar-04 $12,882.00
Al Manar School Renovation (Khalis) DABV01-04-R-3032 DABV01-04-C-3189 16-Mar-04 $27,947.00
Khola Bent Al-Azur School Renovation (Khalis) DABV01-04-R-3032 DABV01-04-C-3190 16-Mar-04 $19,435.50 Homady Shehab School Renovation (Bani Saad) DABV01-04-R-3033 DABV01-04-C-3179 16-Mar-04 $14,345.00
Al Syoof School Renovation (Bani Saad) DABV01-04-R-3033 DABV01-04-C-3180 16-Mar-04 $17,514.00
Malek Al Ashtar School Renovation (Bani Saad) DABV01-04-R-3033 DABV01-04-C-3181 16-Mar-04 $14,185.00
Al Badeea School Renovation (Bani Saad) DABV01-04-R-3033 DABV01-04-C-3182 16-Mar-04 $22,010.30 Al Sadiyah Pump Station Renovation DABV01-04-R-3062 DABV01-04-C-3174 16-Mar-04 $200,000.00
VEHICLES FOR UNIVERSITY OF BABYLON DABV01-04-R-8250 DABV01-04-M-8250 16-Mar-04 $46,800.00
CONSULTATION SERVICES DABV01-04-R-8267 DABV01-04-M-8267 16-Mar-04 $9,600.00
ESMA SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8269 DABV01-04-M-8269 16-Mar-04 $137,300.00
ANSAF SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8270 DABV01-04-M-8270 16-Mar-04 $127,500.00
SINA SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8271 DABV01-04-M-8271 16-Mar-04 $133,400.00
PT Gear and Uniforms N/A DABV01-04-M-0006 16-Mar-04 $54,550.00
Purchase of Jersey Barriers/T-Walls. DABV01-03-Q-0106 DABV01-03-M-0151 17-Mar-04 $350,025.00
TOILET UPGRADES DABV01-04-M-8266 DABV01-04-M-8266 17-Mar-04 $15,100.00
Tikrit Trash Removal DABV01-04-R-3156 DABV01-04-C-3191 17-Mar-04 $400.00
Build Playground in Tikrit DABV01-04-R-3157 DABV01-04-C-3192 17-Mar-04 $24,650.00
Al Rahidia Water Network Repair DABV01-04-R-3158 DABV01-04-C-3193 17-Mar-04 $9,500.00
Albo Ajeel Water Station Repair DABV01-04-R-3159 DABV01-04-C-3194 17-Mar-04 $10,500.00
Tal Alsebnt Drinking Water System Repair DABV01-04-R-3160 DABV01-04-C-3195 17-Mar-04 $9,500.00
Alalam Mosque Repair DABV01-04-R-3161 DABV01-04-C-3196 17-Mar-04 $17,000.00
Abn Aija Mosque Repair DABV01-04-R-3162 DABV01-04-C-3197 17-Mar-04 $21,908.75 Al Abasia Water Repair DABV01-04-R-3163 DABV01-04-C-3198 17-Mar-04 $12,985.00
Imeajel Water Repair DABV01-04-R-3164 DABV01-04-C-3199 17-Mar-04 $5,900.00
At Toot Water Repair DABV01-04-R-3165 DABV01-04-C-3.00 17-Mar-04 $11,210.00
Al Hurash Water Repair DABV01-04-R-3166 DABV01-04-C-3201 17-Mar-04 $17,940.00
Al Risasa Irrigation Repair DABV01-04-R-3167 DABV01-04-C-3202 17-Mar-04 $39,575.00
Al Eshakey Internet Center DABV01-04-R-3168 DABV01-04-C-3203 17-Mar-04 $21,460.00
Road Repair in Al-Duloiyah DABV01-04-R-3169 DABV01-04-C-3204 17-Mar-04 $21,000.00
Road Repair in Balad City DABV01-04-R-3170 DABV01-04-C-3205 17-Mar-04 $20,000.00
Road Repair in Yathrib DABV01-04-R-3171 DABV01-04-C-3206 17-Mar-04 $17,580.00
Road Repair in Sherqat Village (Right Bank) DABV01-04-R-3172 DABV01-04-C-3207 17-Mar-04 $17,500.00
Road Repair in Sherqat Village (Left Bank) DABV01-04-R-3173 DABV01-04-C-3208 17-Mar-04 $30,000.00
Water Repair in Serqat Village (Right Bank) DABV01-04-R-3174 DABV01-04-C-3209 17-Mar-04 $18,500.00
Water Repair in Serqat Village (Left Bank) DABV01-04-R-3175 DABV01-04-C-3210 17-Mar-04 $28,600.00
WATER CONNECTION- 17 LOCATIONS DABV01-04-R-8207 DABV01-04-M-8207 17-Mar-04 $8,700.00
WATER TREATMENT PLANT- KUFA DABV01-04-R-8212 DABV01-04-M-8212 17-Mar-04 $26,250.00
SHIH SAD SEWAGE PUMP STATION DABV01-04-R-8232 DABV01-04-M-8232 17-Mar-04 $29,600.00
AL-AHRAR SEWAGE PUMP STATION DABV01-04-R-8233 DABV01-04-M-8233 17-Mar-04 $37,600.00
AL-SHIHIMIA PETROL STATION DABV01-04-R-8234 DABV01-04-M-8234 17-Mar-04 $54,900.00
AL-KUT FUEL STATION (FORMER MILITARY) DABV01-04-R-8235 DABV01-04-M-8235 17-Mar-04 $67,400.00
DAMOOK SEWAGE PUMP STATION DABV01-04-R-8236 DABV01-04-M-8236 17-Mar-04 $31,800.00
ISU CARS DABV01-04-R-8273 DABV01-04-M-8273 17-Mar-04 $37,800.00
Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers DABV01-03-R-0038 DABV01-04-M-2015 18-Mar-04 $779,200.00
Renovate Riverside Park DABV01-03-R-3126 DABV01-04-C-3211 18-Mar-04 $450,000.00
Renovate Restrooms 19 Baqubah Schools DABV01-03-R-3132 DABV01-04-C-3212 18-Mar-04 $38,575.00
USAed SUVs DABV01-04-Q-0025 DABV01-04-M-0053 18-Mar-04 $88,000.00
Muhammad Al Dahash Mosque Renovation DABV01-04-Q-3066 DABV01-04-M-3070 18-Mar-04 $5,605.00
Othman Bin Affan Din Affan Mosque Rehabilitation DABV01-04-Q-3067 DABV01-04-M-3071 18-Mar-04 $14,773.00
Hamid Hasson Mosque Renovation DABV01-04-Q-3068 DABV01-04-M-3072 18-Mar-04 $9,874.00
Al Shafeiaii Mosque Renovation DABV01-04-Q-3069 DABV01-04-M-3073 18-Mar-04 $3,787.00
Ibn Hanbel Mosque Renovation DABV01-04-Q-3070 DABV01-04-M-3074 18-Mar-04 $12,712.00
Al Shahid Fadil Mosque Renovation DABV01-04-Q-3071 DABV01-04-M-3075 18-Mar-04 $7,289.00
Al Salam Mosque Renovation DABV01-04-Q-3072 DABV01-04-M-3076 18-Mar-04 $14,420.00
Al Athem Mosque Renovation DABV01-04-Q-3073 DABV01-04-M-3077 18-Mar-04 $9,776.00
Al Almuaminin Mosque Renovation DABV01-04-Q-3074 DABV01-04-M-3078 18-Mar-04 $10,546.00
Abu Hanifa Mosque Renovation DABV01-04-Q-3075 DABV01-04-M-3079 18-Mar-04 $8,720.00
Aalabit Mosque Renovation DABV01-04-Q-3076 DABV01-04-M-3080 18-Mar-04 $2,347.00
FREE Trade Zone -Khor az Zubayer DABV01-04-Q-5078 DABV01-04-M-5.00
18-Mar-04 $234,650.00
Renovate Restrooms in 18 Khalis Schools DABV01-04-R-3038 DABV01-04-C-3213 18-Mar-04 $39,148.00
Renovate Restrooms in 18 Muqdadiya Schools DABV01-04-R-3039 DABV01-04-C-3214 18-Mar-04 $37,628.00
Communications Directorate Generator DABV01-04-R-3069 DABV01-04-C-3216 18-Mar-04 $40,900.00
Traffic Signs for Erbil Governorate DABV01-04-R-3099 DABV01-04-C-3218 18-Mar-04 $186,000.00
Dahuk Transportation Jail DABV01-04-R-3134 DABV01-04-C-3217 18-Mar-04 $117,575.00
University of Diyala Office Equipment DABV01-04-R-3215 DABV01-04-C-3215 18-Mar-04 $118,400.00
RADIO STATION ANT MAST DABV01-04-R-8172 DABV01-04-M-8172 18-Mar-04 $150,000.00
AL MA'AMOUN SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8272 DABV01-04-M-8272 18-Mar-04 $146,963.00
QADISIYAH WATER PROJ DABV01-04-R-8277 DABV01-04-M-8277 18-Mar-04 $106,035.00
ABED QADISIYAH WATER PROJ DABV01-04-R-8278 DABV01-04-M-8278 18-Mar-04 $91,368.00
DAGHARAH, WATER PROJ DABV01-04-R-8279 DABV01-04-M-8279 18-Mar-04 $147,210.00
HUMAN RIGHTS VEHICLE DABV01-04-R-8301 DABV01-04-M-8301 18-Mar-04 $12,800.00
132kV Cables & Conductors DABV01-03-Q-2029 DABV01-04-M-2265 19-Mar-04 $2,218,800.00
Al Sherqat Sewaget Treatment DABV01-03-R-3184 DABV01-04-C-3220 19-Mar-04 $82,650.00
Steel Shelter Wheat Store Renovation DABV01-03-R-3219 DABV01-04-C-3219 19-Mar-04 $49,058.00
Air Circuit Breakers DABV01-04-Q-2324 DABV01-04-M-2281 19-Mar-04 $14,823.10
PROVINCIAL COUNCIL BUILDING DABV01-04-R-8294 DABV01-04-M-8294 19-Mar-04 $334,800.00
Emergency Management Center N/A DABV01-04-C-0020 19-Mar-04 $196,387.00
Emergency Management Center N/A DABV01-04-C-0020 19-Mar-04 $196,387.00
Stainless Steel Flexible Hoses DABV01-03-Q-2156 DABV01-04-M-2292 20-Mar-04 $5,535.00
MOBILE RADIO/INSTALLATION DABV01-04-Q0029 DABV01-04-M-0054 20-Mar-04 $234,396.00
BABYLON POLICE ACADEMY GRANT-7 DABV01-04-G-8007 20-Mar-04 $150,000.00
Hawarabarza School Building Renovation N/A (Ratification) DABV01-04-C-3156 20-Mar-04 $48,500.00
Chwarqurna Kindergarten Renovation N/A (Ratification) DABV01-04-C-3157 20-Mar-04 $34,500.00
Fire Department Free Zone [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5102 21-Mar-04 $19,049.00
Samawah Boold Bank [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5104 21-Mar-04 $81,283.00
Rehab of Tikrit U Med Student Dorms DABV01-03-R-3.00 DABV01-04-C-3227 21-Mar-04 $95,000.00
Ibn Majid Factory DABV01-04-Q-5088 DABV01-04-M-5103 21-Mar-04 $357,868.00
Araft 4 School Renovation DABV01-04-R-3105 DABV01-04-C-3222 21-Mar-04 $153,563.00
Kirkuk Railway Directorate Fence Construction DABV01-04-R-3107 DABV01-04-C-3223 21-Mar-04 $150,000.00
Double Dressing of Roads in Erbil DABV01-04-R-3110 DABV01-04-C-3221 21-Mar-04 $293,950.00
9mm Pistols N/A DABV01-03-D-0002 21-Mar-04 $213,500.00
Diyala Generators (21) DABV01-04-R-3064 DABV01-04-C-3224 22-Mar-04 $331,850.00
Kirkuk Railway Directorate Equipment DABV01-04-R-3106 DABV01-04-C-3224 22-Mar-04 $175,651.00
Teacher District Sewage Renovation DABV01-04-R-3108 DABV01-04-C-3225 22-Mar-04 $299,376.50
SEWER CLEANING- AL HIKOKEEN DABV01-04-R-8295 DABV01-04-M-8295 22-Mar-04 $9,900.00
HILLA OLYMPIC POOL DABV01-04-R-8316 DABV01-04-M-8316 22-Mar-04 $108,140.00
NAJAF PUB WRKS DOZER DABV01-04-R-8317 DABV01-04-M-8317 22-Mar-04 $148,000.00
NAJAF WATER PLANT DABV01-04-R-8318 DABV01-04-M-8318 22-Mar-04 $258,500.00
SHINAFIYAH WATER PLANT DABV01-04-R-8319 DABV01-04-M-8319 22-Mar-04 $144,780.00
POLICE VEHICLE DABV01-04-R-8320 DABV01-04-M-8320 22-Mar-04 $260,500.00
BABYLON ADV POLICE G-8 DABV01-04-G-8008 22-Mar-04 $500,000.00
NIPPUR ARCHEO PROJ G-9 DABV01-04-G-8009 22-Mar-04 $10,000.00
Al-Malwya School Renovation NA n/a 22-Mar-04 $35,014.00
Al-MUSAtafa School Renovation NA n/a 22-Mar-04 $26,547.00
Al-Mutaz Belloh School Renovation NA n/a 22-Mar-04 $29,050.00
Al-Kamael School Renovation NA n/a 22-Mar-04 $18,350.00
Saad Al-Therthar School Renovation NA n/a 22-Mar-04 $24,095.00
Al-Tormuthy School Renovation NA n/a 22-Mar-04 $29,125.00
Al-Yasameen School Renovation NA n/a 22-Mar-04 $21,310.00
Esmaa for Girl's School Renovation NA n/a 22-Mar-04 $28,470.00
Samarra for Boy's School Renovation NA n/a 22-Mar-04 $29,600.00
Zobeader for Girl's School Renovation NA n/a 22-Mar-04 $29,475.00
Renovate Baghdad Women's Dorm NA DABV01-04-C-0019 22-Mar-04 $403,290.00
Safety Equipment for Electric Distribution [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5105 23-Mar-04 $118,500.00
Safety Equipment for Electric Distribution [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5106 23-Mar-04 $118,720.00
Supply Materials ITPC cables refurbishment for All Governorate [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5107 23-Mar-04 $190,000.00
32 Incinerators for Health Centers - Muthanna [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5111 23-Mar-04 $119,000.00
Prosthetic Limb Center - Equipment DABV01-03-Q-5148 DABV01-04-M-5112 23-Mar-04 $69,793.00
Ad Dawr Irrigation Renovation DABV01-03-R-3172 DABV01-04-C-3171 23-Mar-04 $599,252.00
Audit of External Debt of Iraq DABV01-04-R-0001 DABV01-04-C-0016 23-Mar-04 $13,216,560.00
SUMMER SCHOOL FOR BOYS DABV01-04-R-8287 DABV01-04-M-8287 23-Mar-04 $84,900.00
AL NASSER SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8288 DABV01-04-M-8288 23-Mar-04 $41,100.00
EL ULMA AL ARABI SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8289 DABV01-04-M-8289 23-Mar-04 $60,200.00
AL GENAN SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8290 DABV01-04-M-8290 23-Mar-04 $59,000.00
GOV'T BUILDING EXTERIOR DABV01-04-R-8291 DABV01-04-M-8291 23-Mar-04 $78,700.00
AL RAMADAN YOUTH CENTER DABV01-04-R-8292 DABV01-04-M-8292 23-Mar-04 $60,900.00
AL ASKAN YOUTH CENTER DABV01-04-R-8293 DABV01-04-M-8293 23-Mar-04 $69,400.00
HEALTH CENTERS- QADASIYAH DABV01-04-R-8.00 DABV01-04-M-8.00 23-Mar-04 $148,900.00
Anti-dash Fence [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5113 24-Mar-04 $15,288.00
Technicial Institute (Refurb) [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5116 24-Mar-04 $66,015.00
Hajy Awa Water Project DABV01-03-R-3119 DABV01-04-C-3166 24-Mar-04 $165,599.00
BUILDING REHAB- IPCC BABIL DABV01-04-R-8297 DABV01-04-M-8297 24-Mar-04 $9,400.00
GENERAL HOSPITAL- DIWANIYAH DABV01-04-R-8299 DABV01-04-M-8299 24-Mar-04 $195,300.00
AL KUT UNIVERSITY EXTENSION DABV01-04-R-8321 DABV01-04-M-8321 24-Mar-04 $128,300.00
EDUCATION DEPT. WAREHOUSAE DABV01-04-R-8323 DABV01-04-M-8323 24-Mar-04 $76,300.00
AL SHOMALI BRIDGE DABV01-04-R-8324 DABV01-04-M-8324 24-Mar-04 $11,200.00
NAJAF WATER PLANT(ABU GHRAB) DABV01-04-R-8325 DABV01-04-M-8325 24-Mar-04 $258,000.00
POLICE ACADEMY PWR SYS DABV01-04-R-8326 DABV01-03-M-8326 24-Mar-04 $479,550.00
AL FURSSAN FOOTBRIDGE DABV01-04-M-8327 DABV01-04-M-8327 25-Mar-04 $5,500.00
Erbil Fine Arts Institute Keyboard DABV01-04-Q-3084 DABV01-04-M-3128 25-Mar-04 $3,300.00
W011-14 Water Pipeline Equipment - CPA 005 DABV01-04-Q-5002 DABV01-04-M-5117 25-Mar-04 $258,880.00
Basrah Prison Equipment #2 DABV01-04-Q-5091 DABV01-04-M-5114 25-Mar-04 $19,180.00
Basrah Prison Equipment #3 DABV01-04-Q-5092 DABV01-04-M-5115 25-Mar-04 $24,122.00
Mine Awareness Training DABV01-04-Q-5095 DABV01-04-M-5116 25-Mar-04 $161,374.00
Technical Institute Renovation DABV01-04-R-3002 DABV01-04-C-3229 25-Mar-04 $13,003.00
CLEAN HILLAH STREETS PROJECT DABV01-04-R-8298 DABV01-04-M-8298 25-Mar-04 $18,200.00
AL REGALIA ROAD DABV01-04-R-8302 DABV01-04-M-8302 25-Mar-04 $226,000.00
SADRAYA STREET SEWAGE DABV01-04-R-8315 DABV01-04-M-8315 25-Mar-04 $201,800.00
MAINT. SHEIK SAAD BRIDGE DABV01-04-R-8322 DABV01-04-M-8322 25-Mar-04 $15,400.00
NAYIF AL JARYAN ROAD PROJECT DABV01-04-R-8328 DABV01-04-M-8328 25-Mar-04 $11,100.00
WATER NETWORK- ABU GHARAB DABV01-04-R-8282 DABV01-04-M-8282 26-Mar-04 $183,300.00
WATER NETWORK- AL MISHKAB DABV01-04-R-8283 DABV01-04-M-8283 26-Mar-04 $194,300.00
WATER NETWORK- AL WAHHABI DABV01-04-R-8284 DABV01-04-M-8284 26-Mar-04 $179,900.00
YOUTH AND SPORTS CENTER- HYDERIA DABV01-04-R-8286 DABV01-04-M-8286 26-Mar-04 $157,000.00
AK-47s N/A DABV01-03-M-0034 26-Mar-04 $418,487.30
SUMER LGE WATER PLANT DABV01-03-R-8280 DABV01-04-M-8280 27-Mar-04 $190,000.00
INSTALL SUMER WATER PLANT DABV01-03-R-8281 DABV01-04-M-8281 27-Mar-04 $106,000.00
FIBER OPTIC SPLICER- KARBALA PTT DABV01-04-M-8275 DABV01-04-M-8275 27-Mar-04 $36,800.00
JAIL RENOVATION DABV01-04-M-8276 DABV01-04-M-8276 27-Mar-04 $175,400.00
AL GENAEN KINDERGARTEN DABV01-04-M-8313 DABV01-04-M-8313 27-Mar-04 $83,200.00
AN GAM KINDERGARTEN DABV01-04-M-8314 DABV01-04-M-8314 27-Mar-04 $86,200.00
USAed SUVs DABV01-04-Q-0030 DABV01-04-M-0057 27-Mar-04 $44,000.00
USAed SUVs DABV01-04-Q-0030 DABV01-04-M-0057 27-Mar-04 $44,000.00
Winter Jackets for Traffic Police DABV01-04-Q-3004 DABV01-04-M-3004 27-Mar-04 $60,000.00
Theatre - Utba bin Qhazwan (not named Al Terbia) DABV01-04-Q-5094 DABV01-04-M-5118 27-Mar-04 $89,141.00
Kirkuk Agricultural Equipment DABV01-04-R-3101 DABV01-04-C-3228 27-Mar-04 $672,140.89
Local Iraqi Police Vehicles DABV01-04-R-3111 DABV01-04-C-3230 27-Mar-04 $97,000.00
SCANIA BY-PASS DABV01-04-R-8329 DABV01-04-M-8329 27-Mar-04 $416,300.00
Abu Dalaf School Renovation N/A (Ratification) n/a 27-Mar-04 $21,980.00
Al-Baraka-Al-Hasna School Renovation N/A (Ratification) n/a 27-Mar-04 $29,390.00
Al-Muthana School Renovation N/A (Ratification) n/a 27-Mar-04 $30,000.00
Stickers and Posters Ratification DABV01-04M-0056 27-Mar-04 $310,200.00
Ninevah Auditing Board Termination n/a 27-Mar-04 $0.00
Chamchamal Intersection Renovation DABV01-03-R-3153 DABV01-04-C-3231 28-Mar-04 $183,275.00
Abu Pschute Irrigation System (RI) DABV01-04-M-5034 DABV01-04-M-5034 28-Mar-04 $49,383.00
Um Al Fisheg Irrigation Channel (RI) DABV01-04-M-5034 DABV01-04-M-5034 28-Mar-04 $9,009.00
Maysan Agricultural Bank Rehabilitation (RI) DABV01-04-M-5034 DABV01-04-M-5034 28-Mar-04 $23,688.00
Al Kahla CourthoUSAe Rehabilitation (RI) DABV01-04-M-5034 DABV01-04-M-5034 28-Mar-04 $17,490.00
Qala Salih CourthoUSAe Rehabilitation (RI) DABV01-04-M-5034 DABV01-04-M-5034 28-Mar-04 $18,995.00
Ali Al Gharbi CourthoUSAe Rehabilitation (RI) DABV01-04-M-5034 DABV01-04-M-5034 28-Mar-04 $26,459.00
Al Amarah Technical Institute – Mech (RI) DABV01-04-M-5034 DABV01-04-M-5034 28-Mar-04 $92,981.00
Al Amarah Technical Institute – Shops (RI) DABV01-04-M-5034 DABV01-04-M-5034 28-Mar-04 $53,379.00
City Council Municipal Buildings DABV01-04-M-5119 DABV01-04-M-5119 28-Mar-04 $1,818,938.00
Generator for Raheed Ashar Bank DABV01-04-M-5120 DABV01-04-M-5120 28-Mar-04 $26,495.00
Furniture For Aqriculture bank DABV01-04-M-5121 DABV01-04-M-5121 28-Mar-04 $22,300.00
W011-14 Augmentation Water Mains Project #1 DABV01-04-M-5124 DABV01-04-M-5124 28-Mar-04 $454,532.00
W011-14 Augmentation Water Mains Project #2 DABV01-04-M-5125 DABV01-04-M-5125 28-Mar-04 $28,150.00
W011-14 Augmentation Water Mains Project #3 DABV01-04-M-5126 DABV01-04-M-5126 28-Mar-04 $230,175.00
W011-14 Augmentation Water Mains Project #4 DABV01-04-M-5127 DABV01-04-M-5127 28-Mar-04 $150,331.00
W011-14 Augmentation Water Mains Project #5 DABV01-04-M-5128 DABV01-04-M-5128 28-Mar-04 $418,476.00
W011-14 Augmentation Water Mains Project #6 DABV01-04-M-5129 DABV01-04-M-5129 28-Mar-04 $80,391.00
Berrets DABV01-04-Q-0026 DABV01-04-M-0058 28-Mar-04 $8,160.00
Battery Charger DABV01-04-Q-2344 DABV01-04-M-2298 28-Mar-04 $3,360.00
Moog Servo Valves DABV01-04-Q-2349 DABV01-04-M-2296 28-Mar-04 $6,540.00
Harvest HT-4 Cordless phone DABV01-04-Q-2350 DABV01-04-M-2294 28-Mar-04 $1,968.30
Laser Pointer Reflective Tape DABV01-04-Q-2377 DABV01-04-M-2297 28-Mar-04 $668.12
Erbil Transportation Jail Renovation DABV01-04-R-3177 DABV01-04-C-3232 28-Mar-04 $187,480.00
FURNITURE- GOV'T TELECOM DABV01-04-R-8311 DABV01-04-M-8311 28-Mar-04 $12,500.00
AL MONTASSER SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8330 DABV01-04-M-8330 28-Mar-04 $129,600.00
UNIVERSITY LIBRARY DABV01-04-R-8331 DABV01-04-M-8331 28-Mar-04 $51,600.00
Harvest HT-4 Cordless phone DABV01-04-Q-2350 DABV01-04-M-2295 28-Mar-04 $5,315.00
Kirkuk City Schools Windows and Doors DABV01-03-Q-3031 DABV01-03-M-3039 29-Mar-04 $5,000.00
AlTamin Hinterlands School Windows and Doo DABV01-03-Q-3032 DABV01-03-M-3040 29-Mar-04 $5,000.00
Diyanah Clinic Renovation DABV01-03-R-3156 DABV01-04-C-3245 29-Mar-04 $140,495.00
KARBALA MOTORCYCLES DABV01-03-R-8336 DABV01-04-M-8336 29-Mar-04 $132,500.00
Installation Power ITPC cables refurbishment for All Governorate DABV01-04-M-5122 DABV01-04-M-5122 29-Mar-04 $151,200.00
Installation ITPC cables refurbishment for All Governorate DABV01-04-M-5123 DABV01-04-M-5123 29-Mar-04 $164,700.00
Basrah Landfill and Transfer Stations DABV01-04-M-5130 DABV01-04-M-5130 29-Mar-04 $1,495,143.00
W011-14 Crew Repair Tools DABV01-04-M-5131 DABV01-04-M-5131 29-Mar-04 $576,816.00
Road Markings for Erbil Governorate DABV01-04-R-3.00 DABV01-04-C-3236 29-Mar-04 $73,050.00
BUSAINESS COM. TRAINING CENTER DABV01-04-R-8274 DABV01-04-M-8274 29-Mar-04 $47,500.00
NEKHEEL SCHOOL DABV01-04-R-8334 DABV01-04-M-8334 29-Mar-04 $131,800.00
Sinbad Neighborhood Central Gutter N/A DABV01-04-C-0021 29-Mar-04 $109,350.00
Sewer Pump Station 52 Renovation N/A DABV01-04-C-0025 29-Mar-04 $140,000.00
Al Nahrain Univ Po.l Sci. Building N/A DABV01-04-C-0026 29-Mar-04 $389,488.00
Baghdad University Parking Lot/BUSA Station N/A DABV01-04-C-0027 29-Mar-04 $270,405.00
Build Surface Run-Off N/A DABV01-04-C-0037 29-Mar-04 $176,000.00
ERPRO SECURITY FORCE N/A DABV01-04-C-0038 29-Mar-04 $3,304,169.47
Babylon Printing Ratification N/A DABV01-04-M-0025 29-Mar-04 $11,900.00
Election Services DABV01-04-C-0018 29-Mar-04 $892,664.00
KARBALA AMBULANCE DABV01-03-R-8341 DABV01-04-M-8341 30-Mar-04 $171,500.00
KARBALA LIBRARY-LANDSCAPE DABV01-03-R-8342 DABV01-04-M-8342 30-Mar-04 $197,500.00
KARBALA LIBRARY FURNITURE DABV01-03-R-8343 DABV01-04-M-8343 30-Mar-04 $224,010.00
W011-14 Water Pipeline Equipment - CPA 002b Item 5 DABV01-04-M-5022 DABV01-04-M-5022 30-Mar-04 $160,206.00
W011-14 Nasiriya Pipe Fittings DABV01-04-M-5086 DABV01-04-M-5086 30-Mar-04 $387,432.00
Al Muthanna 40MW Electrical Project DABV01-04-M-5087 DABV01-04-M-5087 30-Mar-04 $24,457,139.00
Jetter Trailers DABV01-04-M-5132 DABV01-04-M-5132 30-Mar-04 $198,000.00
Double Dressing of Roads in Erbil DABV01-04-R-3110 DABV01-04-C-3221 30-Mar-04 $220,910.00
AL HUSASAINIYA YOUTH CENTER DABV01-04-R-8312 DABV01-04-M-8312 30-Mar-04 $195,100.00
KARBALA LIBRARY BUILDING REPAIR DABV01-04-R-8339 DABV01-04-M-8339 30-Mar-04 $373,400.00
Port Operation Center Equipment N/A DABV01-04-M-0059 30-Mar-04 $49,740.00
Baghdad Depository Implementation N/A DABV01-04-M-0060 30-Mar-04 $250,000.00
INSTL WATER AL BUTAHER DABV01-03-R-8344 DABV01-04-M-8344 31-Mar-04 $25,100.00
Line Haul Service DABV01-04-A-0001 DABV01-04-A-0001 31-Mar-04 $0.00
Salinity balance of the tidal flow Shatt Al Arab waterway. DABV01-04-M-5133 DABV01-04-M-5133 31-Mar-04 $29,976.00
Implementation of the Nassirya BUSAsiness Center. DABV01-04-M-5135 DABV01-04-M-5135 31-Mar-04 $102,152.00
Abu Diflah 2 Km Irregation ditch DABV01-04-M-5136 DABV01-04-M-5136 1-Apr-04 $92,000.00
Refurb Al Hartha Water Sector, Basrah DABV01-04-M-5137 DABV01-04-M-5137 1-Apr-04 $19,206.00
Protective Relay DABV01-04-Q-2333 DABV01-04-M-2302 1-Apr-04 $895.00
IPCC Legal Council A DABV01-04-R-3192 DABV01-04-C-3250 1-Apr-04 $3,225.00
IPCC Legal Council B DABV01-04-R-3193 DABV01-04-C-3251 1-Apr-04 $3,225.00
Construction N/A DABV01-04-C-0039 1-Apr-04 $227,460.00
Construction N/A DABV01-04-C-0045 1-Apr-04 $216,495.00
BARNOON WATER PLANT DABV01-03-R-8346 DABV01-04-M-8346 2-Apr-04 $80,000.00
Water and Soil Quality DABV01-04-M-5138 DABV01-04-M-5138 2-Apr-04 $72,480.00
TK-81 Tunable Filter DABV01-04-Q-2338 DABV01-04-M-2304 2-Apr-04 $3,392.35 Renovate Shuhada Park DABV01-04-R-3081 DABV01-04-R-3081 2-Apr-04 $34,834.00
AL HILLAH FIRE DEPARTMENT HQ DABV01-04-R-8333 DABV01-04-M-8333 2-Apr-04 $24,000.00
WATER-HUZARAN/OWNA DABV01-03-R-8348 DABV01-04-M-8348 3-Apr-04 $180,800.00
WATER-GRADA/HIKMA DABV01-03-R-8349 DABV01-04-M-8349 3-Apr-04 $249,000.00
ROAD-AL GARBEE DABV01-03-R-8350 DABV01-04-M-8350 3-Apr-04 $98,950.00
RENOVATE SCHOOL-AL-RABAB DABV01-03-R-8351 DABV01-04-M-8351 3-Apr-04 $53,250.00
BUILD CELEBRA RM-AL-ZAHRAA DABV01-03-R-8352 DABV01-04-M-8352 3-Apr-04 $100,950.00
OFFICE EQUIPMENT- KARBALA TDC DABV01-04-M-8335 DABV01-04-M-8335 3-Apr-04 $78,400.00
Pilot Exciter DABV01-04-Q-2049 DABV01-04-M-2306 3-Apr-04 $41,221.60
Flame Scanner Detector DABV01-04-Q-2347 DABV01-04-M-2308 3-Apr-04 $12,550.00
KARBALA LIBRARY INTERNET PROJECT DABV01-04-R-8345 DABV01-04-M-8345 3-Apr-04 $498,900.00
Abu Diflah 2 Km Irregation ditch N/A DABV01-04-M-5136 4-Apr-04 $92,000.00
Portable Oil Purification Pump DABV01-04-Q-2314 DABV01-04-M-2303 4-Apr-04 $57,390.00
W011-14 Water Pipeline Equipment - CPA 005 DABV01-04-Q-5002 DABV01-04-M-5117 4-Apr-04 $270,564.00
Basrah Prison Equipment #1(X, locks etc.) DABV01-04-Q-5089 DABV01-04-M-5108 4-Apr-04 $17,605.00
Basrah Prison Equipment #1(Y, toilets) DABV01-04-Q-5089 DABV01-04-M-5109 4-Apr-04 $20,880.00
Koya Central Fire Department DABV01-04-R-3046 DABV01-04-C-3248 4-Apr-04 $132,413.00
KanikharzhalahRoad Contruction DABV01-04-R-3155 DABV01-04-C-3247 4-Apr-04 $48,250.00
Farmer Training n/a (Grant) DABV01-04-1-3006 4-Apr-04 $170,000.00
W011-14Butt FUSAion Machines [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5143 5-Apr-04 $56,650.00
TNG FOR LIBRARY STAFF DABV01-03-R-8353 DABV01-04-M-8353 5-Apr-04 $90,000.00
Police Equipment DABV01-04-Q-0035 DABV01-04-M-0062 5-Apr-04 $2,512,150.00
Audit of the DFI DABV01-04-R-0015 DABV01-04-C-0036 5-Apr-04 $4,663,000.00
Grain Discharging Equipment DABV01-04-R-0018 DABV01-04-C-0048 5-Apr-04 $507,000.00
Refurbish Internal Affairs office DABV01-04-R-3012 DABV01-04-C-3258 5-Apr-04 $69,975.00
Refurbish Vocational Training Centre in Kirkuk DABV01-04-R-3103 DABV01-04-C-3257 5-Apr-04 $207,434.00
Refurbish Vocational Training Centre in Kirkuk DABV01-04-R-3154 DABV01-04-C-3249 5-Apr-04 $157,000.00
Renovation of Samarra General Hospital DABV01-04-R-3180 DABV01-04-C-3233 5-Apr-04 $293,700.00
HILLA GENERAL HOSPITAL DABV01-04-R-8337 DABV01-04-M-8337 5-Apr-04 $662,800.00
Millenium Project n/a (Grant) DABV01-04-1-3007 5-Apr-04 $147,958.00
Baghdad U Bathroom Renovation DABV01-04-C-0042 5-Apr-04 $147,715.00
Motorcycles DABV01-04-Q-5085 DABV01-04-M-5142 6-Apr-04 $80,000.00
Aqar Sorya-Sararu Road Repair DABV01-04-R-3136 DABV01-04-C-3235 6-Apr-04 $351,670.00
Police Patrol & Support Vehicle for Suly DABV01-04-R-3152 DABV01-04-C-3246 6-Apr-04 $257,500.00
Al Wea Children's Hosp Renovation DABV01-04-C-0043 6-Apr-04 $252,568.00
ARMORED VEHICLES DABV01-03-R-8354 DABV01-04-M-8354 7-Apr-04 $275,000.00
State Oil Marketing Organization Internal Audit DABV01-04-R-0002 DABV01-04-M-0036 7-Apr-04 $164,994.00
Soccer Stadium Renovation DABV01-04-R-3079 DABV01-04-C-3268 7-Apr-04 $53,004.00
Erbil Group A Water Projects DABV01-04-R-3146 DABV01-04-C-3261 7-Apr-04 $131,738.20
Erbil Group B Water Projects DABV01-04-R-3147 DABV01-04-C-3262 7-Apr-04 $103,960.90
Erbil Group C Water Projects DABV01-04-R-3148 DABV01-04-C-3263 7-Apr-04 $90,198.80
Erbil Group D Water Projects DABV01-04-R-3149 DABV01-04-C-3264 7-Apr-04 $37,071.00
Erbil Group E Water Projects DABV01-04-R-3150 DABV01-04-C-3265 7-Apr-04 $74,189.10
Erbil Group F Water Projects DABV01-04-R-3151 DABV01-04-C-3266 7-Apr-04 $62,469.00
Police Video Equipment DABV01-04-R-3191 DABV01-04-C-3267 7-Apr-04 $145,150.00
VEHICLES DAVB01-04-Q-0031 DAVB01-04-M-0063 7-Apr-04 $20,676,138.00
VEHICLES DAVB01-04-Q-0031 DAVB01-04-M-0064 7-Apr-04 $14,676,600.00
Jumpstart Project DABV01-04-1-0001 7-Apr-04 $5,000,000.00
13 RUSAsian personnel Trucks [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5079 8-Apr-04 $261,700.00
Personal Items DABV01-04-Q-0041 DABV01-04-M-0070 8-Apr-04 $240,060.00
Terwanesh - Baloka Road Repair DABV01-04-R-3132 DABV01-04-C-3234 8-Apr-04 $1,140,850.00
Medical Supplies - Ratification [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5150 9-Apr-04 $5,000.00
Dual Chain Excitation System DABV01-03-Q-2127 DABV01-04-M-2311 9-Apr-04 $200,819.00
Thermometer, Infrared DABV01-04-Q-2368 DABV01-04-M-2314 9-Apr-04 $447.27
W008 Survey Equipment DABV01-04-Q-5010 DABV01-04-M-5152 9-Apr-04 $14,880.00
Date Palm Reclamation and Restoration Program DABV01-04-Q-5096 DABV01-04-1-5.00
9-Apr-04 $337,639.00
Desertification Shelter Belt/Wind Break Project DABV01-04-Q-5097 DABV01-04-1-5001 9-Apr-04 $179,712.00
RUSAtimiyah Stage 2 Waste Water Treatment Plant DABV01-04-R-0003 DABV01-04-C-0030 9-Apr-04 $5,156,906.00
RUSAtimiyah Stages 0 & 1 DABV01-04-R-0005 DABV01-04-C-0032 9-Apr-04 $5,422,127.00
RUSAtimiyah Electrical 0,1,2 DABV01-04-R-0006 DABV01-04-C-0033 9-Apr-04 $1,437,218.00
Kerkh Waste Water Treatment Plant DABV01-04-R-0007 DABV01-04-C-0034 9-Apr-04 $1,422,142.00
RUSAtimiyah 0,1,2 MCC Low Voltage Switchgear DABV01-04-R-0008 DABV01-04-C-0035 9-Apr-04 $1,124,172.00
HoUSAe of Hope Construction Materials DABV01-04-R-3074 DABV01-04-C-3269 9-Apr-04 $93,145.00
Kornish Parking Lot DABV01-04-R-3080 DABV01-04-R-3080 9-Apr-04 $68,000.00
Renovate Al Taqafia School DABV01-04-R-3083 DABV01-04-C-3271 9-Apr-04 $7,897.00
BODY ARMOR DAVB01-04-Q-0032 DAVB01-04-M-0065 9-Apr-04 $3,945,000.00
BODY ARMOR DAVB01-04-Q-0032 DAVB01-04-M-0066 9-Apr-04 $8,400,000.00
BODY ARMOR DAVB01-04-Q-0032 DAVB01-04-M-0067 9-Apr-04 $4,260,000.00
BODY ARMOR DAVB01-04-Q-0032 DAVB01-04-M-0068 9-Apr-04 $7,570,200.00
Al Kalal Primary School - Nasiriyah [n/a] DABV01-03-M-5073/P1 10-Apr-04 $20,855.00
Basrah Tech Inst. Workshop Equipment [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5151 10-Apr-04 $137,517.00
Basrah Tech Inst. Workshop Equipment [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5151 10-Apr-04 $137,517.00
Development of Water wells of North-Eastren Part of [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5148 10-Apr-04 $410,000.00
Development of Water wells of North-Eastren Part of [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5148 10-Apr-04 $410,000.00
Academy Police Equipment DABV01-04-Q-0039 DABV01-04-M-0076 10-Apr-04 $1,591,070.20
Academy Furniture DABV01-04-Q-0040 DABV01-04-M-0077 10-Apr-04 $15,892.50
Ball Valve 3" DABV01-04-Q-2380 DABV01-04-M-2316 10-Apr-04 $32,108.40
Compact Water & Reverse Osmosis Units DABV01-04-Q-5093 DABV01-04-M-5140 10-Apr-04 $2,709,020.00
Compact Water & Reverse Osmosis Units DABV01-04-Q-5093 DABV01-04-M-5140 10-Apr-04 $2,709,020.00
Compact Water Units DABV01-04-Q-5093 DABV01-04-M-5153 10-Apr-04 $476,000.00
Compact Water Units DABV01-04-Q-5093 DABV01-04-M-5153 10-Apr-04 $476,000.00
Fire Truck w/ Accessory Equipment DABV01-04-Q-5098 DABV01-04-M-5154 10-Apr-04 $280,000.00
Fire Truck w/ Accessory Equipment DABV01-04-Q-5098 DABV01-04-M-5154 10-Apr-04 $280,000.00
Renovate Mosul Public Library DABV01-04-R-3070 DABV01-04-C-3256 10-Apr-04 $105,441.00
Renovate Tal-Abta School DABV01-04-R-3082 DABV01-04-C-3273 10-Apr-04 $13,665.00
4 Ag Ministry Tractors and Implements DABV01-04-R-3123 DABV01-04-C-3272 10-Apr-04 $220,000.00
REGIONAL TRIBAL CTR-GRANT G-015 DABV01-04-G-8015 10-Apr-04 $150,000.00
Nasiriyah - MOHC Bldg [n/a] DABV01-03-M-5086/P1 11-Apr-04 $9,150.00
W11-14 Water Pipeline Equipment - CPA 002c Item DABV01-04-Q-5002 DABV01-04-M-5023 11-Apr-04 $0.00
W011-14 Nasiriya Pipe Fittings DABV01-04-Q-5083 DABV01-04-M-5086 11-Apr-04 $496,895.00
Baqubah Children's Hospital Elevator Repair DABV01-04-R-3133 DABV01-04-C-3274 11-Apr-04 $16,400.00
Body Armor DAV01-04-Q-0032 DAVB01-04-M-0078 11-Apr-04 $15,560,000.00
Police Station Container Bldgs DABV01-03-Q-5079 DABV01-03-M-5052/P2 12-Apr-04 $4,000.00
Coumpound Journal Thrust DABV01-04-2118 DABV01-04-M-2231 12-Apr-04 $70,536.10 Road Checkpoint Uniforms DABV01-04-R-3198 DABV01-04-C-3275 12-Apr-04 $62,180.00
Faida Road Repair 2 DABV01-04-R-3203 DABV01-04-C-3276 12-Apr-04 $59,665.00
SOCCER STADIUM- MOD DABV01-03-M-8246,P01 DABV01-03-M-8246,P01 13-Apr-04 $33,000.00
Servers for PMO DABV01-04-Q-0051 DABV01-04-C-0057 13-Apr-04 $577,680.08 Transformer DABV01-04-Q-2332 DABV01-04-M-2312 13-Apr-04 $820,000.00
Basrah Prison Equipment #2 DABV01-04-Q-5091 DABV01-04-M-5114 13-Apr-04 $5,940.00
Mosul Road Repair (II) DABV01-04-R-3076 DABV01-04-C-3280 13-Apr-04 $400,000.00
Equipment for 20 Banks in Al Tamin DABV01-04-R-3102 DABV01-04-C-3278 13-Apr-04 $446,809.00
Peshmerga Transfromation Office n/a DABV01-04-1-3011 13-Apr $492,750.00
Water filtration repair- Khor Az Zubair [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5163 14-Apr-04 $119,966.00
BOOKS FOR LIBRARY DABV01-04-M-8356 DABV01-04-M-8356 14-Apr-04 $16,400.00
Harvest HT-4 Cordless phone DABV01-04-Q-2350 DABV01-04-M-2295 14-Apr-04 $5,315.00
Chalkboards for Muthanna DABV01-04-Q-5014 DABV01-04-M-5078 14-Apr-04 $233,440.00
North Basrah Business Center DABV01-04-Q-5187 DABV01-04-M-5159 14-Apr-04 $80,649.00
Al Qadissiya Water Treatment Plant Renovation DABV01-04-R-3063 DABV01-04-C-3279 14-Apr-04 $104,419.00
Software for PMO DABV01-04-0058 14-Apr-04 $106,452.44
Nasiriyah Nationality Office [n/a] DABV01-03-M-5091/P1 15-Apr-04 $38,651.00
As Samawah Power Plant Soil Testing [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5141 15-Apr-04 $3,000.00
Prosthetic Limb Center - Equipment [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5112 15-Apr-04 $20,571.00
Water Wells for Irrigation of Basrah [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5149 15-Apr-04 $295,000.00
Arbil Boy's Orphanage Well Excavation DABV01-03-R-3063 DABV01-04-C-3281 15-Apr-04 $28,010.00
Ball Valve 3" DABV01-04-Q-2380 DABV01-04-M-2319 15-Apr-04 $7,598.10
Dredging & Wreck Removal, Az Zubayr Port DABV01-04-Q-5011 DABV01-04-M-5164 15-Apr-04 $7,000,000.00
Al Ameen School Rehab N/A DABV01-04-C-0052 15-Apr-04 $149,000.00
Al Moro'a School Rehab N/A DABV01-04-C-0053 15-Apr-04 $130,065.00
Al Zahawe School Rehab N/A DABV01-04-C-0047 15-Apr-04 $107,000.00
Software for PMO DABV01-04-0059 15-Apr-04 $20,668.04
W011-14 Nasiriyah Installation of Mains Project #1 [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5166 16-Apr-04 $133,808.00
W011-14 Nasiriyah Installation of Mains Project #2 [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5167 16-Apr-04 $122,511.00
W011-14 Nasiriyah Installation of Mains Project #3 [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5168 16-Apr-04 $63,983.00
W011-14 Nasiriyah Installation of Mains Project #4 [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5169 16-Apr-04 $168,631.00
W011-14 Nasiriyah Installation of Mains Project #5 [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5170 16-Apr-04 $86,280.00
W011-14 Nasiriyah Installation of Mains Project #6 [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5171 16-Apr-04 $34,333.00
P020 Mobile Sub Station [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5058 16-Apr-04 $0.00
Police Investigation Unit Offices [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5172 16-Apr-04 $417,486.00
W011-14 CAD Work Stations DABV01-04-Q-5087 DABV01-04-M-5146 16-Apr-04 $173,700.00
Salah Ad Din Ambulance Depot DABV01-04-R-3121 DABV01-04-C-3282 16-Apr-04 $71,579.00
College of Nursing Renovation DABV01-04-R-3135 DABV01-04-C-3283 16-Apr-04 $130,551.00
Police Vehicles Dohuk DABV01-04-R-3204 DABV01-04-C-3284 16-Apr-04 $49,600.00
Software for PMO DABV01-04-0060 16-Apr-04 $46,625.65 Basrah Sewerage Channel Clearance Project [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5174 17-Apr-04 $159,000.00
P020 AL QUARNA SUBSTATION [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5175 17-Apr-04 $1,644,158.00
126 Hyundai Troop Carriers DABV01-04-R-0034 DABV01-04-C-0062 17-Apr-04 $4,615,380.00
Dahuk University Refurbishment DABV01-04-R-3053 DABV01-04-C-3285 17-Apr-04 $68,298.00
Dahuk University Renovation DABV01-04-R-3055 DABV01-04-C-3286 17-Apr-04 $44,089.00
Provide NVGs for ICDC N/A W914NS-04-M-0081 17-Apr-04 $108,675.00
Basrah Prison Equipment #3 [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5115/P2 18-Apr-04 $900.00
W011-14 Augmentation Water Mains Project #12 (Az [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5156 18-Apr-04 $242,706.00
W011-14 Augmentation Water Mains Project #8 (Abu [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5154 18-Apr-04 $178,118.00
W011-14 Augmentation Water Mains Project #9 (Al H [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5155 18-Apr-04 $49,554.00
Magnetic Float Switch DABV01-03-Q-2138 DABV01-04-M-2228 18-Apr-04 $2,520.00
Turbine Oil DABV01-04-Q-2373 DABV01-04-M-2322 18-Apr-04 $16,200.00
Basrah Prison Equipment #2 DABV01-04-Q-5091 DABV01-04-M-5114/P2 18-Apr-04 $900.00
Nasiriyah Waste Clean-Up [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5178 19-Apr-04 $197,000.00
Three Water Compact Units [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5183 19-Apr-04 $629,820.00
Riot Police Gear DABV01-04-Q-0047 DABV01-04-M-0083 19-Apr-04 $1,694,952.00
Dahuk University Forum DABV01-04-R-3202 DABV01-04-C-3287 19-Apr-04 $5,000.00
ICDC Barrack Refu DABV01-04-M-5181 19-Apr-04 $243,219.00
Nasiriyah Landfill and Transfer Stations DABV01-04-M-5177 19-Apr-04 $947,075.00
Al Muwafaquia Access Road [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5080/P2 20-Apr-04 $19,260.00
Theatre - Utba bin Qhazwan (not named Al Terbia) [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5118 20-Apr-04 $12,675.00
Specialty Tools DABV01-03-Q-2313 DABV01-04-M-2251 20-Apr-04 $249,262.00
Riot Police Uniform DABV01-04-Q-0046 DABV01-04-M-0082 20-Apr-04 $513,502.50 Renovation of Electrical Directorate DABV01-04-R-3181 DABV01-04-C-3288 20-Apr-04 $62,648.00
Repave Agoola Road DABV01-04-R-3190 DABV01-04-C-3289 20-Apr-04 $176,400.00
South Amarah Power Generation [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5184 21-Apr-04 $489,790.00
W010 Water Directorate Bldgs (Al Dayr) [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5185 21-Apr-04 $9,391.00
W010 Water Directorate Bldgs (Al Mowafaqitah) [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5187 21-Apr-04 $11,375.00
W010 Water Directorate Bldgs (Al Seef) [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5186 21-Apr-04 $15,950.00
Vanadium Dosing Skids DABV01-04-Q-2376 DABV-01-M-2320 21-Apr-04 $108,723.00
Transformer Oil DABV01-04-Q-2383 DABV01-04-M-2325 21-Apr-04 $43,720.00
Cleanup Vicinity & Routes to the Landfill Site [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5199 22-Apr-04 $128,500.00
Special Clinic Equipment [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5003/P1 22-Apr-04 $11,337.00
38" Barbed Tape Concertina DABV01-04-Q-2367 DABV01-04-M-2324 22-Apr-04 $12,592.24
W011-14 Drilling & Tapping Machines CPA 003 DABV01-04-Q-5002 DABV01-04-M-5194 22-Apr-04 $248,500.00
W011-14 Thi Qar Water Pumps DABV01-04-Q-5084 DABV01-04-M-5145 22-Apr-04 $298,275.00
Basrah Airport Permanent Camp DABV01-04-Q-5188 DABV01-04-M-5190 22-Apr-04 $159,042.00
W11-014 Leak Detection Equipment DABV01-04-Q-5189 DABV01-04-M-5188 22-Apr-04 $157,444.00
W11-014 Domestic Water Meters DABV01-04-Q-5190 DABV01-04-M-5189 22-Apr-04 $19,208.00
W11-014 Nasiriyah Pipework #2 DABV01-04-Q-5191 DABV01-04-M-5191 22-Apr-04 $1,106,309.00
Riot Police Weapons DABV01-04-Q-0045 DABV01-04-M-0085 23-Apr-04 $101,395.50
W011-14 Insertion Meters CPA 002 DABV01-04-Q-5002 DABV01-04-M-5195 23-Apr-04 $257,183.00
11 Forensic Vans DABV01-04-Q-5197 DABV01-04-M-5160 23-Apr-04 $140,800.00
ADDITIONAL CYCLE [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5142 24-Apr-04 $8,000.00
Technical School for Boys Phase Two [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5196 24-Apr-04 $139,143.00
W11-014 Al Amarah Replacement Water Mains As A [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5.00 24-Apr-04 $427,700.00
W11-014 Al Amarah Replacement Water Mains Hai [n/a] DABV01-04-M-5201 24-Apr-04 $213,450.00
Maintenance Material & Solvents DABV01-04-Q-2359 DABV01-04-M-2327 24-Apr-04 $33,910.00
Renovate IPCC Offices Kirkuk DABV01-04-Q-3113 DABV01-04-M-3158 24-Apr-04 $49,250.00