Cox, Captain (DNB00)

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COX, Captain ——, of Coventry (fl. 1575), collector of ballads and romances, is described as ‘an od man, I promiz yoo: by profession a mason, and that right skilfull; very cunning in fens, and hardy as Gavin; … great oversight hath he in matters of storie’ (Robert Laneham, ‘A Letter whearin, part of the entertainment unto the Queenz Majesty at Killingwoorth Castl, in Warwik Sh'eer, in this Soomerz Progress, 1575, iz signified,’ 8vo). The contents of the captain's library, which are described by Laneham at considerable length, are of the most curious character. Among the entertainments provided for Queen Elizabeth during her visit to Kenilworth was a burlesque imitation of a battle, from an old romance, and Captain Cox took a leading part. He is introduced on his hobby-horse in Ben Jonson's ‘Mask of Owls, at Kenelworth. Presented by the Ghost of Captain Cox,’ 1626.

[Captain Cox, his Ballads and Books; or Robert Laneham's Letter: On the Entertainment at Kenilworth in 1575. Re-edited … by F. J. Furnivall, 1871; Ben Jonson's Works, ed. Gifford (1875), viii. 52–5.]

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