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MUNGER, Theodore Thornton, clergyman, was born in Bainbridge, N.Y., March 5, 1830; son of Ebenezer and Cynthia (Selden) Munger, grandson of Ebenezer Munger of Madison, Conn., and of the Rev. David and Cynthia (May) Selden of Middle Hoddam, Conn.; great grandson of the Rev. Eleazer. and Sybil (Huntington) May, and a descendant from Nicholas Munger, a first settler of Madison,. Conn., 1639, and also a lineal descendant of John Eliot the apostle. He was graduated at Yale, A.B., 185l, and at the Yale Divinity school in 1855; was ordained to the ministry of the Congregational church and was pastor of a church in Dorchester, Mass., 1856-60; at Haverhill, Mass., 1862-70, and at Lawrence, Mass., 1870-75. In 1875 be went to California for his health and established a church at San José, where he served as pastor until 1876. He was pastor of the church at North Adams, Mass., 1877-85, and of the United church at New Haven, Conn., from 1885 until 1900, when he resigned and became pastor emeritus. He received the degree of D.D. from Illinois college in 1883 and was made a fellow of Yale, June 27, 1887. He was married, first in 1864, to Elizabeth K., daughter of the Hon. James H. Duncan of Haverhill, Mass., and secondly in 1889 to Harriet K., daughter of John C. Osgood of Salem, Mass. He contributed essays to magazines and reviews and is the author of: On the Threshold (1881); The Freedom of Faith (1883); Lamps and Paths (1885); The Appeal to Life (1887); Character through Inspiration (London, 1896), all of which volumes are chiefly collections of lectures and sermons; Plain Living and High Thinking (1897), and Horace Bushnell (1899).