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MUNROE, Kirk, author, was. born near Prairie du Chien, Wis., Sept. 15, 1850; son of Charles and Susan (Hall) Munroe; grandson of Edmund and Sophia (Seawell) Monroe, and of Isaac and Susan (Mitchell) Hall, all of Boston, Mass., and a descendant of William Munroe of Lexington, Mass., 1651. There were fifteen Monroes in the battle of Lexington, and one of them fired the first shot. The first man killed was a Munroe. Kirk attended the public schools at Appleton, Wis., and Cambridge, Mass., and matriculated at Harvard, but did not graduate. He was married, Sept. 15, 1883, to Mary, daughter of Robert and Amelia Edith (Huddleston) Barr. He founded the League of American Wheelmen at Newport, R.I., May 3l, 1880, and was for five years commodore of the New York Canoe club. He was the first editor of Harper's Round Table, 1879-82, and also edited "Eminent Men of our Time." His published books include: Wakulla (1886); The Flamingo Feather (1887): Derrick Sterling (1888); Chrystal Jack & Co and Delta Bixby (1889); The Golden Days of '49 (1889): Dorymates (1890); Under Orders (1890); Prince Dusty (1891); Campmates (1891); Canoemates (1892); Cab and Caboose (1892); Raftmates (1893); The White Conquerors (1893): The Coral Ship (1893); The Fur Seal's Tooth (1894); Big Cypress (1894); Snow Shoes and Sledges (1895); At War with Pontiac (1895); Rick Dale (1896); Through Swamp and Glade (1896); The Painted Desert (1897); With Crockett and Bowie (1897); Ready Rangers (1897); The Copper Princess (1898); In Private Waters (1898); Shine Terrill (1899); Forward March (1899); Midshipman Stuart (1899); Brethren of the Coast (1900); Under the Great Bear (1900); The Belt of Seven Totems (1901), and A Son of Satsuma (1901).