Daddy-Long-Legs/Letter 72

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October 6th.

Dearest Daddy-Long-Legs,

Yes, certainly I'll come—at half-past four next Wednesday afternoon. Of course I can find the way. I've been in New York three times and am not quite a baby. I can't believe that I am really going to see you—I've been just thinking you so long that it hardly seems as though you are a tangible flesh-and-blood person.

You are awfully good, Daddy, to bother yourself with me, when you're not strong. Take care and don't catch cold. These fall rains are very damp.



P. S.I've just had an awful thought. Have you a butler? I'm afraid of butlers, and if one opens the door I shall faint upon the step. What can I say to him? You didn't tell me your name. Shall I ask for Mr. Smith?