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"And as for the unbelievers, they have tasted the bitterness of these operations more than we Muslims imagine, and they don't know how to rid themselves of these operations."

-Mullah Dadullah in video introduction

Speaker Message
as-Sahab: In the name of Allah, and praise to Allah, and prayers and peace on Allah's messenger, as-Sahab Media is pleased to present to its precious Ummah this blessed interview with the military chief of the Islamic Emirate, Mulla Dadullah. This interview took place during his visit to one of the centres of the Mujahideen of the Qaida al-Jihad organisation in the land of Afghanistan.
as-Sahab: To begin, we would like to ask you about current conditions in Afghanistan.
Dadullah All praise is due to Allah. As you know, it used to be that if "Afghanistan" was mentioned, no one would recognise the name or know where it was. But today, and for Allah is all praise, every one knows about it for it is a land in which fifty world powers have joined forces, yet despite this major joining of forces, the Students movement has been able to inflict on them a terrible defeat and is forcing them to flee from it whether today or tomorrow, and they shall depart in shame and embarrassment. The foreign occupation forces are searching for ways and methods that will pave the way for their withdrawal from Afghanistan. The Americans have been able to deceive NATO during the past five years when they thought that the situation was in their favor; they did not hand over control of things to NATO. But when they saw that they were facing defeat, they handed control to NATO. NATO regrets having taken responsibility and is asking the Taliban for a truce in order for it to get out of its predicament and escape from certain defeat because it knows that its doom is in the land of Afghanistan if it remains there.
as-Sahab As the military chief, how do you see the exit of the Crusader occupation forces from the cities of southern Afghanistan?
Dadullah Although the American and British forces have not completely left the southern cities, they have pulled out from the villages and the districts and only a few of them remain in the major cities to preserve their reputation. At the same time, the severity of the mujahideen's attacks day and night have never waned, and their troops continue to be killed on a daily basis by the grace of Allah, and they are now extremely disconcerted in their state of affairs. They shall leave the major cities soon, with Allah's permission.
as-Sahab We know that the commander of the mujahideen is Mullah Muhammad Umar, but how does he personally organize the mujahideen's operations?
Dadullah All praise is due to Allah. With Amir ul-Mu'minin[1] there are expert commanders in most of the regions and cities. He has trained many commanders on how to listen and obey, and they await his wise orders and implement them in the best way possible.
as-Sahab As you are aware, may Allah protect you, that the mujahideen's martyrdom operations have increased in recent days? What is the reason for this large number of the ummah's youth undertaking them?
Dadullah The reason for the large number of martyrdom operations is that the Muslims know that internationally, non-believers possess nuclear weapons with which they terrorize the Muslims, and all mujahideen used to think about how they could confront these nuclear weapons and infidel superpowers. All I know, and history bears witness to this, is that the Muslims lack material in confronting the nonbelievers. To Allah is due all praise, the Muslims have acquired an effective weapon, which is the youth's enthusiasm for martyrdom operations. Thus the Muslims now possess a nuclear deterrent. They have seen the effect of these operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries, and thus they embarked on them, and as for the nonbelievers, they have tested the bitterness of these operations more than we Muslims can imagine. They do not know how to rid themselves of these operations. So our hearts are full of delight at the youth's enthusiasm for them, as they are the Islamic equivalents of their atomic bombs.
as-Sahab What do you think are the losses of the Crusader enemy in the war?
Dadullah The media is in the hands of the enemies, and they do not say how many of them were killed. But just imagine, one martyrdom seeker in a single operation can kill 50 or 100 and the least number killed in one operation is 10 or 20. The rules of war dictate that those who carry out the ambush do not lose a lot, but rather those who fall into it suffer the greatest loses. All of our fighting is like that. So just imagine the number of them killed if every one of our martyrdom seekers kills at least 20 of them.
as-Sahab As the military chief, you know that the country's southern provinces are exploding like volcanoes under the invaders' feet, but are you making arrangements in the rest of the Afghan provinces?
Dadullah Operations in the southern provinces have increased, and we have a program to expand operations in other provinces as well. While they are already going on there, we want to expand our operations in the heart of Afghanistan and in Kabul, in order to shake the souls of the Americans in Kabul.
as-Sahab How did Afghans in general and the mujahideen in particular react to the printing in the Danish press of pictures which insulted the messenger (prayers and peace of Allah be upon him)?
Dadullah The printing of the pictures in the Danish papers was an affront to the messenger (prayers and peace be upon him) and was extremely painful news. As a result of that filthy deed, 200 people have registered their names with me for martyrdom operations, and many of the youth have joined the ranks of the mujahideen. So this is what their sinful act brought them. As for the majority of the Afghans, they denounced this affair and raised their voices, but the current infidel puppet regime there in Afghanistan fought them and prevented them in every way possible from demonstrating their condemnation and was extremely brutal with them.
as-Sahab News agencies have quoted officials of the Kabul puppet regime as saying that 'the regime is holding truce negotiations with the Taliban.' What is the truth about this claim?
Dadullah Its claim that it is negotiating with the Taliban is baseless, and only a shameless person without jealousy would negotiate with the Kabul government, especially while our Muslim sisters are still dishonored in their prisons. How can anyone talk to the Americans and their slaves? This can never be, as long as they strip the clothes off our prisoners, insult our messenger (peace be upon him), mock the book of our Lord, and ridicule our religion and scholars, our women and men are sprawled in their prisons, and then can we negotiate with them? This is something impossible to comprehend or accept. And be witnesses to the fact that whoever undertakes it, we will behead them with the Americans, Allah permitting.
as-Sahab In view of the mujahideen's victories, do you give the good news to the Islamic ummah of the rise once more of the Islamic Emirate?
Dadullah Yes, Allah has promised us victory, and He will give us victory. We are certain that the Islamic Emirate shall be established in Afghanistan and in the other lands of Islam, and will rule by Allah's law. We are very hopeful in this regard due to what we see of the Muslims' sympathy and affection for the mujahideen, and this is a very good sign. The Muslims have awakened from their long sleep after a lengthy period on which they forgot even the name of jihad. Today the majority of the Afghans and Muslims are calling for jihad, and the new generation is being raised and prepared for jihad. This is a good omen for the return of the Islamic Emirate once more.
as-Sahab Were the Islamic Emirate to return, what would your stance be this time toward the emigrant mujahideen?
Dadullah The Islamic Emirate did well in its treatment of the emigrant mujahideen. It expended every effort and sacrificed lives and wealth for their sake. If the Islamic Emirate rises again, we shall house them in our bodies if the earth is not wide enough, and we shall cooperate with them and offer our wealth and ransom them with our blood.
as-Sahab How do you appraise the Muslims refraining from jihad to repel the infidels' oppression against them?
Dadullah This is what the messenger (peace be upon him) mentioned about the weakness of the Muslims against the non-believers in the last days. 'In those days, you are numerous, but you are like the scum of the flood, and that the cause of all that is the love of this world and hatred of death.' This Hadith is borne out in this age by how the Muslims love life and hate death because their actions do not conform to Allah's law, and so they fear death. Look at these mujahideen; they answer the call of death and martyrdom and are delighted to be martyred because their deeds are good omens that Allah will grant them the garden with houris and servants, and they will spend eternity in the gardens and be provided the vision of their lord. But the actions of the Muslims are today like those of the Americans. Look at the infidels. Who among them wears the clothes of the Muslims or follows the way of the Muslims, like leaving the beard and trimming the mustache? Yet, the Muslims wear the clothes of the westerners and follow the laws of the West. So it is because of the negligence of their actions that they are not interested in jihad.
as-Sahab What is your opinion of the mujahideen media work and what is your advice in this regard?
Dadullah They have done well in this field because the media is in the hands of the infidels, so what they provide for us has revealed the infidels oppression against the Muslims. We advise them to expose and shame the infidels in front of the world because they came to our lands under false pretenses. They do not say that we are making war on Islam, rather they say that we are providing peace, security, and reconstruction. In other words, they consider the killing of Muslims to be 'security' and their bombing to be 'reconstruction' so we request that the mujahideen expose their lies and show the people of the world their ugly deeds.
as-Sahab What is your message for Muslim brothers?
Dadullah We advise the Muslims--and this is, in fact, Allah's ruling--that the Muslim becomes Muslim by following the laws laid down by Allah, and we advise them to perform jihad, for it has become an individual obligation at this time. Yet, many of the Muslims have refrained from it. So if someone were to intentionally leave the noon and afternoon prayers and we witness that, we would call him a big hypocrite. Today, many of the worlds' Muslims have abandoned this obligation of jihad. So what shall we call them? We tell all Muslims, if you are truly Muslims and are concerned with the conditions of the Muslims and have seen how their women and men are in their prisons; if you believe in the noble prophet, and the infidels have abused him with nicknames; if you believe in the book of your lord, and the infidels have stepped on it with their feet to hurt the Muslims and tell them this is your book which we insult; if you are concerned for yourselves, and the infidels have united to annihilate you; if you believe in and know all this, then stand as one with the mujahideen as America and Britain have united against the Muslims. We tell them, if you are Muslims in the full sense of the word, then aid the mujahideen and join them in the fight. If you are unable, then by your wealth, if you are unable to do that, then by your words, and if you incapable of any of this, then at the very least, do not be hostile to the mujahideen and do not declare your allegiance to the infidels.
as-Sahab As you know, may Allah save you, the scholars are heirs of the prophets. Do you have a special message to send to the Muslim scholars?
Dadullah A Hadith has been relayed from the prophet (peace be upon him) that if tribulations appear and the people of knowledge hide their knowledge, then upon them is the curse of Allah, his messenger, and the angels. So I ask of you that you not be the confirmation of this Hadith. Expound to the people with your mouths what Allah has taught you about jihad, what Allah has made obligatory. Expound to the people as Allah commanded, and do not close your mouths or fear death or imprisonment. Prison for us is a school and something to be proud of because this world is the prison of the believers and the garden of the nonbeliever, but his fate in the hereafter is the hellfire. The Muslims in this world undergo hardships, sit in prisons, suffer beatings and displacements, and are constantly moving and running, but in the hereafter, Allah shall grant them the sight of Him, the security, and the comfort. So we request that these scholars not refrain from saying what they know of Allah's rulings, preach it, and act according to it.
as-Sahab Do you have a word to direct to the youth of the Islamic ummah?
Dadullah We direct our message to the youth in particular, that they be true youth, devoted to their ummah, and that they be youth as Allah and His messenger love. Allah created in these youth the strength to confront the infidels in many of the Koranic verses and stories. The youth of Islam have been mentioned in their confrontation with the infidels. So we ask them to confront the infidels and be severe with them. If they do so, then they are truly the youth of Islam. They should not be those who do unrighteous, illegitimate deeds. They should carry out Islamic work.
as-Sahab Do you have any special advice to give to Muslim businessmen?
Dadullah We tell them: spend the wealth Allah Has given you in the path of Allah because you shall die one day and what remains of your wealth shall go to your son or grandson who may use it inappropriately and waste it on bad deeds. So every businessman should spend what he has been given before his death. Allah Has provided him with this opportunity, and one rupee might be the cause of his entering the gardens so he should help the mujahideen, equip them with weapons and ammunition, and fight the infidels with his wealth.
as-Sahab May Allah reward you for giving us the opportunity to meet with you in this fine place.
Dadullah May Allah reward you.

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  1. Mullah Muhammad Umar

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