David Hume

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David Hume may refer to:

  • Hume, David (1560?-1630?), controversialist, historian, and poet, 2nd son Sir David Hume (Home), 7th baron of Wedderburn, Berwickshire
  • Sir Hume, David (1643-1707), of Crossrig, Lord Crossrig, 2nd son Sir James Hume of Blackadder, Berwickshire, baronet Nova Scotia
  • Hume, David (1711-1776), Scottish philosopher and historian, 2nd son Joseph Hume of Ninewells, parish of Chirnside, Berwickshire
  • Hume, David (1757-1838), judge, 2nd surviving son of John Hume of Ninewells, Berwickshire, nephew of David Hume the philosopher