Davies, Thomas (1837-1891) (DNB01)

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DAVIES, THOMAS (1837–1891), mineralogist, the only son of William Davies [q. v.], was born in the parish of St. Pancras on 29 Dec. 1837. At the age of fourteen he went to sea, and for the next four years was in ships sailing to the East Indies, China, and South America. Then he began to study science, and in 1858 was appointed an assistant to the mineral department of the British Museum, working under Professor Story Maskelyne. Thus he became an excellent mineralogist, acquiring a remarkable knowledge of characters distinctive of localities, as well as doing admirable work in the microscopic investigation of rocks. He resided during the later part of his life at East Acton. Here he died after some months of failing health on 21 Dec. 1891; his wife, Jane Mary Sabey of St. Pancras, whom he married in 1859, four sons, and five daughters surviving him.

He was editor of the 'Mineralogical Magazine,' but, though an indefatigable worker, his published papers were not numerous. Three were printed in the 'Quarterly Journal ' of the Geological Society, others in the 'Geological' and the 'Mineralogical Magazine.' He was elected F.G.S. in 1870, and was awarded the Wollaston fund in 1880.

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