Dead Sea scrolls/4Q396

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until sunset on the eighth day. And concerning [the impurity] of the [dead] person we are of the opinion that every bone, whether it has its flesh on it or not--should be (treated) according to the law of the dead or the slain. And concerning the mixed marriages that are being performed among the people, and they are sons of holy [seed], as is written, Israel is holy. And concerning his (Israel's) [clean] animal it is written that one must not let it mate with another species, and concerning his clothes [it is written that they should not] be of mixed stuff; and one must not sow his field and vineyard with mixed species. Because they (Israel) are holy, and the sons of Aaron are [most holy.] 9. But you know that some of the priests and [the laity intermingle] [And they] adhere to each other and pollute the holy seed as well as their (i.e. the priests') own [seed] with corrupt women. Since [the sons of Aaron should...]