Death warrant of King Charles I

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Death warrant of King Charles I  (1649) 
Commissioners (or judges) at the trial of Charles I of England

In the old Julian Calendar the New Year began on 25 March, so January 1649 in the modern Gregorian Calendar would have been counted as 1648 under the old calendar.
Source: The Trial of Charles I, edited by Lockyer, Roger; London: The Folio Society; 1959; appendix C.

The death warrant of Charles I of England and the wax seals of the 59 Commissioners.

At the high Court of Justice for the tryinge and iudginge of Charles Steuart, Kinge of England. January xxixth Anno Dñi 1648.

Whereas Charles Steuart Kinge of England is and standeth convicted attaynted and condemned of High Treason and other high Crymes, And sentence uppon Saturday last was pronounced against him by this Court to be putt to death by the severinge of his head from his body Of wch sentence execucon yet remayneth to be done, These are therefore to will and require you to see the said sentence executed In the open Streete before Whitehall uppon the morrowe being the Thirtieth day of this instante moneth of January betweene the houres of Tenn in the morninge and Five in the afternoone of the same day wth full effect And for soe doing this shall be yor sufficient warrant And these are to require All Officers and Souldiers and other the good people of this Nation of England to be assistinge unto you in this Service

Given under our hands and Seales

To Colonell Ffrancis Hacker, Colonell Huncks and Lieutenant Colonell Phayre and to every of them

Jo. Bradshawe
Tho. Grey
O. Cromwell
Edw. Whalley
M. Liuesey
John Okey
J. Dauers
Jo. Bourchier
H. Ireton
Tho. Mauleuerer
Har. Waller
John Blakiston
J. Hutchinson
Willi. Goff
Tho. Pride
Pe. Temple
T. Harrison
J. Hewson
Hen. Smith
Per. Pelham

Ri. Deane
Robert Tichborne
H. Edwardes
Daniel Blagraue
Owen Rowe
William Purefoy
Ad. Scrope
James Temple
A. Garland
Edm. Ludlowe
Henry Marten
Vinct. Potter
Wm. Constable
Rich. Ingoldesby
Willi. Cawley
Jo. Barkestead
Isaa. Ewer
John Dixwell
Valentine Wanton
Symon Mayne

Tho. Horton
J. Jones
John Moore
Gilbt. Millington
G. Fleetwood
J. Alured
Robt. Lilburne
Will. Say
Anth. Stapley
Greg. Norton
Tho. Challoner
Tho. Wogan
John Venn
Gregory Clement
Jo. Downes
Tho. Wayte
Tho. Scot
Jo. Carew
Miles Corbet