Deceleration of abdication by Napoleon Bonaparte, 22 June 1815

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Frenchmen! In commencing the War for maintaining the national independence, I relied on the union of all efforts of all desires, and the concurrence of all the national authorities. I had reason to hope for success, and I braved all the Declarations of the Powers allied against me Circumstances appear to be changed. I offer myself sacrifice to the hatred of the Enemies of France. May they prove sincere in their Declarations, and have really directed them solely against my power. My political life is terminated; and I proclaim my Son, under the title of Napoleon II., Emperor of the French.

The present Ministers will form provisionally the Council of the Government. The interest which I take in my Son induces me to invite the Chamber to form the Regency by a law without delay.

Unite all for the public safety, in order to remain an independent Nation.

(Signed) Napoleon.