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Book or 16 commenced Oct 3rd 1958, continued from Book or Tablet 15.

Compliance termed duty of All. Washington DC. Oct 1st 1958. President Dwight D Eisenhower today called on all Americans to comply with the United States Supreme Courts School-integration rulings lest there be grave consequences" in the Nation. President Dwight D Eisenhower sounded the call to public Officials and private Citizens alike at a News Conference. The President Eisenhower was asked if in the light of the Courts Decisions, Arkansas and Virginia Should reopen their Closed Schools on an integrated basis without being forced to do so by Federal Government. President Dwight D Eisenhower had antisipated such a question. He picked up a prepared Statement and read: "The Supreme Court in its opinion rendered Monday, Once again has spoken with Unanimity on the Matter of equality of oppertunity for education in the Nations Public schools. It is incumbent upon all Americans Public Officials & private Citizens alike to

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recognize their duty of complying with the rulings of the highest Court in the Land. Any other Course as I have said before would be fraught with grave consequences to our Nation. American have always been proud that their institutions rest on the concept of equal justice under Law. We must never forget that the rights of all of us depend upon respect for the lawfully determined rights of each of Us. As one Nation We must assure to all our people whatever their or creed the enjoyment of their constitutional rights. And the full Measure of the laws protection. "We must be faithful to our Constitutional Ideas and go forward in good faith. With the Unremitting task of translating them into reality."

Seattle Oct 1 1958. Jet Delivery. Pan American World Airways Monday took delivery at its its first fully certified Boeing 707 Jet transport. Shown above here in the Center of the preflight line of Boeings new Commercial-delivery center. On either side of the clipper America, two more Pan Am

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Jets wait their delivery twon[?]. The new delivered Jet was Flown to Bermuda Yesterday. It made the flight in six hours Averaging about 550 Miles an hour. Meanwhile the Air Line announced it has no plans to advan[smear]-ance its October [..] Starting state for transatlantic Jet Service. Earlier reports had indicated Pan Am and the Brittish Over Seas Airways Corp were racing to be the first to introduce Jet Service over the Atlantic. The B.O.A.C. plans to being De Havland Coment Jet Service soon.

Seattle King Co. Washington. Oct 3rd 1958 Summerlike Weather Due For A Fade-Out. The Sun is Due for at least a temporary Fade-out on Seattle's Indian Summer the weather man said today. Considerable Couldiness with some sunny periods and lower temperatures are in store tomorrow the Forecast said. Although the near-record warmth of Yesterday will not be duplicated. Temperatures in Western Washington will remain above normal through Sunday. Showers and cooler Weather are foreseen after Sunday. The high temperature at the downtown Weather station Yesterday was

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73. The Seattle Tacoma Airport readings was 75.

Success : At Cape Caveral Fld Yesterday An Air Force Atlas inter-continental balistic Missile shed its frosty coating caused by licquid oxygen, as it left the launching pad on a successful Flight to its target 3,000 Miles away. The first Full range Atlas shot more than 6,000 Miles is expected soon. The first heard of in my 89 Years.

Monday Oct 7 1958. Well dear Mrs Martin Zanon went to Snohomish and while there she got my old Age assistance Check cashed and she ordered for me one load of Presto logs and a load of Mill ends wood to be delivered in 3 or 4 days, so with what I have on hand there ought to be enough to take me through the winter shortly after she'd left here came Charlie Johnson and I paid him the last bit I owed him and his fine Father for all the work they done for me fixing the foundations under my house, Cleaning my well, building a new toilet, so oh glorry I am out of debt. And I hope I dont have to have any more work done until I am 120 years old. But Oh happy I am to have my

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home in such good comfortable condition and oh, what excellant weve had ever since my last spring I feel sure that Prospect Jackson Co Oregon and its vacinity and Clearview and Snohomish localities are as near a real heaven on Earth as only Places everything considered.

And I lived near Prospect Jackson Co Ore for 10 years and in fine Clearview for over 25 so I feel as though I am amply capable of judging. And Ive lived in the two finest States in the Grand U.S.A. they are Oregon and Washington. Prospect and its vacinity for Miles; and also fine Clearview Route 3 Snohomish Co Wash for miles for its mild moist Climate that produces finest crops without irrigation. Life is to precious to spend it irrigating. I expect to live to be 120 and I want to live it in fine Clearview where I will be healthy. I wouldent go back East Midwest or South to prove title to a fortune I might loose my life in transit or after arriving there. I was born in an Iowa Cyclone 16 miles North of Eldoro in Harden Co Iowa on the 13th of Sept 1869, and

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oh at the many many cyclones we did manage to survive. But we were happy when we got out to Washington where we were safe and the Indians our true friends.

Statement of a fine Old Washington Pioneer, he is 9 years older than me he being 96. I will jot down what he said. Captain P Captain Simon P Dandolph ran the first steamboat up the White River about 1896. He began to take a scow up the River once a month for farm produce. The round trip took four days not counting delays caused by running aground in low water. Later Randolph equipped the scow with a stern wheel and a steam capstan and he gradually dredged the River and cleared it of snags. Randolph also Cleared the Black River between its outlet and the Duwamish River. For a time he ran the little Steamer Comet. Be cause of the Comets flat bottom she was particularly serviceable on the River and ran to Alvards landing near Kent at ordinary stages of water. For a little time Steamboats operated on White River, the Comet, Lillie, Black, Diamond, Gen and Winnetts. The

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Cheif landing places were at the Alvard and Vandoren farms near Kent. The best known of the old time boats was the Lily, under Captain James Crow. The Boats of early days, Were sternwheelers. They leave Seattle in the Morning, And the trip to Alvards Landing would take from 12 to 14 hours. The return trip was made by backing down stream, the boat dragging hundreds of feet of heaw[?] chain to avoid bars and to keep the craft in the center channel. It was a common sight to see a boat stuck on the tide flats near what is now Spokane Street, waiting for high tide to float her off. There was no definate time schedules & the boats would stop at one Farm that had potatoes hops or other Farm produce to ship. The relations between the Farmers and the shippers were intimate and friendly. Captain True it is said once held up his boat for 45 minutes when a woman said she only needed a few more eggs to make several dozen to ship to Seattle. "Alright," Said the captain True cheerily but tell the huns to hurry." The captain would also do shopping for the women along

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their runs. The Comming of the Railroad in 1885 sounded the death knell of this picturesque traffic. The Area was occupied by the Towns of Kent, Auburn, Thomas, Christopher, O'Brien and Orrilla until 1886 when the Town of slaughter (later Auburn) was platted, weis[?] known as White River. The first Postoffice was established in 1861, in the Neely residence. In the early 1850's the Brannon's, the Nealeys the Russels and the Mac Millens settled in the White River Country. A little later the Ballards and the Fracelts[?] who took up claims near present day Auburn. Buy the middle of 1860's all of the good land had taken up. Centering around what is now Obriend, a Colony of Irish had settled. Two Brothers Morgan had [?] Torence, Obrien came from Victoria in 1865. Others followed, until in the 1870's this region was a stronghold of Irish Catholics Patric Hayes, Dennis Mullin, Barney Downey, Henry Mac Cabe, Patric Emmerson and George Webster. To think the Population of the United States has gained one fifth since 1940. The number of children was increased by two-thirds in the same period. Of all the boys

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boys born in the United States today, about 64 out of 100 will be 65 years Old according to mortallity tables.

I seems to me as though more land in proportion in America is richer[?] An estimated 54 percent of the Area of Western Europe suitable for farming or Grazing Land.

Clearview Route 3 Snohomish Co Wash Fri Oct 19 1959 [1958]. It has rained during the day and the sky is over cast as though that now maybe our Rainy season has set in for the winter of 1958. I walked over to my US Mail can early this morning but I dont know if I received my todays US Mail I may have been a little to early. But Oh Joy this Afternoon here came my ever faithful deadly loved true Friend for over the past 25 Years Mrs Martin Zanon, whos big farm joins my west line, and oh how hard that dear woman worked to put up a window Curtain & then Clean my refrigerator and helped me in other ways, then she went on over to Mrs Stella Booths place with a gallon of Water as Mrs Booths well goes dry I think every

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Year but my own well hoes only gone by twice in 25 years and one time a minister family droned [drained] it dry, but they mooved from Clearview many years ago, and now another Ministers Married Daughter lives there. Oh I am so glad a former owener[?], a notorious Drunkard, whom I was compelled to ask protection from the drunked brute who threatened my life (Clinton Booth) and he is still a drunken Sot and threatened to burn down their two roomed house. I said alright, go a head and burn it and set the City a fire and I'l put you where you belong for you know what the peniltly for Arson means. Yes. But he sure dident burn the house. But I am wondering how manny fires he has sat since then, or how many lives they may have cost. Oh How I value my clear consceience Dear Mrs Zanon brought me some fine cooked food for me to eat. I never used to be so shifles as I am now going on 89 years. But I shouldent worry for I was born on the 13 of Sep 1869, so I am no Spring pullet. My Idea of way

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to punich fire fiends is to Singe them good so they will [smudged] effects the rest of their lives one good singeing is enough, the wont want a second singeing.

Shady Cove Jackson Co Ore. Sept 1955. Shady Cove fire. A member the Ore State Patrol of Forestry patrol sprays water on brush and grass, during a fire at Shady Cove while another man operated the reel of booster line hose on the State State forestry department truck. The fire yesterday burned a chickhouse and barn and three acres of brush according to local Fire fighters and patrolmen of Oregon State department of Forestry. The structures belonged to Ray Shub[?], Shady Cove. The blace which endangered the Community was reported under control by 5 P.M. Three trucks from from the State Forest Patrol. Three belonding to Elk Lumber Company, Shady Cove rural fire department apparatus and two privately owned tractors were on the cence [scene]. The punishment for fire fiends should be a singed of thier own skinns sufficient so they'd rememember it the rest of their lived

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and so others wouldent want some [..]ind of treatment. Well after dear Mrs Zanon went over to Mrs Stella Booths to take hot hot water for her as her well is still dry I finnished my supper and came in and again went to writing on my true lifes experience Story. I telling the truth, letting the rod fall where it should and giving credit where deserved. Well it is dark and Oh I forgot to go and get my evening newspaper.

Isent it Strange how a little piece in a newspaper will carry an ageded person mentaly to their yound childhood day. A picture of mamoth Hailstones in Anthony Iowa. Fri Oct 9 1958. Westly Birret[?] held some of the hailstones as big as basket Balls — which pelted the town Wednesday night. Property damage especially in broken Windows was heavy.

The above carrys me mentally to when I was 15 years old I had taken my poney Tannie who had a young cold [colt] 3 days old and saddled her and started to go and bring in the the cattle and I got about a mile when it started hailing hard and oh

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such monster hailstone and so fast that instantly the ground was covered. 4 inches deep my little Cyuse Poney had more sense than I did for she left the Trail and ran up under a large nestleton tree its branches just missing my head and Fanny stood with her hipps stanteing[?] towards the storm and her little 3 days old cold kep so its Mothers body protected it from the fierceness of the Hailstone which which instantly fell 4 inches deep and were an inchdiamiter or across, and Instantly 4 inchdes deep I underbledley[?] would have been killed if my poney had run up under that monster Nestletoe trree but instantly my nice starched sunbonnet was soaked and I also to the skin but it soon pass on north (the storm) the Fannie and the colt started for home a mile distant and oh what a nice hot sun no wind well I let Fanny take her time and as we arrive at the top of the little raise. Oh Joy so did my darling Mother and she said Kittie are you hurt. No but wet and Fanny saved our lives by running up under

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the nestletoe tree and she stood so the stone hit our backs, and Mother the little colt kept on its Mothers left side so hers and my body with it was protected from the driving hailstones also protected from above by the thich nestletree branches. Mother said Mother said but for Fanny horse sense you 3 would have been killed you go down to the house and change your clothes there are 3 old Indians and a fine young Indian Boy your are there they came to escape the storm. You go to the bedroom and change your Clothes I think we can always trust the Indians but we cant trust the white so I know you will be safe while I go and bring the stock, and I did. Mother hadent to the indians she was going after me and Oh Surprised the indians more. The Indian Chief Joseph said this is the three grown Indians and I bowed smiling for we were pleased with our Indian friends then he Introd his young Nephew then he introduced his self as Chief Joseph I bowed and smiled and said I am glad to know you but please excuse me for not shaking hands for

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for I am soaking wet and shaking with cold. The young boy said Kittie we will go immediately so you can dress by the fire. I said no no please stay for I can go into the bedroom and change. No Kittie we will go so you can change by the warm stove. The chief said we come again. But Father and Brother sold their ranches to Joe Leboor[?] and we left Ellis Post Office. But three of us never went back to Ellis. So we never got to see our excellent Indian friends again. And reason tells me that the older one have been dead many years and that fine young educated Indian boy may also be dead, for I am going on 89. But Oh how we appreciated our kind Indians' friendship quite a difference in their manily [?] friendship to the fiendish whites. Put [But] the U.S. Government with the fine Indians help caught all the whites red handed and they were punished to the full extent of Law 2 years After we'd lived at Prospect Jackson Co, Oregon so we learned the Oregonian and a former surprise Valley Neighbor who like us didn't belong to the Gang.

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U.S.A. asks Extension Of Little Rock Restraining Order. Washington DC October 10 - 1958. Extension of a temperary restraining order preventing private operation of Little Rock public high Schools was asked by Americas Government to Day. A Justice Department brief filed with the circuit Court of appeals in St. Louis noted that the present order runs out or only to Oct 15 - 1958. The Circuit Court then is scheduled to beat[?] arguments on a proposed school leasing Plan. The department said the order should be kept in force until there is a final ruling. "Unless this is done," the brief said, "The school board will be free to consumate the invalid leasing transaction. And thus upset the status quo during the interval between the the hearing on Oct 15 and the entry of Judgment." The leasing plan went to the St Louis Court when Arkansas Federal District Judge John E Miller refused to advise the School Board

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on whether the leasing project was proper. At the same time Judge Miller turned down a request by the National Association for the advancement of colored People for an injunction to halt the proposing leasing. Although Americas find Colored people people have black skin, they are far superior to the whites that look down on them. For the mind is the standard of the Person. And it is a well known fact that the American fine colored People are naturally excellant [smeared]-ans and Actors while it requires whites years to become such. I simply want right to rule over the whole world. And when it doesent we can know there in something lacking in said persons head.

Seattle, King Co Wash Fri Oct 10 - 1958. Australian Back in Seattle After 28,000 Miles trip. I am glad he made the trip safely. My Parents Brother and I done lots of traveling years ago but it was by Covered Wagon and on foot we even aiding the

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the poor horses, but that was a good my years ago and now I am going on 89 Years, and I am the only one of us 4 alive the others having been dead many years. I am going to go see if I have any mail. — I went but there warent any U.S. Mail.

An Accomodat[?] Cobra Turban — When C.N. Erasmus and two friends walking on the Main Street in Par[smudge] saw an 18 inch Cobra read up at their feet, with hood hood expanded Erasmus opened a large paper bag and the Cobra crawled into the bag and was captured. The above reminds me that about 4 years a go I started to go over to wards my adjoining neighbors woodshed to finish some hoeing and I saw a bigg wide strip of paper rooffing had blown off the Neighbors woodshed so I stoped to pick up said paper & as I commenced to rase one edge out with lightening crawled a ten foot Blue racer snake all of 2 inches through and with lighing speed crawled towards my old Toilet and on west out into

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the towards Mr Martin Zanons pasture, but I dident follow it and try to make its acquaintance. It had been claimed there wasent any such large snaked in Clearview, but it may have come down the Columbia River and made its way to Clearview. But I sure dident run after it to kill, and it was out of sight so quick I couldent have caught up within but I havent seen but one snake but once since and it was a little striped snake that was in my made bed and when I turned down my bed covers out crawled snake but my handy hoe soon finished it. I always throught some one had put it in my bed to frishteen me off my home. But Ive never mentioned it until now so no one ever knew If I seen a snake. There are a few people who have so few brains that they rattle.

Negroes in attact in Attact. New York Oct 10 1958. Sisteen Negroes teen ages, attacted a number of White high school pupils on a Blooklin

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elevated train Yesterday. The authorities blambed the attact on Racial unrest. The racial conflict began at Franklin K Lulne[?] High school in Brooklin. Three white boys white boys attacted some negro youths out side the school house. School officials termed that assault unprovoked and suspended two of the white boys the third was not a pupil.

Clearveiew Rt 3, Snohomish Co, Wash Oct 12 1958 My fine next door neighbors are putting on the roofing paper on the roof of the Shed on their big [illegible] Garage and it sure is a long pittering[?] job. Well my days of extreme hard work is over. I have got my one acre 2 roomed house with its cellar and 14X12x8 foot high wood shed in fine shape and a good supply of mill ends wood and a few presto loggs on hand and another load of prestos ordered so I am already for winter. Dear Mrs Martin Zanon came yesterday and cleaned my refrigerator and put up some lace window Curtains

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for I am not able to climb for If I take one of my unexpected relling[?] spells I might cost dear old Uncle sam still more to take care of me at my advanced age so I have to get younger person to certain work while I stand and look on. But such is life if you live long you get Old. My But we have had a fine Spring, Summer and Fall this Year. It has been a fine Evening for my fine neighbors to fix their roof. Oh I am so glad they are such fine neighbors and not like the Drunken sot Clint Booth. Oh How my heart Ached for his fine dear Wife and to dear little children, I having to give shelter to them and let them sleep in my bed and I slept on my floor, on two old Cloaks under me and two Cloaks over me and a cloak for a pillow and then I then I had to go and get protection from County Officials. And Booth is still a beastly drunkard I am wondering if its him thats set so many fires after he said he was a going

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to set their own house a fire such remarks makes a person do some thinking. Its Oregon Misting a little fine agin I hope your Husband managed to get hes woodsaw going so he has got hinters[?] wood cut and under shelter, so he wont have to expose himself to bad in bad weather for caring for stock is a tough enough job. If we dident love them we couldent have the patience to do it. I'm glad you are raising some thorough bred stock. Something has come to my mind and Il jot it down. When we were selling in Medford Ore, Ore to go Alaska. My dear Brother Perry Ellis had a sign out Fine Organ for sale or trade cheap, but no buyers then he left out the "r" in the word trade and oh joy he'd hardly got back in the house when up drove two men and Oh How they laughed stopped came in still laughing thinking they had a fool and Oh Glory they bought the Organ for just what dear Brother paid for it of the Cornish organ Co. Brother smiling all the time they thinking he was happy to sell the Organ. Brother

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said they thought I was a sucker. Dear Brother has been dead many Years. But the mentioned sale is still clear in my mind. But of course the Organ was cheap for the western prices. I am wondering if we we will get to go snohomish Tuesday.

Clearview Route 3 Snohomish Co Wash. October 12th 1958. Oh How happy we Americans ought to be that we are not in British Clutches. Nigeria Britains Last Colony Seeks Independence Soon. London Oct 12 1958. Britains Last Colony Seeks Independence Soon London. Britains largest retaining Colony — Nigeria — is pressing hard for its Independence. The big West African Territory with a population of more than 31,000,000 is Clamoring to break loose from Britains Skirt-tails. The deadling is has set is April 2nd 1960. Nigeria is in a hurry to follow in the footsteps of Ghana, the Former British Gold Coast Colony, which was given its independence on March 6 1957. Like Ghana, Nigera wants to run its own Show, though it

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is willing to remain in the British Common wealth as a self govenering Dominion. Willingness pledged. So Far Nigeria's bid has been pushed by peaceful means and the British Government has pledged its willingness to go along in principle, although it always has refused to name a date. But the Colonys House of Representatives has voted unanimously to ask for indeitependence by April 2nd 1960. Prime Minister Alhaji Balewa called on all Nigerians to treat the independence Campaign as a National issue. Britain first began mooving into Nigeria in 1861 and the Colony was proclaimed in January 1914. Government set up. The present Constitution giving the Colony limited internal self-government went into effect Oct 1954. It set up a Federal government and house of Representatives in Lagos preseded over by the British Govenor General and Regional Governments and Legislatures in each of the Colonies four Regions. A Conference

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with the British Government was held in the Summer of 1957 to try to work out a constitution for an independent Federation of Nigeria inside the commonwealth. Colonial Secretary Alan Lennox Boyd announced publically at the conference, that the British Government will consider with sympathy any request by the Nigereans for full independence. But refused to commit Britain to any hard and fast date. Diverse Racial Groups. One of the chief problems causing Britain to hold Back remains that the diverse National and Racial groups making up the population. The North is largely inhabited by Hausa Moslems and is less advanced than rest of the Country. The Southern population is mainly Christian or Pagan. The Hauses fear the Southeners will try to dominate the federation once the british have gone. The Racial feeling resulted in rioting at the Northern Capital of Kano in May 1953 in which 52 were killed and more than 200 injured. Although planning to give Nigeria its independence, Britain is also doing everything

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to maintain close ties with the Federation and to make sure it remains in the common wealth. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip spent three weeks touring Nigeria in 1956 to further this Campaign.

Clearview Route 3 Snohomish Co Wash. Oct 13 1954 Oh Joy will Mericles ever cease. I got up Early and went and mailed a letter to a dear fiend friend who owns my old Homestead about 4 Miles West of Prospect Jackson Co Oregon. The West Line of my Old Homestead joins the East Line of Chauncey Nyes Land, a verry Early Oregon Pioneer who he and his also aged Wife have been dead many years and their Son Nelson Also deceased and their Daughter Elsie is along in Years and still owns some of the Chauncey Nye Homestead. I sold my Homestead to Macdonald Pardue, for His Premption if I remember right for I am going on 89 years Old. And Now Mrs Charles C Manning Star route Box 76 Trail Jackson Co Oregon owns my Homestead and Oh Joy we both are are corresponding &

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are good friends which friendship I greatly prize. After mailing her letter I came home and got my breakfast and ate it then came in my front room and Oh If my dearly loved guiding, guarding Angel for over 25 Years (Mrs Martin Zanon who with her also excellant Husband had saved my life wading down through recent 18 inches deep snow to care for me when I came down with the time Flue, and Mr Zanon shoveled a trail through 18 inches deep Snow 90 feet west from East Olympic Ave. West to my front door and he out of a sick bed the day before.) hadent come nad took the pillow case off my bed to laudry it and the rest of my Laundry and I hadent known shed been here. I being all but deaf and with poor Eyesight. I all but reeled over backwards onto my hot heating stove so then I put on my wraps to go over to my U.S. Mail Can, and Opened my front door, and Oh I some guiding living human being Angel hadent brought my U.S. Mail

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a letter from dear Mrs Charles C Manning. Well I decided I better sit down before I'd fall so did and I have wrote the above. But Mrs Zanon is always in a hurry and talks with great speed and not loud enough for me to hear much of what she says, unless I tell her please talk loud. So if she said any thing I dident hear it so no wonder I all but went back on the hot heater but she puts her electric Washington machene washing their Clothes while she comes and get mind with their Auto then I understand she goes and gets Mrs Stella Booths Laundry. For our Clearview Community Club has told her and her also excellant Husband to look after both is Aged women, and they sure do a mighty fine Job. I am beginning to revive by this time. I sure I am sorry I cant See good, Hear good and take sudden unexpected reeling speels that if I cant catch hold of something to stiddy me I fall, which makes it unsafe for me to walk on the road for fear I'l real in front of an on comming Auto and cause some accident.

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So now I will have to get up early to be ready when Mrs Zanon comes in the Morning to get me [?] by my not seeing or hearinging her. And Oh in todays mail I received an invitation to attend the Wedding Of Mr Earnest Skinners Son of the Clearview variety, John Ernest Skinner on Sat the eighth of November. But I cannot attend on account of my advanced age. I known Johnie ever since he was starting to walk. And Oh How I loved his dear Mother. But thank goodness she's out of this streneous life and struggle to live, which I have lived about 89 years. I slaving from 16 to 24 hours daily until last Spring when I had to let up on extreme hard work. I cincerely hope Johnnie Skinner and his to be wife get a long fine and live long healthy lives together.

Dear Mrs Martin Zanon came and put my Laundry she'd done behind my heater to dry then made up my bed for I have my bed in front of my South front room window so I can get the benifit of the Sunshine to distroy desease germs, which is one

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cause of my almost 89 years life and health. For Health always have your bedrooms on the southside of the house where you can get the benefit of all the Sunshine. If a person wants to die Quick the best way to accomplish it is to worry, which effects the nerves and the disturbed nerves affects the stumach and the stumach can help or harm the entire body.

Clearview route 3 Snohomish Co. Wash Oct 14 1958. Oh Joy My Presto logs were brough to day so now I am prepared for this winter for fuel as I have plinty millends wood from last years supply so now I have nothing to worry about, for they are paid for, and now I dont owe a penny. I have learned there has been many deaths from heart attacts in Southern Oregon. I will write the following. One night a few years ago I sudenly had trouble with my heart it went to hurting one night and I rose to a sitting posture and with my right hand I reached under my left arm above and back of my heart and went to massanging my side downward a little and kept doing it a little lower until 4 inc

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below my heart then masanged forward across under my heart to my Stumach then masanged upwards, repeating a few times forcing the wind or Gass up out in great Gulps got easy laid down and went to sleep immeadiatly with nothing to worry about. So of course when I went to see my excellant Physician and Surgeon Dr E.R. Slade 119 Avenue B. Snohomish Snohomish Co Wash he asked me how Id been and I told him my heart experience. He said Miss Ellis Show me how you done and I rose to a standing position from my chair turned so he could see every moove I made and proceeded to comply with his request and when through he said Miss Ellis it will do it every time. I have mentioned the above in hopes it may save many lives for with heart attact a person has to act instantly there is no time to call help you have got to be your own Dr or its goodbye to this life. I havent been attacted since. And when our present excellant President Dwight D. Eisenhower was sick and his wife lay

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across the Hall suffering from a heart attact I wrote to her and told her what Id done and what my Excellant Physician had said that it would do it every time. I received a card of thanks. I also Afterwards sent President Dwight D. Eisenhower, good health advice, and there hasent been any report of such sufferings since My Father having been Postmaster and I deputy Post Mistress years ago and We having had Dr Books we sure knew from actual experience and excellant meddical advice what to do and Oh How often we were called to help other all free of charge. And our patients got well immeadiately we never charging for what we done. For it was from 12-44 and 75 miles for medical care in the early days, and now I am going on 89 Years. Any body with full reasoning faculties doesent want our American President or Vice President to have to suffer. And I hope both mentioned live long healthy happy lives and they be unharmed.

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Fairbanks Alaska. November 4 1958. American Championship Sled Dog races. Finish Must for the excelland Vice President Richard M. Nixon of Our Great Grand old U.S.A. and his two excellant Daughters Patricia 12 and Julia 10, and Stepovich's Daughters Toni 10 and Maria 8, rode on the sled. I think 2 at a time. Nixons Ride Sled before they returned to our great grand Old U.S.A. Fairbanks Alaska November 4 1958. A six dog team of Alaska Huskies had a distinguised Driver Yesterday on a brief Mush through the Snow near Fairbanks Alaska. The Parka-clad driver was Americas excellant present Vice President Richard M. Nixon. He called it a great experience. The Daughters called it plain fun. The Girls Patricia 12 and Julia 10 rode in a sled behind Yelping Huskies and just a head of their Father. He ran along behind and steered the speeding Caravan. The Youngsters liked the ride so much they took a second trip, with a more experienced Musher in command. The second ride extended through the Snow

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the Snow-covered fields near Gold stream. Other sleds carried Mrs Nixon and members of the Presidential staff, on careening courses through the Snow in the 13 degree temperatures. And not even Frost in our excellant mild moist Climate of fine City of Clearview Route 3 Snohomish Co Washington only a few miles South of the line beteen Bristish Colunia and U.S.A. and no frost that I know of here so far this fall. Vice President Nixon was aided on his first try as a Musher by two G.O.P. Candidates in Alaska's November 25 election. Former Gov Mike Stepovitch a mominee for the Senate and Brad Phillips G.O.P. Candidate for Secretary of State, Flanked by our United States Vice President Richard M Nixon. Stepovitch's two Daughters Toni 10 and Maria 8 rode with Vice President Nixons two Daughters on the first sled. Vice President Nixon ended his 3 days tour of Alaska with the strongest words of his Campaign in support of the Republican Candidates in what will soon be the 49 State of our our Mighty U.S.A. Vice President Nixon

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emphacized the Youth of Stepovitch and and said he would make of the Greatest Senators Alaska ever will have. Then Vice President Nixon discribed John Butrovitch Jr as a man who seeks the govenorship with a background of experience, Character and knowledge of Alaska's problems "not a shadow candidate you cant find." The the fine Vice President Nixon party enjoyed a quiet flight to Seattle King Co Washington although a violent windstorm had swept the Paciffic Northwest shortly before their Plane arrived in Seattle King Co Wash. The party stopped briefly before flying on to washington D.C. I knew in Morning we'd had a hard windstorm for the leaves had been blown 20 feet further South than ever before to my knowledge & Ive lived on my present place more than 25 [smudge]. I guess I am falling asleep.

Clearview Route 3 Nov 6 1958. Well Election is over and Democrats won. So now hard times will come. But now I am going on 89 years, and they cant rob me of the 88 years I had, and I own my one

Page 36[edit]

Acre humble Home, and maybe the Welfare may continue to be at least partly support me But Oh How my heart Aches for others. But it is claimed experience is a dear school and fools will learn in no others. Its been claimed American Citizens were drunk on prosperity and that fools only learn by hard experience. And Ive had hard time from the time I started to come into existence through my Fathers and his Brotherinlaws treachery which made it best for me to remain unmarried. And Oh at the treacherough life I had to endure from My Fathers Fiendish brutality I being the only one that had any control over him and so to save my darling and dear Brother's life I have to stay and slave for the family Darling Mother dieing at 70 with Cancer of her Stumach and Paralyses of her lower Limbs Father deing from the effects of an operation for internal Piles and cruel neglect while in the Hospital. Dear Brother dieing at Age 65 while in a Hospital than I came to our great Grand State Washington U.S.A. over 25 years ago from dear Old Oregon Where my Parents Brother and I resided in Wash and Ore. since 1883, the year we came west from Tarkio

Page 37[edit]

Atchison Co Missouri where we'd resided over 3 1/2 years before comming to Spokane Falls with its then 500 inhabitants, and now it may have 500,000 inhabitants for we left there on the 23rd of July 1888 and went to Ashland Jackson Co, Ore, I having sold my property in spokane Falls and bought a lot in Ashland Ore Built a House and sold it the day before Thanksgiving and started for Deskins Saw Mill soon named Prospect Jackson Oregon We finaly arriving on Evening of the 29 of December 1888 we residing in Jackson Co Ore 10 years until we like fools started on the 3rd day of Feb 1898 for the Tannanna River to Prospecting. But through vile treachery that I have discribed at different times, we never got to go and 3 of us 4 has been dead many Years and they are out of this life of vile treachery and no longer have to worry & struggle for existance and I'm the only one left to fight lifes battle for existance and now I am going on 89, and I am feeling fine althought weak ankled which throws me off balance, or I take one of my unexpect reeling spells that If I cant catch a hold of something I fall, which makes it

Page 38[edit]

dangerous for fear I'l reel in front of some vehiche and cause some wreck. So I only go to mail my letters and get them. I have got to quit writing, take a bath and wash my hair to go to see my Dr tomorrow so goodnight.

To think what a difference there is in the way some schools were run from 1880, When went to Tarkio, Atchison Co Missouri in Nov Tarkio was just starting from the cornstalks that Fall, for 30 days before there wasent any Town when we drove by team. But 30 days later what a change and the following spring a school was started I was ten on that 13 of Sept 1879 and we mooved into Tarkio on the 29 of Nov 1878[or 9?]. And the following spring a school was started in a 1 story buildings for 3 1/2 years until My Parents Brother and I came to the little Town of Spokane Falls in Stevens Co Wash with its then 500 inhabitants and jint[?] Lavey[?] rocks strewn all over the Citty later blasted and fragments used for different purposes. And now on November 1958 its population must be like Seattle in King Co Wash, probably 100,000 inhabitants. But my Parents and Brother have been dead many years.

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Clearview, Route 3, Snohomish Co, Wash. Nov 1st 1958. Just to think that U.S.A.'s present excellant Vice President Richard My[?] Nixon was within 7 miles of my Clearview, Humble home on East Olympic Ave 200 or About 250 feet South of East Vine Street on the West side of East Olympic Ave. When Mob scene. Thrilled high Schoolgirls who were supposed to usher at last night's political rally in Everett, 12 miles North and a little West of our fine City of Clearview abandoned their posts to Cluster around Amercas present excellant Vice President Richard M. Nixon who is pleased with our excellant Citties, Evett and Snohomish, the latter 6 miles North of Clearview, and Everett about 12 Miles North & a little West of our fine City Clearview Snohomish Co, Wash. The Republican Party was aided by Now American Present excellant Vice President Richard M. Nixon, Republican Leaders declared todays their prospects in Tuesday's bolloting were given "a distinct life" by a speech given in Everett, Snohomish Co, Wash last Night by Vice President Richard

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M. Nixon. William Baont[?] Republican Candidate for the United States Senate, who drove with Vice President Nixon from Everett to Seattle's Olympic Hotel, declared that "If enough Citizens had heard Vice Presidents speech, President Dwight D. Eisenhower would get the support he needs at the polls Tuesday. Barnard Hopeful. John R. Barnard, King County Republican chairman who greeted Vice President Richard M Nixon at Everett said Republicans who heard Vice President Richard M Nixon received campaign ammunition to fire them up for the remaining days of the Campaign." Nixons Speech to 2,500 persons at Everett, dealt mainly with economic conditions in the Nation and with foreign affairs. Vice President Richard M Nixon predicted that, "1959, is going to be best year in Americas History." Prices Contrasted. Vice President Richard M. Nixon contrasted prices and wages during the terms of former President Truman and President Dwight D. Eisenhower and former President Truman

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and President Eisenhower. "Mr. Truman says prices are reaching for the Moon, but he must mean during the time he was President. Vice President Richard M. Nixon declared." Vice President Richard M. Nixon said that during the Truman administration living costs rose by 50 per cent, but they have increased only 8 per cent in the sex Years Mr Eisenhower has been in Office. Wage earners have 12 per cent more purchasing power now than when the Democrats were in control of the Administration." Vice President Richard M Nixon said, "Best six Years!" "We have a better standard of living and peace to boot. We have the best six Years in Americas History. Vice President Richard M. Nixon called for support of the Republican administration's policy of firmness and strength in Foreign relations." He declared the Truman administration's brough on the Korean Fighting by declaring Korea to be outside our defensive perimeter. Six Months latter the communists mooved in." The Republican Administration

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ended that war and has kept us out of other Wars." Vice President Richard M. Nixon Continued, "Not one American boy, has died on a battle field during this administration. We must continue to be strong firm and wage peace unceasingly." Democrats blamed. Vice President Richard M. Nixon said Democrats have criticized the "Missile gap. If there was a gap, it was opened by the Truman administration, and is being closed by the Republican administration which has spent 1,000 times as much on the long range-Missile program as was spent during the seven critical years of the Truman administration. The United States Vice President Richard M. Nixon said is stronger today than the Russians. "Obviously the Russians fear our Bombers more than they beleive in their Missile Might," he declared. Boeing Praised. Vice President Richard M. Nixon Praised Boeing praising the research development work & production

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of the Boeing air Plane Co, and declared the "manned bombed, will be a decisive factor in our security for years to come," Vice President Richard M. Nixon urged the election of Bantez[?] and Congressman Jack Westland, declaring he knows both well and that they are needed in Congress to support President Dwight D. Eisenhower's programs. Vice President Richard M Nixon arrived at Painfield (which only about 6 miles from my humble home in fine Clearview Route 3 Snohomish County Wash at 7-55 oclock last night after a flight from Witchita with a fuel stop at Billings Montana. He drove to Seattle after his speeck in Everett and was joined by his Wife and their two excellant Daughters at the Olympic Hotell, and they passed within a 1/4 mile of my Clearview home. I never dreamed a Vice-President of our great grand old U.S.A. would ever come within a 1/4 miles of my home. There was a picture in the fine Seattle Times Newspaper of Vice President Richard M Nixon showing Everett High school girls greeting Vice President Richard M Nixon in our fine City of Everett Snohomish Co Wash

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12 mile N anda little West of our fine City of Clearview with a beautiful View for many miles distant in all dirrections. Mrs Patricia Nixon excellant American Wife of Vice President Richard M. Nixon, charmed our mighty great grand City of Seattle Seattle, King Co Wash, when it had a brief glimpse of Mrs Richard M Nixon, and their two excellant little Daughters Patricia 12 years and Julia 10 made an over night stop en route from Washingshington D.C. to Alaska. Mrs Nixon is alway reported to be gracious and friendly. And she ure is friendly. She greets a stranger as a friend. She doeesent just shake hands but clasps a vissitors hand in both her hands. Her manner is dirrect. Slim[?] the[?] red gold hair, and Browneyes. Mrs Nixon also upheld her reputation of always looking and[?] bandbox[?] neat no matter how long her day has been. Since she is a seasoned travelor rough weather on the flight out dident bother her. But the Nixon Daughters were air sick most of the way trip. Mrs Nixons favorite topic was their Daughters. Mrs Nixon said she doesent want

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their Daughters to grow up to fast and doesent them to grow up to fast and doesent think they want to either. The two Nixon Daughters have been studying Alaska. "They have been studying Alaska in School said Mrs Nixon and we decided the trip would be educational for them and worth the loss of two Days of school. Also they want a dog sled ride." Tricia and Julie transferred from public School to the Sidwell Friends School operated by the Quakers this Fall. The school along with all washington D.C. Schools has no segregation Mrs Nixon explained. There are Negroes in both her Daughters classes. I come from the West," said Mrs Nixon "and I want my Daughters to have the same beleif about the wrong of Seggregation as I always have had. Mrs Nixon seems to thrive on her buisy life. "I like ti was her simply comment. Mrs Nixon gives at least two parties a weeks Most of them in her 11 Room house. She runs her house with the aid of a couple a washington term for a Married couple that lives in Washington D.C. The couple has

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two days off a week, so I put in a little of kitchen work duty said Mrs Richard M. Nixon bisides my girls likes Mommies cooking best.

The following greatly interests me For My Parents Andrew M. Ellis an old Union War Soldier who was a Union Soldier in Company C 6th Iowa Volenteers Infantry in the Union Army during the war between the North & South from 1861-1865 and we started for Spokane Falls on the 26 day of May 1883, from Tarkio Atchison Co Missouri and were on the immigrant Train 3 weeks two days and one meal to San Francisco Cal, where we were forced to lay over at a Hotel and buy 3 new trunks and repack them. And we only had $400 to bring us to Spokane Falls, but we finaly arived at Spokane Falls in the morning put up at the only Hotel and the Landlord let us have breakfast cheap and told Father to go and F.G. Howermill[?] the millower and get some cheap Lumber and build a Cabbin on one of Mr Havormills lots, which he did. Then then Mr Havermil asked Father if he belonged to the Union Father said no. Havermill said will you join the Union

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if given work. No. Why not. Because I am a free American Citizen and I stay free. Verry well Mr. Ellis, If Id known you dident belong to the Union I wouldent have trusted you to the lumber to build the house, and I wouldend have let you build on my lot. Father said here the money for the Lumber. Do you know where I can get get any work. If you will join the Union you'l have plenty of work. I wont join any union, for I am a free American Citizen and I am agoing to stay free. I was with Father. Mr Havermill bowed and turned and went to talking with another man, and we left. Father told Mother the results Mother said if you dont join the Union we will starve to death. The we will starve. Well Father kept trying to get work. Do you belong to the Union. No. Then we havent any work for you. All but penniles Father a bull headed English, Irish Scotch and welch and goodness only knows what else for no one actually knows who their Parents were being to miniture at start and so muception[?] and lies being told. So the truth is are

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we are are we not or who are we. But it is claimed by some that black on white dont lie. But Oh at the lies Ive heard and read. Well Father tried for days to get work do you belong to the Union. No. Then no work. Well Father met a fine Aged man from Colville Stevens Co, Washington who was an Early Pioneer and he taken an excellant young Indian Maid for his Wife and they had 6 children the oldest a boy 11 was with his Father a fine inteligent boy. And Mr Adam boyd to Father he knew a man in Colville Stevens Co, Washington, Who was building a two story Store building, and they hired man was Soldiering on him, and he wanted another man to help finnish the job and hed haul us and our 500 lbs baggage for $10.00 and his and his boys meals and his teams expense, and hed see Father got work immeadiately. So who should come walking to Father and Mr Adam Boyd, But the Gentleman that him and his Wife had come to Spokane Falls now Spokane, on the same Train we did and he wanted

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he wanted to buy some material for a house, and he couldent for for he dident belong to the Union. Father told him he'd sell him our house for just what the material cost. And he'd show him how to tear it down and in a matter of a few minutes we were on our way to Colville Washington, and 3 1/2 days we were in Colville Stevens Co, washington the night of the 3 day of July 1883. Mr Adam Boyd went and saw Mr John U Hofstetter and told him Father had come to help finnish his store building and that Father owed him Mr Adam Boyd 5 for the balance of hauling him and us up there. So Mr Mr Hofstetter told the Merchant to let us have what we needed and he sent word to the mill to let Father have material to build a cabin 14 by 24, 8 feet high but they dident have any shingles so we lived 7 weeks in teh house with just the roof boards on and dear Mother had to cook over the campfire 7 weeks until Mrs Hofstetter sent the hired man 75 miles by team to Spokane Falls and bought a cookstove. Whouing[?] bought 3 lots of Mr Hofstetter on time and had them almost paid for when

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Father's job was done. In the meantime a minister came over and had dinner with us and told us The Government at New Fort Spokane needed help to build 16 flights of stairs in the Officers Quarters and they'd pay Father $4 per day, and furnish house rent, wood and water free, and they'd hire Brother at $55, and Rations a month, which was big wages compared with wages back East, where we came from, so we had to sell the stove, to get the money to take us to Fort Spokane as we'd been paying for the house and three lots, which of course we lost. We arriving in Fort Spokane Penniless But John Rickey went and saw the Merchant and explained our situation and that Father and Brother would have work. We lived there until the next spring When we mooved out onto Fathers Pre-emption at Ellis P.O. Stevens Co Washington, while Father still worked at Fort Spokane Stevens Co Washington. It's getting late and my fire is out so dear readers goodnight.