Diary of ten years eventful life of an early settler in Western Australia and also A descriptive vocabulary of the language of the aborigines/A descriptive vocabulary of the language in common use amongst the aborigines of Western Australia/Part 1/Q

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Quarra, s.—Macropus coeruleus. Blue kangaroo.

Quart—(Mountain dialect.) To throw.

Quelăp, s.—The first appearance of pubescence in youth of either sex.

Quele, s.—A name. See Kole, (Perth dialect). It may be useful to bear in mind, with reference to this word Quele for Kole, and Quet-ye for Kot-ye, and words of similar sound, that in the dialects of the interior E and O are interchangeable.

Quelken, v.—(Upper Swan dialect.) To step on one side in order to avoid a spear, or other missile weapon. Gwelgannow.

Quet-ye, s.—(Upper Swan.) A bone. Kot-ye.

Quibbang, v.—Pres. Part., Quibbănwin; past tense, Quibbangăga. To do anything very secretly.

Quippal, v.—To steal. Supposed to be an imported word.

Quogga, s.—A bandicoot, found in the southern districts.

Quonnert, or Kwonnat—A species of acacia. See also Kunart.