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GARDINER, SAMUEL (fl. 1606), was author of 'A Booke of Angling or Fishing. Wherein is shewed by conference with Scriptures the agreement betweene the Fishermen, Fishes, Fishing, of both natures, Temporall and Spirituall, Math. iv. 19. Printed by Thomas Purfoot,' 1606, 8vo. All that is known of him is that he was D.D. and chaplain to Archbishop Abbot. Only two copies of his book are known. One is in the Bodleian, the other in the Huth Library, whither it came from the library of Mr. Cotton, late ordinary of Newgate. It is dedicated to Sir H. Gaudie, Sir Miles Corbet, Sir Hammond Le-Strang, and Sir H. Spellman. An analysis is given of the book in 'Bibliotheca Piscatoria' (p. 103), by Hone, and by the writer in 'The Angler's Note-Book' (2nd ser. No. 1, p. 5). Other instances of moralised angling are given in 'Bibl. Pisc.,' p. 41, and in Boyle's 'Reflections' (Works, 6 vols., London, 1772, passim, and especially ii. 399).

The following works were also written by Gardiner: 1. 'The Cognisance of a True Christian,' 1597. 2. 'A Pearle of Price,' 1600, dedicated to the Right Hon. Sir T. Egerton, lord keeper; Gardiner speaks of his having relieved 'my poore person and afflicted condition.' 3. 'Doomes Day Book or Alarum for Atheistes,' 1600. 4. 'A Dialogue between Irenæus and Antimachus about the Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England,' 1605. . ' The Foundation of the Faythfull,' 1610. 6. 'The Scourge of Sacriledge,' 1611. Gardiner's favourite sport of angling furnishes him in both these latter sermons with curious opportunities to moralise; he tells in the latter how Satan plays an old sinner for a time, 'dallieth and giveth him length enough of line to scudde up and downe and to swallow up the baite, thereby to make him sure. So when he had goten a Pharisee by the gilles he made good sport with him,' &c. 7. ' The Way to Heaven,' 1611.

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