Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Sigered (fl.762)

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SIGERED or SIGERÆD (fl. 762), king of Kent, appears as granting a charter, marked spurious by Kemble, to Eardwulf, bishop of Rochester, and as making another grant to the same bishop, which is dated 762, and in which he is described as ‘king of half the province of Kent.’ A charter of Egbert, king of Kent, dated 778, is attested by a Sigered. At that period the kingdom of Kent, in which the Mercian kings and the archbishops of Canterbury were more or less predominant, had no political importance, and seems to have been constantly divided; for the number of kings noticed is large. Bishop Stubbs thinks that the kings of the East-Saxons reigning under Mercian overlordship may have claimed some portion of the kingdom [see under Sigheri].

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W. H.