Dies Communes de Dote (51 Hen3. Stat 3) (1266)

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'The Statute made Anno 51 Hen. III. Stat 3. and Anno Dom. 1266.

Dies Communes in Banco in placito dotis.

Concerning general Days in a writ of Dower.

Cotton MS. Claudius D. 2.

sI breve venerit in octabis sancti Michaelis, dabitur dies in crastino Animarum; Si in quinden sancti Michaelis, in crastino sancti Martini; Si in tribus Septimanis sancti Michaelis, in octabis sancti Martini; Si in mense sancti Micheaelis, in quindendena sancti Martini; Si in crastino Animarum, in octabis sancti Hilarii; Si in crastino sancti Martini, in quindena sancti Hillari; Si in octabis sancti Martini, in crastino Purificacionis beate Marie; Si in octabis sancti Hillari, in quindera Pasche; [Si in quindera Sancti Martini, in octabis Purificaionis beate Marie; Si in octabis Sancti Hilarii, in quindena Pasche; Si in quindena Sancti Hilarii, in tres Spetimanas Pasche; Si in crastino Purifcacionis, in mense Pasche;] Si in octabis Purifcacionis, in crastino Ascensionis Domini; Si in [1] tres Septimanis Pasche, in quindena sancte Trintas, vel in crastino sancti Johannis Baptiste; Si in mense Pasche, in octabis sancti Johanis Baptiste; [Si in quinque Septimanas Pasche, in octabis sancti Johannis Baptiste;] Si in crastino Ascensionis Domini, in quindena sancti Johannis Baptiste; Si in octabis sancte Trinitas, in octabis sancti Michaelis; Si in quindena sancte Trinitas, vel in crastino sancti Johannis Baptiste, in quindena sancti Michaelis; Si in octabis sancti Johannis Baptiste, in tres septimanas sancti Michaelis; Si in quindena sancti Johannis Baptiste in mensem sancti Michaelis.

If the Writ do come in octabis Michaelis, Day shall be given until castino Animarum; (2) If it come in quindena Michaelis, Day shall be given until crastino Martini; (3) If within three Weeks after the Feast of St. Micheal, then in octabis Martini; (4) If in mense Michaelis, then in quindena Martini; (5) If in crastino Animarum, then in octabis Hilarii; (6) If in crastino Martini, then in quindena Hilarii; (7) If in octabis Martini, then in crastino Purifications; (8) If in qunidena Martini, then in octabis Purifications; (9) If in octabis Hilarii, then in quindera Pasche; (10) If in quindera Hilarii, then in tribus Septimanis Pasche; (11) If in crastino Purificationis, then in mense Pasche; (12) If in Octabis Purificationis, then in crastino Asecnionis; (13) If in quindena Pasche, then in octabis Trinitatis ; (14) If in tribus Septimanis Pasche, then in quindera Trinitatis[2] (15) If in mense Pasche, then in crastino Johannis Baptistæ; [3] (16) If in quinque Septimanaas Paschæ, then in quindena Johannis;[4] (17) If in crastino Ascensionis, then in quindena Joahnnis; (18) If in octabis Trinitatis, then in octabis Michaelis; (19) If in quindena Trinitatis‡ then in quindena Michaelis; (20) If in crastino Johanis Baptistæ, then in tribus Septimanis Michaelis;[5] (21) If in Octabis Johannis Baptistæ then in mense Michaelis; [6] (22) If in quindena Johannis Baptiste, then in crastino Animaarum[7]

Altered by 32 Hen8. c. 21. & 16 Car1. c.6 And for 24 Geo2. c. 48. for the further Abbreviation of the Michealmas Term; And the 4th sect. of the same Statute ordaninf that in Dower after issue joined there need not be above 15 Days between the Teste and Return of the Venire, &c.

  1. Tribus Septimanis
  2. Add or in Crastino Sancti Johanes Baptiste.
  3. For crastino read octabis
  4. Add or in Castino Johannis Baptiste
  5. For Crastino read octabis
  6. Not in the original
  7. For Crastino Animarum, read in Mensem Ancti Michaeles.


Transcribed from : http://archive.org/details/statutesatlargef01grea