Do Not Have Vile Actions in Your Religion

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Oh, Muslim youth in the cradle of Islam, the time of diligence and action has come. The time of listlessness and relaxation has gone. Give this matter the importance it deserves, and pledge yourselves to resolve it, and trust in God Almighty.

Behold the regime that has committed violations of the word of Tawhid is stumbling. It set forth upon its greatest blunder, and committed a fatal historical error when it incited its soldiers and helpers to confront Da'wah and preachers, going like the slanderer to the grave with his crime.

By God, it is the beginning of support and consolidation. For it is the custom of God Almight when he wants to show his religion. As the Shaykh of Islam Ibn Taymiyah, may God have mercy on him, said "It is the practice of God when he wants to reveal his religion, he raises someone to oppose it. He manifests the truth with his words, and hurls the truth at the lie, stunning it. Then it dies."

Oh, glorious sons of the peninsula, the conflict between truth and falsehood has flared up. The practice of God Almighty does not lag behind. It is inevitable that the truth will triumph and falsehood will die, God willing. We have only to reflect upon the practice of God, change and empowerment. The most important of these practices is that of trial and testing.

This trial, whose outward aspect is severity, is in reality a blessing, because through it the truth teller is distinguished from the liar, and the wicked from the good. God Almighty said, "Do men think that they will be left alone on saying 'We believe' and that they will not be tested? We did test those before them, and God will know those who are true from those who are false". It is therefore the unavoidable practice of God, through which those before us have been tested. Imam Shafi'i was asked, "Is it better for a man to have power or to be tested?" He said, "He has power until he is tested". The matter is similar to this. Patience is a must. Be steadfast. Be steadfast. What is victory but the patience of the hour which afterwards becomes empowerment, God willing. See how the infidels endure in their falsehood. What we need is endurance in the truth that is our religion.

The battle taking place between the lackey regime on one hand, and the people and the Ulema on the other hand, is not an ephemeral or inconsequential mistake. Rather, it is part of the great plan in which the regime tries to implement domination by uprooting Islam from deep inside this people. The regime will not allow the bearer of truth and right guidance to destroy its falsehood, no matter who the bearer of truth is. Do not have vile deeds in your religion for the sake of this world and a debased life.[1] For it is the practice of God to test whoever seeks Heaven by adhering to God. They proclaim the truth, and they come out openly with it. They wage Jihad with their tongues in announcing the falsity of the regime until all men understand the truth of the way of our religion. It is the truth and he who is without it is a dying liar.

The second of these practices is the practice of help and empowerment. We must know that help and empowerment are practices which God made. Through this practice, victory comes, and victory does not come without this practice. God informed us of this practice in his plain, glorious book. In it, his apostle (may God bless him and grant him peace) wrote the most complete of proofs. The law does not excuse someone who enters houses other than through the doors.

Oh, Muslim people, exploding with anger at the Saudi rulers and burning to help the noble Ulema of the Ummah. May God bless your anger for the sake of the truth. Let this anger be not diverted into channels of the practices of consolidation until it bears fruit, even if it is some time later. Endure the practices of victory as you endure the practices of testing, for both of them are for the sake of the goal that you seek. The people of the truth will not retreat from their religion. They will not stand with their hands folded in the face of these actions hostile to Islam. They will not cheapen that for which they have offered their lives. Tomorrow is near for the one who awaits it.

Oh, Muslim people:

  1. Renew your pure intention for God Almighty. Promise to God the exalted, and pledge among yourselves to help the religion and the truth, to persevere in this, and to dedicate what you have to spend to giving and sacrifice. "You will not attain piety until you spend out of what you love".
  2. It is necessary to be disciplined and to refrain from behavior and disturbances which harm the interests of the whole.
  3. Reveal the reality of the struggle with the regime to every one you know. The reality of the struggle revolves around the requirements of "There is no god but God" - as we indicated in our Statement Number Two. Preachers must go forth and reveal the truth. Uncover the fact of the corruption of the regime, its opposition to Islamic law, and violations it has committed against the word of unity, "There is no god but God."
  4. Continue your efforts to demand the release of the arrested Shaykhs and to return them to their pulpits, but be aware that this is not the end in itself. We are going to our destiny, God willing, taking the comprehensiveness of Islam until the word of God is the highest.

"God controls the matter, but most men know it not"

Dated: 11/4/1415AH
On their behalf,
Usamah bin Muhammad bin Ladin


  1. This is a bit of Arabic wordplay, "Do not have danniyyah in your din for the sake of dunya"