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The Domestic Encyclopædia being now arrived at the conclusion of the Alphabet, various motives have induced the Editor to offer an Appendix, or Supplement, with a view to render this Dictionary of Facts as complete as the extent of the work, and diligent research would admit. Among these, will occur numerous articles of greater or less importance: the propriety of inserting them, however, was not sufficiently evident, till their respective connexion with the subsequent parts of the arrangement, could be more clearly ascertained. Others again, being of a more recent date than the commencement of this publication; and containing many new, and valuable hints, for the advancement of Rural and Domestic Economy, the Reader will probably meet with information, alike curious and useful.—In consulting the Domestic Encyclopædia, therefore, he is requested to avail himself of the annexed Supplement; by which he may be enabled to form a tolerably correct idea of the various improvements suggested in the course of this pcactical work.