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Phinehas – Mouth of brass, or from old Egypt, the negro.

1. Son of Eleazar, the high priest Ex 6:25. While yet a youth he distinguished himself at Shittim by his zeal against the immorality into which the Moabites had tempted the people Nu 25:1-9 and thus "stayed the plague" that had broken out among the people, and by which twenty-four thousand of them perished. For his faithfulness on that occasion he received the divine approbation Nu 25:10-13 He afterwards commanded the army that went out against the Midianites Nu 31:6-8. When representatives of the people were sent to expostulate with the two and a half tribes who, just after crossing Jordan, built an altar and departed without giving any explanation, Phinehas was their leader, and addressed them in the words recorded in Jos 22:13-20 Their explanation follows. This great altar was intended to be all ages only a witness that they still formed a part of Israel. Phinehas was afterwards the chief adviser in the war with the Benjamites. He is commemorated in Ps 106:30,31.

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2. One of the sons of Eli, the high priest 1Sa 1:3 2:12 He and his brother Hophni were guilty of great crimes, for which destruction came on the house of Eli 1Sa 31:1 ff. He died in battle with the Philistines 1Sa 4:4,11 and his wife, on hearing of his death, gave birth to a son, whom she called "Ichabod," and then she died 1Sa 4:19-22.

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