Edwards's Botanical Register

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Edwards's Botanical Register
John Lindley (editor)

The Botanical Register, subsequently known as Edwards's Botanical Register, was an illustrated horticultural magazine that ran from 1815 to 1847. It was started by the botanical illustrator Sydenham Edwards. Edwards edited five volumes in five years before his death in 1819. After Edwards' death, editorial duties passed to the publisher, James Ridgeway, who issued a further nine volumes between 1820 and 1828. In 1829, John Lindley was appointed editor, and he adopted the title Edwards's Botanical Register. A further nineteen volumes were issued before the magazine was discontinued in 1847.

130277Edwards's Botanical RegisterJohn Lindley (editor)

For Volumes 1 to 14, see The Botanical Register.

Volumes 15 to 23 are given two volume numbers: one for Edward's Botanical Register, and one for the entire Botanical Register series. For example, Volume 15 is presented as "Volume 1, or Volume 15 of the whole series". The latter number is adopted here.

Volumes 24 to 33 are presented as a new series, with volume numbers starting from one. For example, Volume 24 is presented as "New Series, Volume 1". It is common practice, however, to refer to these as Volumes 24 to 33, so as to avoid confusion with previous volumes. Plate numbers begin at 1 in each volume.

This work was published before January 1, 1929, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.

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