Eight Harvard Poets/The Room Over the River

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<poem>GOOD-NIGHT, my love, good-night; The wan moon holds her lantern high, And softly threads with nodding light The violet posterns of the sky, Below, the tides run swift and bright Into the sea.

Odours and sounds come in to us, Faint with the passion of this night, One little dream hangs luminous Above you in the scented light; Roses and mist, stars and bright dew Draw down' to you.

How often in the dewy brake, I've heard above the sighing weirs, The night-bird singing for your sake His lonely song of love and tears; He too, sad heart, hath turned to rest, And sleep is best

Flower of my soul! Let us be true To youth and love and all delight, Clean and refreshed and one with you<poem> <poem>I would be ever as to-night, And heed not what the day will bring, Nor anything.

And now the moon is safe away, Far off her carriage lampions flare, Lost in the sunken roads of day, They vanish in the icy air. Good-night, my love, good-night, Good-night.<poem>