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Elemoont (1998)
by Andrei Lubensky, translated by Vitaly Lubensky

The Elemoont or Andrei Lubensky’s diverse elemoontian stories is licensed to the public under the GNU Free Documentation License
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”The Elemoont or Andrei Lubensky’s diverse elemoontian stories” ("SLUN" in Russian, "Elemoont" in English) is a fantastical tale relating extraordinary adventures of an absent-minded elephant falling from the Moon. The tale was published in Russian and Ukrainian newspapers and magazines. The book of Elemoont is taking part in the international charitable action "Help Children." The writer and journalist Andrei Lubensky who is the author of the tale suggested to all editions and publishing houses in any countries to publish freely the story of Elemoont on condition the royalties will be transferred for medical treatment of the children who are ill with leucosis. Every publisher may independently determine addresses for help.

The action was supported by many Russian and Ukrainian printing and internet editions and funds. The charitable action is continuing. There is the aim to change the story about Elemoont into a “brand” that will constantly work for ill children for the sake of their life-saving.

The elephant that fell from the Moon

See also: http://sashka.km.ru/vsrosl/action.htm

The Elemoont or Andrei Lubensky’s diverse elemoontian stories


  • Chapter 1 (tells who was the Elemoont, from where he came and how began his unusual adventures).
  • Chapter 2 (in which the Hunter think that all the Elemoonts have to expose to all kinds of danger, but the Elemoont reads his thoughts and flows him away from the Earth to the Moon).
  • Chapter 3 (in which the Hunter announces he is the Hunter-for-Elephants and the Moon’s Elephants are angry with him).
  • Chapter 4 (tells how the Hunter and his new friend, the Martian Mosquito, (where did he come from?) found themselves in a lunar labyrinth).
  • Chapter 5 (in which the Hunter thinks he will avoid meeting lunatics, and lunatics consider him a simpleton).
  • Chapter 6 (in which the Elemoont thinks he was slightly excited throwing the Hunter to the Moon and want to help him, but does not know how to do it).
  • Chapter 7 (tells how the Elemoont went by a trolley bus and did not know what a word "fare" signified).
  • Chapter 8 (tells how the Elemoont saw a performance and did not believe that a hare is a hare).
  • Chapter 9 (tells how the Elemoont met the Cosmic Piranhas and had a narrow escape).
  • Chapter 10 (in which the Hunter gets into a trap and Insidious Lunatic do not understand where the right is and where the left side is).
  • Chapter 11 (tells how the Martian Mosquito wandered about the Lunar Labyrinth).
  • Chapter 12 (in which the Elemoont discovered that he has got into Mr. Red's Cylindrical Universe).
  • Chapter 13 (in which the Tiger–Cat gives away Mr. Red's awful intentions and the Elemoont decides to disturb them.)
  • Chapter 14 (in which the Elemoont and the Tiger–Cat rush in pursuit of the Cylindrical Hare).
  • Chapter 15 (This chapter may be headed as "Short history of the Moon that was told Incautious Hunter–for–Elephants by a thousand lunatics in the cave which had the inscription over its entrance ‘Do not take care! No lunatics!’ ")
  • Chapter 16 (tells how Martian Mosquito guessed a riddle)
  • Chapter 17 (tells how the Mosquito frightened lunatics–sorcerers and they frightened the Mosquito but unsuccessfully).
  • Chapter 18 (in which the Mosquito tries to tell lunatics–sorcerers from ordinary lunatics and the Hunter–for–Elephants becomes the Hunter–for–the Devourers of Martian Mosquitoes).
  • Chapter 19 (tells how the mosquito and the Hunter found their way out of the Lunar Labyrinth and the elephants–for –hunters displayed their skill in shooting by cherrystones).
  • Chapter 20 (in which the Elemoont and the Tiger–Cat find that they get not into a taxi but they get into a mess).
  • Chapter 21 (tells how the pirates took the penguins' spaceship by storm and were stuffed with ice–cream)
  • Chapter 22 (in which Big and Small Cosmogrunts suddenly appeared on the horizon and then the Big Cosmogrunt…What did the Big Cosmogrunt do? You are right. He grunted)
  • Chapter 23 (in which depicted the Elemoont's dream in the moonless night and stated some surmises why that night is so moonless).
  • Chapter 24 (in which the Elemoont sees at last the Moon but discovers that it is a very strange Moon).
  • Chapter 25 (in which the Elemoont and the Cat calculate a distance to the stars and reason about the infinity).
  • Chapter 26 (tells how the Martian Mosquito and the Hunter–for not–Elephants engaged in a battle with fighting elephants and lost it).
  • Chapter 27 (in which the moon’s elephants tell about their arrival to the Moon and what came of it).
  • Chapter 28 (in which lunatics burst out on the moon surface and start an argument with elemoonts).
  • Chapter 29 (in which the Elemoont and the Tiger–Cat find themselves in the Universe of the triangular Moons and discover mysterious footprints).
  • Chapter 30 (tells how the Cat and the Elemoont follow the tracks and…)
  • Chapter 31 (tells how the Cat saved the Elemoont then the Elemoont saved the Cat, but at the first, they both saved themselves}.
  • Chapter 32 (tells how a strange metamorphosis happened with the Elemoont but the all affairs went well).
  • Chapter 33 (tells how the Elemoont and the Cat met cosmic pirates again).
  • Chapter 34 (tells how pirates and penguins freed themselves from illusions).
  • Chapter 35 (tells how the Hunter and the Martian Mosquito found themselves on the backside of the Moon where Great Troubles waited for them).
  • Chapter 36 (tells how the Elemoont, the Cat, and all rascally crew got to the moon and noticed a great disorder there).
  • Chapter 37 (tells of Mr. Moomswitcher's dissatisfaction about a demonstration of the elemoonts).
  • Chapter 38 (This chapter is the last in this story. The Good had defeated the Evil and Happy End came but it was somewhat suspicious).

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