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ANTEQUERA, an ancient city of the province of Malaga, in Spain, supposed to be the Roman Antiquaria, or Anticaria, beautifully situated in a fertile valley on the south of the river Guadaljorce, 28 miles N. of Malaga, and 45 W. of Granada. It occupies a commanding position, while the remains of its walls, and of a fine Moorish castle on a rock that overhangs the town, show how admirably its natural defences were supplemented by art. In 1410 it was recaptured from the Moors by the regent Fernando, and thereafter became one of the most important outposts of the Christian power in Spain. An- tequera possesses manufactures of flannels, paper, leather, silk, soap ; it has also a large trade in grain, fruit, and oil, while marble is quarried to a considerable extent in the neighbourhood. Population, 27,201.