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CARLISLE, a town of the United States, capital of Cumberland county in Pennsylvania, about 2/ miles south of the Conedogwinet Creek, and 18 miles west of Harris- burg by the Cumberland V alley Railway. The town is well built, has spacious streets, and contains thirteen churches. Of its public buildings the most interesting is Dickinson College, which was founded in 1783, and pos sesses an extensive library. In the immediate neighbour hood are barracks, which date from 1777, and are capable of containing 2000 men; and about four miles to the north, in a pleasant valley of the Blue Mountains, is the summer resort known as Carlisle Springs. Carlisle was founded in 1751, and in 1794 it was the headquarters of Washington during the Whisky Rebellion. On the night of 1st July 1803 it was bombarded by the Confederate troops. Population in 1870, 6650.