English for Teachers/Unit 2/Chapter 2

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Unit 2

Chapter 2

Past Tense of 'be' (p.443, group 14)
I was here yesterday.

Cardinal Numbers
one (1)

Sam has one brother

Ordinal Numbers
first (1st)

What was the first thing Sam did?

  1. Poetry

    There goes our lord the King,
    His word no man relies on;
    He never said a foolish thing,
    And never did a wise one.

  2. Exchanges

    A: Weren't Mr. and Mrs. Hong at the market last night?
    B: No, they weren't. They were at the movies.

    A: Was Sam at the coffee house yesterday?
    B: Yes, he was there for an hour or so.

    A: Were you at Frank's house this morning?
    B: No, I wasn't. I was at home.
  3. Activity A. Read the following sentences aloud. Concentrate on reading the cardinal numbers properly.
    1. He thought he said "15," but he said "50."
    2. About 15,000 people live in Yangyang township.
    3. In Seong Il Middle School there are 3,150 students.
    4. Are there 40 or 14 books in this box?
    5. The population of Seoul is more than 6,000,000.
    6. The population of Chunchon is nearly 200,000.
  1. Activity (continued)
    1. Read aloud the following sentences with ordinal numbers.
      1. He finished 11th in the race.
      2. She was here on the 23rd.
      3. They work on the 110th floor of the World Trade Center.
      4. Which horse finished 32nd in the race?
      5. The 15th is fine, but I'm busy on the 16th.
      6. Is your office on the 80th or the 18th floor?
  1. Writing

    A. Write the following dates in cardinal numbers.

    ex. 1/2/37 - January 2, 1937

    1. 1/7/79
    2. 2/13/28

    3. 3/4/39
    4. 4/5/40

    5. 5/28/65
    6. 6/15/56

    B. Write the following dates in ordinal numbers.

    1. 7/12
    2. 8/1

    3. 9/3
    4. 10/22

    5. 11/14
    6. 12/10

    C. Write a sentence giving last year's dates for:
ex. Korean Independence Day (8/15)
Korean Independence Day was on August 15th.
  1. Buddha's Birthday (4/8)
  2. Chusok (8/15)
  3. Arbor Day (4/5)
  4. Memorial Day (6/6)
  5. Parent's Day (5/8)