Erasmus Rigney Fawcett Letter 1837-10-09

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Erasmus Rigney Fawcett Letter 1837-10-09
by Erasmus Rigney Fawcett

Source: Handwritten original in the private collection of the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, 1998.

Note: Lyle died on March 25, 1838.

Envelope: Mr. Joseph Fawcett PM, St. Charles, Mo

Gainesville Oct 9th 37

Dear Pa

I recd yours of Sept 5th and Mr. Fergusons of the 1st but a few day back. I am in hopes your uneasiness about Keyes is all removed by this time.

Business is on the improve here. Coarse negro clothing & shoes are just begining to go off tolerably lively. Town still on the improve. Crops very indiferent, except the corn which is much better than ususal.

For the last two months we have had no rain untill the other day, and then if came in abundence.

One steam Boat has gon down being the first for the season. They run here only about half of the year, and that half is in the winter. Which makes it very dificut to keep up an assortment of goods. There is not two stores in the place if put togather that would make a good general assortment.

The crediting business I believe is carried on to a greater extent than in Mo. and from all accounts the customers are much less prompt. The percent on cost of goods. is pretty much the same there as in Franklin Mo. The expence of getting goods here I think also is about the same )though S Boats charge by the barrell here, at from one to three dollars up from Mobile) But when you begin to count house or Genl expences then you find the differences. I believe a man can live on one fourth of the some in Franklin that he can in Gainesville.

It is compliance with Bransons risquest that trouble you with this.

He wishes to communicate what he would not let remain a secret for all the world. He commenced braging ) his natural failing ) by sending me a note before I was out of bed telling me he was a Father of a son that weighed 10 lb when only two hours old. Branson seemes today to be about two inches taller than he was yesterday and his heath is desidedly better although on the improve before. This late circumstance seems to have given him a mighty lift surely an other would cure him entirely.

I have promised to leave some room for Branson.

My love to Ma & the balance of the family

Your Son

From Lyle[edit]

Ras says I am braging, but I think myself quite moderate considering the size and fine looks of my boy besides I was married on the 10th of Jany last – Elizabeth & child are both doing finely.—

My own health is better but I find I am not well fitted to bear sickness – 13 years ago mother had a hard time with me – Elizabeth fared no better and from chills & fevers had it much longer. it is now near 2 month since I have been of much use in the store.

We have not heard from Willis for 3 or 4 weeks at which time he left here for Courtland with Rob McMahon.

Elizabeth sends her best love to every one of you and is very anxious to show you her shote

Remember me to mother and all the rest – write soon as I feel uneasy about Keyes – I will write as soon as I find Leisure.

Your affct Son

On back: The name for the Hero is Robt Scott F…..