Estelle's Letter to the Virgin Mary

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Estelle's Letter to the Virgin Mary  (1905) 
by Estelle Faguette, translated by William James Walsh

Oh, My good Mother, behold me once again, prostrate at thy feet. Thou canst not refuse to hear me. Thou hast not forgotten that I am thy child and that I love thee. Obtain for me then, from thy Divine Son, for His glory, the health of my poor body. Look upon the grief of my parents. Thou knowest that I am their sole support. May I not complete the work begun by me. If, on account of my sins, a complete cure cannot be granted, obtain for me at least a little strength to enable me to support my parents. Thou seest, my good Mother, that they are on the point of being obliged to beg their bread. I cannot think of it without being deeply afflicted. Remember the sufferings thou didst endure the night of the birth of the Saviour, when thou wert obliged to go from door to door, seeking for shelter. Remember, also, all the grief thou didst endure when Jesus was extended on the Cross. I have confidence in thee, my good Mother. If thou dost will it, thy Son can cure me. He knows that I have ardently desired to be numbered among His Spouses, and that it was solely to please Him that I sacrificed my life for my family who needed my services so much. Deign to listen to my supplications, my good Mother, and to repeat them to thy Divine Son. May He restore me health, if it is pleasing to Him, but His will, not mine be done. May He at least grant me perfect resignation to His decrees, and may this tend to my salvation, and that of my parents. Thou dost possess my heart, holy Virgin; keep it always, and may it be the pledge of my love and gratitude for thy maternal goodness. I promise thee, my good Mother, if thou dost grant me the graces I implore, to do everything in my power for thy glory and that of thy Divine Son. Take under thy protection my dear little niece, and keep her out of the way of bad example. Grant, O holy Virgin, that I may imitate thee in thy obedience and that one day I may with thee possess Jesus for all eternity. Amen.

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