Executive Order 1055

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Pursuant to section 12 of the Act of Congress approved July 1, 1902, entitled "An Act temporarily to provide for the administration of the affairs of civil government in the Philippine Islands, and for other purposes" (32 Stat. L., 691), the military reservation at Parang, Mindanao, Philippine Islands, as declared by executive order of February 15, 1904 (G. O., No. 43, War Department, March 4, 1904), is enlarged by reserving additional land for military purposes, subject to private rights, if any there be, and to the conditions hereinafter set forth, so that the reservation, as thus enlarged, shall include all public lands within metes and bounds as follows:

Beginning at a point marked "A" on a map of the original reservation, surveyed November 19-30, 1903, and marked "U. S. Engineer Office, Zamboanga, Mindanao, December, 1903," which point is at the angle of the south side of the inner end of the wharf with low-water line of the sea; thence meandering in a southerly direction along the low-water line of the sea 335.3 meters to a point marked "B" on said map; thence N. 77° 20′ E. 510.54 meters to point "C" on said map, which point is on the south of road; thence N. 76° 30′ E. 710.2 meters to point "D" on said map, on the right bank of the Nituan River; thence S. 42° E. 3,382.7 meters, to a point marked "1" on map of proposed addition to the original military reservation to accompany report of Board of Officers convened by Special Orders No. 79, Post of Parang, August, 1908; thence N. 35° E. about 3,782 meters, to a point marked "2" on the last-mentioned map; thence N. 50° W. about 5,310 meters, to a point marked "3" on the last-mentioned map; thence S. 84° W. about 3,621 meters to a point marked "4" on the last mentioned map—said point being on the shore line of "Sugut Bay"; thence following the coast line, at low-water mark, in a general southerly direction, about 4,023 meters to point "G" of the original reservation, which is a cross marked on the rock on the large point of land north of the wharf; thence along the low-water line of the beach to the point of beginning: the bearing from point "G" to the point of beginning being S. 75° 34′ E., and the distance along said bearing being about 1,463 meters. Area: 2,572.2 hectares, or 6,356 acres, more or less. The bearings are magnetic variation of the needle (1906) 1° 52′ east.

The said reservation is made subject to the following conditions:

That no private property shall be taken or destroyed without first making payment therefor; that no private parties who are at present lawful owners or occupants or in the lawful possession or occupation of the land required for this reservation, shall be dispossessed or disturbed in their ownership, possession or occupation, until their ownership or right to possession or occupancy has been extinguished by due process of law, and all lawful claims of such owners or occupants have been fully paid.

Signature of William Howard Taft
Wm. H. Taft.

The White House,

March 30, 1909.


  • Executive Order of February 15, 1904

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