Executive Order 1246

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Civil Service Rule X, paragraph 8, clause (a), is hereby amended by inserting in the tenth line, after the word "requirement," the following words:

"in cases of transfer from the Isthmus of Panama or * * *."

As amended clause (a) will read as follows:

He must have served three years in or under the department or independent office from which transfer is proposed; but the commission may waive this requirement when it deems such action necessary in the interest of the service, in cases of transfer, other than from one executive department to another at Washington, D. C. In any case he must have received absolute appointment and have actually served at least six months next preceding the transfer; but the commission may waive this latter requirement in cases of transfer from the Isthmus of Panama or where the person has been separated within a year from a competitive position after six months' service therein upon the certificate of the proper officer that the separation was caused by necessary reduction of force and not by inefficiency, and may allow transfer to any other department or office upon his passing an examination prescribed by the commission testing his efficiency for the position to which his transfer is proposed, subject to the other provisions of this rule.

Signature of William Howard Taft
Wm. H. Taft.

The White House,

September 16, 1910.

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