Executive Order 1260

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Under authority of the act of Congress of June 4, 1897 (30 Stat., 11, at 34 and 36), and on the recommendation of the Secretary of Agriculture, it is hereby ordered that the proclamation of February 23, 1909, enlarging the Chugach National Forest, be modified to reduce the area of such national forest by eliminating therefrom the following-described tract, containing approximately 12,800 acres of land, which has been found, upon examination, to be not chiefly valuable for national-forest purposes:

Beginning at a point where the meridian of longitude 144° 5′ west crosses the coast line of Controller Bay, thence north along said meridian line to the parallel of latitude at 60° and 10′ north, thence west along said parallel to a point where the same crosses the coast line at or near the mouth of Bering River, and thence along the coast to the place of beginning.

The tract above described is hereby restored to the public domain.

Signature of William Howard Taft
Wm. H. Taft.

The White House,

October 28, 1910.



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